Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Surnames B

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

Click on the REFerence number on the left to see a listing of the Plot.

H39BACONAlexander03 Oct 190873main1835
H40BACONCharles01 Mar 193260main1872
N05dBACONCharles A20 Oct 199066n/a 
H40BACONIvy14 Jun 198188wife1893
H39BACONSarah14 Jun 190322wife1881
D22BAGGALEYEliz25 Jul 17424daug1738
S13gBAGGALEYHelen08 Mar 198485n/a 
S09aBAGGALEYJames W05 Jan 197766n/a 
T26BAGGALEYJohn Middleto30 Mar 193768main1869
D28BAGGALEYMary- - wife 
D22BAGGALEYMary19 Dec 174010daug1730
D22BAGGALEYMary28 Sep 17423daug1739
S11iBAGGALEYNellie15 Oct 199494n/a 
D22BAGGALEYSarah09 Jun 175554wife1701
T26BAGGALEYSarah Ellen25 Sep 194678wife1868
D28BAGGALEYThomas17 Feb 1698 main 
D22BAGGALEYWilliam29 Jul 176771main1696
S11iBAGGALEYWilliam E17 Jan 198177n/a 
S07BAGSHAWEHarriet13 Aug 193483wife1851
S07BAGSHAWEJoseph17 Jan 190667main1839
Q16BAKERElizabeth C07 Jan 197475daug1899
Q16BAKERThere Elizabeth 7David CamE13 Jun 197278son1894
T12BALDWINAmelia14 Aug 193961wife1878
T12BALDWINHenry George09 Jun 194769main1878
S14BANNERMANGeorge Mathe30 Oct 192185main1836
S14BANNERMANJessie Georg03 Jan 191747daug1870
S14BANNERMANSarah16 Jan 191773wife1844
S14BANNERMANThamas Matti31 Oct 191224?1888
B20BARBERBertram H- 198281main1901
B20BARBERNancy L- - 198470wife1914
P30BARKEthel Mary10 Dec 194360wife1883
P30BARKHenry James.16 Feb 195276main1876
T63BARKERAda18 Aug 196897wife1871
H19BARKERAgnes20 Feb 1898 main 
M37BARKERAlice23 Apr 177537wife1738
H12BARKERAnthony Auriol21 Dec -54son 
R33BARKERElizabeth22 Jan 190679wife1827
H29BARKERFrederic06 Apr 188274main1808
H12BARKERFrederick18 Apr 18076mthsson1807
G44BARKERGeorge23 Jan 184057main1783
T63BARKERGeorge J W16 Feb 195382main1871
G44BARKERHannah01 Dec 180514main1791
G27BARKERHannah24 Jun 183583wife1752
H12BARKERHenry- - - ? 
H12BARKERJane12 May 1838 wife 
M37BARKERJohn16 Oct 178147main1734
G27BARKERJohnApr 181225son1787
G27BARKERJohn27 Mar 181673main1743
H12BARKERJohn06 Jun 182463main1761
H29BARKERMary31 Jan 191061wife1849
G27BARKERRobert27 Mar 183244son1788
H12BARKERSophia20 Jun 1844 other 
S21eBARKERSylvia J23 Nov 199667n/a 
G27BARKERThomas20 Mar 182127son1794
R33BARKERWilliam28 Jun 188270main1812
B35BARONHoward03 Apr 198772main1915
B35BARONMargaret30 Oct 200583 1922
K12BARRACLOUGHAnn21 Apr 186161daug1800
J11BARRATTJohn19 Jun 181157main1754
B39BARRONHarry22 May 197859main1919
M01BARTONAnn09 Sep 185040main1810
G65BARTONJoseph17 Mar 187655main1821
G65BARTONMaria01 Jan 190388wife1815
S13eBATERF E08 Jul 198454n/a 
S37BEARDALLBessie19 Jun 193983wife1856
S37BEARDALLJob09 Aug 192165main1856
S01fBEARDSALLF W Eric29 Jun 196259n/a 
S01fBEARDSALLIvy28 Mar 199486n/a 
Q64BELTONAudrey E23 Jan 199580 1995
S01BEMBRIDGEJames K14 Nov 189259main1833
S01BEMBRIDGESarah Jane11 Mar 190253wife1849
S03BENNETTBlanche16 Dec 19--48daug-29
