Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Surnames H

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

Click on the REFerence number on the left to see a listing of the Plot.

D31HABERLAMBCharles07 Oct - main 
N04dHADFIELDJoseph W08 Oct 198161n/a 
F19HALLAnn14 May 18581daug1857
B67HALLGeorge E20 Nov 200290 1912
H30HALLHenry25 Mar 18236son1817
B65HALLJanet S M B15 Oct 199857 1941
H30HALLJoseph28 Oct 184575main1770
F39HALLMary22 Jun 189684?1812
T22HALLMaud Mary21 Mar 197183wife1888
H30HALLSarah16 Jul 183456wife1778
H30HALLThomas15 Feb 185236son1816
G31HALLThomas- 1864 main 
T22HALLWilliam Sidney27 Jan 194468main1876
G31HALL?(flaked)- 1850 ? 
G07HALLAMAnn28 Nov 182819wife1809
G08HALLAMGeorge- -infbrother 
C05HALLAMHannah19 Nov 175720main1737
G08HALLAMHannah21 Mar 180914mthsmain1809
G06HALLAMHarriot17 Feb 18073mthsson1807
G06HALLAMJohn04 Aug 18012main1799
C21HALLAMMartha- -30main 
G08HALLAMMartha- -infson 
G07HALLAMWilliam28 May 183162main1769
M61HALLATTMary01 Jan 185563wife1792
M61HALLATTThomas31 Jan 186484main1780
F45HALLIWELLElizabeth22 Sep 187943daug1836
F45HALLIWELLElizabeth Rh19 Jul 188482wife1802
F45HALLIWELLGrace22 Sep 189267daug1825
F45HALLIWELLJohn24 Dec 1878 main 
H53HAMPTONKeturah09 Nov 190651main1855
Q11HANNAFORDOlive27 Nov 200380?1923
B16HARRISDerek A06 Apr 199566 1929
H05HARRISONAnn06 Oct 18455daug1840
G63HARRISONCharles04 May 194361son1882
H05HARRISONEllen12 Aug 18521daug1851
G63HARRISONJames24 Dec 186767main1800
H05HARRISONMary17 Oct 186756wife1811
K07HARRISONMary04 Jan 187636main1840
G63HARRISONMary28 Jun 188588wife1797
H05HARRISONSamuel05 Jan 186054main1806
S12iHARRISONSamuel12 Aug 1982 n/a1913
G63HARRISONSarah01 May 18355daug1830
H33HARTLEYA n09 Oct 181321?1792
B04HARTLEYDouglas F J02 Jun 200181 1920
B04HARTLEYMarjorie R23 Feb 199775 1922
B68HARVEYCharles H27 Jul 197586main1889
B68HARVEYDorothy02 Mar 197277wife1895
T59HARWOODCharles Edward29 Dec 195382main1871
T59HARWOODMary08 Nov 195185wife1866
M24HATTERSLEYAnn31 Jul 181425wife1789
G13HATTERSLEYAnn27 May 187835wife1843
M24HATTERSLEYAnn16 Sep 187880wife1798
M12HATTERSLEYAnn Wheeldo13 Aug 18053main1802
M18HATTERSLEYBarbara04 Apr 183683wife1753
M19HATTERSLEYCatherine03 Dec 183918main1821
M16HATTERSLEYElizabeth24 Dec 182938main1791
M18HATTERSLEYGeorge01 Jul 182775main1752
G13HATTERSLEYGeorge22 Apr 189157main1834
P20HATTERSLEYMary31 Dec 191183?1828
M16HATTERSLEYRebecca- - ? 
