Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Plots J01-P30

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

J01Number in Grave: 1
1CATLIFFBarbara08 Sep 178340main1743
J02Number in Grave: 3
1SMITHWalter12 Aug 18571main1856
2SMITHAnne Elizbeth15 Feb 18401sister1839
3SMITH?20 - 1850 inf 
J03Number in Grave: 2
1SMITHFanny20 Jan 185514daug1841
2SMITHJames26 Jul 185652main1804
J04Number in Grave: 5
1PYBUSHannah22 Aug 185567wife1788
2PYBUSJohn08 Apr 185778main1779
3PYBUSWilliam30 May 185837?1821
4PYBUSElizabeth20 Apr 186150?1811
5PYBUSElizabeth05 Jan 18633?1860
J05Number in Grave: 3
1PICKERSGILLThomas11 Oct 189755main1842
2PICKERSGILLWilliam Fl18 May 189751brother1846
3PICKERSGILLMary03 Feb 190467sister1837
J06Number in Grave: 2
1PICKERSGILLJane02 Sep 187065wife1805
2PICKERSGILLJohn29 Aug 188878main1810
J07Number in Grave: 2
1HUDSONMargaret14 Jan 189284main1808
2CLAYTONAnn25 Nov 191280daug1832
J08Number in Grave: 3
1WHITEJoseph10 Jan 188172main1809
2WHITEFrances17 Feb 188477wife1807
3WHITEMary17 Aug 186620daug1846
J09Number in Grave: 2
1WHITEHannah17 Apr 189859wife1839
2WHITEStephen08 Oct 191477main1837
J10Number in Grave: 2
1SPARKWilliam19 Sep 192273main1849
2SPARKHannah20 Sep 192678wife1848
J11Number in Grave: 1
1BARRATTJohn19 Jun 181157main1754
J12Number in Grave: 3
1HULLEYMary16 Mar 18625daug1857
2HULLEYElizabeth03 Apr 189362main1831
3HULLEYSarah Elizabeth31 Jul 193670daug1866
J13Number in Grave: 2
1HULLEYElizabeth03 Apr 189362wife1831
2HULLEYJoseph18 Jul 190272main1830
J14Number in Grave: 1
1HULLEYAmy Florence06 Mar 192929main1900
J15Number in Grave: 2
1HEARNSHAWJames13 Aug 188776main1811
2HEARNSHAWMartha02 Feb 187257wife1815
J16Number in Grave: 1
1LOCHARTRuth27 Aug 19122main1910
J17Number in Grave: 1
1BETNEYClara02 May 186123main1838
J18Number in Grave: 4
1HULLEYSamuel01 Nov 189245brother1847
2HULLEYWilliam24 Jul 189460main1834
3HULLEYElizabeth27 May 189967sister1832
4HULLEYSarah26 Feb 192583wife1842
J19Number in Grave: 2
1WATSONMary22 Jan 185120main1831
2WATSONSamuel- - -infbrother 
J20Number in Grave: 2
1WARDMary03 Jun 189543wife1852
2WARDEdward09 Dec 190759main1848
J21Number in Grave: 3
1HOWARDJohn07 Mar 185821main1837
2HOWARDWilliam01 Jul 189230sister1862
3HOWARDArabella Smith23 Nov 18601sister1859
J22Number in Grave: 2
1HOWARDJohn17 Mar 187869main1809
2HOWARDMary08 Nov 187061wife1809
J23Number in Grave: 2
1HOWARDSamuel26 Dec 189048main1842
2HOWARDEleanor18 Jul 190663wife1843
J24Number in Grave: 2
1HOWARDRichard20 Apr 190069main1831
2HOWARDMargaret04 Jan 190774wife1833
J25Number in Grave: 1
1WILDJohn18 Aug 189059main1831
J26Number in Grave: 2
1HEARNSHAWWilliam31 Aug 188177main1804
