Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Plots Q01-T70

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

Q01Number in Grave: 2
1TASKERJohn Henry Royl17 Jan 191465main1849
2TASKERAnnie Maria15 Nov 192780wife1847
Q02Number in Grave: 1
1COOPERNellie.18 Apr 192343main1880
Q03Number in Grave: 1
1DEWHURSTMargaret Ethe30 Mar 195680main1876
Q04Number in Grave: 1
1DAVIDMargaret Mary29 Aug 195559main1896
Q05Number in Grave: 2
1HEARNSHAWMary25 Apr 195569main1886
2HEARNSHAWSarah Eliz.30 Jan 196479sister1885
Q06Number in Grave: 1
1NOTONDesmond Alan16 Jan 19554mthsmain1955
Q07Number in Grave: 2
1DENTEmily29 Jan 193773main1864
2DENTWilliam Henry18 Nov 193873?1865
Q08Number in Grave: 3
1NEALEJohn21 Aug 191853main1865
2NEALEAda Bourne10 Aug 192349wife1874
3NEALEBasil11 May 19162dysson1916
Q09Number in Grave: 3
1FRITHJohn23 Feb 192477main1847
2FRITHGilbert29 Mar 194763son1884
3FRITHMaria06 Oct 195597wife1858
Q10Number in Grave: 4
1SHELDONFrank06 Jun 192519son1906
2SHELDONWilliam Arthur05 Aug 195982main1877
3SHELDONAlice12 Mar 196684wife1882
4WYLIEDAlice29 Mar 195848daug1910
Q11Number in Grave: 3
1BRIGHTMOREWalter.02 May 192770main1857
2BRIGHTMORECharlotte28 Aug 193669wife1867
3HANNAFORDOlive27 Nov 200380?1923
Q12Number in Grave: 1
1MUSGRAVENigel10 Jan 19595wksmain1959
Q13Number in Grave: 2
1CLARKFrances Annie30 Jan 195886main1872
2CLARKJessie Maria03 Feb 196180sister1881
Q14Number in Grave: 2
1STALEYJoseph Arthur29 Sep 195789main1868
2STALEYJames Edward21 Jan 196890brother1878
Q15Number in Grave: 2
1FROGGATTMay22 Mar 195765wife1892
2FROGGATTBenjamin23 Nov 197185main1886
Q16Number in Grave: 4
1CAMPBELLElizabeth Jane26 Mar 195680wife1876
2CAMPBELLDavid Brownlees09 Jul 194166main1875
3BAKERThere Elizabeth 7David CamE13 Jun 197278son1894
4BAKERElizabeth C07 Jan 197475daug1899
Q17Number in Grave: 2
1MITCHELLWalter12 Apr 193973main1866
2MITCHELLRosina13 Feb 195591wife1864
Q18Number in Grave: 1
1JEFFERSONHarriet17 Feb 192826main1902
Q19Number in Grave: 3
1SHELDONSarah Hannah10 Dec 192565wife1860
2SHELDONDavid28 May 192761main1866
3FLETCHERL.G.04 Apr 198085daug1895
Q20Number in Grave: 3
1SHELDONAlice05 Aug 192659wife1867
2SHELDONArthur27 May 191818son1900
3SHELDONJames William16 May 193871main1867
Q21Number in Grave: 2
1CLEMENTSFrederick Mos27 Oct 1959 main 
2CLEMENTSBeatrice30 Sep 196883sister1885
Q22Number in Grave: 1
1PETERSEmily31 Jan 195977main1882
Q23Number in Grave: 3
1HEARNSHAWEthel Maud28 Nov 195769wife1888
2HEARNSHAWWilliam- 196389husb1874
3ALLSOPDora Elizabeth16 Sep 197366daug1907
Q24Number in Grave: 1
1CROSSEdith Anne07 Oct 195770main1887
Q25Number in Grave: 2
1CLARKLaura16 Mar 194576main1869
2CLARKAlice Jane08 Nov 196287?1875
Q26Number in Grave: 2
1MACHINHelen11 Oct 194266wife1876
2MACHINEdwin Melville08 Nov 196086main1874