M16HATTERSLEYRebecca31 May 183538wife1797
G13HATTERSLEYRebecca18 Nov 187920daug1859
F05HATTERSLEYRobert04 Jan 187375main1798
P20HATTERSLEYSarah26 Dec 189771?1826
M24HATTERSLEYWilliam30 Jan 185578main1777
P20HATTERSLEYWilliam29 Jun 189773main1824
M17HATTERSLEY?Alexander05 Jul 180918son1791
M17HATTERSLEY?Anne- 1808 main 
M17HATTERSLEY?George21 Aug 182543son1782
Q40HAVELLDora27 Feb 193180main1851
H48HAWKESWORTHGeorge23 Dec 188048?1832
H48HAWKESWORTHSarah04 Jun 191277?1835
S04HAWKSWORTHAnn26 Apr 190970wife1839
S01iHAWKSWORTHAnnie21 Dec 196384n/a 
T38HAWKSWORTHG W28 Sep 193910main1929
S01iHAWKSWORTHGeorge16 Apr 197361n/a 
S04HAWKSWORTHHenry11 Nov 191479main1835
T21HAWLEYAnnie23 Jan 195668wife1888
R32HAWLEYElizabeth04 Apr 188257wife1825
T21HAWLEYHarry22 Jan 194344main1899
R32HAWLEYJames31 May 189266main1826
R32HAWLEYJames27 Nov 189627g-child1869
N18HAWLEYJoseph16 Jun 187439main1835
S16fHAWLEYLaurie04 Jul 198858n/a 
S35HAWLEYMary Frances11 Mar 192475wife1849
S35HAWLEYWilliam Marsden11 Jan 191868main1850
J27HEARNSHAWAnn10 Nov 180225daug1777
Q23HEARNSHAWEthel Maud28 Nov 195769wife1888
S04eHEARNSHAWFlorence M09 Nov 196854n/a 
G33HEARNSHAWGeorge06 Apr 186955main1814
S11hHEARNSHAWGertrude M30 Nov 1981 n/a1894
J15HEARNSHAWJames13 Aug 188776main1811
T36HEARNSHAWMabel23 Nov 194858daug1890
J15HEARNSHAWMartha02 Feb 187257wife1815
J27HEARNSHAWMary28 Mar 178752wife1735
J27HEARNSHAWMary06 Sep 180460wife1744
J26HEARNSHAWMary24 Feb 188572wife1813
Q05HEARNSHAWMary25 Apr 195569main1886
T36HEARNSHAWSarah04 Feb 193585wife1850
Q05HEARNSHAWSarah Eliz.30 Jan 196479sister1885
T36HEARNSHAWThomas29 Apr 192480main1844
J27HEARNSHAWWilliam08 Oct 183097main1733
J26HEARNSHAWWilliam31 Aug 188177main1804
T36HEARNSHAWWilliam04 Oct 193244son1888
Q23HEARNSHAWWilliam- 196389husb1874
H55HEATHCOTEEmma25 Nov 189659wife1837
H55HEATHCOTEGeorge20 May 187010wksson1870
H55HEATHCOTEGeorge02 Aug 187842main1836
S16eHEELEYKenneth R28 May 1988 n/a1933
A30HELDEAnne- - main 
H36HEREMANJames27 May 185779main1778
H36HEREMANSusanna26 Dec 186244wife1818
T30HERRINGTONGeorge- - - main 
T06HERRINGTONGeorge16 May 193068main1862
T06HERRINGTONLizzie30 Aug 192883wife1845
K15HETHERINGTONHenry02 May 187- main 
K15HETHERINGTONJane10 Jun 1879 wife 
K15HETHERINGTONJonathon- May -20son 
K15HETHERINGTONMary Ann04 Apr 18588daug1850
K15HETHERINGTONSarah08 Feb 18--20daug 
G54HETON(?)Ann- - main 
N06dHEWITTEric1996 n/a1920
D03HIBBEARDAnn28 Oct 188484wife1800
D03HIBBEARDJames15 Feb 186169main1792
D03HIBBEARDJoseph17 Apr 18404son1836
D26HIBBERD 18 Dec 184315g-child1828
D26HIBBERDAnn11 Nov 181910son1809
D26HIBBERDAnn26 Dec 183674wife1762
D26HIBBERDAnn15 Apr 186641g-child1825
D26HIBBERDGeorge08 Feb 187179son1792
D27HIBBERDGeorge04 Nov 18714son1867
D26HIBBERDHannah07 Nov 186980daug1789
D27HIBBERDJohn Elliott15 Aug 186943main1826
D26HIBBERDMary- - g-child 
D27HIBBERDMary Ann08 Feb 191184wife1827
D26HIBBERDPeter15 Mar 1830 main 
R01HIBBERDPeter03 Jan 188061main1819
D26HIBBERDRichard05 Mar 180718son1789
D26HIBBERDRichard12 Mar 185120g-child1831
R41HIBBERDSamuel18 Feb 190279?1823
D26HIBBERDSarah01 Feb 182521son1804
R41HIBBERDWilliam08 Aug 189563main1832
S28HIBBERTAlison J03 Jun 200441?1963
