Stoney Middleton, a List of Voters, 1842-43

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2001

This list of Voters is extracted from Microfilm 1702461, Derbyshire, Voting Registers, North Division, 1832, 1836-1853, obtainable from LDS Family History Libraries.
My thanks to Dawn Scotting for providing photocopies.

0605Although he isn't on my photocopy George Booth should probably head this list
0606Booth JohnStoney MiddletonFreehold landOwn occupation
0607Buxton GeorgeStoney MiddletonFreehold house & gardenJohn Morton and othe[rs]
0608Barber EdwardStoney MiddletonFreehold houseWilliam Hallam
0609Baguley AnthonyStoney MiddletonFreehold houseOwn occupation
0610Cocker JonathanStoney MiddletonFreehold land and buildingsOwn occupation
0611Cocker EzraStoney MiddletonFreehold house and shopOwn occupation
0612Chapman JohnStoney MiddletonFreehold houseOwn occupation
0613Cocker JamesStoney MiddletonFreehold housesOwn occupation and o[thers]
0614Drewry JamesBurton upon TrentFreehold houseMary Timperley
0615Furness PeterStoney MiddletonFreehold landStoney Middleton
0616Goddard JamesStoney MiddletonFreehold houseOwn occupation
0617Goddard WilliamStoney MiddletonFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0618Goodwin JohnStoney MiddletonFreehold house and landStoney Middleton
0619Hallam JohnStoney MiddletonFreehold houseJohn Hallam
0620Hallam BenjaminStoney MiddletonFreehold landMichael Marshall
0621Hill PhilipStoney Middleton£50 RentalStoney Middleton
0622Hallam CorneliusStoney MiddletonFreehold houseOwn occupation
0623Hoole FrancisBank street, SheffieldFreehold houseJonathan Cocker
0624Hallam Benjamin (miner)Stoney MiddletonFreehold houseOwn occupation
0625Hancock JohnStoney MiddletonFreehold houseOwn occupation
0626Heginbotham RobertStoney Middleton£50 RentalStoney Middleton & []
0627Hinch ThomasStoney MiddletonFreehold landOwn occupation
0628Hallam John, jun.Stoney MiddletonFreehold buildingStoney Middleton
0629Kinder GeorgeStoney MiddletonFreehold houseJoseph Morton
0630Marples IsaacStoney MiddletonFreehold landOwn occupation
0631Marshall Philemon SwiftStoney MiddletonFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0632Moseley JohnStoney Middleton£50 RentalStoney Middleton
0633Middleton JohnStoney MiddletonFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0634Radfirth GeorgeMatlock bathFreehold houseStoney Middleton
0635Somersett JohnAttercliffFreehold houseStoney Middleton
0636Sellers JohnStoney MiddletonFreehold houseOwn occupation
0637Swindell CharlesStoney MiddletonFreehold houseOwn occupation
0638Smith Rev. UrbanStoney MiddletonFreehold houseOwn occupation
0639Smith JohnStoney MiddletonFreehold houseOwn occupation
0640Sellers RogerStoney MiddletonFreehold houseOwn occupation
0641Searls WilliamDaisy walk, SheffieldFreehold housesEdmund Cocker and o[thers]
0642Swift ThomasStoney MiddletonFreehold houseOwn occupation
0643Townsend WilliamStoney MiddletonFreehold landStoney Middleton
0644Worthington WilliamNewton SolneyFreehold houseMary Timperley
0645Wild WilliamStoney Middleton£50 RentalStoney Middleton
0646White FrederickStoney MiddletonFreehold landOwn occupation

Photocopied by Dawn Scotting. Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in August 2001.

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