Q27Number in Grave: 1
1SHELDONJohn12 Jun 194166main1875
Q28Number in Grave: 2
1CLARKJohn Samuel09 Jan 193758main1879
2CLARKLouisa24 Jan 196587wife1878
Q29Number in Grave: 2
1SWALLOWAda Alice10 Mar 192861wife1867
2SWALLOWHenry Kinder07 Apr 195494main1860
Q30Number in Grave: 1
1FAVELLMargaret18 Sep 192891main1837
Q31Number in Grave: 3
1WRIGHTElizabeth Emma.30 Dec 192774main1853
2WRIGHTMargaret Matild26 May 193977?1862
3WRIGHTAlexandra Pauli11 Sep 194481?1863
Q32Number in Grave: 1
1SHELDONHenry23 Feb 196075main1885
Q33Number in Grave: 1
1REYNOLDSKenneth Richa19 Jan 196067main1893
Q34Number in Grave: 2
1SIMPSONGeorge Harold13 Feb 195989main1870
2SIMPSONJessie Mildred05 Apr 196486wife1878
Q35Number in Grave: 2
1WALKERGeorge Alfred11 Jun 194567main1878
2WALKERFlorence08 Apr 197183wife1888
Q36Number in Grave: 2
1BUCKTONHerbert05 Jan 194562main1883
2BUCKTONAnnie Elizabet13 Oct 197278wife1894
Q37Number in Grave: 1
1WOOD? eroded- - - main 
2WOODEmily- - 1857 ? 
Q38Number in Grave: 1
1KITCHINJohn William10 Sep 194964main1885
Q39Number in Grave: 3
1CROSSLEYHenry Leonard28 Aug 193169main1862
2CROSSLEYSarah Louise26 Oct 194681wife1865
3CROSSLEYGeorge Henry04 May 197784son1893
Q40Number in Grave: 1
1HAVELLDora27 Feb 193180main1851
Q41Number in Grave: 1
1CHORLTONLouisa Mary25 Jul 193974main1865
Q42Number in Grave: 2
1HURSTJames11 Feb 193180main1851
2HURSTEliza Sophia30 Jan 195099wife1851
Q43Number in Grave: 1
1SAYERMarjorie E M03 Aug 196061main1899
Q44Number in Grave: 1
1EADESWinifred Annie12 Apr 196053main1907
Q45Number in Grave: 2
1WILSONMinnie Ethel20 Jun 195071main1879
2WILSONThomas03 Sep 195475?1879
Q46Number in Grave: 2
1PETERSHarriet08 Mar 194560main1885
2PETERSJoseph26 Mar 194561?1884
Q47Number in Grave: 1
1JONESAnnie03 Mar 1946 main 
Q48Number in Grave: 2
1ENSORHerbert15 Jan 194268main1874
2ENSORLucy Amadio16 Jul 1957 wife 
Q49Number in Grave: 2
1ASHTONHarry14 Apr 194372main1871
2ASHTONAlice Gertrude20 Sep 195178wife1873
Q50Number in Grave: 3
1HODGKISSAgnes M J13 Jun 194076wife1864
2HODGKISSArthur Serg.06 Oct 1917 son 
3HODGKISSAlfred13 Sep 194382main1861
Q51Number in Grave: 2
1PALMERAlfred.17 Jan 193479main1855
2PALMERAnnie03 Feb 194683wife1863
Q52Number in Grave: 2
1CORTJohn Leonard P14 Sep 1960 main 
2CORTAlice Margaret30 Jul 1983 wife 
Q53Number in Grave: 2
1EDGEHerbert20 Nov 195383main1870
2EDGEMary Elizabeth29 Aug 195676wife1880
Q54Number in Grave: 2
1GREGORYJohn Frances12 Oct 195373main1880
2GREGORYMary Elizabeth21 Mar 197084wife1886
Q55Number in Grave: 3
1SAUNDERSMaud12 Apr 195348main1905
2SAUNDERSWilliam26 Feb 194779?1868
3SAUNDERSDorothy May05 Jan 197466?1908
Q56Number in Grave: 1
1LEEStuart- - 198545main1940
Q57Number in Grave: 2
1LEEJohn William- - - main 
2LEEEvelyn- - - wife 