B09HIBBERTAlison J26 Jun 200541 1964
J51HIBBERTEllen23 Jan 189158wife1833
B09HIBBERTFrank27 Oct 199379 1914
S28HIBBERTGeorge Edwin15 Feb 192719son1908
S28HIBBERTGertrude Alice20 Mar 196986wife1883
J51HIBBERTJohn09 Feb 190777main1830
S28HIBBERTJohn C21 Jan 199473?1921
B09HIBBERTJohn Cff Jan 199773 1924
S28HIBBERTJohn Riley07 Apr 196177main1884
J51HIBBERTMary30 Apr 191685sister1831
N37HIBBERTMary A.25 May 194480wife1864
B09HIBBERTPatricia I01 Apr 199966 1933
S28HIBBERTPatricia I01 Apr 199966?1933
N37HIBBERTThomas17 Mar 193879main1859
S13dHICKSJ  n/a 
S13dHICKSS  n/a 
B25HIGGINBOTHAMShirley A24 Sep 198975main1914
S05gHIGGINSJames30 Jan 197060n/a 
S08aHIMSWORTHBlanche20 Dec 1991 n/a1920
S08aHIMSWORTHWilliam B J23 Dec 1971 n/a1911
T13HINCHLIFFEErnest- Oct 193852main1886
T13HINCHLIFFEEugenia- Jul 193650wife1886
G80HINDSCharlotte Susann27 Jan 188547wife1838
G80HINDSHenry- Jul 186740main1827
P13HOBSONLetitia D24 Sep 192634?1892
H25HODGKINSONAbigail02 Dec 180348wife1755
H27HODGKINSONCatherine10 Sep 18875daug1882
D29HODGKINSONDorothy22 Jun 176229main1733
H27HODGKINSONEdmund31 Dec 190151main1850
H26HODGKINSONElizabeth G23 Apr 188278main1804
H27HODGKINSONElizabeth M24 Dec 190149wife1852
N23HODGKINSONGeorge07 Dec 185659main1797
H24HODGKINSONJohn07 Jan 184259main1784
H25HODGKINSONJoseph23 Dec 17949son1785
H34HODGKINSONJoseph07 May 1810 main 
H25HODGKINSONJoseph07 Dec 182166main1755
S13hHODGKINSONLily1983 n/a1899
H24HODGKINSONMary24 Aug 184865wife1783
H25HODGKINSONSarah05 Jul 17946wksdaug1794
N23HODGKINSONSarah18 Jul 183926wife1813
S13hHODGKINSONWilliam1975 n/a1899
Q50HODGKISSAgnes M J13 Jun 194076wife1864
Q50HODGKISSAlfred13 Sep 194382main1861
S08gHODGKISSAnna M22 Dec 1977 n/a 
Q50HODGKISSArthur Serg.06 Oct 1917 son 
S08gHODGKISSEdith G06 Jul 1976 n/a 
S10fHOLDINGAlice M19 Jun 1980 n/a 
R42HOLDINGArthur24 Mar 198981?1908
R42HOLDINGEmily Maud28 Dec 199784?1913
G73HOLDINGGeorge06 Jan 193983son1856
G73HOLDINGJohn25 Feb 189377main1816
T35HOLDINGJohn30 Dec 192786main1841
S10fHOLDINGJohn06 Mar 1984 n/a 
G73HOLDINGMary16 Jan 18596daug1853
G74HOLDINGMary16 Jan 1859 main 
T35HOLDINGRuth19 May 193183wife1848
G73HOLDINGSarah14 Jun 190081wife1819
A23HOLEJohn18 Dec 17681son1767
A23HOLEJonathan30 May 174859main1689
H14HOLLINGWORTHBenjamin15 Sep 185062main1788
H14HOLLINGWORTHJane28 Nov 186552daug1813
H14HOLLINGWORTHSarah16 Jun 186376wife1787
S04aHOLLISB  n/a 
G26HOLMESAnn30 Jul 188147wife1834
M45HOLMESBenedict06 May 177027main1743
G26HOLMESEdwin29 Jan 186932main1837
G09HOLMESEliza30 Apr 1912 son 
Q61HOLMESFrank18 Jan 195561main1894
M09HOLMESGeorge12 Dec 18297son1822
T08HOLMESJames23 Feb 195786main1871
M09HOLMESJohn18 Feb 185074main1776
F40HOLMESJohn06 May 187315main1858
T08HOLMESLucy01 Dec 19--72wife 
M09HOLMESMary19 Aug 184560wife1785
S03iHOLMESMary25 Aug 1967 n/a 
Q61HOLMESMary11 Apr 197476wife1898
G25HOLMESSarah Ann17 Nov 190575main1830
M44HOLMSElizabeth- - daug 
M44HOLMSElizabeth06 Apr 177879main1699
M44HOLMSGeorge- - son 
M44HOLMSJohn- - son 
M44HOLMSMartha- - daug 
M44HOLMSRebekah- - daug 
B58HORNECherry J S19 Jul 199770 1927
J21HOWARDArabella Smith23 Nov 18601sister1859
J23HOWARDEleanor18 Jul 190663wife1843
