Winster, a List of Voters, 1836-37

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2001

This list of Voters is extracted from Microfilm 1702461, Derbyshire, Voting Registers, North Division, 1832, 1836-1853, obtainable from LDS Family History Libraries.
My thanks to Dawn Scotting for providing photocopies to transcribe from.

0890Allen GeorgeWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0891Ashton William (Miner)WinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0892Ashton William (Grocer)WinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0893Ashton SamuelHartingtonFreehold house and landSarah Wagstaff, tenant
0894Barker JonathanWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0895Bateman Hugh, sen.WinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0896Bateman James (Miner)WinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0897Bateman JosephWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0898Bateman Hugh, jun.WinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0899Bateman ThomasWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
0900Bateman BenjaminWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0901Bateman JamesWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0902Blackwell JosephWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0903Blackwell WilliamWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0904Boam JohnWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0905Boam GeorgeWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0906Bradley AbrahamWinsterFreehold housesOccupied by himself and another
0907Bradley WilliamWinsterFreehold housesOwn occupation
0908Brittlebank WilliamOddo, WinsterFreehold landsLydia Taylor, tenant
0909Brittlebank AndrewWinsterFreehold buildings and landOwn occupation
0910Brittlebank BenjaminWinsterFreehold house, garden, and outbuildingsOwn occupation
0911Brocklehurst MatthewWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0912Burton AnthonyWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0913Burton WilliamWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0914Burton JoshuaWinsterFreehold shop and landOwn occupation
0915Buxton GeorgeWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0916Buxton WilliamWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0917Brimlow JohnWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0918Bissett WilliamSheffieldFreehold houseWilliam Sellors, tenant
0919Caldwell JosiahWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0920Cowlishaw John LimbWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0921Dale JohnBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
0922Dakin WilliamManchesterFreehold house, shop, and premisesSamuel Heathcote and another, tenants
0923Durden JohnWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0924Fearn JamesWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0925Fox JohnAshbournFreehold landsBenjamin Bridge and others, tenants
0926Foxlow AnthonyCodnor ParkFreehold house and landSamuel Foxlow, tenant
0927Foxlow SamuelWinsterFreehold house and landOccupied by self and another
0928Gregory BenjaminWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0929Gregory GeorgeBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
0930Gregory George (Publican)BirchoverFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0931Gregory AnthonyWinsterFreehold landOccupied by self and others
0932Gregory JonathanBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
0933Gregory JohnBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
0934Gregory JosephBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
0935Hadfield JosephWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0936Hall JohnWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0937Hardy JosephWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0938Hartle RobertWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0939Hawksworth ThomasWinsterFreehold houseRobert Bradley, tenant
0940Hawksworth JohnWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0941Haynes ThomasWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0942Haynes GeorgeWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0943Haynes JohnStainsbyFreehold landSamuel Orme, tenant
0944Heathcote WilliamWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0945Heathcote SamuelWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
0946Henstock JohnWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
0947Henstock WilliamCoventryFreehold house, shop, and gardenJohn Henstock, tenant
0948Hill WilliamWinsterRental of house and land £50 per annumThe Repton School property
0949Hodgkinson ThomasWinsterFreehold house and gardenSarah Hodgkinson, tenant
0950Holmes AbrahamStantonFreehold house and landGeorge Howsley, tenant
0951Howsley SamuelAlportFreehold landsSamuel Rains and other tenants
0952Jackson JamesWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0953Longden JohnSheffieldFreehold landWinster Moor
0954Longden WilliamWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0955Marshall WilliamWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0956Moseley JohnWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0957Newton ThomasWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0958Orme Samuel, sen.WinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0959Orme Samuel, jun.WinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0960Orme JamesWinsterFreehold houseWilliam Orme, tenant
0961Parker JohnNottinghamFreehold houseJoshua Hardy, tenant
0962Rains JohnWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0963Rains SamuelWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0964Rains JosephWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0965Rains JohnWinster MoorRental of house and land £50 per annumWinster Moor
0966Raworth WilliamBirminghamFreehold house, garden, and stableBenjamin Barrs and another tenant
0967Roberts JamesWinsterFreehold house and landsOwn occupation
0968Roberts RichardWinsterRental of land £50 per annumWinster Liberty
0969Rowland GeorgeWinsterFreehold houseWinster
0970Rowland JohnWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0971Salt IsaacWinsterFreehold housesOccupation of self and others
0972Salt AndrewWinsterFreehold house and gardenEllen Salt, tenant
0973Shirley Rev. WalterWinsterFreehold landsWinster Liberty
0974Smith JohnWaste, near WinsterFreehold houseSarah Eley, tenant
0975Smith WilliamCow Close, near StantonFreehold houseJoseph Hadfield, tenant
0976Smith GeorgeBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
0977Smith SamuelWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
0978Smith WilliamAldwarkFreehold houseBull's Head Inn
0979Smith HenryDarleyFreehold landMartha Gregory, tenant
0980Staley GeorgeCodnor ParkFreehold house and landGeorge Lomas, tenant
0981Staley WilliamWinsterFreehold landRalph Staley, tenant
0982Staley Ralph, sen.WinsterFreehold landOccupied by self and another
0983Staley Ralph, jun.WinsterFreehold landHimself and another, occupiers
0984Staley HenryManchesterFreehold landRalph Staley, sen., tenant
0985Staley HenryRochdaleFreehold house and landJane Woolley, tenant
0986Staley JohnRipleyFreehold house and gardenRalph Staley, sen., tenant
0987Stadon WilliamWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0988Stone JosephWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
0989Stone FrancisWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0990Thornhill WilliamHathersage HallFreehold landJohn Wilmot, tenant
0991Toplis RalphWinsterFreehold house and landsOwn occupation
0992Wagstaff GeorgeWinsterFreehold house and landsOwn occupation
0993Wagstaff JosiahWinsterFreehold landGeo. Wagstaff and others, tenants
0994Wagstaff JohnWinsterFreehold landGeo. Wagstaff and others, tenants
0995Wardle JohnThorpeFreehold landEngine-close
0996Wardle AnthonyThorpeFreehold landEngine-close
0997Wild WilliamWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0998Wilson JosephWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0999Witham FrancisWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
1000Witham RichardWinsterRental of house and land £50 per YearIn Winster
1001Worsley Thomas CarileWinsterFreehold landCharles Worsley, tenant
1002Worsley Charles CarileWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation

Photocopied by Dawn Scotting. Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in August 2001.

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