Q58Number in Grave: 2
1BRIGHTMOREEveline06 Apr 1950 main 
2BRIGHTMOREFlorence28 Dec 1954 sister 
Q59Number in Grave: 2
1THORPDavid06 Mar 195669main1887
2THORPDora03 Jul 197081wife1889
Q60Number in Grave: 2
1CARTWRIGHTCharlotte16 Aug 195571wife1884
2CARTWRIGHTJasper Edwa03 Jan 196478main1886
Q61Number in Grave: 2
1HOLMESFrank18 Jan 195561main1894
2HOLMESMary11 Apr 197476wife1898
Q62Number in Grave: 2
1HUNTEREdwin Longsdale10 Jan 195579main1876
2HUNTERMarion21 Nov 196284wife1878
Q63Number in Grave: 1
1TAYLORAnnie01 Jul 195466main1888
Q64Number in Grave: 3
1RENTONCharles Yeaman15 Nov 195383main1870
2RENTONFlorence Jane13 Dec 196083wife1877
3BELTONAudrey E23 Jan 199580 1995
R01Number in Grave: 1
1HIBBERDPeter03 Jan 188061main1819
R02Number in Grave: 1
1SIMMONSErnest06 May 194476main1868
R03Number in Grave: 1
1BROCKLEHURSTCaroline03 Feb 177575main1700
R04Number in Grave: 2
1BROCKLEHURSTElizabeth07 Feb 179338wife1755
2BROCKLEHURSTJoseph04 May 1803 main 
R05Number in Grave: 1
1GRUNDYRobert20 Apr 17608main1752
R06Number in Grave: 1
1?flaked "of"- - -8main 
R07Number in Grave: 1
1JOHNSONAnn Ellen01 Jun 194885main1863
R08Number in Grave: 3
1WHITESamuel19 Aug 185650main1806
2WHITEJoseph17 Aug 185913son1846
3WHITEElizabeth07 Aug 186962wife1807
R09Number in Grave: 1
1?eroded- - - main 
R10Number in Grave: 2
1EYREJoshua James24 Mar 189963main1836
2EYRESusanna16 Mar 192589wife1836
R11Number in Grave: 1
1WHITEJoshua29 Dec 184235main1807
R12Number in Grave: 2
1WHITERobert25 Jun 188275main1807
2WHITEElizabeth24 Jul 188678wife1808
R13Number in Grave: 2
1WHITEWilliam31 Mar 190859main1849
2WHITEAlice- Feb - wife 
R14Number in Grave: 2
1WHITEMary12 Aug 1949 wife 
2WHITEWilliam19 Apr 1962 main 
R15Number in Grave: 4
1WHITEJoseph09 Apr 185859?1799
2WHITESarah27 Oct 188147wife1834
3WHITEGeorge08 Mar 189467main1827
4WHITEGeorge23 Apr 18943?1891
R16Number in Grave: 3
1WHITESarah18 Jul 182927main1802
2WHITESarah24 Apr 185256other1796
3WHITELydia23 Apr 185742other1815
R17Number in Grave: 2
1WHITEGeorge22 Aug 182562main1763
2WHITECharlotte13 Oct 183071wife1759
R18Number in Grave: 6
1WHITESamuel16 Oct 1820 main 
2? - - -10other 
3? 25 - 1815 daug 
4? 29 Feb 182417daug1807
5?Joseph22 - 1835 son 
6?Millicent19 Nov 1848 wife 
R19Number in Grave: 3
1WHITEJoseph17 Feb 180467main1737
2WHITEMary12 Aug 181377wife1736
3WHITERichard13 May 184472son1772
R20Number in Grave: 2
1WHITERichard22 Feb 188464main1820
2WHITEMary10 Oct 188872wife1816
R21Number in Grave: 2
1LINTOTTEmily Henriett17 Oct 193976wife1863
2LINTOTTSamuel04 Oct 194692main1854
R22Number in Grave: 2
1WHITEJohn24 Nov 186362main1801
2WHITEBetty08 Apr 187874wife1804
R23Number in Grave: 1
1MARSDENMary14 Aug 188067main1813
R24Number in Grave: 3
1BRISTOLJoseph07 Feb 186982main1787
2BRISTOLElizabeth07 Mar 188973wife1816
