Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Plots A01-E23

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

A01Number in Grave: 4
1LISTERJohn S- 195462main1892
2WILLIAMSONMary28 Jul 199673?1923
3WILLIAMSONQuentin J18 Aug 199679?1915
4CONNOCHERAnn Mary200056?1944
A02Number in Grave: 2
1GOLDBYJohn06 ff 1964infmain1964
2GOLDBYPhilip Walter25 Jul 197064?1906
A03Number in Grave: 1
1ORANGEKatharine13 Mar 199583main1912
A04Number in Grave: 1
1BIBBYColin O- 198563main1922
A05Number in Grave: 1
1WHEENMarie Creswick- 195465main1889
A06Number in Grave: 1
1BROWNGeorge Robert26 May 1952 main 
A07Number in Grave: 1
1PARKERLizzie30 Oct 195996main1863
A08Number in Grave: 2
1BRADBURYErnest07 Feb 195553main1902
2BRADBURYUrsula E30 Apr 199998?1901
A09Number in Grave: 1
1GEEJack Gregory25 Apr 198368main1915
A10Number in Grave: 2
1HUTCHINSONWilliam- 198876main1912
2HUTCHINSONJoan06 Dec 200179?1922
A11Number in Grave: 2
1MARSHALLWilliam19 Mar 189268main1824
2MARSHALLSarah17 May 1879 wife 
A12Number in Grave: 5
1FURNISSWilliam27 May 183472main1762
2FURNISSSarah10 Apr 183672wife1764
3BUTCHERSarah17 Feb 183934daug1805
4FURNISSMark14 Nov 186967son1802
5FURNISSElizabeth26 Aug 1872 daug 
A13Number in Grave: 1
1FURNACEMartin20 Feb 17536main1747
A14Number in Grave: 3
1COCKERNathan22 Apr 187365main1808
2COCKERSarah09 May 1865 wife 
3COCKERMillicent10 Apr 185615daug1841
A15Number in Grave: 2
1COCKERRobert02 Jan 183856main1782
2COCKERFanny16 Jan 184672wife1774
A16Number in Grave: 3
1MARSDENMartha Georgia12 Jun 185021main1829
2MARSDENSamuel03 Oct 185024son1826
3MARSDENElizabeth02 Dec 185019daug1831
A17Number in Grave: 5
1MARSDENJoseph- Jun 182828main1800
2MARSDENGeorge06 Mar 182920son1809
3MARSDENSamuel- Sep 183430son1804
4MARSDENJohn27 Sep 183428son1806
5MARSDENRobert29 Apr 183738son1799
A18Number in Grave: 1
1MARSDENJoseph21 Jul 183183main1748
A19Number in Grave: 2
1MARSDENRobert12 Oct 179480main1714
2MARSDENElizabeth04 Jun 179981wife1718
A20Number in Grave: 3
1MARSDENSamuel09 Jul 182166main1755
2MARSDENHannah10 Jun 184168wife1773
3MARSDENMary- 188564daug1821
A21Number in Grave: 2
1BRADSHAWElizabeth20 Jan 17992main1797
2BRADSHAWThomas20 Oct 1799infson1799
A22Number in Grave: 4
1MARSHALLNathan19 Dec 184572main1773
2MARSHALLNathan14 Feb 182914son1815
3MARSHALLAnn17 Feb 186072wife1788
4MARSHALLJohn16 Dec 183070?1760
A23Number in Grave: 2
1HOLEJonathan30 May 174859main1689
2HOLEJohn18 Dec 17681son1767
A24Number in Grave: 5
1MARSHALLNathan03 Sep 180371main1732
2MARSHALLJonathan- -infson 
3MARSHALLWilliam- -infson 
4MARSHALLElizabeth23 Dec 180974wife1735
5MARSHALLElizabeth16 Jul 181848daug1770
A25Number in Grave: 2
1FROSTBartholemew03 Jan 182556main1769
2FROSTThomas02 Oct 183019son1811
A26Number in Grave: 3
1FLETCHERAbraham18 Nov 184846main1802
2FLETCHERElizabeth02 Dec 185320daug1833
3FLETCHERElizabeth02 Dec 187577wife1798
A27Number in Grave: 4
1FLETCHERAbraham14 Oct 181757main1760
2FLETCHERMary12 Mar 183778husb1759
3FLETCHERJoseph22 Dec 183955son1784
4FLETCHERElizabeth03 May 183750daug1787
A28Number in Grave: 2
1FLETCHERCatherine27 Sep 182933main1796
2FLETCHERMary06 Mar 182663?1763
A29Number in Grave: 2
1FLETCHERJohn05 Dec 187465main1809
2FLETCHERHannah02 Jan 188571wife1814
A30Number in Grave: 1
1HELDEAnne- - main 
A31Number in Grave: 2
1FROSTElizabeth15 Mar 184848main1800
2FROSTRichard20 Apr 184861husb1787
A32Number in Grave: 1
1FROSTFrederick01 Jan 18444mthsmain1844
A33Number in Grave: 4
1FROSTBartholemew25 Apr 1738 main 
2FROSTJohn- Jul -31son 
3?unreadable- - ? 
