Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Plots F01-H55

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

F01Number in Grave: 8
1CROFTJohn25 Apr 186086main1774
2CROFTMartha11 Oct 185672wife1784
3CROFTMary02 Jan 186262daug1800
4CROFTGeorge29 Apr 18073son1804
5CROFTHarriet01 May 18071daug1806
6CROFTWilliam01 Sep 18126mthsson1812
7CROFTJoseph17 Mar 188675son1811
8CROFTCatharine04 Feb 190185daug1816
F02Number in Grave: 3
1FRITHEdward24 Apr 188970main1819
2FRITHAgnes19 Mar 188869wife1819
3FRITHGeorge10 Sep 191558son1857
F03Number in Grave: 2
1TAYLORWilliam26 Feb 184487main1757
2TAYLORHannah16 Mar 184473wife1769
F04Number in Grave: 2
1TAYLORWilliam03 Jan 187670main1806
2TAYLORMary28 Mar 185844wife1814
F05Number in Grave: 1
1HATTERSLEYRobert04 Jan 187375main1798
F06Number in Grave: 2
1ETCHESRebecca29 Jan 180871wife1737
2ETCHES 07 Nov 182392main1731
F07Number in Grave: 2
1MARPLESamuel21 Feb 18284son1824
2MARPLEElizabeth23 Nov 184453main1791
F08Number in Grave: 2
1JONESLouis A03 Oct 193350main1883
2JONESJane- - 198998wife1891
F09Number in Grave: 4
1FARRERJohn26 Mar 178013son1767
2FARRERJohn31 Aug 179462main1732
3FARRERCicely11 Jan 179974wife1725
4FARRERMary24 Jun 180346daug1757
F10Number in Grave: 2
1WALLACERobert Francis03 Jan 18473son1844
2WALLACEMaryann11 Jan 187568main1807
F11Number in Grave: 5
1RYLEYElizabeth25 Dec 183244wife1788
2RYLEYSamuel- - -infson 
3RYLEYJohn30 Mar 187689main1787
4RYLEYJabez29 May 188152son1829
5RYLEYElizabeth06 Apr 188257daug1825
F12Number in Grave: 2
1STRINGFELLOWWilliam12 Jan 181071main1739
2STRINGFELLOWCatherine16 Feb -88wife 
F13Number in Grave: 1
1NOONMary19 Apr 184235main1807
F14Number in Grave: 1
1ODDYJohn07 Apr 181531main1784
F15Number in Grave: 2
1RICKARDSGeorge27 Jan 181270main1742
2RICKARDSCatherine25 Mar 181458wife1756
F16Number in Grave: 1
1RICKARDSHannah30 Dec 179461main1733
F17Number in Grave: 1
1WARINGSarah17 Dec 184559main1786
F18Number in Grave: 2
1TOMLINSONWilliam18 Jun 188177main1804
2TOMLINSONMary09 Aug 188682wife1804
F19Number in Grave: 3
1TOMLINSONWilliam11 Dec 186636main1830
2HALLAnn14 May 18581daug1857
3TOMLINSONSarah Millin09 Nov 191181wife1830
F20Number in Grave: 1
1GRATTONJohn02 Nov 182832main1796
F21Number in Grave: 1
1WADEMathew12 Apr 182920main1809
F22Number in Grave: 1
1BROWNWilliam25 Jul 186568main1797
F23Number in Grave: 3
1BRIGHTMOREJohn10 Feb 184218son1824
2BRIGHTMOREMichael- - -infson 
3BRIGHTMOREMichael22 Apr 185151main1800
F24Number in Grave: 4
1BRIGHTMOREMary08 May 188683main1803
2BRIGHTMOREJonathon02 Jul 188757son1830
3BRIGHTMOREAlbert22 Jan 1903 son 
4BRIGHTMOREMary23 Jan 190972daug1837
F25Number in Grave: 1