3BRISTOLAlfred Joseph26 Oct 185816son1842
R25Number in Grave: 1
1HULLJohn09 Apr 188459main1825
R26Number in Grave: 2
1GREGORYSusanna10 Oct 182763wife1764
2GREGORYJoseph14 Jun 183578main1757
R27Number in Grave: 2
1SHAWHannah28 Dec 188880main1808
2SHAWWillie Frederick26 Aug 189716g-child1881
R28Number in Grave: 2
1PETERSCharles08 Jan 188842main1846
2PETERSElizbeth05 Jul 192381wife1842
R29Number in Grave: 1
1STRUTTEsther Ann13 Oct 188827main1861
R30Number in Grave: 2
1STRUTTJohn09 May 188765main1822
2STRUTTElizabeth05 Aug 189766wife1831
R31Number in Grave: 2
1MARPLESMary03 Mar 188229main1853
2MARPLESThomas07 May 193880brother1858
R32Number in Grave: 3
1HAWLEYElizabeth04 Apr 188257wife1825
2HAWLEYJames31 May 189266main1826
3HAWLEYJames27 Nov 189627g-child1869
R33Number in Grave: 2
1BARKERWilliam28 Jun 188270main1812
2BARKERElizabeth22 Jan 190679wife1827
R34Number in Grave: 3
1GREENHenry04 Jan 184021son1819
2GREENHenry19 Jan 186266main1796
3GREENCatherine23 Jan 186673wife1793
R35Number in Grave: 1
1BRAMWELLFrank21 Nov 189640main1856
R36Number in Grave: 3
1GREENWilliam Wall11 Apr 18581son1857
2GREENJohn Henry10 Oct 18611son1860
3GREENElizabeth10 May 188768main1819
R37Number in Grave: 1
1KESTEVENCathrine17 Oct 189681main1815
R38Number in Grave: 2
1BRAMWELLFrederick Wil12 Oct 194063main1877
2BRAMWELLMildred07 Jan 196275wife1887
R39Number in Grave: 2
1FOWLERAnn10 May 189847wife1851
2FOWLERCharles14 May 189955main1844
R40Number in Grave: 4
1BRIGHTMOREWilliam25 Feb 190945wife1864
2BRIGHTMORENorman- - 1897 son 
3BRIGHTMORE - - - ? 
4BRIGHTMOREWilliam- - 1918 main 
R41Number in Grave: 2
1HIBBERDWilliam08 Aug 189563main1832
2HIBBERDSamuel18 Feb 190279?1823
R42Number in Grave: 6
1GRIEVEEdith Emily01 Oct 189825main1873
2GRIEVEMary Emily22 Oct 18986mthsdaug1898
3FAULKESFrederick31 Aug 192075father1845
4FAULKESEmily22 Jan 193387mother1846
5HOLDINGArthur24 Mar 198981?1908
6HOLDINGEmily Maud28 Dec 199784?1913
R43Number in Grave: 2
1BRIGHTMORESusanna30 Apr 189079main1811
2BRIGHTMOREAnnie Louis01 Aug 1941 ? 
R44Number in Grave: 2
1WHITEElizabeth28 Jul 189159wife1832
2WHITEJohn15 Mar 190079main1821
R45Number in Grave: 1
1STALEYJohn21 Apr 194681main1865
R46Number in Grave: 2
1MARPLESJames31 Aug 189952main1847
2MARPLESMary Jane04 May 192873wife1855
R47Number in Grave: 2
1HOWARDGeorge07 Jan 190162main1839
2HOWARDSarah Ann31 Aug 191374wife1839
R48Number in Grave: 1
1HURDSMaria26 Dec 190172main1829
R49Number in Grave: 2
1SMITHOswald George05 Aug 191352main1861
2SMITHJane22 Jun 193982wife1857
R50Number in Grave: 4
1RICHARDSONWilliam23 Feb 191965main1854
2RICHARDSONGeorge Will17 Jul 192348son1875
3BOWRINGAnn Smith05 May 193471?1863
4RICHARDSONCatherine22 Jan 193883wife1855
R51Number in Grave: 1
1?a vertical column- - - ? 