S22HOWARDElizabeth09 Apr 191074wife1836
R47HOWARDGeorge07 Jan 190162main1839
J21HOWARDJohn07 Mar 185821main1837
J22HOWARDJohn17 Mar 187869main1809
T45HOWARDJohn Brightmore29 Mar 194979main1870
J24HOWARDMargaret04 Jan 190774wife1833
J22HOWARDMary08 Nov 187061wife1809
T45HOWARDMary Brightmore01 Jan 194575wife1870
J24HOWARDRichard20 Apr 190069main1831
J23HOWARDSamuel26 Dec 189048main1842
R47HOWARDSarah Ann31 Aug 191374wife1839
S22HOWARDThomas19 Mar 190768main1839
J21HOWARDWilliam01 Jul 189230sister1862
S19hHOWEBrian K03 Apr 199359n/a 
B46HOWELLHorace G18 Nov 195679main1877
B46HOWELLLilian M21 Dec 196488Wife1876
T58HOYLANDEthel Vera15 Oct 195159main1892
B01HOYLANDJohn C10 Dec 8366main1917
J46HUDSONElizabeth12 Jan 18725wife1867
J46HUDSONJames08 Apr 18455son1840
J46HUDSONJohn05 Sep 184621son1825
J07HUDSONMargaret14 Jan 189284main1808
J49HUDSONMary30 Jun 190063wife1837
J46HUDSONSamuel12 Mar 18285son1823
J46HUDSONWilliam18 Jul 187282main1790
J49HUDSONWilliam16 Dec 188960main1829
R25HULLJohn09 Apr 188459main1825
S04bHULLEYAgnes M07 Oct 197581n/a 
J14HULLEYAmy Florence06 Mar 192929main1900
N20HULLEYAnn13 Sep 183732wife1805
N19HULLEYAnn22 Dec 184980wife1769
G81HULLEYArthur18 Sep 190543son1862
T07HULLEYBenjamin02 Aug 198775son1912
J36HULLEYBetty15 Apr 188680wife1806
J12HULLEYElizabeth03 Apr 189362main1831
J13HULLEYElizabeth03 Apr 189362wife1831
J18HULLEYElizabeth27 May 189967sister1832
J36HULLEYGeorge29 Jun 187467main1807
G81HULLEYGeorge11 Nov 188755main1832
N21HULLEYHannah.12 Nov 188425main1859
T07HULLEYHenry20 Jun 195583main1872
S04bHULLEYJames H22 Mar 196974n/a 
S20cHULLEYJohn19 Aug 199383n/a 
S05bHULLEYJohn T03 Aug 196938n/a 
G47HULLEYJoseph10 Dec 189182main1809
J13HULLEYJoseph18 Jul 190272main1830
T07HULLEYLancelot- - 197671son1905
S05cHULLEYLouisa06 May 197474n/a 
N20HULLEYMaria16 Nov 191392wife1821
J12HULLEYMary16 Mar 18625daug1857
G47HULLEYMary21 Nov 187566wife1829
T07HULLEYMary28 May 192756wife1871
S36HULLEYMary Dorothea- Apr 19402main1938
T07HULLEYNina10 Dec 199588?1907
H46HULLEYRebecca01 Aug 192364son1859
J18HULLEYSamuel01 Nov 189245brother1847
G81HULLEYSarah07 May 191383wife1830
J18HULLEYSarah26 Feb 192583wife1842
J12HULLEYSarah Elizabeth31 Jul 193670daug1866
H46HULLEYThomas04 Feb 194285brother1857
S05cHULLEYThomas06 Apr 197171n/a 
N19HULLEYWilliam20 Mar 185585main1770
N20HULLEYWilliam25 Oct 187164main1807
J18HULLEYWilliam24 Jul 189460main1834
S17cHUNTD  n/a 
Q62HUNTEREdwin Longsdale10 Jan 195579main1876
Q62HUNTERMarion21 Nov 196284wife1878
R48HURDSMaria26 Dec 190172main1829
Q42HURSTEliza Sophia30 Jan 195099wife1851
Q42HURSTJames11 Feb 193180main1851
F30HUTCHINSONAnn19 Jun 188980wife1809
S13fHUTCHINSONFrances W15 Apr 198481n/a 
F30HUTCHINSONJane23 Aug 18355daug1830
A10HUTCHINSONJoan06 Dec 200179?1922
S13gHUTCHINSONJoyce12 Dec 198756n/a 
S13fHUTCHINSONMaggie08 Feb 199691n/a 
F30HUTCHINSONRobert12 Jan 18379dysson1837
F30HUTCHINSONRobert06 Mar 186673main1793
F30HUTCHINSONSamuel25 Jun 18302son1828
F30HUTCHINSONWilliam22 Mar 18353mthsson1835
A10HUTCHINSONWilliam- 198876main1912

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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