1JACKSONMary09 Apr 185032main1818
F26Number in Grave: 4
1SAXBYThomas13 Jan 18585main1853
2SAXBYMary04 Jun 18427mthsson1842
3SAXBYchild- - -infinf 
4SAXBYchild- - -infinf 
F27Number in Grave: 2
1DAVIDSONElizabeth12 May 1799 main 
2DAVIDSONWiliam19 Jan 182038brother1782
F28Number in Grave: 1
1DAVISONThomas01 Apr 184245main1797
F29Number in Grave: 4
1ODDYRichard08 Dec 181463main1751
2ODDYRebecca24 Mar 184071wife1769
3ODDYCharles02 Dec 182637son1789
4ODDYHarriet30 Jul 186661daug1805
F30Number in Grave: 6
1HUTCHINSONSamuel25 Jun 18302son1828
2HUTCHINSONJane23 Aug 18355daug1830
3HUTCHINSONWilliam22 Mar 18353mthsson1835
4HUTCHINSONRobert12 Jan 18379dysson1837
5HUTCHINSONRobert06 Mar 186673main1793
6HUTCHINSONAnn19 Jun 188980wife1809
F31Number in Grave: 2
1TALBOTAugusta Louise10 Jul 1865 main 
2TALBOTArthur08 Mar 186814son1854
F32Number in Grave: 5
1STALEYStephen27 Nov 185870main1788
2STALEYMary07 May 183650wife1786
3STALEYSarah09 Apr 186957wife1812
4STALEYSarah03 Sep 184911daug1838
5STALEYSusanna02 Mar 186819daug1849
F33Number in Grave: 2
1SHARMANThomas03 Feb 187274main1798
2SHARMANAnn14 Feb 187680wife1796
F34Number in Grave: 3
1WINDLEMary27 Jan 186844wife1824
2WINDLEJosiah15 Apr 189276main1816
3WINDLEMary27 Oct 192183wife1838
F35Number in Grave: 1
1WARDEmmaline12 Feb 187918main1861
F36Number in Grave: 1
1BRANSONMaria16 Sep 186065main1795
F37Number in Grave: 2
1BRANSONFerguson20 Aug 189585main1810
2BRANSONElizabeth10 Mar 189879wife1819
F38Number in Grave: 3
1CAWTONMary Etheldred12 Dec 189083main1807
2STANIFORTHElizabeth16 Aug 192387neice1836
3STANIFORTHMary19 May 192785neice1842
F39Number in Grave: 2
1CAREYAnne04 Sep 188880main1808
2HALLMary22 Jun 189684?1812
F40Number in Grave: 1
1HOLMESJohn06 May 187315main1858
F41Number in Grave: 5
1ASQUITHMary15 Dec 187456wife1818
2ASQUITHCaroline23 Dec 18563daug1853
3ASQUITHFrances18 Jun 186017daug1843
4ASQUITHWilliam- - -infson 
5ASQUITHJabez04 Nov 189579main1816
F42Number in Grave: 1
1BRANSONJohn11 Dec 189861main1837
F43Number in Grave: 2
1BRIGHTMOREJohn22 Jun 187273main1799
2BRIGHTMOREElizabeth01 Feb 188075wife1805
F44Number in Grave: 1
1CAINESCatherine25 Feb 187151main1820
F45Number in Grave: 4
1HALLIWELLJohn24 Dec 1878 main 
2HALLIWELLElizabeth22 Sep 187943daug1836
3HALLIWELLElizabeth Rh19 Jul 188482wife1802
4HALLIWELLGrace22 Sep 189267daug1825
F46Number in Grave: 1
G01Number in Grave: 1
1WARBURTONHarriet14 Aug 182987main1742
G02Number in Grave: 2
1FROSTHarriet04 Aug 184656main1790
2FROSTMary28 May 186378?1785
G03Number in Grave: 3
1FROSTMatthew08 Dec 184968main1781
2FROSTMary18 May 183658wife1778
3FROST?17 Mar - ? 
G04Number in Grave: 5
1FROST(?) - - -54? 
