Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Surnames S

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

Click on the REFerence number on the left to see a listing of the Plot.

T02SABEYAlice Mary13 May 191964wife1855
T02SABEYBetsy13 Oct 188329wife1854
T02SABEYGeorge27 Apr 192473main1851
Q55SAUNDERSDorothy May05 Jan 197466?1908
S08dSAUNDERSElizabeth10 Mar 197675n/a 
Q55SAUNDERSMaud12 Apr 195348main1905
Q55SAUNDERSWilliam26 Feb 194779?1868
M22SAVAGEAnn04 Apr 183939wife1800
M22SAVAGEHannah Ollivant28 Oct 186516daug1849
M22SAVAGEJohn05 Oct 182363main1760
M31SAVAGEJohn14 Jul 184249main1793
M31SAVAGEMary23 Jun 185365wife1788
M23SAVAGESampson28 Apr 17718brother1763
M21SAVAGESarah21 Jan 1707 main 
M22SAVAGEThomas22 May 186859son1809
F26SAXBYMary04 Jun 18427mthsson1842
F26SAXBYThomas13 Jan 18585main1853
F26SAXBYchild- - -infinf 
F26SAXBYchild- - -infinf 
Q43SAYERMarjorie E M03 Aug 196061main1899
S12gSCHURERWilliam G07 Jun 1983 n/a1914
P19SCOTTCharles18 Apr 189576main1819
M25SCOTTEmma02 May 182627main1799
B47SEATONHarold15 Jul 195759main1898
B47SEATONIrene08 Jan 196861wife1907
B13SEATONJackie24 Nov 199121 1970
F33SHARMANAnn14 Feb 187680wife1796
F33SHARMANThomas03 Feb 187274main1798
N06aSHARPDenis03 Jan 2002 n/a 
N06aSHARPJoan M27 Feb 1999 n/a 
G50SHARPEDorothy13 Oct 200389?1914
E19SHAWAnn06 Oct 186093wife1767
E17SHAWBartholomew10 Jan 188056main1824
E09SHAWElizabeth23 Feb 179762wife1735
E17SHAWElizabeth02 Nov 186860wife1808
S11fSHAWFrederick17 May 198279n/a 
E17SHAWGeorge31 Jan 1835infson1835
E18SHAWGeorge27 Feb 186058main1802
R27SHAWHannah28 Dec 188880main1808
S11fSHAWHilda26 Aug 198172n/a 
E22SHAWJames04 Jun 186614brother1852
E18SHAWJane26 Nov 18458daug1837
E18SHAWMary20 Aug 181552?1763
E19SHAWRobert28 Aug 180844main1764
B64SHAWRobert E01 Jul 200192 1909
E18SHAWSarah03 Mar 18323daug1829
E18SHAWSarah01 Dec 184946wife1803
E09SHAWWilliam25 Feb 179756main1741
E18SHAWWilliam05 Nov 183184?1747
E17SHAWWilliam29 May 18412son1839
R27SHAWWillie Frederick26 Aug 189716g-child1881
E09SHAWsuah- - inf 
Q20SHELDONAlice05 Aug 192659wife1867
Q10SHELDONAlice12 Mar 196684wife1882
N01bSHELDONAnne24 Mar 197972n/a 
Q20SHELDONArthur27 May 191818son1900
S18fSHELDONBarnard07 Feb 199179n/a 
S27SHELDONBenjamin16 Apr 191424main1890
N01bSHELDONBrian30 Jun 196430n/a 
K10SHELDONCharlotte03 Jan 185853wife1805
G14SHELDONDavid25 Mar 188353main1830
Q19SHELDONDavid28 May 192761main1866
T37SHELDONEliza01 Jun 192774wife1853
K10SHELDONElizabeth30 Mar 18549mthsdaug1854
G14SHELDONElizabeth17 Aug 190468wife1836
G20SHELDONEmily01 Apr 186318wife1845
Q10SHELDONFrank06 Jun 192519son1906
N01fSHELDONFred18 Feb 196779n/a 
G21SHELDONFrederick14 Sep 193073main1857
K10SHELDONGeorge09 Mar 185756main1801
T37SHELDONGeorge29 Dec 192770main1857
S07fSHELDONGladys E07 Jul 198981n/a 
Q32SHELDONHenry23 Feb 196075main1885
P26SHELDONHilda Cecilia29 Nov 194454?1890
Q20SHELDONJames William16 May 193871main1867
Q27SHELDONJohn12 Jun 194166main1875
S09cSHELDONJohn18 Jul 197770n/a 
S06iSHELDONKenneth20 Oct 197343n/a 
N01fSHELDONMary22 Dec 197284n/a 
G14SHELDONMary Ann- -infdaug 