4?unreadable- - ? 
A34Number in Grave: 6
1FROSTAnn21 Jul 175624main1742
2FROSTWilliam- - g-child 
3FROSTElizabeth12 Feb 180062wife1738
4FROSTWilliam04 Dec 180982husb1727
5FROSTJohn11 Sep 182061g-child1759
6FROSTBartholemew22 Apr 182562g-child1763
A35Number in Grave: 1
1ELLIOTTEva Florence26 Jan 190532main1873
A36Number in Grave: 1
1ELLIOTTJohn Charles05 Oct 192063main1857
A37Number in Grave: 3
1ELLIOTTSarah Elizabeth03 Feb 192063main1857
2ELLIOTTCatherine Coddan28 Oct 192061son1859
3ELLIOTTThomas William27 Jun 192462brother1862
A38Number in Grave: 2
1WILSONEvelyn02 Feb 199783main 
2WILSONStanley03 Feb 19++83Husb 
A39Number in Grave: 1
1GUINNESSFanny E03 Nov 189867main1831
A40Number in Grave: 1
1REDMILECurtis13 Dec 199682  
A41Number in Grave: 1
1COCKERMargaret16 Dec 1765 main 
A42Number in Grave: 2
1STOCKDALEElizabeth19 Apr 189272main1820
2STOCKDALERev J24 Oct 190778husb1829
A43Number in Grave: 1
1BURDEKINHugh11 Jun 1885 main 
A44Number in Grave: 1
1BURDEKINEmily Jane- - main 
A45Number in Grave: 2
1JOBSONGodfrey John03 Jun 18908dysmain1890
2JOBSONHenry26 May 18901dybrother1890
A46Number in Grave: 1
1STONEAnne30 Jun 17542main1752
B01Number in Grave: 1
1HOYLANDJohn C10 Dec 8366main1917
B02Number in Grave: 2
1STANLEYAnne13 Mar 200085 1915
2STANLEYDenis W31 Aug 200081 1919
B03Number in Grave: 1
1KNIGHTONOlive22 Jun 199888 1910
B04Number in Grave: 2
1HARTLEYDouglas F J02 Jun 200181 1920
2HARTLEYMarjorie R23 Feb 199775 1922
B05Number in Grave: 1
1ASHWORTHHilda12 Feb 200193 1908
B06Number in Grave: 2
1JUDDLenore28 May 199579 1916
2JUDDFrederick09 Jan 200188 1913
B07Number in Grave: 1
1LAYCOCKMary15 Apr 199781 1916
B08Number in Grave: 1
1GREEWOODHarry16 Jan 199769 1928
B09Number in Grave: 4
1HIBBERTJohn Cff Jan 199773 1924
2HIBBERTFrank27 Oct 199379 1914
3HIBBERTPatricia I01 Apr 199966 1933
4HIBBERTAlison J26 Jun 200541 1964
B10Number in Grave: 1
1JONESJames E02 Mar 199361 1932
B11Number in Grave: 1
1BURKEJack20 Jan 199063main1927
B12Number in Grave: 1
1LUNDIEGregory R- 199025main1965
B13Number in Grave: 1
1SEATONJackie24 Nov 199121 1970
B14Number in Grave: 1
1GRAYSONJames W09 Jul 199667 1929
B15Number in Grave: 1
1RIDLEYRichard H J28 May 199623 1973
B16Number in Grave: 1
1HARRISDerek A06 Apr 199566 1929
B17Number in Grave: 1
1GEORGEDaniel W28 Jan 199680 1916
B18Number in Grave: 1
1SWINDELLSMartin30 Nov 200466 1938
B19Number in Grave: 2
1FEARNEErnest- - 197272main1900
2FEARNEElsie- - 199186wife1905
B20Number in Grave: 2
1BARBERBertram H- 198281main1901
2BARBERNancy L- - 198470wife1914
B21Number in Grave: 2
1WYLIEJames28 Feb 196065main1895