2FROSTThomas15 Jan 180510son1795
3FROSTMatthew28 May 183580main1755
4FROSTElizabeth19 Apr 184776wife1771
5GASGOYNEAnn09 Nov 185152daug1799
G05Number in Grave: 1
1ELLISJohn13 Mar 184034main1806
G06Number in Grave: 2
1HALLAMJohn04 Aug 18012main1799
2HALLAMHarriot17 Feb 18073mthsson1807
G07Number in Grave: 2
1HALLAMAnn28 Nov 182819wife1809
2HALLAMWilliam28 May 183162main1769
G08Number in Grave: 3
1HALLAMHannah21 Mar 180914mthsmain1809
2HALLAMMartha- -infson 
3HALLAMGeorge- -infbrother 
G09Number in Grave: 2
1WILSONAnne07 Feb 1914 main 
2HOLMESEliza30 Apr 1912 son 
G10Number in Grave: 2
1FOSTERWilliam Walter17 Sep 18801main1879
2FOSTERJane Anne Marga22 Mar 18831son1882
G11Number in Grave: 2
1FROGGATTAlexander14 Mar 187270main1802
2FROGGATTMary21 Dec 187263wife1809
G12Number in Grave: 3
1TOMLINSONWilliam Smit23 Jan 194587main1858
2TOMLINSONCharles Geor26 Apr 194761son1886
3TOMLINSONSarah Elizab14 Jan 194891wife1857
G13Number in Grave: 3
1HATTERSLEYAnn27 May 187835wife1843
2HATTERSLEYRebecca18 Nov 187920daug1859
3HATTERSLEYGeorge22 Apr 189157main1834
G14Number in Grave: 4
1SHELDONDavid25 Mar 188353main1830
2SHELDONElizabeth17 Aug 190468wife1836
3SHELDONWilliam15 Apr 187514son1861
4SHELDONMary Ann- -infdaug 
G15Number in Grave: 1
1BISHOPJane Sophia Rhy07 Feb 193394main1839
G16Number in Grave: 2
1WICKHAMHarry Townshen03 Aug 193165main1866
2WICKHAMElizabeth Caro23 Nov 193664wife1872
G17Number in Grave: 1
1SOUTARAnn Jane11 Apr 194472main1872
G18Number in Grave: 2
1FROSTJane14 Jan 185667wife1789
2FROSTSamuel08 Jan 186474main1790
G19Number in Grave: 3
1REDFEARNHarriett05 Sep 186968wife1801
2WHITECharlotte19 Jan 187025neice1845
3REDFEARNAbraham11 Dec 187972main1807
G20Number in Grave: 2
1SHELDONEmily01 Apr 186318wife1845
2SHELDONThomas15 Sep 188381main1802
G21Number in Grave: 3
1SHELDONSarah Ann02 Apr 190952wife1857
2SHELDONThomas Frederi05 Nov 191736son1881
3SHELDONFrederick14 Sep 193073main1857
G22Number in Grave: 2
1FLEWITTHarriett23 Sep 185438wife1816
2FLEWITTJoseph26 Apr 185747main1810
G23Number in Grave: 3
1BROUGHTONAlbert Edwar26 Mar 194567main1878
2BROUGHTONEmily Edmead06 Aug 197696wife1880
3TULLISFreda04 Sep 198176daug1905
G24Number in Grave: 1
1FROGGATTGeorge09 Mar 183236main1796
G25Number in Grave: 1
1HOLMESSarah Ann17 Nov 190575main1830
G26Number in Grave: 2
1HOLMESEdwin29 Jan 186932main1837
2HOLMESAnn30 Jul 188147wife1834
G27Number in Grave: 5
1BARKERJohn27 Mar 181673main1743
2BARKERJohnApr 181225son1787
3BARKERRobert27 Mar 183244son1788
4BARKERThomas20 Mar 182127son1794
5BARKERHannah24 Jun 183583wife1752
G28Number in Grave: 1
1FOULDSMary03 Dec 189379main1814
G29Number in Grave: 1
1BROOKEG E- Jan 183536main1799
G30Number in Grave: 1
1?short No inscript- - main 
G31Number in Grave: 3
1HALL?(flaked)- 1850 ? 
2HALLThomas- 1864 main 
3? 15 Feb - ? 