S27SHELDONMary Ellen31 Jan 196399wife1864
S09cSHELDONMay29 Aug 199587n/a 
S27SHELDONRoger James03 Nov 193067father1863
S27SHELDONSamuel01 Jul 191623brother1893
G21SHELDONSarah Ann02 Apr 190952wife1857
Q19SHELDONSarah Hannah10 Dec 192565wife1860
G20SHELDONThomas15 Sep 188381main1802
G21SHELDONThomas Frederi05 Nov 191736son1881
K10SHELDONWilliam18 Oct 186829son1839
G14SHELDONWilliam15 Apr 187514son1861
Q10SHELDONWilliam Arthur05 Aug 195982main1877
S07fSHELDONWilliam P12 Nov 197470n/a 
S08eSHERRATTHelen L18 Jan 19795n/a 
S08eSHERRATTJane Marie08 Apr 19766n/a 
N29SHILLITOAnn08 Aug 186459mother1805
N29SHILLITOHarriette- - -infmain 
C10SHUTTEleanor28 Jan 18311daug1830
C10SHUTTElizabeth Chriss07 May 18261daug1825
C10SHUTTEustace William10 Mar 18372son1835
C10SHUTTFelicia Maria08 Mar 18374daug1833
C10SHUTTHenry John30 Jan 185022son1828
C10SHUTTJohn Henry10 Jun 185559main1796
M51SIDDALLWilliam08 Aug 178348main1735
N25SIDEBOTHAMHelen19 Dec 182616main1810
J30SIKESJohn11 Jun 177254main1718
J30SIKESMary31 Aug 178061wife1719
J30SIKESWalter23 May 178329son1754
R02SIMMONSErnest06 May 194476main1868
Q34SIMPSONGeorge Harold13 Feb 195989main1870
Q34SIMPSONJessie Mildred05 Apr 196486wife1878
T05SINGLETONSarah Jane05 Jul 194088wife1852
T05SINGLETONWilliam11 Jun 191956main1863
P10SLACKWilliam Harry27 Feb 19173main1914
S18eSLATERAlan27 Jan 199173n/a 
S18eSLATERMarjorie04 Jan 200179n/a 
G64SLOWEBertha- -infdaug 
G64SLOWEJane19 Jan 186323main1840
B56SMALLAgnes22 Feb 186823daug1845
B56SMALLJohn02 Jan 186977main1792
S14gSMEDLEYC  n/a 
S14gSMEDLEYM  n/a 
J02SMITH?20 - 1850 inf 
J02SMITHAnne Elizbeth15 Feb 18401sister1839
N01eSMITHDorothy08 May 199888n/a 
T15SMITHEllen13 Nov 192054wife1866
S02fSMITHEllen17 Aug 196381n/a 
S19gSMITHEric H23 Feb 199385n/a 
J03SMITHFanny20 Jan 185514daug1841
T15SMITHHenry04 Jan 194576main1869
N01eSMITHHenry C19 Dec 199662n/a 
J53SMITHHilda Dorothy08 Aug 197784daug1893
S18cSMITHJack1990 n/a1908
J03SMITHJames26 Jul 185652main1804
R49SMITHJane22 Jun 193982wife1857
S09hSMITHKathleen M19 May 1978 n/a1925
J53SMITHLouisa19 Nov 192257main1865
S18cSMITHMajorie1988 n/a1915
B61SMITHMarjorie23 Oct 198872main1916
S19gSMITHMay28 Sep 199894n/a 
R49SMITHOswald George05 Aug 191352main1861
J02SMITHWalter12 Aug 18571main1856
S22fSNAPECyril H23 Feb 200287n/a 
S22fSNAPELouis M29 Jan 200184n/a 
S07eSORBYDorothea M10 Apr 1974 n/a1902
S07eSORBYT  n/a 
G17SOUTARAnn Jane11 Apr 194472main1872
J10SPARKHannah20 Sep 192678wife1848
J10SPARKWilliam19 Sep 192273main1849
B36SPOONERJ H29 Mar 195285main1867
B36SPOONERMabel31 Oct 195380wife1873
B36SPOONEROlive Margaret10 Aug 197070daug1900
M26STAFFORDAnn08 Aug 180916?1793
M29STAFFORDAnn23 Jul 183575wife1760
M29STAFFORDElijah07 Sep 183379main1754
M26STAFFORDEmma07 Dec 179076wife1714
M26STAFFORDJohn- - -inf? 
M26STAFFORDJohn14 May 179677main1719
M29STAFFORDJohn11 May 185367son1786
M29STAFFORDMargaret01 Oct 185565?1790
M26STAFFORDMary- - -inf? 
D05STAFFORDRobert20 Mar 170278main1624
M26STAFFORDRobert10 Jun 181519?1796
M28STAFFORDRobert09 Aug 181756main1761
M26STAFFORDSarah- - -inf? 
