Old Postcard of Stoke - Mag Clough

Old Postcard of Mag Clough (Stoke)

Well, the unknown figures on old postcards are always one's grandmother or great grandmother, are they not? In this case the figure of the lady with the child just may be my grandmother, and perhaps her youngest child at that time, although that may be just "Wishful Thinking" on my part, as I don't really think it would have been her - not with all the extra washing a white blouse would need! So perhaps it was just a friend of the photographer's.

In one respect this scene is little changed today, as the pattern of fields and forest is instantly recognisable. In another way it has changed significantly, as this well worn pathway is now grassed over. Also that little hut in the field in the foreground is no longer there, although a few other random huts have appeared elsewhere!

The noticable valley is that of the Magclough Brook (also called Goatscliffe Brook). The view looks towards Sir William Hill on the skyline, and Eyam Moor.

The point where this pathway meets Goatscliffe Farm Lane was once the site of the Guidestone, which signposted roads to Sheffield, Bakewell and Tideswell. As roads in the other two directions led respectively to Sheffield, and Bakewell, this must have been the road to Tideswell! The climb was possibly less steep than the equivalent present day route in that direction, directly up Sir William Hill, but it would be impassible today.

For those who like a taste of Then and Now, see this photograph overlaid with a similar view of Mag Clough taken some 80 years later.

Please note that this footpath is NOT a public right of way.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by David Turner on 13th February 2004.
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