S03BENNETTJohn22 Jul 191562other1853
G63BENNETTSarah Ann19 Jul 195271daug1881
G66BENNETTSarah Ann19 Jul 195271daug1881
N05cBENTGeorgiana04 Aug 1992 n/a 
N05cBENTJames26 Feb 1982 n/a 
G38BERREYDorothy08 Dec 184175main1766
M49BESWICKCharles07 Aug 188850son1838
P07BESWICKElizabeth09 Aug 189350wife1843
M49BESWICKJarvis.13 Jun 186557main1808
P07BESWICKJohn29 Dec 192488main1836
M49BESWICKMaria31 Aug 185242wife1810
M49BESWICKSamuel- -infson 
M49BESWICKWalter- -infson 
J17BETNEYClara02 May 186123main1838
S08fBETTNEYAnnie08 Jun 197883n/a 
N02dBETTNEYEllen07 Jul 197580n/a 
N02dBETTNEYHarold08 Feb 197984n/a 
S08fBETTNEYJohn H01 Feb 198287n/a 
S06bBETTNEYMarjorie23 Feb 200287n/a 
S06bBETTNEYMaurice21 May 197051n/a 
E22BEVANMary19 Jun 186023main1837
A04BIBBYColin O- 198563main1922
T27BIBBYMary Ann- - 195089wife1861
T27BIBBYWilliam- - 194181main1860
N05aBIRDSBarbara M2000 n/a1933
B71BIRLEYCharles12 Nov 183014son1816
B71BIRLEYJohn16 May 183545main1790
B71BIRLEYMary02 Jul 185272wife1780
G15BISHOPJane Sophia Rhy07 Feb 193394main1839
S18BLACKBANDAnnie31 May 191380wife1833
S18BLACKBANDBenjamin24 Aug 189972main1827
T23BLYTHEMaud Mary15 Mar 194785main1862
N03hBLYTONMiriam H1980 n/a1906
B37BLYTONThomas A09 May 200494 1910
B53BOAM?- -infson 
B53BOAMMary15 Feb 181060wife1750
B53BOAMMary21 Mar 1821 daug 
B53BOAMThomas21 Jun 18211son1820
B53BOAMThomas21 Apr 184972main1777
J35BODENMartha15 Dec 189391wife1802
J35BODENSamuel08 Sep 188776main1811
D08BOLER(daug)- - daug 
D08BOLERChristopher- Mar 172638main1688
D02BOLERElizabeth08 Jan 185850main1808
D02BOLERIsabella26 Jun 18593daug1856
S08hBONDMabel E06 Nov 198766n/a 
S08hBONDPeter J01 Sep 197655n/a 
S16iBOOTCharles H05 May 198959n/a 
J32BOOTHMary18 Nov 185535daug1820
S03aBOTHAMK E  n/a 
M05BOWERHannah- Mar 171- wife 
M05BOWERRobert30 Dec 1707 main 
D11BOWLERAnn16 Apr 179829sister1769
M43BOWLERAnn11 Feb 180428wife1776
D10BOWLERChristopher03 Dec 178237son 
M43BOWLERChristopher.27 Mar 180830main1778
D10BOWLEREdward04 Dec 176441main 
D11BOWLEREdwerd25 Aug 179325main1768
D09BOWLERElizbeth- - main 
D10BOWLEREllen31 Dec 17812g-child 
D09BOWLERJohn09 Mar 181735son1782
D09BOWLERSampson15 Mar 185178son1773
B24BOWNLeonard03 Jul 199452 1942
R50BOWRINGAnn Smith05 May 193471?1863
N14BOWRINGHannah22 Nov 181339main1774
N14BOWRINGJohn06 Nov 183224son1808
N14BOWRINGSamuel25 Mar 184568husb1777
N14BOWRINGSarah10 Dec 182421daug1803
A08BRADBURYErnest07 Feb 195553main1902
A08BRADBURYUrsula E30 Apr 199998?1901
A21BRADSHAWElizabeth20 Jan 17992main1797
A21BRADSHAWThomas20 Oct 1799infson1799
S17gBRADWELLJohn06 Oct 198989n/a 
R35BRAMWELLFrank21 Nov 189640main1856
R38BRAMWELLFrederick Wil12 Oct 194063main1877
R38BRAMWELLMildred07 Jan 196275wife1887
T07BRAMWELLPhyllis Gertr- - 197878daug1900
F37BRANSONElizabeth10 Mar 189879wife1819
F37BRANSONFerguson20 Aug 189585main1810
F42BRANSONJohn11 Dec 189861main1837
F36BRANSONMaria16 Sep 186065main1795
R40BRIGHTMORE - - - ? 
