Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Surnames R

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

Click on the REFerence number on the left to see a listing of the Plot.

S14hRAINSHenry1986 n/a1919
S07aRAINSNeil W04 May 197116n/a 
S05RANDALLAnn15 Nov 191284wife1828
S05RANDALLIsrael12 Aug 182478main1746
S15iRANKINKate M26 Jan 198768n/a 
G62RAWESAnn Elizabeth11 Mar 187210main1862
N03iRAYMENTJohn1980 n/a1923
N03iRAYMENTMarjorie1991 n/a1923
G19REDFEARNAbraham11 Dec 187972main1807
G19REDFEARNHarriett05 Sep 186968wife1801
A40REDMILECurtis13 Dec 199682  
B49REDMILEDorothy- 198855main1933
Q64RENTONCharles Yeaman15 Nov 195383main1870
Q64RENTONFlorence Jane13 Dec 196083wife1877
S11dREYNOLDSAlice A23 Apr 199382n/a 
S11dREYNOLDSArthur T16 Jan 198173n/a 
Q33REYNOLDSKenneth Richa19 Jan 196067main1893
R50RICHARDSONCatherine22 Jan 193883wife1855
R50RICHARDSONGeorge Will17 Jul 192348son1875
R50RICHARDSONWilliam23 Feb 191965main1854
T53RICKABYGeorge13 Jan 194986?1863
F15RICKARDSCatherine25 Mar 181458wife1756
F15RICKARDSGeorge27 Jan 181270main1742
F16RICKARDSHannah30 Dec 179461main1733
B15RIDLEYRichard H J28 May 199623 1973
T17RIDOUTElizabeth- - 1921 wife 
T17RIDOUTGeorge E- - 1952 main 
S21iRIGLEYEileen A04 Jun 1999 n/a 
S21iRIGLEYKenneth D16 Feb 1999 n/a 
J32RILEYAnn06 Feb 187483wife1791
H11RILEYCharlotte23 May 188670wife1816
H11RILEYJoseph03 Jan 188165main1816
N02eROBERTSBessie A06 Aug 198075n/a 
N03fROBERTSDonald17 Apr 197947n/a 
N07hROBERTSLeslie P09 Oct 199957n/a 
B51ROBERTSRalph28 Oct 199475 1919
N02eROBERTSRobert A17 Jan 197577n/a 
N07hROBERTSWiliam10 Feb 200569n/a 
B31ROBSONChristopher22 Dec 200112hrs 2001
B29ROBSONIsobelle F04 May 1998stillb 1998
B28ROBSONLucy21 Aug 19962dys 1996
N11ROBSONMary09 Jan 184439main1805
B30ROBSONSonny03 Aug 1999stillb 1999
N01iROSEFrank05 Apr 199287n/a 
N01iROSEMuriel04 Jan 196956n/a 
S01dROWARTHE  n/a 
S01dROWARTHH  n/a 
S21cROWARTHJohn10 Feb 199673n/a 
P05ROWLAND?.....ert- - -74main 
P05ROWLANDLouis11 Jun 18-- son 
P05ROWLANDMary- - - daug 
K11ROWLANDMichael16 Jan 184272brother1770
K11ROWLANDWilliam14 Jun 183772main1765
S14fROYLEJoseph K12 Mar 1990 n/a1924
S14fROYLEPatricia R22 Sep 1986 n/a1927
C16RUSHTONGeorge22 Feb 17754main1771
C15RUSHTONJames09 Jun 178447main1737
C24RUSHTONJames29 May 182649main1777
C24RUSHTONMary06 Jul 182543wife1782
C14RUSHTONThomas08 Jul 180424main1780
F11RYLEYElizabeth25 Dec 183244wife1788
F11RYLEYElizabeth06 Apr 188257daug1825
F11RYLEYJabez29 May 188152son1829
F11RYLEYJohn30 Mar 187689main1787
F11RYLEYSamuel- - -infson 

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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