R52Number in Grave: 2
1FLETCHERMary Hannah07 Aug 194162wife1879
2FLETCHERJoseph04 Jan 194575main1870
S01Number in Grave: 2
1BEMBRIDGEJames K14 Nov 189259main1833
2BEMBRIDGESarah Jane11 Mar 190253wife1849
S02Number in Grave: 2
1LOWEJames01 Jul 190771main1836
2LOWEMary30 Apr 191276wife1836
S03Number in Grave: 5
1YOUNGJohn28 Jul 190279main1823
2YOUNGMary- Apr 190879wife1829
3YOUNGSarah15 Jan 191664daug1852
4BENNETTBlanche16 Dec 19--48daug-29
5BENNETTJohn22 Jul 191562other1853
S04Number in Grave: 2
1HAWKSWORTHAnn26 Apr 190970wife1839
2HAWKSWORTHHenry11 Nov 191479main1835
S05Number in Grave: 2
1RANDALLIsrael12 Aug 182478main1746
2RANDALLAnn15 Nov 191284wife1828
S06Number in Grave: 1
1FOSTERWilliam Francis14 Jun 191261main1851
S07Number in Grave: 2
1BAGSHAWEJoseph17 Jan 190667main1839
2BAGSHAWEHarriet13 Aug 193483wife1851
S08Number in Grave: 1
1POWNALLMartha Hannah13 Sep 190311mthsmain1903
S09Number in Grave: 2
1OLLIVANTThirza15 Oct 193467wife1867
2OLLIVANTJoseph Willia01 Jul 193874main1864
S10Number in Grave: 2
1NEWBOLTGladys A21 Oct 199082main1908
2NEWBOLTErnest20 Jun 199587husb1908
S11Number in Grave: 2
1FORDThomas13 Feb 191273main1839
2FORDHarriet30 Jan 191277wife1835
S12Number in Grave: 1
1BROOMHEADCatherine M07 Dec 190776main1831
S13Number in Grave: 2
1BURGESSThomas H24 Nov 1937 main 
2BURGESSMaria08 Jul 1942 wife 
S14Number in Grave: 4
1BANNERMANGeorge Mathe30 Oct 192185main1836
2BANNERMANSarah16 Jan 191773wife1844
3BANNERMANJessie Georg03 Jan 191747daug1870
4BANNERMANThamas Matti31 Oct 191224?1888
S15Number in Grave: 3
1CROSBYJohn24 Jul 191274?1838
2FOSTERDorothy Hannah01 Apr 196079wife1881
3FOSTERHenry11 Feb 196484main1880
S15aNumber in Grave: 1
1FOSTERRosie31 May 199483wife1911
S16Number in Grave: 2
1ALSOPArthur29 Dec 191066main1844
2ALSOPAdelaide04 Jul 192169wife1852
S17Number in Grave: 1
1DUNCANLeah06 Mar 193357main1876
S18Number in Grave: 2
1BLACKBANDBenjamin24 Aug 189972main1827
2BLACKBANDAnnie31 May 191380wife1833
S19Number in Grave: 2
1TAYLORDora23 Dec 190566wife1839
2TAYLORJoseph05 Mar 190967main1842
S20Number in Grave: 4
1MARPLESThomas12 Oct 190351main1852
2MARPLESEliza24 Nov 190582wife1823
3MARPLESEliza06 Jan 191046daug1864
4MARPLESSarah11 Jun 191464daug1850
S21Number in Grave: 3
1MARPLESMatilda05 May 192578wife1847
2MARPLESJoseph05 Aug 192670main1856
3MARPLESThomas22 Apr 19156dysg-child1915
S22Number in Grave: 2
1HOWARDThomas19 Mar 190768main1839
2HOWARDElizabeth09 Apr 191074wife1836
S23Number in Grave: 4
1TAYLORGeorge30 Apr 191272main1840
2TAYLORGeorge Henry29 Apr 18793son1876
3TAYLORLois02 May 18791daug1878
4TAYLORMary Ann15 Mar 192373wife1850
S24Number in Grave: 3
1BRIGHTMOREEliza Ann19 Nov 192049wife1871
2BRIGHTMOREHerbert Edg- - 191720son1897
3BRIGHTMOREHerbert26 Dec 193365husb1868
S25Number in Grave: 1