M27STAFFORDSarah- 1707 main 
M26STAFFORDSarah26 Sep 175235wife1717
S09dSTALEYAnnie M17 Aug 1977 n/a1897
S06hSTALEYArthur L21 Mar 197366n/a 
T49STALEYBertha Ellen13 Jan 196688wife1878
S29STALEYEliza15 Apr 194573daug1872
S29STALEYElizabeth10 Apr 192887wife1841
T49STALEYFrancis- 194773main1874
Q14STALEYJames Edward21 Jan 196890brother1878
R45STALEYJohn21 Apr 194681main1865
Q14STALEYJoseph Arthur29 Sep 195789main1868
T44STALEYLois Brightmore24 Jul 194477main1867
F32STALEYMary07 May 183650wife1786
S06hSTALEYMay E17 Jan 199790n/a 
F32STALEYSarah03 Sep 184911daug1838
F32STALEYSarah09 Apr 186957wife1812
S29STALEYSarah Susanna13 Apr 194777daug1870
F32STALEYStephen27 Nov 185870main1788
S29STALEYStephen09 Feb 191575main1840
S09dSTALEYStephen30 Jan 1983 n/a1896
F32STALEYSusanna02 Mar 186819daug1849
F38STANIFORTHElizabeth16 Aug 192387neice1836
F38STANIFORTHMary19 May 192785neice1842
B02STANLEYAnne13 Mar 200085 1915
B02STANLEYDenis W31 Aug 200081 1919
P24STANTONFrederick.26 Nov 191061main1849
P24STANTONHarriette07 Feb 192380wife1843
H43STEWARTJoseph11 Jun 185845main1813
A42STOCKDALEElizabeth19 Apr 189272main1820
A42STOCKDALERev J24 Oct 190778husb1829
H04STONEAaron- -infson 
A46STONEAnne30 Jun 17542main1752
H04STONECharles15 Dec 184919son1830
H04STONECharles17 Jun 185568main1787
C07STONEDavid- - main 
H04STONEDiana23 Jul 187181wife1790
S04gSTONEFrederick05 Nov 196974n/a 
H04STONEGeorge23 Feb 187357son1816
S16dSTONEGladys1988 n/a1897
H04STONEHannah18 Jul 187654other1822
H04STONEJames10 Aug 185018son1832
S04gSTONELilian03 Apr 186866n/a 
H04STONELydia- -infdaug 
H04STONESusanna- -infdaug 
H04STONEWilliam25 Oct 184126son1815
S16dSTONEWilliam H1988 n/a1897
N03gSTOTHARDDavid31 Dec 197962n/a 
N03gSTOTHARDKathleen E27 Jul 198364n/a 
F12STRINGFELLOWCatherine16 Feb -88wife 
F12STRINGFELLOWWilliam12 Jan 181071main1739
G52STROYANEleanor Alice28 Apr 190338?1865
G52STROYANEsther03 Nov 191080wife1830
G52STROYANEvelyn Isabel- Mar 186910mths?1869
G52STROYANFlorence Esthe- May 18693?1866
K13STROYANIsabella11 Sep 185366wife1787
K13STROYANJohn08 Apr 181560main1755
G52STROYANJohn07 Feb 189477main1817
G52STROYANJohn Charles09 Oct 189540son1855
P10STRUTTAnnie08 May 193183?1848
R30STRUTTElizabeth05 Aug 189766wife1831
T18STRUTTElizabeth11 Sep 192863main1865
R29STRUTTEsther Ann13 Oct 188827main1861
R30STRUTTJohn09 May 188765main1822
P10STRUTTWilliam29 Apr 193682?1854
N35STUCKEYLucy Maria19 Jun 188117daug1864
N35STUCKEYMaria06 May 188257main1825
S08cSWAINDoris R15 Aug 199998n/a 
S08cSWAINWilliam E21 Dec 197575n/a 
Q29SWALLOWAda Alice10 Mar 192861wife1867
Q29SWALLOWHenry Kinder07 Apr 195494main1860
N28SWINDELElizabeth25 Sep 179822main1776
N28SWINDELJoseph07 Mar 1799infson1799
B18SWINDELLSMartin30 Nov 200466 1938
T24SWINDINWinifred Emily15 Jul 192321daug1902
J30SYKESCharlotte25 Aug 185764g-child1793
J29SYKESDorothy04 Aug 186473daug1791
J29SYKESElizabeth29 Jul 181160wife1751
J29SYKESElizabeth02 Apr 185865daug1793
C23SYKESHelen01 Feb 187264daug1808
T33SYKESHenrietta05 Jan 193178main1853
T33SYKESIsabel12 Jan 193176?1855
J29SYKESJohn06 Sep 182882main1746
J29SYKESJonathon Septimu12 Nov 181327son1786
J30SYKESThomas30 Mar 185673g-child1783

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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