Stoney Middleton - Licensed Victuallers 1753-1764

D.R.O. Reference: Q/RA 1/1  1753-1764
Collected and transcribed by Janet Kirk © 2004

Note: 1753-1757 were all single line entries with the parishes not in any order within the High Peak Hundred. It appears as though 1757 wasn't fully completed and 1758/9 not done at all. There are a few blank pages in the book before the resumption with 1760. 1760-1764 are entered in separate parishes.

High Peak Hundred (All paid the sum of ten pounds)

LicenseeSuretorSuretor's AbodeOccupation of Suretor
Joseph MarsdenJoseph HallamStoney Middleton 
Wm RowbothamBenj SharpStoney Middleton 
Cornelius BowmanWm LongworthStoney Middleton 
Anthony Beely
Of "Middleton"
Joshua Thornhill"Middleton" 
John FroggattSaml NeedhamCalver 
Tho(sic) ChapmanJos GregoryCalver 
1754 (Sept 3)
Anthony Beeley(sic)Thos FroggattStoney Middleton 
Jos MarsdenJos HallamStoney Middleton 
Geo GregoryJos HallamStoney Middleton 
Wm RowbottomJohn BarkHassop 
Thos ChapmanWm KitchenBramley 
Thos FroggattMatt FurniceStoney Middleton 
Cornelius BowmanJames BrightmoreGrindleford Bridge 
1755 (Sept 2)
Joseph MarsdenJoseph HallamStoney Middleton 
Thos ChapmanJoseph GregoryCalverButcher
Wm RowbottomCornelius BowmanStoney MiddletonVict
Cornelius BowmanWm RowbottomStoney MiddletonVict
John ThornhillAnthony BeelyStoney MiddletonVict
Thos Froggatt
Of "Middleton"
Cornelius Bowman"Middleton" 
George Barber
Of "Middleton"
Anthony Beely"Middleton"Barmaster
Geo Bactor(sic)Cornelius BowmanStoney MiddletonVict
Cornelius BowmanGeo BarberStoney MiddletonInnholder
Thomas ChapmanJohn ChapmanStoney MiddletonMiner
Thos FroggattThos WheeldonHassopGardener
Joseph MarsdenJoseph HallamStoney MiddletonYeoman
Wm RowbothamThos MortonGrindleford Bridge 
John ThornhillThos HallamCurbarSmilter (sic)
George BarberWm RoebothamStoney MiddletonSmith
Thos ChapmanJoseph Hallam  
Thos FroggattWalter Froggatt  
(No records kept)
(No records kept)
Ann MarsdenNicholas Brownhead  
Thomas ChapmanWalter Froggatt  
Wm Talbot  
John ThornhillAnthony Beely  
John NewtonWm Harthway  
George BarberJames Brightmore  
Wm RoebothamJohn Froggatt  
John FroggattWm Roebotham  
John NewtonJohn Froggatt  
Wm RoebothamRbt Outram  
John FroggattWalter Froggatt  
George BarberJoseph Townsend  
Thos ChapmanJohn Gregory  
Edward Furnace  
George BarberWalter Froggatt  
Thos ChapmanMatthew Chapman  
Jeremiah Searls  
Jeremiah SearlsWm Rowbotham  
Wm RowbothamRbt Greaves  
John ThornhillWm Rowbotham  
Jeremiah SearlsRbt Outerham(sic)  
Thomas ChapmanGeorge White  
George BarberThos Stevenson  
John FroggattRobert Frith  
Wm RowbothamJohn Thornhill  
Jno ThornhillEdward Timperley  
Jeremiah SearlsCharles Townsend  
John FroggattGeorge Boome(sic)  
Edward TimperleyJno Thornhill  

Collected and transcribed by Janet Kirk in February 2004.

A List of the above (1753-1764) by Name
An asterisk (*) in the column below the year against a name indicates that individual's name was recorded as a licensee that year.

  1753 1754 1755 1756 1757 1760 1761 1762 1763 1764
Geo Bactor(sic)   *      
George Barber  * ***** 
Anthony Beeley**        
Cornelius Bowman****      
Thos Chapman********* 
John Froggatt*    ** **
Thos Froggatt ****     
Geo Gregory *        
Ann Marsden     *    
Joseph Marsden****      
John Newton     **   
Wm Rowbotham**** **** 
Jeremiah Searls       ***
John Thornhill  ** *  **
Edward Timperley         *

Note: As it states above, the entries for 1757 were incomplete, and there were no entries at all for 1758/9.

Tabulated by Rosemary Lockie in February 2004.

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