1TAYLORWalter10 Dec 192337main1886
S26Number in Grave: 1
1PINDERRobert25 Apr 192450main1874
S27Number in Grave: 4
1SHELDONBenjamin16 Apr 191424main1890
2SHELDONSamuel01 Jul 191623brother1893
3SHELDONRoger James03 Nov 193067father1863
4SHELDONMary Ellen31 Jan 196399wife1864
S28Number in Grave: 6
1HIBBERTGeorge Edwin15 Feb 192719son1908
2HIBBERTJohn Riley07 Apr 196177main1884
3HIBBERTGertrude Alice20 Mar 196986wife1883
4HIBBERTJohn C21 Jan 199473?1921
5HIBBERTPatricia I01 Apr 199966?1933
6HIBBERTAlison J03 Jun 200441?1963
S29Number in Grave: 4
1STALEYStephen09 Feb 191575main1840
2STALEYElizabeth10 Apr 192887wife1841
3STALEYEliza15 Apr 194573daug1872
4STALEYSarah Susanna13 Apr 194777daug1870
S30Number in Grave: 1
1ALSOPKathleen24 Jun 193432main1902
S31Number in Grave: 2
1GOODLADEdwin04 May 193169main1862
2GOODLADEmma- - - wife 
S32Number in Grave: 2
1GARDOMThomas William05 Mar 191663main1853
2GARDOMElizabeth24 Sep 192777wife1850
S33Number in Grave: 1
1TAYLORHarry07 Jul 191248main1864
S34Number in Grave: 2
1WHITEJohn Henry20 Mar 192161main1860
2WHITESarah Alice03 Aug 192265wife 
S35Number in Grave: 2
1HAWLEYWilliam Marsden11 Jan 191868main1850
2HAWLEYMary Frances11 Mar 192475wife1849
S36Number in Grave: 1
1HULLEYMary Dorothea- Apr 19402main1938
S37Number in Grave: 2
1BEARDALLJob09 Aug 192165main1856
2BEARDALLBessie19 Jun 193983wife1856
S38Number in Grave: 2
1PINDEREdith Annie04 Dec 193152main1879
2PINDERTom George13 Mar 194131son1910
S39Number in Grave: 2
1OLIVERWilliam Brown03 Jan 194262main1880
2OLIVERAlice10 Oct 194868wife1880
T01Number in Grave: 4
1PEELBertha Sarah01 Oct 191543?1872
2PEELThomas31 Dec 192179main1842
3PEELSarah Bellamy14 Oct 192276wife1846
4PEELBlanche Mary12 Oct 194777daug1870
T02Number in Grave: 3
1SABEYBetsy13 Oct 188329wife1854
2SABEYAlice Mary13 May 191964wife1855
3SABEYGeorge27 Apr 192473main1851
T03Number in Grave: 3
1CARTERCharles23 Apr 193763main1874
2CARTERMary05 Feb 1946 wife 
3CLARKEAnnie26 May 1978 daug 
T04Number in Grave: 4
1GARDNERMary22 Feb 191964main1855
2GARDNERCathern09 Apr 192075?1845
3GARDNERZelinda20 Jun 192035?1885
4GARDNERGeorge26 Jun 192277?1845
T05Number in Grave: 2
1SINGLETONWilliam11 Jun 191956main1863
2SINGLETONSarah Jane05 Jul 194088wife1852
T06Number in Grave: 2
1HERRINGTONLizzie30 Aug 192883wife1845
2HERRINGTONGeorge16 May 193068main1862
T07Number in Grave: 6
1HULLEYMary28 May 192756wife1871
2HULLEYHenry20 Jun 195583main1872
3HULLEYLancelot- - 197671son1905
4BRAMWELLPhyllis Gertr- - 197878daug1900
5HULLEYBenjamin02 Aug 198775son1912
5HULLEYNina10 Dec 199588?1907
T08Number in Grave: 2
1HOLMESLucy01 Dec 19--72wife 
2HOLMESJames23 Feb 195786main1871
T09Number in Grave: 1
1DOLMANCharles08 Oct 194172main1869
T10Number in Grave: 2
1FLETCHERWilliam Herri24 Jan 194466main1878