G32Number in Grave: 1
1PRINCEHarriet20 Feb 187325main1848
G33Number in Grave: 1
1HEARNSHAWGeorge06 Apr 186955main1814
G34Number in Grave: 5
1ELLIOTTAnnie15 Jan 18733wksdaug1873
2ELLIOTTMary16 Aug 187711wksdaug1877
3ELLIOTTJames13 Oct 190969main1840
4ELLIOTTJane08 Oct 191669wife1847
5ELLIOTTJane27 Sep 195282daug1870
G35Number in Grave: 2
1GARDNERGeorge07 Feb 188472main1812
2GARDNERAnn10 Jun 189269wife1823
G36Number in Grave: 1
1DAKINJohn05 Jul 184353main1790
G37Number in Grave: 2
1KINGRobert16 May 176489main1675
2KINGJohn09 Feb 176065son1695
G38Number in Grave: 2
1BERREYDorothy08 Dec 184175main1766
2NELLGeorge24 Jul 185071?1779
G39Number in Grave: 1
1ELLISGeorge27 Jan 184656main1790
G40Number in Grave: 1
1ELLISThomas18 Feb 186448main1816
G41Number in Grave: 1
1ELLISThomas09 Dec 184571main1774
G42Number in Grave: 1
1ELLISAlice- - main 
G43Number in Grave: 1
1ELLISJoseph10 Mar 183344main1789
G44Number in Grave: 2
1BARKERHannah01 Dec 180514main1791
2BARKERGeorge23 Jan 184057main1783
G45Number in Grave: 2
1ELLISGeorge14 Sep 184946main1803
2ELLISSarah19 Jun 184718daug1829
G46Number in Grave: 1
1ELLISCharles21 Jun 185428main1826
G47Number in Grave: 2
1HULLEYMary21 Nov 187566wife1829
2HULLEYJoseph10 Dec 189182main1809
G48Number in Grave: 2
1MARSDENElizabeth22 Jul 186957wife1812
2MARSDENJoseph14 Feb 188977main1812
G49Number in Grave: 4
1TOMLINSONRuth03 Sep 188446wife1838
2TOMLINSONSarah15 Nov 18713daug1868
3TOMLINSONWilliam20 Apr 191577main1838
4TOMLINSONAlfred Pac11 Apr 192150son1871
G50Number in Grave: 2
1TOMLINSONMary06 Jan 191946main1873
2SHARPEDorothy13 Oct 200389?1914
G51Number in Grave: 1
1TOMLINSONGeorge Willi01 Feb 19006mthsmain1900
G52Number in Grave: 6
1STROYANJohn07 Feb 189477main1817
2STROYANEsther03 Nov 191080wife1830
3STROYANEleanor Alice28 Apr 190338?1865
4STROYANFlorence Esthe- May 18693?1866
5STROYANJohn Charles09 Oct 189540son1855
6STROYANEvelyn Isabel- Mar 186910mths?1869
G53Number in Grave: 1
1?table- - main 
G54Number in Grave: 1
1HETON(?)Ann- - main 
G55Number in Grave: 1
1TAYLORWilliam18 Feb 182945main1784
G56Number in Grave: 2
1GARDNERJaneCooper26 Apr 185711mthsmain1857
2GARDNERJane17 May 188314?1869
G57Number in Grave: 2
1MARPLESMary06 Sep 187067wife1803
2MARPLESMatthew06 Jul 187174main1797
G58Number in Grave: 1
1MARPLESJacob04 Mar 186476main1788
G59Number in Grave: 6
1MARPLESElizabeth25 Dec 185027daug1823
2MARPLESWilliam- -infson 
3MARPLESMatthew28 Sep 185625son1831
4FEARNLEYAnne15 Feb 186758daug1809
5MARPLESWilliam25 Dec 186835son1833
6MARPLESWilliam21 Feb 186971main1798
G60Number in Grave: 2
1GARDOMJane23 Jan -37wife 
2GARDOMGeorge22 Jun 181351main1762
G61Number in Grave: 3
1JACKSONThomas William29 May 191539main1876
2JACKSONLucy09 Dec 195383wife1870
3JACKSONMuriel L01 May 199792?1905
G62Number in Grave: 1
1RAWESAnn Elizabeth11 Mar 187210main1862
G63Number in Grave: 5
1HARRISONJames24 Dec 186767main1800
2HARRISONSarah01 May 18355daug1830
3HARRISONMary28 Jun 188588wife1797