2WYLIEGwendoline M07 May 199593wife1902
B22Number in Grave: 2
1POCHINBetty- - 198269wife1913
2POCHINEdward R- 198780main1907
B23Number in Grave: 1
1FOOTEJean13 Dec 198853main1935
B24Number in Grave: 1
1BOWNLeonard03 Jul 199452 1942
B25Number in Grave: 1
1HIGGINBOTHAMShirley A24 Sep 198975main1914
B26Number in Grave: 1
1TOMLINSONEleanor M R22 Sep 199590 1905
B27Number in Grave: 1
1TREVESEva Mary- 198981main1908
B28Number in Grave: 1
1ROBSONLucy21 Aug 19962dys 1996
B29Number in Grave: 1
1ROBSONIsobelle F04 May 1998stillb 1998
B30Number in Grave: 1
1ROBSONSonny03 Aug 1999stillb 1999
B31Number in Grave: 1
1ROBSONChristopher22 Dec 200112hrs 2001
B32Number in Grave: 1
1KINGMichael J18 Sep 1998stillb 1998
B33Number in Grave: 2
1DAWSONStanley05 Nov 200394 1909
2DAWSONAlethea M30 Sep 200594 1910
B34Number in Grave: 2
1PALMERStanley- 198579main1906
2PALMERMarjorie R17 Mar 200588 1917
B35Number in Grave: 2
1BARONHoward03 Apr 198772main1915
2BARONMargaret30 Oct 200583 1922
B36Number in Grave: 3
1SPOONERJ H29 Mar 195285main1867
2SPOONERMabel31 Oct 195380wife1873
3SPOONEROlive Margaret10 Aug 197070daug1900
B37Number in Grave: 1
1BLYTONThomas A09 May 200494 1910
B38Number in Grave: 1
1EVANSJessica01 May 19944dys 1994
B39Number in Grave: 1
1BARRONHarry22 May 197859main1919
B40Number in Grave: 2
1JOYSHenrietta M08 Jan 196181wife1880
2JOYSJames A31 Dec 197287main1885
B41Number in Grave: 2
1FLETCHERWilliam Lesli- 197090main1880
2FLETCHERFlorence Anni- - 198593wife1892
B42Number in Grave: 2
1JOBESEdward29 Jan 195671main1885
2JOBESMarianne06 Apr 197993wife1886
B43Number in Grave: 2
1WALSHCatherine26 Jan 198778main1909
2WALSHRobert L01 Jan 199592 1903
B44Number in Grave: 2
1BROOKNoel Wynn- 198584main1901
2BROOKIrene07 Jul 199590?1905
B45Number in Grave: 1
1BROOKJohn Scott199178 1913
B46Number in Grave: 2
1HOWELLHorace G18 Nov 195679main1877
2HOWELLLilian M21 Dec 196488Wife1876
B47Number in Grave: 2
1SEATONHarold15 Jul 195759main1898
2SEATONIrene08 Jan 196861wife1907
B48Number in Grave: 2
1MUSGRAVEMontague K23 May 195962main1897
2MUSGRAVEKate30 Jun 196971wife1898
B49Number in Grave: 1
1REDMILEDorothy- 198855main1933
B50Number in Grave: 2
1LOVELANDKathleen E199379 1914
2LOVELANDAlec J199082 1908
B51Number in Grave: 1
1ROBERTSRalph28 Oct 199475 1919
B52Number in Grave: 1
1FEATHERBernard19 Oct 198041 1939
B53Number in Grave: 5
1BOAMMary21 Mar 1821 daug 
2BOAMThomas21 Jun 18211son1820
3BOAM?- -infson 
4BOAMMary15 Feb 181060wife1750
5BOAMThomas21 Apr 184972main1777
B54Number in Grave: 1
1?John of Calver- 18176-main 
B55Number in Grave: 2
1WOODHOUSEHarry Cocker04 Aug 195683main1873