2HEARNSHAWMary24 Feb 188572wife1813
J27Number in Grave: 4
1HEARNSHAWMary28 Mar 178752wife1735
2HEARNSHAWAnn10 Nov 180225daug1777
3HEARNSHAWMary06 Sep 180460wife1744
4HEARNSHAWWilliam08 Oct 183097main1733
J28Number in Grave: 4
1PARKERThomas28 Feb 179160main1731
2PARKERElizabeth06 Jan 181788wife1729
3PARKERJohn06 Mar 182372son1751
4PARKERThomas13 Jul 183676son1760
J29Number in Grave: 5
1SYKESJohn06 Sep 182882main1746
2SYKESElizabeth29 Jul 181160wife1751
3SYKESJonathon Septimu12 Nov 181327son1786
4SYKESElizabeth02 Apr 185865daug1793
5SYKESDorothy04 Aug 186473daug1791
J30Number in Grave: 5
1SIKESJohn11 Jun 177254main1718
2SIKESMary31 Aug 178061wife1719
3SIKESWalter23 May 178329son1754
4SYKESThomas30 Mar 185673g-child1783
5SYKESCharlotte25 Aug 185764g-child1793
J31Number in Grave: 3
1BROOMHEADJoseph21 Nov 186041main1819
2BROOMHEADCharlotte An05 Jul 187011daug1859
3BROOMHEADIsabella27 Jun 188360wife1823
J32Number in Grave: 3
1TEWKESBURYJohn12 May 183743main1794
2BOOTHMary18 Nov 185535daug1820
3RILEYAnn06 Feb 187483wife1791
J33Number in Grave: 2
1OLLIVANTHannah17 Oct 189255wife1837
2OLLIVANTCharles14 Mar 190062main1838
J34Number in Grave: 1
1BRIGHTMOREBarbara24 Aug 187973main1806
J35Number in Grave: 2
1BODENSamuel08 Sep 188776main1811
2BODENMartha15 Dec 189391wife1802
J36Number in Grave: 2
1HULLEYGeorge29 Jun 187467main1807
2HULLEYBetty15 Apr 188680wife1806
J37Number in Grave: 2
1JEPSONThomas23 Mar 1890 main 
J38Number in Grave: 2
1TOWNDROWMary14 May 185931main1828
2JEPSONMary03 Aug 188023wife1857
J39Number in Grave: 1
1WHEELDONJames01 Jul 189245main1847
J40Number in Grave: 4
1MOSLEYJohn11 Aug 188079main1801
2TOWNDROWMary08 Jun 186814daug1854
2MOSLEYElizabeth29 Sep 185750wife1807
3MOSLEYHarriet18 Sep 185718daug1839
4MOSLEYAnn18 May 185816?1842
J41Number in Grave: 2
1MOSSLEYThomas19 Aug 182664main1762
2MOSSLEYDeborah08 Jul 184075wife1765
J42Number in Grave: 2
1MOSLEYJohn02 Jun 179841main1757
2MOSLEYAnn08 Feb 183776wife1761
J43Number in Grave: 4
1MOSLEYJohn29 Nov 18221son1821
2MOSLEYThomas24 Jun 18294son1825
3MOSLEYAnn06 Apr 183535wife1800
4MOSLEYJoseph11 Dec 186065main1795
J44Number in Grave: 2
1?John- - -44main 
2?Catherine14 Aug 184948wife 
J45Number in Grave: 1
1THOMASElizabeth25 Jul 184173main1768
J46Number in Grave: 5
1HUDSONWilliam18 Jul 187282main1790
2HUDSONElizabeth12 Jan 18725wife1867
3HUDSONSamuel12 Mar 18285son1823
4HUDSONJames08 Apr 18455son1840
5HUDSONJohn05 Sep 184621son1825
J47Number in Grave: 2
1MOSLEYWilliam01 Oct 186542main1823
2MOSLEYMartha08 Dec 186444wife1820
J48Number in Grave: 3
1LEECHJohn16 Sep 190274main1828
2LEECHEdward15 Aug 188958?1831
3LEECHUnice19 Dec 188346?1837
