Winster, a List of Voters, 1840-41

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2001

This list of Voters is extracted from Microfilm 1702461, Derbyshire, Voting Registers, North Division, 1832, 1836-1853, obtainable from LDS Family History Libraries.
My thanks to Dawn Scotting for providing photocopies to transcribe from.

No. of ElectorsNames of ElectorsPlace of ResidenceNature of QualificationWhere Situate, or in whose Occupation
0623Allen GeorgeWinsterFreehold houses & gardenOwn occupation
0624Appleby CowtonWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
0625Ashton WilliamWinsterFreehold house and landSelf and Samuel Stone
0626Ashton SamuelManchesterFreehold house and landSarah Wagstaff
0627Abell JohnBonsall1-third share of freehold house and landJohn Smith
0628Ashton ThomasOkerShare of freehold house & landJohn Smith
0629Ashton GeorgeWinsterFreehold tenant, garden, and shopOwn occupation
0630Barker JonathanWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0631Barnsley JohnWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0632Bateman Hugh, sen.WinsterFreehold landWinster moor
0633Bateman JamesWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0634Bateman JosephWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0635Bateman Joseph, jun.WinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0636Bateman BenjaminWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0637Bateman ThomasWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
0638Bateman James (miner)WinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0639Blackwell JosephWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0640Blackwell WilliamWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0641Boam JohnWinsterFreehold housesTop of street
0642Boam GeorgeWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0643Bradley RobertWinsterFreehold houses and gardensAbraham Bradley and others
0644Bradley WilliamWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0645Brittlebank WilliamOddo, WinsterFreehold landJohn Rains
0646Brittlebank AndrewWinsterFreehold land and buildingsOwn occupation
0647Brittlebank BenjaminWinsterFreehold house, garden & buildingsOwn occupation
0648Brocklehurst MatthewWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0649Burton AnthonyWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0650Burton WilliamWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0651Burton JoshuaWinsterFreehold land & shopOwn occupation
0652Buxton WilliamWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0653Buxton AnthonyWinsterFreehold house & gardenOwn occupation
0654Buxton William, jun.WinsterFreehold house & gardenOwn occupation
0655Buxton RichardWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0656Brimlow JohnWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0657Bridge BenjaminElton£50 RentalWinster
0658Caldwell JosiahWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0659Creswell RobertIdridgehayFreehold house and landRichard Roberts and others
0660Dale JohnBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
0661Durdon JohnWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0662Fearn JamesWinsterFreehold house and premisesOwn occupation
0663Fox JohnAshborneFreehold landBenj. Bridge & others
0664Foxlow AnthonyCodnor ParkFreehold house and landSamuel Foxlow
0665Foxlowe SamuelWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0666Gregory BenjaminWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0667Gregory GeorgeBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
0668Gregory George (publican)BirchoverFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0669Gregory AnthonyWinsterFreehold houses and landOwn occupation & others
0670Gregory JonathanBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
0671Gregory JohnBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
0672Gregory JosephBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
0673Greatorex JosiahWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0674Hadfield JosephWinsterFreehold houses and landSelf and others
0675Hall JohnWinsterFreehold houses and landOwn occupation
0676Hardy RobertWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0677Hartle RobertPikehall, near WinsterFreehold houseJohn Ball
0678Hawksworth ThomasWinsterFreehold houseRobert Bradley
0679Hawksworth JohnWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0680Haynes ThomasWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0681Haynes GeorgeWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0682Haynes JohnStainsbyFreehold landSamuel Orme