2FLETCHERAnnie10 Jan 195474wife1880
T11Number in Grave: 1
1WHITNEYVera Elizabeth13 May 193727main1910
T12Number in Grave: 2
1BALDWINAmelia14 Aug 193961wife1878
2BALDWINHenry George09 Jun 194769main1878
T13Number in Grave: 2
1HINCHLIFFEEugenia- Jul 193650wife1886
2HINCHLIFFEErnest- Oct 193852main1886
T14Number in Grave: 2
1CHESTERMANMary21 Feb 192039wife1881
2CHESTERMANHerbert Gre28 Oct 193439main1895
T15Number in Grave: 2
1SMITHEllen13 Nov 192054wife1866
2SMITHHenry04 Jan 194576main1869
T16Number in Grave: 1
1JOHNSONThomas12 Jul 192567main1858
T17Number in Grave: 2
1RIDOUTGeorge E- - 1952 main 
2RIDOUTElizabeth- - 1921 wife 
T18Number in Grave: 1
1STRUTTElizabeth11 Sep 192863main1865
T19Number in Grave: 1
1OLLIVANTGeorge Dawson31 Mar 193057main1873
T20Number in Grave: 1
1GENDERSWilliam25 Apr 194083main1857
T21Number in Grave: 2
1HAWLEYHarry22 Jan 194344main1899
2HAWLEYAnnie23 Jan 195668wife1888
T22Number in Grave: 2
1HALLWilliam Sidney27 Jan 194468main1876
2HALLMaud Mary21 Mar 197183wife1888
T23Number in Grave: 1
1BLYTHEMaud Mary15 Mar 194785main1862
T24Number in Grave: 4
1EADONEric Willis18 Jul 192323son1900
2EADONWillis21 Jan 194884main1864
3SWINDINWinifred Emily15 Jul 192321daug1902
4EADONFrances Mary28 Jan 194877wife1871
T25Number in Grave: 2
1CHESTERRuth06 May 192223wife1899
2CHESTEREdwin21 Feb 192430main1894
T26Number in Grave: 2
1BAGGALEYJohn Middleto30 Mar 193768main1869
2BAGGALEYSarah Ellen25 Sep 194678wife1868
T27Number in Grave: 2
1BIBBYWilliam- - 194181main1860
2BIBBYMary Ann- - 195089wife1861
T28Number in Grave: 2
1GILLOTTJoseph Perciva18 Feb 194058main1882
2GILLOTTIda Lillian09 Nov 194358wife1885
T29Number in Grave: 3
1THORPGeorge William27 Jul 192159main1862
2THORPJesse04 Jan 194050?1890
3THORPMillicent17 Dec 194382wife1861
T30Number in Grave: 1
1HERRINGTONGeorge- - - main 
T31Number in Grave: 2
1KELCEYRobert22 Jun 194555main1890
2KELCEYFlorence01 Jan 196578wife1887
T32Number in Grave: 1
1FROSSARDFrancis Henr05 Nov 192461main1863
T33Number in Grave: 2
1SYKESHenrietta05 Jan 193178main1853
2SYKESIsabel12 Jan 193176?1855
T34Number in Grave: 1
1EADONMargot02 May 193422main1912
T35Number in Grave: 2
1HOLDINGJohn30 Dec 192786main1841
2HOLDINGRuth19 May 193183wife1848
T36Number in Grave: 4
1HEARNSHAWThomas29 Apr 192480main1844
2HEARNSHAWWilliam04 Oct 193244son1888
3HEARNSHAWSarah04 Feb 193585wife1850
4HEARNSHAWMabel23 Nov 194858daug1890
T37Number in Grave: 2
1SHELDONEliza01 Jun 192774wife1853
2SHELDONGeorge29 Dec 192770main1857
T38Number in Grave: 1
1HAWKSWORTHG W28 Sep 193910main1929
T39Number in Grave: 2
1DREWAlfred Edward16 May 194878main1870
2DREWMargaret Nichols23 May 197792wife1885
T40Number in Grave: 4
1NOTONGeorge Herbert21 Jun 192953main1876
2NOTONAmy14 Feb 194065wife1875
3FLETCHERGeorge- -38? 
