Pictures of the Past : The Cross, Stoney Middleton

Old Postcard of The Cross (Stoney Middleton)

This rather ubiquitous postcard shows a group of trees on the skyline, which the tinting on the original had rendered as an amorphous blob, with a menacing outline - like some huge prehistoric beast crouched on the hillside ready to spring... I have attempted some digital enhancement to make it look a little less fearsome!

Another copy of the postcard elsewhere online (no longer available) showed a close-up of the horse and trap (on the left) on its way down the High Street. The website owner said the postcard was posted in 1921, and in her close-up the village cross can be seen to have a date of 1846.

A more recent photograph Moon Inn and Village Cross shows some ‘horseless carriages’ where once was the horse and trap. In fact, neither this photo nor the above show the Village Cross too well, but perhaps it can be seen better on the above by focussing on the figure standing against it, on its pedestal.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie on 30th October 2001.
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