J49Number in Grave: 2
1HUDSONWilliam16 Dec 188960main1829
2HUDSONMary30 Jun 190063wife1837
J50Number in Grave: 3
1LEECHHenry18 Nov 187441main1833
2LEECHSarah18 Mar 188514daug1871
3LEECHElizabeth19 Nov 192078wife1842
J51Number in Grave: 3
1HIBBERTEllen23 Jan 189158wife1833
2HIBBERTJohn09 Feb 190777main1830
3HIBBERTMary30 Apr 191685sister1831
J52Number in Grave: 2
1WATSONAnn24 Apr 189864wife1834
2WATSONCharles13 Sep 189870main1828
J53Number in Grave: 2
1SMITHLouisa19 Nov 192257main1865
2SMITHHilda Dorothy08 Aug 197784daug1893
J54Number in Grave: 1
1INGRAMEsther03 Aug 192859main1869
J55Number in Grave: 2
1LEECHMary Alice14 Dec 193455wife1879
2LEECHThomas Henry08 Apr 196189main1872
K01Number in Grave: 2
1WHITEElizabeth19 Jan 181821main1797
2WHITEJohn18 Apr 1818 brother 
K02Number in Grave: 2
1MARPLES?01 Nov 189837?1861
2MARPLESJohn12 Oct 191556main1859
K03Number in Grave: 4
1MARSDENJoseph27 Dec 184150main1791
2MARSDENRobert15 Mar 18312mthsson1831
3PASHLEYFrederick06 Apr 185336?1817
4PASHLEYCatharine28 Jul 187279?1793
K04Number in Grave: 4
1DANIELAlbany27 Aug 178950main1739
2DANIELMartha05 Mar 180317daug1786
3DANIELIsaac31 Dec 180327son1776
4DANIELMartha18 Mar 182874wife1754
K05Number in Grave: 1
1WILSONRobert02 Sep 182274main1748
K06Number in Grave: 3
1WILSONJames28 Dec 183656main1780
2WILSONJohn12 Feb 184123son1818
3WILSONAnn- -infdaug 
K07Number in Grave: 1
1HARRISONMary04 Jan 187636main1840
K08Number in Grave: 5
1WHITEHenry06 Jul 187073main1797
2WHITEWilliam21 Aug 186939son1830
3WHITEHannah28 Dec 186923daug1846
4WHITEFrancis- -infson 
5WHITEThomas- -infson 
K09Number in Grave: 5
1WHITERobert02 Dec 187247main1825
2WHITERobert- -infson 
3WHITEAnn- -infson 
4WHITEElizabeth- -infson 
5WHITEAnn15 Dec 189376wife1817
K10Number in Grave: 4
1SHELDONElizabeth30 Mar 18549mthsdaug1854
2SHELDONGeorge09 Mar 185756main1801
3SHELDONCharlotte03 Jan 185853wife1805
4SHELDONWilliam18 Oct 186829son1839
K11Number in Grave: 2
1ROWLANDWilliam14 Jun 183772main1765
2ROWLANDMichael16 Jan 184272brother1770
K12Number in Grave: 3
1CAWTONSarah05 Aug 18336daug1827
2CAWTONJoshua28 Oct 183537main1798
3BARRACLOUGHAnn21 Apr 186161daug1800
K13Number in Grave: 2
1STROYANJohn08 Apr 181560main1755
2STROYANIsabella11 Sep 185366wife1787
K14Number in Grave: 1
1WHITESamuel23 Jun 178868main1720
K15Number in Grave: 5
1HETHERINGTONMary Ann04 Apr 18588daug1850
2HETHERINGTONSarah08 Feb 18--20daug 
3HETHERINGTONJonathon- May -20son 
4HETHERINGTONHenry02 May 187- main 
5HETHERINGTONJane10 Jun 1879 wife 
K16Number in Grave: 2
1ASHTON(Mary ?)- 1790 main 
2ASHTONJohn30 Sep 179521son1774
K17Number in Grave: 2
1FROSTWilliam08 Sep 184141main1800