2WOODHOUSENorah28 Apr 195882wife1876
B56Number in Grave: 2
1SMALLAgnes22 Feb 186823daug1845
2SMALLJohn02 Jan 186977main1792
B57Number in Grave: 4
1FROGGATTElizabeth06 Feb 183243wife1789
B58Number in Grave: 1
1HORNECherry J S19 Jul 199770 1927
2FROGGATTWilliam11 Feb 186168main1793
3FROGGATTCharlotte17 May 186653?1813
4FROGGATTJohn12 Nov 1853 son 
B59Number in Grave: 1
1PEATJohn09 Apr 181884main1734
B60Number in Grave: 3
1WILSONIsabel18 Jul 1869 main 
2WILSONMary12 Jul 1885 son 
3WILSONEizabeth10 Apr 1892 son 
B61Number in Grave: 1
1SMITHMarjorie23 Oct 198872main1916
B62Number in Grave: 4
1ASHTONBenjamin19 May 185680main1776
2ASHTONSarah21 May 185877wife1781
3ASHTONMelicent28 May 186244daug1818
4ASHTONElizabeth18 Mar 189178daug1813
B63Number in Grave: 2
1ASHTONMary Ann20 Oct 182213main1809
2ASHTONSarah10 Feb 184019sister1821
B64Number in Grave: 1
1SHAWRobert E01 Jul 200192 1909
B65Number in Grave: 1
1HALLJanet S M B15 Oct 199857 1941
B66Number in Grave: 2
1JONESLouis H16 Nov 199161 1930
2JONESDorothy20 Oct 199776 1923
B67Number in Grave: 1
1HALLGeorge E20 Nov 200290 1912
B68Number in Grave: 2
1HARVEYCharles H27 Jul 197586main1889
2HARVEYDorothy02 Mar 197277wife1895
B69Number in Grave: 2
1ELLISAnn24 Oct 18207daug1813
2ELLISMary18 Jul 184575main1770
B70Number in Grave: 5
1MARPLESWilliam03 Apr 182160main1761
2MARPLESSarah20 Sep 17851mthdaug1785
3MARPLESThomas26 Jun 18027son1795
4MARPLESMary24 Dec 1803 daug 
5MARPLESElizabeth07 Jun 1803 ? 
B71Number in Grave: 3
1BIRLEYJohn16 May 183545main1790
2BIRLEYMary02 Jul 185272wife1780
3BIRLEYCharles12 Nov 183014son1816
C01Number in Grave: 5
1PENISTONERobert09 Feb 17644g-child1760
2PENISTONESarah07 Jun 176416g-child1748
3PENISTONEDorothy03 Jul 176414g-child1750
4PENISTONERobert12 Mar 179168main1723
5PENISTONECatherine19 Feb 181185wife1726
C02Number in Grave: 4
1PENISTONERalph30 Mar 183538main1797
2PENISTONEDorothy31 Jan 186539daug1826
3PENISTONESarah08 Aug 188085wife1795
4PENISTONEMarther02 Jan 188150daug1831
C03Number in Grave: 5
1PENISTONEDorothy03 Sep 179831wife1767
2PENISTONEWilliam- -infson 
3PENISTONERalph29 Aug 182055main1765
4PENISTONERuth21 Jul 183776wife1761
5GEESONGeorge- -infg-child 
C04Number in Grave: 1
1?aged 32- -32main 
C05Number in Grave: 1
1HALLAMHannah19 Nov 175720main1737
C06Number in Grave: 1
1BROADHURSTRebecca14 Dec 175752main1705
C07Number in Grave: 3
1STONEDavid- - main 
2? 01 Jul 179060?1730
3?Mary- 176381daug1682
C08Number in Grave: 1
1BROADHURSTAnn17 Sep 177436main1738
C09Number in Grave: 1
1?eroded- - main 
C10Number in Grave: 6
1SHUTTElizabeth Chriss07 May 18261daug1825