F24BRIGHTMOREAlbert22 Jan 1903 son 
R43BRIGHTMOREAnnie Louis01 Aug 1941 ? 
J34BRIGHTMOREBarbara24 Aug 187973main1806
Q11BRIGHTMORECharlotte28 Aug 193669wife1867
N04bBRIGHTMOREChristiana18 Jun 1988 n/a 
N08aBRIGHTMOREEileen01 Nov 200574n/a 
S24BRIGHTMOREEliza Ann19 Nov 192049wife1871
C38BRIGHTMOREElizabeth- Dec 182364wife1759
F43BRIGHTMOREElizabeth01 Feb 188075wife1805
Q58BRIGHTMOREEveline06 Apr 1950 main 
Q58BRIGHTMOREFlorence28 Dec 1954 sister 
S09eBRIGHTMOREGeorge W20 Jan 197878n/a 
S09eBRIGHTMOREGerty01 Oct 198786n/a 
S24BRIGHTMOREHerbert26 Dec 193365husb1868
S24BRIGHTMOREHerbert Edg- - 191720son1897
C38BRIGHTMOREJohn11 Feb 182952son1777
F23BRIGHTMOREJohn10 Feb 184218son1824
F43BRIGHTMOREJohn22 Jun 187273main1799
F24BRIGHTMOREJonathon02 Jul 188757son1830
C38BRIGHTMOREMary26 Dec 180253wife1749
F24BRIGHTMOREMary08 May 188683main1803
P02BRIGHTMOREMary05 Aug 188961wife1828
F24BRIGHTMOREMary23 Jan 190972daug1837
F23BRIGHTMOREMichael- - -infson 
F23BRIGHTMOREMichael22 Apr 185151main1800
R40BRIGHTMORENorman- - 1897 son 
N04bBRIGHTMOREPercy23 May 1986 n/a 
R43BRIGHTMORESusanna30 Apr 189079main1811
Q11BRIGHTMOREWalter.02 May 192770main1857
C38BRIGHTMOREWilliam11 Mar 181463main1751
P02BRIGHTMOREWilliam19 Feb 190981main1828
R40BRIGHTMOREWilliam25 Feb 190945wife1864
R40BRIGHTMOREWilliam- - 1918 main 
R24BRISTOLAlfred Joseph26 Oct 185816son1842
R24BRISTOLElizabeth07 Mar 188973wife1816
R24BRISTOLJoseph07 Feb 186982main1787
C08BROADHURSTAnn17 Sep 177436main1738
C06BROADHURSTRebecca14 Dec 175752main1705
R03BROCKLEHURSTCaroline03 Feb 177575main1700
R04BROCKLEHURSTElizabeth07 Feb 179338wife1755
R04BROCKLEHURSTJoseph04 May 1803 main 
G77BROMLEYWilliam20 Aug 186653main1813
T56BROOKClara17 Sep 195178wife1873
T56BROOKGeorge Bernard15 Oct 195076main1874
B44BROOKIrene07 Jul 199590?1905
B45BROOKJohn Scott199178 1913
B44BROOKNoel Wynn- 198584main1901
G29BROOKEG E- Jan 183536main1799
S08iBROOMEAubrey14 Oct 197671n/a 
S08iBROOMECharleotte M14 Aug 198476n/a 
N09BROOMHEADAnn30 Jan 18021daug1801
N10BROOMHEADAnne08 Aug 187749daug1828
N09BROOMHEADCatherine18 Feb 184280wife1762
S12BROOMHEADCatherine M07 Dec 190776main1831
J31BROOMHEADCharlotte An05 Jul 187011daug1859
C29BROOMHEADEliza- -infdaug 
C23BROOMHEADElizabeth09 Jul 185640daug1816
N09BROOMHEADFrances28 Jan 180810mthsdaug1808
C29BROOMHEADGeorge05 Mar 18-- brother 
D13BROOMHEADHannah06 Jun 182335daug1788
J31BROOMHEADIsabella27 Jun 188360wife1823