2FROSTMary07 Jun 185759wife1798
K18Number in Grave: 3
1ASHTONMary11 Aug 181875wife1743
2ASHTONBenjamin13 Jun 182892main1736
3ASHTONHannah26 Feb 184666daug1780
K19Number in Grave: 4
1GASCOYNEEdward02 Aug 187168main1803
2GASCOYNEElizabeth26 Mar 183532wife1803
3GASCOYNEAnn09 Nov 185152wife1799
4GASCOYNEJane26 Apr 187062wife1808
M01Number in Grave: 1
1BARTONAnn09 Sep 185040main1810
M02Number in Grave: 2
1WILDAnn12 Nov -29husb 
2WILDThomas07 Jul 179746main1751
M03Number in Grave: 2
1WHITEGeorge30 May 18301son1829
2WHITESarah22 May 184040main1800
M04Number in Grave: 1
1?no inscr small- - main 
M05Number in Grave: 2
1BOWERRobert30 Dec 1707 main 
2BOWERHannah- Mar 171- wife 
M06Number in Grave: 1
1?illegible (table)- - main 
M07Number in Grave: 1
1TAYLORWilliam11 Mar 1726 main 
M08Number in Grave: 1
1?John (table)- - main 
M09Number in Grave: 3
1HOLMESJohn18 Feb 185074main1776
2HOLMESMary19 Aug 184560wife1785
3HOLMESGeorge12 Dec 18297son1822
M10Number in Grave: 3
1?Mary- Dec 175050main1700
2?Hannah- - -1? 
3?Ann29 May 184538?1807
M11Number in Grave: 1
1?"G-P"- 1717 main 
M12Number in Grave: 1
1HATTERSLEYAnn Wheeldo13 Aug 18053main1802
M13Number in Grave: 4
1MORTENJoseph15 Jul 1709 main 
2MORTENchild 1- - son 
3MORTENchild 2- - son 
4MORTENchild 3- - son 
M14Number in Grave: 1
1ALINAlexander17 Dec 174520main1725
M15Number in Grave: 1
1?Flat - under yew- - main 
M16Number in Grave: 3
1HATTERSLEYElizabeth24 Dec 182938main1791
2HATTERSLEYRebecca31 May 183538wife1797
3HATTERSLEYRebecca- - ? 
M17Number in Grave: 3
1HATTERSLEY?Anne- 1808 main 
2HATTERSLEY?Alexander05 Jul 180918son1791
3HATTERSLEY?George21 Aug 182543son1782
M18Number in Grave: 2
1HATTERSLEYGeorge01 Jul 182775main1752
2HATTERSLEYBarbara04 Apr 183683wife1753
M19Number in Grave: 1
1HATTERSLEYCatherine03 Dec 183918main1821
M20Number in Grave: 2
1NEWTONJames03 Jun 181981main1738
2NEWTONElizabeth16 Jun 182983wife1746
M21Number in Grave: 1
1SAVAGESarah21 Jan 1707 main 
M22Number in Grave: 4
1SAVAGEJohn05 Oct 182363main1760
2SAVAGEAnn04 Apr 183939wife1800
3SAVAGEHannah Ollivant28 Oct 186516daug1849
4SAVAGEThomas22 May 186859son1809
M23Number in Grave: 3
1SAVAGESampson28 Apr 17718brother1763
2WATERHOUSEMary24 Jun 177121main1750
3WATERHOUSEAnn- -infdaug 
M24Number in Grave: 3
1HATTERSLEYAnn31 Jul 181425wife1789
2HATTERSLEYWilliam30 Jan 185578main1777
3HATTERSLEYAnn16 Sep 187880wife1798
M25Number in Grave: 1
1SCOTTEmma02 May 182627main1799
M26Number in Grave: 8
1STAFFORDSarah26 Sep 175235wife1717
2STAFFORDEmma07 Dec 179076wife1714
3STAFFORDJohn14 May 179677main1719
4STAFFORDJohn- - -inf? 
5STAFFORDSarah- - -inf? 
6STAFFORDMary- - -inf? 