2SHUTTEleanor28 Jan 18311daug1830
3SHUTTFelicia Maria08 Mar 18374daug1833
4SHUTTEustace William10 Mar 18372son1835
5SHUTTHenry John30 Jan 185022son1828
6SHUTTJohn Henry10 Jun 185559main1796
C11Number in Grave: 2
1FROGGATElizabeth29 Aug 182246wife1776
2FROGGATJason05 Nov 185284main1768
C12Number in Grave: 7
1FROGGATBenjamin17 Jan 179412g-child1782
2FROGGATMary17 Jan 179723g-child1774
3FROGGATElizabeth05 May 180268wife1734
4FROGGATSamuel (Sen)18 Sep 181493main1721
5FROGGATElizabeth21 Sep 181763daug1754
6FROGGATThomas27 Apr 183574son1761
7FROGGATEzekiah29 Nov 183875son1763
C13Number in Grave: 4
1MILNESWilliam13 Feb 178072main1708
2MILNESElizabeth16 Dec 179582wife1713
3MILNESDorothy22 Oct 182384daug1739
4MILNESWilliam16 Oct 183077son1753
C14Number in Grave: 1
1RUSHTONThomas08 Jul 180424main1780
C15Number in Grave: 1
1RUSHTONJames09 Jun 178447main1737
C16Number in Grave: 1
1RUSHTONGeorge22 Feb 17754main1771
C17Number in Grave: 1
1MARPLESamuel07 Aug 183474main1760
C18Number in Grave: 2
1MARPLESWilliam14 Aug 185863main1795
2MARPLESSarah09 Apr 183432wife1802
C19Number in Grave: 3
1PENESTONERalph28 Feb 176231son1731
2PENESTONEElizabeth12 Dec 176363wife1700
3PENISTONERalph22 Apr 178180main1701
C20Number in Grave: 1
1GEESONLydia02 Mar 184039main1801
C21Number in Grave: 1
1HALLAMMartha- -30main 
C22Number in Grave: 1
1BRUMIDSarah04 Nov 176624main1742
C23Number in Grave: 5
1BROOMHEADWilliam26 Feb 184366main1777
2BROOMHEADMary16 Jan 185444daug1810
3BROOMHEADMary13 Feb 185577wife1778
4BROOMHEADElizabeth09 Jul 185640daug1816
5SYKESHelen01 Feb 187264daug1808
C24Number in Grave: 2
1RUSHTONMary06 Jul 182543wife1782
2RUSHTONJames29 May 182649main1777
C25Number in Grave: 3
1INGLEBYNinian25 Jun 186468main1796
2INGLEBYCharles Richar01 Jan 19691son1968
3INGLEBYMary Ann25 Feb 186048wife1812
C26Number in Grave: 3
1FROGGATTRobert14 Dec 184742main1805
2FROGGATTHarriet17 Dec 18392daug1837
3FROGGATTMary02 Nov 189289wife1803
C27Number in Grave: 3
1DOBBJohn06 May 173278main1654
2DOBBMargaret10 Jul 174580wife1665
3DOBBAnne- 174580?1665
C28Number in Grave: 3
1DOBBJohn29 Jan 174145main1696
2MARPLESJohn- - ? 
3DOBBWilliam02 Dec 179052?1648
C29Number in Grave: 3
1BROOMHEADSarah09 May 183022main1808
2BROOMHEADEliza- -infdaug 
3BROOMHEADGeorge05 Mar 18-- brother 
C30Number in Grave: 2
1BROOMHEADWilliam31 Mar 181540main1775
2BROOMHEADMary14 Apr 18153daug1812
C31Number in Grave: 1
1BROOMHEADThomas22 Oct 185441main1813
C32Number in Grave: 2
1FROGGATTBenjamin25 Nov 186260main1802
2FROGGATTFrances17 Oct 187562wife1813
C33Number in Grave: 1
1THE CROSSat church door- - - ? 
