People of Stoney Middleton - “Aunt Manda”

Old Photograph of “Aunt Manda” (Stoney Middleton)

‘Auntie Manda never altered a great deal, she always had that nice fluffy kind of hair, I think she was like her dad, but she was tall and stately even when she was old, and very kind and gentle in her ways’.
(quote from one of her nieces, in 1986).

‘Aunt Manda’ - Amanda ANDREW (1872-1959) - was the daughter of Robert ANDREW and Mary née GODDARD, and is remembered with similar fondness by other nephews and nieces as well.

We were told initially that this was her photograph, but we have some doubts as to this identification. Certainly the lady in the photograph fits the description of a kind and gentle lady with white fluffy hair, but we were surprised she'd have been wearing a long dress when it was taken, presumably when she was elderly, in the 1950s. So it seems more likely, we think, to have been her mother, the above-mentioned Mary - taken possibly when she was in mourning, after her husband Robert died in 1906. Mary herself died in 1930.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Tony Mason on 28th March 2004.
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