Winster, a List of Voters, 1845-46

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2001

This list of Voters is extracted from Microfilm 1702461, Derbyshire, Voting Registers, North Division, 1832, 1836-1853, obtainable from LDS Family History Libraries.
My thanks to Dawn Scotting for providing photocopies to transcribe from.

No.Christian Name and Surname of each VoterPlace of AbodeNature of QualificationSee below
1285Allen GeorgeWinsterFreehold houses and gardenOwn occupation
1286Appleby CowtonWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
1287Ashton SamuelPage street, ManchesterFreehold house and landSarah Wagstaff
1288Ashton ThomasOkerShare in freehold house and landJohn Smith
1289Ashton GeorgeWinsterFreehold house, shop and gardenOwn occupation
1290Adams SamuelWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1291Barker JonathanWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
1292Barnsley JohnWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1293Bateman Hugh, sen.WinsterFreehold landWinster moor
1294Bateman James32, Jersey street, ManchesterFreehold house and gardenBank side, Benjamin Marsden
1295Bateman JosephWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1296Bateman BenjaminWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1297Bateman ThomasWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
1298Bateman James (miner)WinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1299Blackwell WilliamWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1300Bradley RobertWinsterFreehold houses and gardensElizabeth Bradley and others
1301Bradley WilliamWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1302Brittlebank WilliamOddo WinsterFreehold landJohn Rains
1303Brittlebank AndrewWinsterFreehold land and buildingsOwn occupation
1304Brittlebank BenjaminWinsterFreehold house, garden and buildingsOwn occupation
1305Brocklehurst MatthewWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1306Burton AnthonyWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1307Burton WilliamWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1308Burton JoshuaWinsterFreehold shop and landOwn occupation
1309Bridden WilliamHulland wardFreehold landCockayne close, George Allen, Richard Roberts
1310Buxton AnthonyWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1311Buxton William, jun.WinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1312Buxton RichardWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1313Brimlow JohnWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1314Blackwell JosephWinsterFreehold landOldfield, in my own occupation
1315Caldwell JosiahWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1316Creswell RobertIderidgehayFreehold house and landRichard Roberts and others
1317Dale JohnBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
1318Durden JohnWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1319Ellis William, jun.WinsterFreehold houses and gardenSelf and another
1320Fearn JamesWinsterFreehold house and premisesOwn occupation
1321Fox JohnAshbournFreehold landBenjamin Bridge and others
1322Foxlow AnthonyCodnor park, near AlfretonFreehold house and landSamuel Foxlowe
1323Foxlow SamuelWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
1324Gregory BenjaminWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
1325Gregory GeorgeBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
1326Gregory George, publicanBirchoverFreehold house and landOwn occupation
1327Gregory AnthonyWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
1328Gyte JohnWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1329Gregory JonathanBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
1330Gregory JohnBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
1331Gregory JosephBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
1332Greatorex JosiahWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1333Gregory George, jun.WinsterFreehold housesBenjamin Stone and others
1334Gregory Joseph, jun.WinsterFreehold landStoop side, Benjamin Gregory
1335Hadfield JosephWinsterFreehold houses and landSelf and others
1336Hardy RobertWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1337Hartle RobertPike hall, near WinsterFreehold houseSarah Burton
1338Hawksworth ThomasWinsterFreehold houseJ. Ball
1339Hawkesworth JohnWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1340Haynes ThomasWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
1341Haynes GeorgeWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1342Heathcote WilliamWinsterFreehold housesOwn occupation and another
1343Heathcote SamuelWinsterFreehold landBank pasture
1344Henstock JohnWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
1345Henstock William137, London road, ManchesterFreehold house, garden and shopBank side, John Henstock