4HARRISONCharles04 May 194361son1882
5BENNETTSarah Ann19 Jul 195271daug1881
G64Number in Grave: 2
1SLOWEJane19 Jan 186323main1840
2SLOWEBertha- -infdaug 
G65Number in Grave: 2
1BARTONJoseph17 Mar 187655main1821
2BARTONMaria01 Jan 190388wife1815
G66Number in Grave: 4
1WYERCharles03 Feb 189140main1851
2WYEREllen26 Jun 192569wife1856
3WYERCharles- -61son 
4BENNETTSarah Ann19 Jul 195271daug1881
G67Number in Grave: 4
1TOMLINSONRichard14 Feb 190745main1862
2TOMLINSONCatherine28 Jul 194171wife1870
3TOMLINSONCharles- Sep 191621son1895
4ANDERSONKate Drysdale- 197984daug1895
G68Number in Grave: 2
1TOMLINSONWilliam16 Jun 194070main1870
2TOMLINSONSarah Helen25 Apr 195583wife1872
G69Number in Grave: 2
1GARDOMThomas09 Jan 181768main1751
2GARDOMMary27 Apr 183275wife1757
G70Number in Grave: 1
1GARDOMJohn23 Mar --17 main 
G71Number in Grave: 13
1COOPERElizabeth09 Nov 181341wife1772
2COOPERFrederick- -3son 
3COOPERJames- -7son 
4COOPERDaniel- -infson 
5COOPERMary- -2daug 
6COOPERMillicent- -infdaug 
7COOPERMary- -1daug 
8COOPERElizabeth03 Jul 181918daug1801
9COOPERSarah11 Sep 182742wife1785
10COOPERCatharine06 Jan 1830 daug 
11COOPERGeorge- -infson 
12COOPERHenry- -infson 
13COOPERJohn16 Nov 184679main1767
G72Number in Grave: 1
1WRAGGAnn06 Jul 194064main1876
G73Number in Grave: 4
1HOLDINGMary16 Jan 18596daug1853
2HOLDINGJohn25 Feb 189377main1816
3HOLDINGSarah14 Jun 190081wife1819
4HOLDINGGeorge06 Jan 193983son1856
G74Number in Grave: 1
1HOLDINGMary16 Jan 1859 main 
G75Number in Grave: 3
1JONESElizabeth18 Apr 182853mother1775
2JONESRobert12 Jul 182622main1804
3JONESSarah01 Dec 183122wife1809
G76Number in Grave: 1
1FROGGATTThomas08 Apr 184765main1782
G77Number in Grave: 1
1BROMLEYWilliam20 Aug 186653main1813
G78Number in Grave: 1
1MOTTRAMGyte19 Jul 184751main1796
G79Number in Grave: 1
1POLLARDWilliam03 Jan 186164main1797
G80Number in Grave: 2
1HINDSHenry- Jul 186740main1827
2HINDSCharlotte Susann27 Jan 188547wife1838
G81Number in Grave: 3
1HULLEYGeorge11 Nov 188755main1832
2HULLEYSarah07 May 191383wife1830
3HULLEYArthur18 Sep 190543son1862
G82Number in Grave: 2
1EADESJohn Ernest29 Apr 192353main1870
2EADESCatherine29 Jan 195386wife1867
G83Number in Grave: 1
1TOMLINSONRuth25 Apr 195653main1903
H01Number in Grave: 4
1MARPLEMargaret03 Jun 179926wife1773
2MARPLEEliza11 Sep 175917wksdaug1759
3MARPLEOliv16 Apr 180323wife1780
4MARPLEHarriott10 Jan 18032daug1801
H02Number in Grave: 5
1MARPLEGeorge03 Nov 184674main1772
2MARPLEMargaret03 Jun 179926wife1773
3MARPLEOlive16 Apr 180323wife1780
4MARPLEHarriet13 Jul 185078wife1772
5MARPLEDavid02 Apr 188184son1797
H03Number in Grave: 5
1DRABBLEElizabeth16 May 179842wife1756
2DRABBLEGrace26 Nov 180920daug1789
3DRABBLEAnn27 Mar 18011daug1800
4DRABBLEEdward24 Oct 18156mthsson1815
5DRABBLEWilliam16 Mar 183577main1758
H04Number in Grave: 10
1STONECharles17 Jun 185568main1787
2STONEDiana23 Jul 187181wife1790
3STONEWilliam25 Oct 184126son1815
4STONECharles15 Dec 184919son1830