7STAFFORDAnn08 Aug 180916?1793
8STAFFORDRobert10 Jun 181519?1796
M27Number in Grave: 1
1STAFFORDSarah- 1707 main 
M28Number in Grave: 1
1STAFFORDRobert09 Aug 181756main1761
M29Number in Grave: 4
1STAFFORDElijah07 Sep 183379main1754
2STAFFORDAnn23 Jul 183575wife1760
3STAFFORDJohn11 May 185367son1786
4STAFFORDMargaret01 Oct 185565?1790
M30Number in Grave: 1
1JONESMary15 Aug 1715 main 
M31Number in Grave: 2
1SAVAGEJohn14 Jul 184249main1793
2SAVAGEMary23 Jun 185365wife1788
M32Number in Grave: 2
1OWENJohn29 Mar 181034main1776
2OWENSarah Ann05 Sep 186355wife1808
M33Number in Grave: 2
1ALDERSONWilliam.03 Feb 184317main1826
2ALDERSONSarah30 Oct 184441mother1803
M34Number in Grave: 1
1TURNERElizabeth22 Sep 176028main1732
M35Number in Grave: 1
1BRUSHFIELDThomas16 Oct 176786main1681
M36Number in Grave: 1
1BRUSHFIELDMary06 Apr 176848main1720
M37Number in Grave: 2
1BARKERJohn16 Oct 178147main1734
2BARKERAlice23 Apr 177537wife1738
M38Number in Grave: 1
1PENISTONEJohn10 Feb 178889main1699
M39Number in Grave: 1
1MARSDENMary27 Apr 173840main1698
M40Number in Grave: 1
1MARSDENWilliam03 Jan 181578main1737
M41Number in Grave: 3
1MARSDENAnn06 Sep 174426main1718
2MARSDENJohn- -infson 
3MARSDENElizabeth- -infdaug 
M42Number in Grave: 2
1MARSDENGodfrey22 Sep 174461main1683
2MARSDENMary10 Apr 1768 wife 
M43Number in Grave: 2
1BOWLERChristopher.27 Mar 180830main1778
2BOWLERAnn11 Feb 180428wife1776
M44Number in Grave: 6
1HOLMSElizabeth06 Apr 177879main1699
2HOLMSJohn- - son 
3HOLMSGeorge- - son 
4HOLMSMartha- - daug 
5HOLMSRebekah- - daug 
6HOLMSElizabeth- - daug 
M45Number in Grave: 1
1HOLMESBenedict06 May 177027main1743
M46Number in Grave: 1
1MARSDENEdmund08 Mar 178263main1719
M47Number in Grave: 2
1LINDOPAnne05 Apr 184728main1819
2LINDOPEmily Mary11 Aug 18476mthsdaug1847
M48Number in Grave: 3
1WOODRUFFThomas- Oct 18151main1814
2WOODRUFFJames22 Oct 184959father1790
3WOODRUFFMary15 Jan 185055mother1795
M49Number in Grave: 5
1BESWICKJarvis.13 Jun 186557main1808
2BESWICKMaria31 Aug 185242wife1810
3BESWICKWalter- -infson 
4BESWICKSamuel- -infson 
5BESWICKCharles07 Aug 188850son1838
M50Number in Grave: 2
1MARSDENMartha19 Jul 186272wife1790
2MARSDENWilliam05 Dec 187474main1800
M51Number in Grave: 1
1SIDDALLWilliam08 Aug 178348main1735
M52Number in Grave: 7
1MASONHoratio28 May 185886main1772
2MASONSarah07 Jan 184472wife1772
3MASONSarah06 Jun 183024daug1806
4MASONHorace04 May 187773son1804
5MASONMary20 Jul 189092daug1798
6MASONAnn07 Mar 189595daug1800
7MASONFrances09 Nov 189593daug1802
M53Number in Grave: 3
1GARDOMWilliam11 Aug 182159main1762
2GARDOMMargaret30 Apr 185277wife1775
3GARDOMMargaret11 Jun 187870daug1808
M54Number in Grave: 3
1ALSOPElizabeth26 Jul 181850son1768
2GARDOMThomas Williams26 Dec 188171main1810
3GARDOMMary05 Mar 189884wife1814
M55Number in Grave: 1
1CLIVECatherine26 Jan 182872main1756
2?.... also- - ? 