1346Hodgkinson ThomasWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1347Holmes AbrahamStantonFreehold house and landGeorge Howsley
1348Heath JohnWinsterFreehold houses and gardenOwn occupation and another
1349Hadfield EdwardWinsterFreehold houses and gardenElizabeth Hadfield
1350Harvey George GaytonWinsterFreehold landHugh Bateman and others
1351Howsley RichardTideswellFreehold landWinster, John Beardow, Jacob Marsden and ot[hers]
1352Jackson JamesWinsterFreehold houses and gardensOwn occupation and another
1353Ingman DanielWinsterFreehold houses and landOwn occupation
1354Kidger JosephAshby de la ZouchFreehold house and gardenWilliam Hodgkinson
1355Knight JohnAshby de la ZouchFreehold houseGeorge Buxton
1356Longden JohnWinsterFreehold houseThe Crown inn
1357Longden WilliamWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1358Marshall WilliamWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
1359Milnes JamesMatlockFreehold house and landRichard Taylor
1360Mosley JosephWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1361Marshall William, jun.WinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1362Nelson AlexanderCodnor Park, near AlfretonFreehold house and landSamuel Garside and others
1363Orme SamuelWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
1364Prime NathanielWinsterFreehold landWinster moor, in the occupation of Elizabeth P[rime]
1365Rains JohnWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1366Rains SamuelWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1367Rains JosephWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1368Rains JohnWinster moor£50 RentalWinster moor
1369Rains WilliamWinsterFreehold house and gardenA. Bradley
1370Rains AnthonyWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1371Rains JamesWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1372Roberts JamesWinsterFreehold houses and landOwn occupation
1373Roberts ThomasWinsterFreehold landMatthew Brocklehurst and others
1374Rowland JohnWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
1375Roose GeorgeHartingtonFreehold houseWilliam Rains
1376Salt IsaacWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation and others
1377Salt AndrewWinsterFreehold house and gardenEllen Salt
1378Smith JohnWaste, near WinsterFreehold houseSarah Eley
1379Smith GeorgeBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
1380Smith SamuelAldwarkFreehold landOwn occupation
1381Smith WilliamWinsterFreehold houseBull's head inn
1382Staley WilliamWinsterFreehold landRalph Staley
1383Staley Ralph, jun.WinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation and Eliza Prime
1384Staley HenryRoach place, RochdaleFreehold houses and landSamuel Woolley and others
1385Staden WilliamWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1386Stone JosephWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
1387Stone FrancisWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
1388Stones JamesWinsterFreehold house, garden and cart-houseOwn occupation and another
1389Taylor RichardWinsterFreehold house and gardenLydia Taylor
1390Thornhill WilliamNew park, HampshireFreehold landRichard Taylor
1391Wagstaff JohnWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
1392Wardle JohnThorpeFreehold landEngine close
1393Wardle AnthonyThorpeFreehold landEngine close
1394Walesby JoshuaHorncastle, LincolnshireFreehold house and landThomas Haynes and others
1395Walesby Daniel PrimeRanby, LincolnshireFreehold house and landThomas Haynes and others
1396Wild WilliamWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1397Wilson JosephWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
1398Witham RichardBankside, WinsterFreehold houses and landBank side, Buxton close, &c. in my own occupat[ion]
1399Witham SamuelWinsterFreehold houseMarket place
1400Woolley StephenDockray square, Colne, LancashireFreehold landOddo side, Samuel Woolley
1401Worsley Thomas CarillPlatt, near ManchesterFreehold landCharles Carill Worsley
1402Worsley Charles CarillWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
1403Walesby FrancisBradford, YorkshireFreehold landThomas Haynes
1404Yates WilliamStanton hill side, near BakewellFreehold house and gardenGeorge Roose
1405Yates BenjaminWinsterFreehold landSamuel Rains

Note: The heading for this column is:-
“Street, lane, or other like place in this parish [or township] and number of house (if any) where the property is situate, or name of the property, if known by any, or the name of the occupying Tenant; or if the qualification consists of a rent-charge, then the names of the owners of the property out of which such rent is issuing, or some of them, and the situation of the property.”

Photocopied by Dawn Scotting. Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in August 2001.

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