N10BROOMHEADJohn07 Mar 184721son1826
N09BROOMHEADJohn15 Feb 186060son1800
N10BROOMHEADJoseph16 May 184848main1800
J31BROOMHEADJoseph21 Nov 186041main1819
C30BROOMHEADMary14 Apr 18153daug1812
C23BROOMHEADMary16 Jan 185444daug1810
C23BROOMHEADMary13 Feb 185577wife1778
N10BROOMHEADMary03 Dec 186868wife1800
N09BROOMHEADNicholas12 Nov 184888main1760
N13BROOMHEADNicholas B.21 Jun 188352main1831
C29BROOMHEADSarah09 May 183022main1808
C31BROOMHEADThomas22 Oct 185441main1813
C30BROOMHEADWilliam31 Mar 181540main1775
C23BROOMHEADWilliam26 Feb 184366main1777
N10BROOMHEADWilliam16 Mar 187017son1853
S14cBROUGHDavid17 Oct 198539n/a 
S03eBROUGHFreda26 Apr 198575n/a 
S03eBROUGHGeorge20 Dec 196676n/a 
S14cBROUGHGeorge19 Jul 200369n/a 
G23BROUGHTONAlbert Edwar26 Mar 194567main1878
G23BROUGHTONEmily Edmead06 Aug 197696wife1880
N06cBROWNAnne2003 n/a1915
S01aBROWNBertha A1961 n/a1884
N06cBROWNDonald1995 n/a1919
A06BROWNGeorge Robert26 May 1952 main 
S09iBROWNJohn A21 Oct 1978 n/a1908
S09iBROWNJoyce K07 Jul 1978 n/a1913
S23iBROWNTerence A01 Mar 2004 n/a1943
F22BROWNWilliam25 Jul 186568main1797
C22BRUMIDSarah04 Nov 176624main1742
S12cBRUNTGeof16 Jan 198273n/a 
S12cBRUNTNellie30 Nov 200593n/a 
M36BRUSHFIELDMary06 Apr 176848main1720
M35BRUSHFIELDThomas16 Oct 176786main1681
Q36BUCKTONAnnie Elizabet13 Oct 197278wife1894
Q36BUCKTONHerbert05 Jan 194562main1883
S02aBULLIVANTJohn23 Feb 196380n/a 
S02aBULLIVANTMargaret09 Jun 196882n/a 
A44BURDEKINEmily Jane- - main 
A43BURDEKINHugh11 Jun 1885 main 
S17dBURGESSAlbert24 May 198989n/a 
S17dBURGESSFanny04 Sep 199294n/a 
S13BURGESSMaria08 Jul 1942 wife 
S13BURGESSThomas H24 Nov 1937 main 
B11BURKEJack20 Jan 199063main1927
S13iBURMANMichael01 Mar 198343n/a 
S19eBURNDouglas W1992 n/a1918
S12dBURNETTAlfred G21 May 198276n/a 
S03dBURNSRebecca04 Oct 196683n/a 
S03dBURNSRobert A04 Oct 193673n/a 
S12dBURRETTDoris A16 Apr 199189n/a 
N06gBURROWSKenneth E25 May 199481n/a 
A12BUTCHERSarah17 Feb 183934daug1805
N06eBUTTERELLHilda M25 Nov 198273n/a 
N06eBUTTERELLThomas P30 Nov 199690n/a 
C39BUXTONElizabeth06 Feb 185624main1832
H48BUXTONJohn26 May 186677main1789
H48BUXTONLuke08 Mar 185017son1833
H48BUXTONSarah10 Feb 188080wife1800
C39BUXTONSusannah27 Jul 185442main1812
H48BUXTONWilliam11 Jul 187733son1844
C42BUXTONWilliam Henry02 Sep 185411mthsson1854

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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