0683Heathcote WilliamWinsterFreehold housesOwn occupation and another
0684Heathcote SamuelWinsterFreehold landBank pasture
0685Henstock JohnWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
0686Henstock WilliamCoventryFreehold house shop and gardenJohn Henstock
0687Hodgkinson ThomasWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0688Holmes AbrahamStantonFreehold house & landGeorge Housley
0689Housley SamuelBrassingtonFreehold landSamuel Rains
0690Jackson JamesWinsterFreehold houses and gardensOwn occupation and another
0691Ingman DanielWinsterFreehold houses and landSelf and another
0692Kidger JosephAshby de la ZouchFreehold house and gardenWilliam Hodgkinson
0693Knight JohnAshby de la ZouchFreehold house and gardenGeorge Buxton
0694Longden JohnWinsterFreehold houseThe Crown Inn
0695Longden WilliamWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0696Marshall WilliamWinsterFreehold house & landOwn occupation
0697Melland Charles JohnManchesterFreehold houses & landBenjamin Bateman & others
0698Milnes JamesMatlockFreehold house and landRichard Taylor
0699Mosley JosephWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0700Mosley JosiahWinsterFreehold house and gardenLydia Mosley
0701Orme SamuelWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0702Orme Samuel, jun.WinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0703Orme JamesWinsterFreehold houseMartha Orme
0704Parker JohnNottinghamFreehold houseAndrew Brittlebank
0705Rains JohnWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0706Rains SamuelWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0707Rains JosephWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0708Rains JohnWinster moor£50 RentalWinster moor
0709Rains WilliamWinsterFreehold house and gardenHugh Civil
0710Rains RalphWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0711Rains AnthonyWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0712Rains JamesWinsterFreehold house and gardenOwn occupation
0713Roberts JamesWinsterFreehold houses & landOwn occupation
0714Roberts ThomasWinsterFreehold landMatthew Brocklehurst & others
0715Roberts RichardWinster£50 RentalWinster
0716Rose MichaelCliff top Blore, StaffordshireFreehold house and landWilliam Rains
0717Rowland JohnWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0718Salt IsaacWinsterFreehold house and landSelf & others
0719Salt AndrewWinsterFreehold house and gardenEllen Salt
0720Smith JohnWaste, near WinsterFreehold houseSarah Eley
0721Smith WilliamWaltonFreehold house & gardenJoseph Hadfield
0722Smith GeorgeBirchoverFreehold landOwn occupation
0723Smith SamuelWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
0724Smith WilliamAldwarkFreehold houseBulls Head Inn
0725Staley WilliamWinsterFreehold landRalph Staley
0726Staley RalphWinsterFreehold house and landSelf & others
0727Staley Ralph, jun.WinsterFreehold house and landSelf & another
0728Staley HenryManchesterFreehold landRalph Staley
0729Staley HenryRochdaleFreehold house and landSamuel Woolley
0730Staden WilliamWinsterFreehold house & gardenOwn occupation
0731Stone JosephWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
0732Stone FrancisWinsterFreehold house & gardenOwn occupation
0733Stone JamesWinsterFreehold house & gardenSelf & another
0734Taylor RichardWinsterFreehold house and gardenLydia Taylor
0735Thornhill WilliamNew Park, HampshireFreehold landJohn Wilmot
0736Wagstaff GeorgeWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0737Wagstaff JosiahWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
0738Wagstaff JohnWinsterFreehold landOwn occupation
0739Wardle JohnThorpeFreehold landEngine close
0740Wardle AnthonyThorpeFreehold landEngine close
0741Walesby JoshuaHorncastle, LincolnshireFreehold house and landThomas Haynes & others
0742Walesby Daniel PrimeRanby, LincolnshireFreehold house and landThomas Haynes & others
0743Wild WilliamWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0744Wilson JosephWinsterFreehold houseOwn occupation
0745Witham FrancisWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0746Witham RichardWinster£50 RentalWinster
0747Witham SamuelWinsterFreehold houseWinster Market place
0748Worsley Thomas CarillPlatt, near ManchesterFreehold landCharles Carill Worsley
0749Worsley Charles CarillWinsterFreehold house and landOwn occupation
0750Woolley SamuelWinster£50 RentalWinster
0751Yates WilliamStanton hill sideFreehold house and gardenGeorge Roose

Photocopied by Dawn Scotting. Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in August 2001.

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