Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Surnames M

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

Click on the REFerence number on the left to see a listing of the Plot.

H16MACHINBarbara10 Nov 184534daug1811
Q26MACHINEdwin Melville08 Nov 196086main1874
Q26MACHINHelen11 Oct 194266wife1876
P04MACLAURHENJohn16 Sep 1919 main 
P21MAKINSarah06 Jun 190688main1818
E02MARPLEAnne28 Aug 1727 main 
H02MARPLEDavid02 Apr 188184son1797
H01MARPLEEliza11 Sep 175917wksdaug1759
F07MARPLEElizabeth23 Nov 184453main1791
H02MARPLEGeorge03 Nov 184674main1772
H02MARPLEHarriet13 Jul 185078wife1772
H01MARPLEHarriott10 Jan 18032daug1801
H01MARPLEMargaret03 Jun 179926wife1773
H02MARPLEMargaret03 Jun 179926wife1773
H01MARPLEOliv16 Apr 180323wife1780
H02MARPLEOlive16 Apr 180323wife1780
E02MARPLERobert22 Feb 1747 ? 
F07MARPLESamuel21 Feb 18284son1824
C17MARPLESamuel07 Aug 183474main1760
H39MARPLEWilliam03 Jul 187617son1859
H51MARPLES?31 May 182819main1809
K02MARPLES?01 Nov 189837?1861
N12MARPLESAnn03 Feb 180024main1776
H20MARPLESCaroline03 Aug 186532wife1833
S20MARPLESEliza24 Nov 190582wife1823
S20MARPLESEliza06 Jan 191046daug1864
B70MARPLESElizabeth07 Jun 1803 ? 
H22MARPLESElizabeth23 Sep 182456wife1768
H13MARPLESElizabeth05 Apr 183553main1782
G59MARPLESElizabeth25 Dec 185027daug1823
T70MARPLESElizabeth A06 Feb 196175wife1886
H13MARPLESHannah14 Apr 185559other1796
H21MARPLESHannah21 Dec 185954wife1805
H21MARPLESHarriett27 Apr 187548other1827
H31MARPLESHelen06 Dec 190214daug1888
G58MARPLESJacob04 Mar 186476main1788
R46MARPLESJames31 Aug 189952main1847
C28MARPLESJohn- - ? 
H22MARPLESJohn20 Sep 183565main1770
H21MARPLESJohn30 Aug 187480main1794
H20MARPLESJohn14 Mar 190374main1829
K02MARPLESJohn12 Oct 191556main1859
S21MARPLESJoseph05 Aug 192670main1856
T70MARPLESJoseph White17 May 196482main1882
H22MARPLESLydia- - -infdaug 
B70MARPLESMary24 Dec 1803 daug 
G57MARPLESMary06 Sep 187067wife1803
R31MARPLESMary03 Mar 188229main1853
R46MARPLESMary Jane04 May 192873wife1855
S21MARPLESMatilda05 May 192578wife1847
G59MARPLESMatthew28 Sep 185625son1831
G57MARPLESMatthew06 Jul 187174main1797
H21MARPLESRobert16 Oct 192190son1831
B70MARPLESSarah20 Sep 17851mthdaug1785
C18MARPLESSarah09 Apr 183432wife1802
S20MARPLESSarah11 Jun 191464daug1850
H31MARPLESSelina Martha15 Feb 192261main1861
B70MARPLESThomas26 Jun 18027son1795
S20MARPLESThomas12 Oct 190351main1852
S21MARPLESThomas22 Apr 19156dysg-child1915
R31MARPLESThomas07 May 193880brother1858
H33MARPLESW liam- May 181565main1810
G59MARPLESWilliam- -infson 
B70MARPLESWilliam03 Apr 182160main1761
C18MARPLESWilliam14 Aug 185863main1795
G59MARPLESWilliam25 Dec 186835son1833
G59MARPLESWilliam21 Feb 186971main1798
M41MARSDENAnn06 Sep 174426main1718
E23MARSDENAnn18 Dec 188587wife1798
D14MARSDENEdmund30 Jan 176068main1692
M46MARSDENEdmund08 Mar 178263main1719
D13MARSDENEdmund06 Feb 17899son1780
M41MARSDENElizabeth- -infdaug 
A19MARSDENElizabeth04 Jun 179981wife1718
A16MARSDENElizabeth02 Dec 185019daug1831
G48MARSDENElizabeth22 Jul 186957wife1812
A17MARSDENGeorge06 Mar 182920son1809
M42MARSDENGodfrey22 Sep 174461main1683
D13MARSDENHannah10 Feb 182175wife1746
A20MARSDENHannah10 Jun 184168wife1773
M41MARSDENJohn- -infson 
A17MARSDENJohn27 Sep 183428son1806
A17MARSDENJoseph- Jun 182828main1800
A18MARSDENJoseph21 Jul 183183main1748
K03MARSDENJoseph27 Dec 184150main1791
G48MARSDENJoseph14 Feb 188977main1812
M50MARSDENMartha19 Jul 186272wife1790
A16MARSDENMartha Georgia12 Jun 185021main1829
M39MARSDENMary27 Apr 173840main1698
