Pictures of the Past : The Dale, Stoney Middleton

Old Postcard of The Dale (Stoney Middleton)

In the past, Stoney Middleton Dale was a narrow passage through steep-sided limestone cliffs. Today it is much wider, with large areas on the south side being gouged by quarrying operations. However it is quite easy to see on this photograph how it used to be before heavy industry arrived, when it was the scene of much leadmining activity. Or even when a raging torrent was carving out this chasm in post-glacial times!

This is one of several old postcards contributed by Rodney Marples. They have been preserved by his cousin's family in British Columbia as “treasures from home”, most of them dating from pre-WWI.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Rodney Marples on 28th February 2004.
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