4NOTONDorothy25 Apr 200089?1911
T41Number in Grave: 3
1THORPEWilliam20 Sep 193369main1864
2THORPEFrank10 Aug 191819son1899
3THORPESarah Ann05 Oct 194986wife1863
T42Number in Grave: 2
1WEBSTERThomas W H27 Apr 194367main1876
2WEBSTEROlive08 Jan 195072wife1878
T43Number in Grave: 2
1ALSOPThomas A13 Jun 194466main1878
2ALSOPEdith22 Mar 185177wife1774
T44Number in Grave: 1
1STALEYLois Brightmore24 Jul 194477main1867
T45Number in Grave: 2
1HOWARDMary Brightmore01 Jan 194575wife1870
2HOWARDJohn Brightmore29 Mar 194979main1870
T46Number in Grave: 1
1FLANAGANFrancis23 May 194570main1875
T47Number in Grave: 3
1NORRIEAlfred22 Jul 194281main1861
2NORRIEHelen12 Aug 1947 wife 
3NORRIEIan Philip29 Aug 198867son1921
T48Number in Grave: 2
1THIRKILLHarry08 Mar 194852main1896
2THIRKILLPhebe Elizabe03 Apr 194855wife1893
T49Number in Grave: 2
1STALEYFrancis- 194773main1874
2STALEYBertha Ellen13 Jan 196688wife1878
T50Number in Grave: 2
1EYRECharles16 Jan 194975main1874
2EYRELily01 Dec 195684wife1872
T51Number in Grave: 2
1PETERSCatherine12 Feb 194971main1878
2PETERSElizabeth01 Apr 195175?1876
T52Number in Grave: 1
1NOTONSamuel Anthony03 Nov 194969main1880
T53Number in Grave: 3
1WILLISGeorge Edward27 May 196277main1885
2WILLISMargaret Ethel19 Mar 196879wife1889
3RICKABYGeorge13 Jan 194986?1863
T54Number in Grave: 1
1UNWINFrank21 Jul 194971main1878
T55Number in Grave: 3
1ADAMSHenry Ernest20 Feb 195064main1886
2ADAMSRose Eveline17 Sep 197385wife1888
3ADAMSEveline M E13 Aug 199581?1914
T56Number in Grave: 2
1BROOKGeorge Bernard15 Oct 195076main1874
2BROOKClara17 Sep 195178wife1873
T57Number in Grave: 2
1GILBERTAlice Maud- 195053wife1897
2GILBERTCharles Henry- 198286main1896
T58Number in Grave: 1
1HOYLANDEthel Vera15 Oct 195159main1892
T59Number in Grave: 2
1HARWOODMary08 Nov 195185wife1866
2HARWOODCharles Edward29 Dec 195382main1871
T60Number in Grave: 2
1COLBECKCharles Anthony Forrester25 Jan 195273main1879
2COLBECKMabel Ann06 Aug 196080wife1880
T61Number in Grave: 2
1UDALLEleanor W24 Nov 194971wife1878
2UDALLGeorge24 Apr 196487main1877
T62Number in Grave: 2
1JARRAMSEmma Winifred10 Apr 195363main1890
2JARRAMSBarbara- - daug 
T63Number in Grave: 2
1BARKERGeorge J W16 Feb 195382main1871
2BARKERAda18 Aug 196897wife1871
T64Number in Grave: 1
1PRIESTMANUrsula Mary11 Oct 1882 main 
T65Number in Grave: 1
1PLOWRIGHTElizabeth- 193244main1888
T66Number in Grave: 3
1TWIGGJames Harling06 Oct 195254main1898
2GILLJean04 Aug 196637daug1929
3TWIGGLillian D A11 Aug 199083wife1907
T67Number in Grave: 2
1WILSONSarah Ann22 Apr 195296wife1856
2WILSONJames- - main 
T68Number in Grave: 1
1JOHNSONCharles Alan30 Apr 195566main1889
T69Number in Grave: 2
1CARTLEDGEJohn Harold28 May 195668main1888
2CARTLEDGEElizabeth07 May 196074wife1886
T70Number in Grave: 2
1MARPLESElizabeth A06 Feb 196175wife1886
2MARPLESJoseph White17 May 196482main1882

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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