C34Number in Grave: 2
1WRAGGJoseph30 Jul 182363main1760
2WRAGG(wife)02 Mar 18--79wife-61
C35Number in Grave: 1
1WRAGGGeorge19 Jul 179739main1758
C36Number in Grave: 4
1WRAGGAlexander08 Jun 17675son1762
2WRAGGJane07 Oct 177746wife1731
3WRAGGMary26 Aug 180458wife1746
4WRAGGAlexander08 Mar 180572main1733
C37Number in Grave: 2
1PENISTONEHenry- Oct -87main 
2PENISTONEMartha09 May 182274wife1748
C38Number in Grave: 4
1BRIGHTMOREWilliam11 Mar 181463main1751
2BRIGHTMOREMary26 Dec 180253wife1749
3BRIGHTMOREElizabeth- Dec 182364wife1759
4BRIGHTMOREJohn11 Feb 182952son1777
C39Number in Grave: 1
1BUXTONSusannah27 Jul 185442main1812
2BUXTONElizabeth06 Feb 185624main1832
C40Number in Grave: 1
1DOUBLEeroded- - - ? 
C41Number in Grave: 1
1?Flat grassed over- - wife 
C42Number in Grave: 2
1BUXTONWilliam Henry02 Sep 185411mthsson1854
D01Number in Grave: 2
1INGRAMMary17 Aug 1707 wife 
2INGRAMJohn26 Apr 17096main1703
D02Number in Grave: 2
1BOLERElizabeth08 Jan 185850main1808
2BOLERIsabella26 Jun 18593daug1856
D03Number in Grave: 3
1HIBBEARDJames15 Feb 186169main1792
2HIBBEARDJoseph17 Apr 18404son1836
3HIBBEARDAnn28 Oct 188484wife1800
D04Number in Grave: 1
1?buried -"the body"- - main 
D05Number in Grave: 1
1STAFFORDRobert20 Mar 170278main1624
D06Number in Grave: 1
1GREGORYWilliam- - main 
2GREGORYWilliam31 Jul 17962son1794
3GREGORYJohn03 Apr 181118son1793
D07Number in Grave: 1
1GREGORYAnn06 Feb 1731 main 
D08Number in Grave: 2
1BOLERChristopher- Mar 172638main1688
2BOLER(daug)- - daug 
D09Number in Grave: 3
1BOWLERJohn09 Mar 181735son1782
2BOWLERElizbeth- - main 
3BOWLERSampson15 Mar 185178son1773
D10Number in Grave: 3
1BOWLEREdward04 Dec 176441main 
2BOWLERChristopher03 Dec 178237son 
3BOWLEREllen31 Dec 17812g-child 
D11Number in Grave: 3
1BOWLEREdwerd25 Aug 179325main1768
2BOWLERAnn16 Apr 179829sister1769
3TUNSILLElizabeth16 Aug 180127?1774
D12Number in Grave: 4
1COCKERMary- -55wife 
2COCKERJohn- -infson 
3COCKERMary- -infdaug 
4COCKERWilliam- 1855 son 
D13Number in Grave: 7
1MARSDENWilliam19 Jul 180958main1742
2MARSDENHannah10 Feb 182175wife1746
3MARSDENEdmund06 Feb 17899son1780
4MARSDENSamuel17 Apr 17826wksson1782
5MARSDENMary06 Jan 182842daug1786
6BROOMHEADHannah06 Jun 182335daug1788
7MARSDENWilliam30 Oct 184360son1783
D14Number in Grave: 2
1MARSDENEdmund30 Jan 176068main1692
2MARSDENMary18 Mar 176052wife1708
D15Number in Grave: 1
1?eroded Ed- - main 
D16Number in Grave: 5
1GREGORYJames19 Dec 182511son1814
2GREGORYChristopher01 Jan 183114son1817
3GREGORYLydia13 Aug 184356wife1787
4GREGORYJoseph14 Jul 185667main1789
5MATHERMary14 Oct 185631daug1825
D17Number in Grave: 4
1GREGORYGeorge03 - son 
2GREGORYMary01 May - daug 
3GREGORYAnn- 1815 ? 
