Bootmaker's Stacked Uppers, Stoney Middleton

Recent Photograph of Bootmaker's Stacked Uppers (Stoney Middleton)

A view of inside William Lennon & Company's boot factory in Stoney Middleton - which may look a little surreal outside its context! However it accompanies Julie's article “The Last Bootmaker”, in which all will be revealed!

If you're still having trouble interpreting what you see, look at the shape and patterns of the ‘Step Rebok’ lookalikes on the workbench! I find it's fascinating to observe how the factory has kept up with the times. What would the quarrymen who wore the heavy hobnail boots for which the factory was once famous think if they could see them! Sheer comfort!

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Julie Bunting on 14th February 2006.
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