Jacob's Ladder, Stoney Middleton (in 2006)

Recent Photograph of Jacob's Ladder (in 2006) (Stoney Middleton)

A delightful photograph of a local footpath, and former old trackway known as “Jacob's Ladder” which in the days before motorised transport provided a convenient way of travel between Stoney Middleton and Grindleford and possibly beyond, to Hathersage.

Compare this with an earlier Old Postcard of Jacob's Ladder in the summer of 1916, 90 years earlier! The clothes have changed, but the scene is still very recognisable! I think it is possible the pathway may have been paved originally, like the one through The Haywood (Grindleford), but it is now surfaced with tarmac, which inevitably suffers from frost and rain damage in winter, as can be seen on this photo by the deep groove in the middle, which must become a veritable torrent during a heavy downpour.

Our intrepid author Julie Bunting steps out “in the pink”! Her circular walk started in Stoney Middleton, climbing up the Ladder to the Eyam Road (old (B6521), and on the return journey passing by Knouchley Farm, where she very cleverly spotted an old Guidepost indicating the way to Sheffield!

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Graham Bunting on 4th August 2006.
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