5STONEJames10 Aug 185018son1832
6STONEAaron- -infson 
7STONELydia- -infdaug 
8STONESusanna- -infdaug 
9STONEGeorge23 Feb 187357son1816
10STONEHannah18 Jul 187654other1822
H05Number in Grave: 4
1HARRISONAnn06 Oct 18455daug1840
2HARRISONEllen12 Aug 18521daug1851
3HARRISONSamuel05 Jan 186054main1806
4HARRISONMary17 Oct 186756wife1811
H06Number in Grave: 1
1GEESONRalph Francis13 Nov 187143main1828
H07Number in Grave: 1
1GEESONRichard30 Jan 186063main1797
H08Number in Grave: 1
1CLARKSamuel14 Feb 186829main1839
H09Number in Grave: 2
1CLARKJohn07 Aug 186769main1798
2CLARKAnn13 Nov 186864wife1804
H10Number in Grave: 4
1KITCHINEllen18 Mar 186934main1835
2KITCHINJohn22 Jul 188462?1822
3KITCHINSamuel11 Dec 18678mths?1867
4CLARKJohn07 Aug 188417?1867
H11Number in Grave: 2
1RILEYJoseph03 Jan 188165main1816
2RILEYCharlotte23 May 188670wife1816
H12Number in Grave: 8
1BARKERJohn06 Jun 182463main1761
2BARKERJane12 May 1838 wife 
3BARKERAnthony Auriol21 Dec -54son 
4BARKERFrederick18 Apr 18076mthsson1807
5WHYTEElizabeth16 Oct 180336other1767
6WHYTERichard16 Mar 183324other1809
7BARKERSophia20 Jun 1844 other 
8BARKERHenry- - - ? 
H13Number in Grave: 2
1MARPLESElizabeth05 Apr 183553main1782
2MARPLESHannah14 Apr 185559other1796
H14Number in Grave: 3
1HOLLINGWORTHBenjamin15 Sep 185062main1788
2HOLLINGWORTHSarah16 Jun 186376wife1787
3HOLLINGWORTHJane28 Nov 186552daug1813
H15Number in Grave: 2
1?..... Orth 1822- - 1822 main 
2?..... Orth- - - daug 
H16Number in Grave: 8
1FURNISSMark26 Jan 184288main1754
2FURNESSElizabeth03 Jul 184870wife1778
3FURNESSElizabeth28 May 18129daug1803
4FURNESSSarah03 Sep 181211daug1801
5FURNESSMary Ann14 Nov 18152daug1813
6FURNESSThomas- - -infson 
7FURNESSRuth- - -infdaug 
8MACHINBarbara10 Nov 184534daug1811
H17Number in Grave: 1
1KITCHINHanna29 Sep 194680main1866
H18Number in Grave: 2
1KITCHINHarry29 Jul 194072main1868
2KITCHINEleanor28 Jan 194670wife1876
H19Number in Grave: 1
1BARKERAgnes20 Feb 1898 main 
H20Number in Grave: 2
1MARPLESCaroline03 Aug 186532wife1833
2MARPLESJohn14 Mar 190374main1829
H21Number in Grave: 4
1MARPLESHannah21 Dec 185954wife1805
2MARPLESJohn30 Aug 187480main1794
3MARPLESRobert16 Oct 192190son1831
4MARPLESHarriett27 Apr 187548other1827
H22Number in Grave: 3
1MARPLESElizabeth23 Sep 182456wife1768
2MARPLESJohn20 Sep 183565main1770
3MARPLESLydia- - -infdaug 
H23Number in Grave: 1
1COCKERThomas04 Jan 182573main1752
H24Number in Grave: 2
1HODGKINSONJohn07 Jan 184259main1784
2HODGKINSONMary24 Aug 184865wife1783
H25Number in Grave: 4
1HODGKINSONSarah05 Jul 17946wksdaug1794
2HODGKINSONJoseph23 Dec 17949son1785
3HODGKINSONAbigail02 Dec 180348wife1755
4HODGKINSONJoseph07 Dec 182166main1755
H26Number in Grave: 1
1HODGKINSONElizabeth G23 Apr 188278main1804
H27Number in Grave: 3
1HODGKINSONElizabeth M24 Dec 190149wife1852
2HODGKINSONEdmund31 Dec 190151main1850
3HODGKINSONCatherine10 Sep 18875daug1882
H28Number in Grave: 5
1EADESAnn03 Sep 185953wife1806
2EADESEliza27 Mar 185913daug1846