D14MARSDENMary18 Mar 176052wife1708
M42MARSDENMary10 Apr 1768 wife 
D13MARSDENMary06 Jan 182842daug1786
R23MARSDENMary14 Aug 188067main1813
A20MARSDENMary- 188564daug1821
A19MARSDENRobert12 Oct 179480main1714
K03MARSDENRobert15 Mar 18312mthsson1831
A17MARSDENRobert29 Apr 183738son1799
E23MARSDENRobert07 Jan 188076main1804
D13MARSDENSamuel17 Apr 17826wksson1782
A20MARSDENSamuel09 Jul 182166main1755
A17MARSDENSamuel- Sep 183430son1804
A16MARSDENSamuel03 Oct 185024son1826
D13MARSDENWilliam19 Jul 180958main1742
M40MARSDENWilliam03 Jan 181578main1737
D13MARSDENWilliam30 Oct 184360son1783
M50MARSDENWilliam05 Dec 187474main1800
A22MARSHALLAnn17 Feb 186072wife1788
A24MARSHALLElizabeth23 Dec 180974wife1735
A24MARSHALLElizabeth16 Jul 181848daug1770
A22MARSHALLJohn16 Dec 183070?1760
A24MARSHALLJonathan- -infson 
A24MARSHALLNathan03 Sep 180371main1732
A22MARSHALLNathan14 Feb 182914son1815
A22MARSHALLNathan19 Dec 184572main1773
P08MARSHALLRobert.30 Sep 190175main1826
A11MARSHALLSarah17 May 1879 wife 
A24MARSHALLWilliam- -infson 
A11MARSHALLWilliam19 Mar 189268main1824
M52MASONAnn07 Mar 189595daug1800
M52MASONFrances09 Nov 189593daug1802
M52MASONHorace04 May 187773son1804
M52MASONHoratio28 May 185886main1772
M52MASONMary20 Jul 189092daug1798
M52MASONSarah06 Jun 183024daug1806
M52MASONSarah07 Jan 184472wife1772
S02iMASSEYBernice22 Jan 196686n/a 
S02iMASSEYJames25 May 197694n/a 
D16MATHERMary14 Oct 185631daug1825
D24MATLEYHannah28 Feb 18138mthsdaug1813
D24MATLEYJames08 Apr 180811mthsson1808
D24MATLEYJoseph20 Aug 180716son1791
D24MATLEYRobert01 Aug 182422son1802
D24MATLEYRobert16 Jul 182776main1751
D24MATLEYSarah26 Oct 18037daug1796
N03cMAXWELL-SMYTHEAgnes M1973 n/a1892
N03cMAXWELL-SMYTHEDorothy1976 n/a1911
N23aMCCAFFERTYMalcolm02 Jun 200659n/a 
S21gMCGREGORCharles H19 Apr 200077n/a 
S21gMCGREGORHilda W08 Oct 199883n/a 
S14iMCGREGORJack06 Dec 198669n/a 
N30MERRELLElizabeth24 Oct 184172wife1769
N30MERRELLJohn25 Oct 18157son1808
N30MERRELLJohn05 Apr 183661main1775
S05fMIDDLETONEmma18 Nov 196974n/a 
N07dMIDDLETONGeorge H06 Jun 200583n/a 
N07cMIDDLETONIan14 Oct 200452n/a 
S15fMIDDLETONRobert P1988 n/a1953
C13MILNESDorothy22 Oct 182384daug1739
C13MILNESElizabeth16 Dec 179582wife1713
C13MILNESWilliam13 Feb 178072main1708
C13MILNESWilliam16 Oct 183077son1753
S18gMITCHELLKeith E14 Feb 199159n/a 
Q17MITCHELLRosina13 Feb 195591wife1864
Q17MITCHELLWalter12 Apr 193973main1866
S05eMOOREMolly30 Sep 196955n/a 
S05eMOOREWalter22 Jan 198890n/a 
S14dMORRISLeslie01 Mar 198645n/a 
M13MORTENJoseph15 Jul 1709 main 
M13MORTENchild 1- - son 
M13MORTENchild 2- - son 
M13MORTENchild 3- - son 
H41MORTONJames08 Feb 182630main1796
H41MORTONMary24 Jun 182026wife1794
J43MOSLEYAnn06 Apr 183535wife1800
J42MOSLEYAnn08 Feb 183776wife1761
J40MOSLEYAnn18 May 185816?1842
J40MOSLEYElizabeth29 Sep 185750wife1807
J40MOSLEYHarriet18 Sep 185718daug1839
J42MOSLEYJohn02 Jun 179841main1757
J43MOSLEYJohn29 Nov 18221son1821
J40MOSLEYJohn11 Aug 188079main1801
J43MOSLEYJoseph11 Dec 186065main1795
J47MOSLEYMartha08 Dec 186444wife1820
J43MOSLEYThomas24 Jun 18294son1825
J47MOSLEYWilliam01 Oct 186542main1823
J41MOSSLEYDeborah08 Jul 184075wife1765
J41MOSSLEYThomas19 Aug 182664main1762
G78MOTTRAMGyte19 Jul 184751main1796
S20gMULVEYStephen J1995 n/a1910
B48MUSGRAVEKate30 Jun 196971wife1898
B48MUSGRAVEMontague K23 May 195962main1897
Q12MUSGRAVENigel10 Jan 19595wksmain1959

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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