4GREGORYElizabeth15 Nov - main 
D18Number in Grave: 5
1GREGORYHelen15 Aug 176019daug1741
2GREGORYJoshua17 May 179787main1710
3GREGORYAnn29 Aug 178973wife1716
4GREGORYJames18 Dec 181759son1758
5GREGORYChristopher13 Dec 183280son1752
D19Number in Grave: 1
1?of Grislo (flat)- - main 
D20Number in Grave: 2
1OUTRAMJane29 May 184534main1811
2OUTRAMGrace19 Jul 18491daug1848
D21Number in Grave: 2
1OUTRAMThomas02 May 183868main1770
2OUTRAMAnn25 May 184883wife1765
D22Number in Grave: 5
1BAGGALEYWilliam29 Jul 176771main1696
2BAGGALEYSarah09 Jun 175554wife1701
3BAGGALEYMary19 Dec 174010daug1730
4BAGGALEYEliz25 Jul 17424daug1738
5BAGGALEYMary28 Sep 17423daug1739
D23Number in Grave: 3
1GLOSSOPMary15 Jul 184517daug1828
2GLOSSOPJoseph02 Oct 185360main1793
3GLOSSOPMary31 Mar 186468wife1796
D24Number in Grave: 6
1MATLEYRobert16 Jul 182776main1751
2MATLEYSarah26 Oct 18037daug1796
3MATLEYJoseph20 Aug 180716son1791
4MATLEYJames08 Apr 180811mthsson1808
5MATLEYHannah28 Feb 18138mthsdaug1813
6MATLEYRobert01 Aug 182422son1802
D25Number in Grave: 1
1ELLIOTTWilliam08 Sep 187029main1841
D26Number in Grave: 11
1HIBBERDRichard05 Mar 180718son1789
2HIBBERDAnn11 Nov 181910son1809
3HIBBERDSarah01 Feb 182521son1804
4HIBBERDPeter15 Mar 1830 main 
5HIBBERDAnn26 Dec 183674wife1762
6HIBBERDMary- - g-child 
7HIBBERD 18 Dec 184315g-child1828
8HIBBERDRichard12 Mar 185120g-child1831
9HIBBERDAnn15 Apr 186641g-child1825
10HIBBERDHannah07 Nov 186980daug1789
11HIBBERDGeorge08 Feb 187179son1792
D27Number in Grave: 3
1HIBBERDJohn Elliott15 Aug 186943main1826
2HIBBERDGeorge04 Nov 18714son1867
3HIBBERDMary Ann08 Feb 191184wife1827
D28Number in Grave: 2
1BAGGALEYThomas17 Feb 1698 main 
2BAGGALEYMary- - wife 
D29Number in Grave: 1
1HODGKINSONDorothy22 Jun 176229main1733
D30Number in Grave: 2
1NEEDHAMJoshua30 Nov 1734 main 
2NEEDHAMMary- - mother 
D31Number in Grave: 1
1HABERLAMBCharles07 Oct - main 
D32Number in Grave: 8
1ELLIOTTJosiah09 Jun 179558main1737
2ELLIOTTAnn06 Mar 178948wife1741
3ELLIOTTCharles25 Apr 179518son1777
4ELLIOTTMary16 Nov 17795daug1774
5ELLIOTTCharles16 Aug 18066g-child1800
6ELLIOTTWilliam11 Apr 183762son1775
7ELLIOTTAnn16 Aug 185679daug1777
8ELLIOTTAnn22 May 185954g-child1805
D33Number in Grave: 3
1?+ Ann (flaked)- - main 
2?Ann- - ? 
3? - Mar -62? 
D34Number in Grave: 3
1ELLIOTTCharles03 Jan 178076main1704
2ELLIOTTEllen20 Jul 178279wife1703
3ELLIOTTWilliam28 Mar 180671son1735
D35Number in Grave: 1
1ELLIOTTGeorge01 Jun 178661main1725
D36Number in Grave: 2
1ELLIOTTCharles12 Apr 179655main1741
2ELLIOTTMary17 Jun 182075wife1745
D37Number in Grave: 2
1ELLIOTTCharles28 Jun 188073main1807
2CLAGUEAnne21 Mar 189463neice1831
D38Number in Grave: 2
1ELLIOTTThomas19 Mar 170835main1673
2ELLIOTTAnn23 Mar 1721 wife 
D39Number in Grave: 1
1ELLIOTTWilliam30 Dec 1725 main 
D40Number in Grave: 1
1?G E:- 1648 main 
D41Number in Grave: 2
1ELLIOTTElizabeth (table)- - main 
2? - - ? 