3EADESElizabeth04 May 186019daug1841
4TAYLORAnn15 Nov 186528daug1837
5EADESJohn27 Dec 187877main1801
H29Number in Grave: 2
1BARKERFrederic06 Apr 188274main1808
2BARKERMary31 Jan 191061wife1849
H30Number in Grave: 4
1HALLHenry25 Mar 18236son1817
2HALLSarah16 Jul 183456wife1778
3HALLJoseph28 Oct 184575main1770
4HALLThomas15 Feb 185236son1816
H31Number in Grave: 2
1MARPLESSelina Martha15 Feb 192261main1861
2MARPLESHelen06 Dec 190214daug1888
H32Number in Grave: 1
1LINGGARDHannah19 Mar 17993main1796
H33Number in Grave: 2
1MARPLESW liam- May 181565main1810
2HARTLEYA n09 Oct 181321?1792
H34Number in Grave: 1
1HODGKINSONJoseph07 May 1810 main 
H35Number in Grave: 3
1TAYLORGeorge William10 Jun 186910mthsson1869
2TAYLORMary Sophia30 Jun 187131wife1840
3TAYLORGeorge02 Mar 188444main1840
H36Number in Grave: 2
1HEREMANJames27 May 185779main1778
2HEREMANSusanna26 Dec 186244wife1818
H37Number in Grave: 1
1?"S H"- - 1862 main 
H38Number in Grave: 1
1DENTEthel16 Jul 18974main1893
H39Number in Grave: 3
1MARPLEWilliam03 Jul 187617son1859
2BACONSarah14 Jun 190322wife1881
3BACONAlexander03 Oct 190873main1835
H40Number in Grave: 2
1BACONCharles01 Mar 193260main1872
2BACONIvy14 Jun 198188wife1893
H41Number in Grave: 2
1MORTONJames08 Feb 182630main1796
2MORTONMary24 Jun 182026wife1794
H42Number in Grave: 5
1KAYJoseph09 Sep 18594son1855
2KAYHelena03 Mar 18679mthsdaug1867
3KAYMary06 Feb 187348wife1825
4KAYMary22 Sep 198627daug1959
5KAYJoseph22 Oct 189872main1826
H43Number in Grave: 1
1STEWARTJoseph11 Jun 185845main1813
H44Number in Grave: 4
1KAYJohn19 Feb 186585main1780
2KAYCharlotte07 Apr 186480wife1784
3KAYWilliam18 Jun 186046son1814
4KAYEliza09 Feb 186444?1820
H45Number in Grave: 2
1KAYAnn26 Apr 189566wife1829
2KAYCharles08 Jun 191585husb1830
H46Number in Grave: 3
1KAYJohn27 Aug 192158main1863
2HULLEYRebecca01 Aug 192364son1859
3HULLEYThomas04 Feb 194285brother1857
H47Number in Grave: 1
1GREGORYMartha10 May 185021main1829
H48Number in Grave: 6
1BUXTONJohn26 May 186677main1789
2BUXTONSarah10 Feb 188080wife1800
3BUXTONWilliam11 Jul 187733son1844
4BUXTONLuke08 Mar 185017son1833
5HAWKESWORTHGeorge23 Dec 188048?1832
6HAWKESWORTHSarah04 Jun 191277?1835
H49Number in Grave: 2
1GREGORYAndrew10 Feb 18401main1839
2GREGORYHannah19 Aug 18--14son4
H50Number in Grave: 3
1KAYCharlotte04 Dec 18597main1852
2KAYCharles14 May 18613brother1858
3KAYJohn Samuel19 May 18645brother1859
H51Number in Grave: 1
1MARPLES?31 May 182819main1809
H52Number in Grave: 2
1NOTONAnn05 Jan 185962wife1797
2NOTONRichard15 Jun 184480main1764
H53Number in Grave: 1
1HAMPTONKeturah09 Nov 190651main1855
H54Number in Grave: 3
1KAYGeorge14 Sep 188969main1820
2KAYSarah24 May 189474wife1820
3KAYJohn17 Dec 190659son1847
H55Number in Grave: 3
1HEATHCOTEGeorge20 May 187010wksson1870
2HEATHCOTEGeorge02 Aug 187842main1836
3HEATHCOTEEmma25 Nov 189659wife1837

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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