Stoney Middleton - Licensed Victuallers 1810-1821

D.R.O. Reference: Q/RA 1/4  1810-1821
Collected and transcribed by Janet Kirk © 2003

For this entire book, only the licensee is shown. Unlike (for instance) the 1822-1827 period there are no named sureties nor places of abode. An asterisk (*) in the column below the year against a name indicates that individual's name was recorded as a licensee that year.

  1810 1811 1812 1813 1814 1815 1816 1817 1818 1819 1820 1821
George Camm     ***    
William Clayton           *
Jonathan Cocker************
Joseph Hallam*****       
William Outram[1]*********** 
Jeremiah Searls*****   ****
Jeremiah Sellers[2]     ***    
Philemon Swift ****   * **
Mary Townsend************
George Walker           *
George Whyatt          **
Wm Wild    ** *    

[1] "William Outram" recorded in full in 1810-12, but as "Wm Outram" for remaining years. He was baptised at Eyam on 10 Nov 1765, the son of Robert OUTRAM of Grindleford Bridge, and buried at Eyam almost exactly 55 years later, on 11 Nov 1820 aged 55.
[2] It would appear by the absence of Jeremiah Serles in the years Jeremiah Sellers is recorded that 'Sellers' may have been entered by mistake for 'Serles'. His surname was spelled 'Sellars' in 1815.

Collected and transcribed by Janet Kirk in November 2003.

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