D42Number in Grave: 3
1ELLIOTTGeorge11 Oct 1720 main 
2ELLIOTTJoseph16 Apr 1727 brother 
3ELLIOTTJohn03 Jun 1728 brother 
D43Number in Grave: 1
1ELLIOTTGeorge- - main 
D44Number in Grave: 1
1ELLIOTTly28 Feb 181330main1783
D45Number in Grave: 1
1ELLIOTTSarah- 1912 main 
D46Number in Grave: 4
1ELLIOTTJohn14 Oct 185776main1781
2ELLIOTTGeorge07 Mar 18169mthsson1816
3ELLIOTTWilliam Grundy03 May 186345son1818
4ELLIOTTSarah16 Nov 191279daug1833
D47Number in Grave: 1
1ELLERSThomas- - main 
D48Number in Grave: 1
1ELLIOTTElizabeth Gru04 Mar 181929main1790
E01Number in Grave: 2
1?eroded "sacred"- - main 
2?M- -82wife 
E02Number in Grave: 2
1MARPLEAnne28 Aug 1727 main 
2MARPLERobert22 Feb 1747 ? 
E03Number in Grave: 2
1KITCHINJohn04 Jun 184143main1798
2KITCHINHannah06 Jan 186776wife1791
E04Number in Grave: 2
1GREGORYJonthan25 Jan 179170main1721
2GREGORYMary16 May 179781wife1716
E05Number in Grave: 2
1GREGORYJoseph23 Aug 176260main1702
2GREGORYFanney27 Jul 178266wife1716
E06Number in Grave: 1
1KITCHINEdward18 Aug 173157main1674
E07Number in Grave: 1
1?Flat - no inscr.- - main 
E08Number in Grave: 1
1?small no inscr- - - ? 
E09Number in Grave: 3
1SHAWWilliam25 Feb 179756main1741
2SHAWElizabeth23 Feb 179762wife1735
3SHAWsuah- - inf 
E10Number in Grave: 1
1?holly 1- - main 
E11Number in Grave: 1
1?holly 2- - main 
E12Number in Grave: 3
1GREGORYFrederic20 Oct 18424main1838
2GREGORYGeorge04 Nov 185217brother1835
3GREGORYEliza24 Nov 18596sister1853
E13Number in Grave: 4
1ALSOPGeorge10 Oct 177128main1743
2ALSOPHenry24 Oct 177114brother1757
3ALSOPMary31 Oct 177126sister1745
4ALSOPWilliam04 Dec 17716brother1765
E14Number in Grave: 1
1erodeddouble- - - main 
E15Number in Grave: 2
1ALLSUPHenry20 Jul 175728main1729
2ALLSUPMary03 Aug 176847wife1721
E16Number in Grave: 1
1ALLSOPWilliam04 May 175964main1695
E17Number in Grave: 4
1SHAWGeorge31 Jan 1835infson1835
2SHAWWilliam29 May 18412son1839
3SHAWElizabeth02 Nov 186860wife1808
4SHAWBartholomew10 Jan 188056main1824
E18Number in Grave: 6
1SHAWMary20 Aug 181552?1763
2SHAWWilliam05 Nov 183184?1747
3SHAWSarah03 Mar 18323daug1829
4SHAWJane26 Nov 18458daug1837
5SHAWSarah01 Dec 184946wife1803
6SHAWGeorge27 Feb 186058main1802
E19Number in Grave: 2
1SHAWRobert28 Aug 180844main1764
2SHAWAnn06 Oct 186093wife1767
E20Number in Grave: 1
1?flat- - - main 
E21Number in Grave: 2
1ASHTONValentine16 Feb 182082main1738
2ASHTONJane07 Jul 182867wife1761
E22Number in Grave: 2
1BEVANMary19 Jun 186023main1837
2SHAWJames04 Jun 186614brother1852
E23Number in Grave: 3
1MARSDENRobert07 Jan 188076main1804
2MARSDENAnn18 Dec 188587wife1798
3FEARNEdmund20 Feb 190955?1854

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