M56Number in Grave: 2
1?.... Edward- 1831 main 
M57Number in Grave: 2
1KITCHINEdward.28 Dec 179879main1719
M58Number in Grave: 1
1WILSONElizabeth10 Jan 186889main1779
M59Number in Grave: 1
1GRIFFITHSJane02 Jan 186573main1792
M60Number in Grave: 6
1COCKERSarah11 Apr 182229wife1793
2COCKEREdward- -infson 
3COCKERElizabeth20 Apr 181018daug1792
4COCKERJoseph28 Jul 184448main1796
5COCKERJohn25 Jan 185972?1787
6COCKERAnn25 Mar 186977?1792
M61Number in Grave: 4
1HALLATTMary01 Jan 185563wife1792
2PENISTONEThomas Henry21 Dec 18575g-child1852
3PENISTONEMary Hallatt25 Feb 18603g-child1857
4HALLATTThomas31 Jan 186484main1780
M62Number in Grave: 2
1PENISTONEAnne05 Feb 186836wife1832
2PENISTONERalph06 Apr 191184main1827
M63Number in Grave: 1
1FRITHJohn23 Feb 192477main1847
M64Number in Grave: 2
1LEECHThom12 Dec 184957main1792
2LEECHEsther08 Aug 187374wife1799
M65Number in Grave: 1
1?M P H- - main 
M66Number in Grave: 2
1EYRESamuel Alsop31 Dec 185630main1826
2EYREJoshua23 May 1867 father 
N01Number in Grave: 3
1WILDAnn18 May 185228wife1824
2WILDGrace21 Jun 183754wife1783
3WILDWilliam20 Jun 186669main1797
N02Number in Grave: 1
1?no inscription- - main 
N03Number in Grave: 1
1?no inscription- - main 
N04Number in Grave: 7
1JOHNSONHannah- - daug 
2JOHNSONAnn- - daug 
3JOHNSONThomas- - son 
4JOHNSONEllin- - daug 
5JOHNSONRebecca- - daug 
6JOHNSONSamuel28 Nov 17707son1763
7JOHNSONMargaret06 Oct 177135main1736
N05Number in Grave: 1
1?"wife of"- - - main 
N06Number in Grave: 1
1EATONPeggy27 Jun 182138main1783
N07Number in Grave: 5
1THOMPSONElizabeth03 Feb 186157main1804
2THOMPSONElizabeth Han08 Jun 186322daug1841
3THOMPSONMary Ann09 Feb 186425daug1839
4THOMPSONWillam- - - son 
5THOMPSONSusannah- - - daug 
N08Number in Grave: 1
1?B HN04 Mar 177626main1750
N09Number in Grave: 5
1BROOMHEADAnn30 Jan 18021daug1801
2BROOMHEADFrances28 Jan 180810mthsdaug1808
3BROOMHEADCatherine18 Feb 184280wife1762
4BROOMHEADNicholas12 Nov 184888main1760
5BROOMHEADJohn15 Feb 186060son1800
N10Number in Grave: 5
1BROOMHEADJohn07 Mar 184721son1826
2BROOMHEADJoseph16 May 184848main1800
3BROOMHEADMary03 Dec 186868wife1800
4BROOMHEADWilliam16 Mar 187017son1853
5BROOMHEADAnne08 Aug 187749daug1828
N11Number in Grave: 1
1ROBSONMary09 Jan 184439main1805
N12Number in Grave: 1
1MARPLESAnn03 Feb 180024main1776
N13Number in Grave: 1
1BROOMHEADNicholas B.21 Jun 188352main1831
N14Number in Grave: 6
1BOWRINGHannah22 Nov 181339main1774
2BOWRINGSarah10 Dec 182421daug1803
3BOWRINGJohn06 Nov 183224son1808
4ASHTONJohn01 Jan 18413mthsother1841
5BOWRINGSamuel25 Mar 184568husb1777
6ASHTONMary11 Jun 185950daug1809
N15Number in Grave: 1
1WHITESamuel19 Aug 176132main1729
N16Number in Grave: 1
1WHITESamuel (Snr.)20 Apr 176169main1692
N17Number in Grave: 4
1WORRALLJohn19 Jun 17603son1757
