Guidestone at Goatscliffe, Stoke

Recent Photograph of Guidestone at Goatscliffe (Stoke)

The inscriptions on this 18th Century Guidestone have been somewhat eroded, but have been enhanced with chalk for taking this photo. The legend says ‘Sheffield Road’ above, and ‘Bakewell Road’ below, written in mirror image. On the opposite side to that which is facing us is written ‘Tidswall Road’. The stone was moved by a farmer in the early 20th century from its original location at a crossroads of ancient trackways because it could serve him better as a gatepost, but at least it remained intact.

For further reading see Take a Look at: Guideposts and Milestones. This article mentions the above Guidestone.

Please note the Guidestone is on private ground.

Smith, Howard - The Guide Stoops of Derbyshire - ISBN 0 9521541 1 0. Printed in Sheffield by West Bar Printing Service 1996.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie in July 1984.
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