2WORRALLJonathon21 May 176148main1713
3WORRALLRobert11 Mar 182754g-child1773
4WORRALLHannah28 Jun 184365g-child1778
N18Number in Grave: 2
1HAWLEYJoseph16 Jun 187439main1835
2ASQUITHHannah19 Jul 189678?1818
N19Number in Grave: 2
1HULLEYAnn22 Dec 184980wife1769
2HULLEYWilliam20 Mar 185585main1770
N20Number in Grave: 3
1HULLEYAnn13 Sep 183732wife1805
2HULLEYWilliam25 Oct 187164main1807
3HULLEYMaria16 Nov 191392wife1821
N21Number in Grave: 1
1HULLEYHannah.12 Nov 188425main1859
N22Number in Grave: 2
1EADESJohn- Aug 186079main1781
2EADESAnne12 Dec 186983wife1786
N23Number in Grave: 2
1HODGKINSONSarah18 Jul 183926wife1813
2HODGKINSONGeorge07 Dec 185659main1797
N24Number in Grave: 1
1JENKINSONRalph21 Aug 183076main1754
N25Number in Grave: 1
1SIDEBOTHAMHelen19 Dec 182616main1810
N26Number in Grave: 2
1GREGORYWilliam08 May 176454main1710
2GREGORYJohn28 Mar 178186?1695
N27Number in Grave: 2
1TATERSELGrace24 Feb 17732main1771
2TATERSELWilliam09 Dec 179324brother1769
N28Number in Grave: 2
1SWINDELElizabeth25 Sep 179822main1776
2SWINDELJoseph07 Mar 1799infson1799
N29Number in Grave: 2
1SHILLITOHarriette- - -infmain 
2SHILLITOAnn08 Aug 186459mother1805
N30Number in Grave: 3
1MERRELLJohn05 Apr 183661main1775
2MERRELLElizabeth24 Oct 184172wife1769
3MERRELLJohn25 Oct 18157son1808
N31Number in Grave: 3
1DAVISONWilliam02 Sep 175929husb1730
2WHITEThomas24 Dec 180180husb1721
3WHITEMary02 Apr 180567main1738
N32Number in Grave: 4
1FROSTWilliam25 Jan 18023son1799
2FROSTElizabeth22 Oct 181713daug1804
3FROSTJohn26 Aug 182220son1802
4FROSTMatthew04 Sep 1831 main 
N33Number in Grave: 1
1GREGORYMr.07 24 -60main 
N34Number in Grave: 2
1GARDOMAgnes06 May 188332main1851
2GARDOMEleanor Makin03 Oct 192879?1849
N35Number in Grave: 2
1STUCKEYMaria06 May 188257main1825
2STUCKEYLucy Maria19 Jun 188117daug1864
N36Number in Grave: 3
1COATESGeorge Henry07 Jul 188358main1825
2COATESMary02 Feb 192187wife1834
3COATESArthur James Wi05 Jun 195277son1875
N37Number in Grave: 2
1HIBBERTThomas17 Mar 193879main1859
2HIBBERTMary A.25 May 194480wife1864
N38Number in Grave: 2
1PINDERMary20 Nov 188149wife1832
2PINDERThomas09 Aug 189167main1824
N39Number in Grave: 1
1KITCHINJoseph11 Feb 188120main1861
N40Number in Grave: 2
1KITCHINJoseph06 Feb 186237main1825
2KITCHINEmma01 Apr 189972wife1827
N41Number in Grave: 2
1KITCHINFanny Jane.06 Nov 190456main1848
2KITCHINEmily13 Aug 191564?1851
P01Number in Grave: 2
1JACKSONCharles Thomas16 Mar 193473main1861
2JACKSONFanny12 Jun 195177wife1874
P02Number in Grave: 2
1BRIGHTMOREMary05 Aug 188961wife1828
2BRIGHTMOREWilliam19 Feb 190981main1828
P03Number in Grave: 1
1TURNERAnnie20 Jul 191247main1865
P04Number in Grave: 1
1MACLAURHENJohn16 Sep 1919 main 
P05Number in Grave: 4
1ROWLANDLouis11 Jun 18-- son 
2ROWLAND?.....ert- - -74main 
3? - - 1918 ? 
4ROWLANDMary- - - daug 
P06Number in Grave: 3
1DOWNESJohn William.10 Dec 190536main1869
2DOWNESMabel Annie16 Aug 194274wife1868
3FLINTElizabeth07 Jul 192079mother1841
P07Number in Grave: 2
1BESWICKElizabeth09 Aug 189350wife1843
2BESWICKJohn29 Dec 192488main1836
P08Number in Grave: 1
1MARSHALLRobert.30 Sep 190175main1826
P09Number in Grave: 1
1FORBESIsabell Locke09 Aug 1935 main 
P10Number in Grave: 3
1SLACKWilliam Harry27 Feb 19173main1914
2STRUTTAnnie08 May 193183?1848
3STRUTTWilliam29 Apr 193682?1854
P11Number in Grave: 1
1FIELDSENDAnne Diana M15 Aug 189330main1863
P12Number in Grave: 1
1WRENCHWilliam Mervyn06 May 189026main1864
P13Number in Grave: 6
1WRENCHEdward M12 Mar 191278main1834
2WRENCHAnne E08 Feb 192088wife1832
3WRENCHMervyn06 May 1890 son 
4WRENCHLetitia15 Aug 1890 daug 
5FIELDSENDDiana M15 Aug 1893 daug 
6HOBSONLetitia D24 Sep 192634?1892
P14Number in Grave: 1
1WRENCHEliza Letitia15 Aug 189025main1865
P15Number in Grave: 2
1WRENCHEdward Mason.12 Mar 191278main1834
2WRENCHAnne Eliza08 Feb 192088wife1832
P16Number in Grave: 1
1TREMEEREleanor (Nellie)16 Jan 191248main1864
P17Number in Grave: 4
1WALMSLEYJoseph30 Aug 190162main1839
2WALMSLEYGrace11 Oct 190424daug1880
3WALMSLEYFrederick01 Jan 18813son1878
4WALMSLEYSarah Alice18 Sep 191067wife1843
P18Number in Grave: 1
1WYNNEEdwin Holdsworth20 Nov 189322main1871
P19Number in Grave: 1
1SCOTTCharles18 Apr 189576main1819
P20Number in Grave: 3
1HATTERSLEYWilliam29 Jun 189773main1824
2HATTERSLEYSarah26 Dec 189771?1826
3HATTERSLEYMary31 Dec 191183?1828
P21Number in Grave: 1
1MAKINSarah06 Jun 190688main1818
P22Number in Grave: 2
1EADESAmy28 Jun 190675wife1831
2EADESJoseph09 Dec 192491main1833
P23Number in Grave: 1
1TOMLINSONAnnie10 Oct 190538main1867
P24Number in Grave: 2
1STANTONFrederick.26 Nov 191061main1849
2STANTONHarriette07 Feb 192380wife1843
P25Number in Grave: 1
1DICKENMargaret Elizab03 Feb 19152dysmain1915
P26Number in Grave: 4
1FROGGATTJohn01 Mar 191271main1841
2FROGGATTMary28 Mar 192676wife1850
3FROGGATTAlexander Wil06 Nov 192955son1874
4SHELDONHilda Cecilia29 Nov 194454?1890
P27Number in Grave: 2
1KITCHINJohn17 Oct 190956main1853
2KITCHINElizabeth19 Feb 193480wife1854
P28Number in Grave: 2
1KITCHINBetsy Frances.14 Sep 191361wife1852
2KITCHINWilliam13 Mar 194893main1855
P29Number in Grave: 2
1DERBYSHIREEliza06 Jun 193369wife1864
2DERBYSHIREJohn Henry- Jul 1938 main 
P30Number in Grave: 3
1BARKHenry James.16 Feb 195276main1876
2BARKEthel Mary10 Dec 194360wife1883
3DURHAMDoris Evelyn01 Nov 196964daug1905

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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