Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Surnames P-Q

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

Click on the REFerence number on the left to see a listing of the Plot.

S01aPALFREYMANJohn J1979 n/a1920
Q51PALMERAlfred.17 Jan 193479main1855
Q51PALMERAnnie03 Feb 194683wife1863
B34PALMERMarjorie R17 Mar 200588 1917
B34PALMERStanley- 198579main1906
J28PARKERElizabeth06 Jan 181788wife1729
J28PARKERJohn06 Mar 182372son1751
S06cPARKERL  n/a 
A07PARKERLizzie30 Oct 195996main1863
J28PARKERThomas28 Feb 179160main1731
J28PARKERThomas13 Jul 183676son1760
K03PASHLEYCatharine28 Jul 187279?1793
K03PASHLEYFrederick06 Apr 185336?1817
B59PEATJohn09 Apr 181884main1734
N02fPEDLEYRoy M24 Jul 197445n/a 
T01PEELBertha Sarah01 Oct 191543?1872
T01PEELBlanche Mary12 Oct 194777daug1870
T01PEELSarah Bellamy14 Oct 192276wife1846
T01PEELThomas31 Dec 192179main1842
C19PENESTONEElizabeth12 Dec 176363wife1700
C19PENESTONERalph28 Feb 176231son1731
M62PENISTONEAnne05 Feb 186836wife1832
C01PENISTONECatherine19 Feb 181185wife1726
C01PENISTONEDorothy03 Jul 176414g-child1750
C03PENISTONEDorothy03 Sep 179831wife1767
C02PENISTONEDorothy31 Jan 186539daug1826
C37PENISTONEHenry- Oct -87main 
M38PENISTONEJohn10 Feb 178889main1699
C37PENISTONEMartha09 May 182274wife1748
C02PENISTONEMarther02 Jan 188150daug1831
M61PENISTONEMary Hallatt25 Feb 18603g-child1857
C19PENISTONERalph22 Apr 178180main1701
C03PENISTONERalph29 Aug 182055main1765
C02PENISTONERalph30 Mar 183538main1797
M62PENISTONERalph06 Apr 191184main1827
C01PENISTONERobert09 Feb 17644g-child1760
C01PENISTONERobert12 Mar 179168main1723
C03PENISTONERuth21 Jul 183776wife1761
C01PENISTONESarah07 Jun 176416g-child1748
C02PENISTONESarah08 Aug 188085wife1795
M61PENISTONEThomas Henry21 Dec 18575g-child1852
C03PENISTONEWilliam- -infson 
T51PETERSCatherine12 Feb 194971main1878
R28PETERSCharles08 Jan 188842main1846
T51PETERSElizabeth01 Apr 195175?1876
R28PETERSElizbeth05 Jul 192381wife1842
Q22PETERSEmily31 Jan 195977main1882
Q46PETERSHarriet08 Mar 194560main1885
Q46PETERSJoseph26 Mar 194561?1884
N03ePETERSJoseph06 Nov 197875n/a 
N03ePETERSSarah18 Aug 200088n/a 
N02cPETTITPhyllis12 Feb 1976 n/a 
N02cPETTITRaymond07 Feb 1979 n/a 
S19fPHILLIPSMary13 Nov 199271n/a 
J06PICKERSGILLJane02 Sep 187065wife1805
J06PICKERSGILLJohn29 Aug 188878main1810
J05PICKERSGILLMary03 Feb 190467sister1837
J05PICKERSGILLThomas11 Oct 189755main1842
J05PICKERSGILLWilliam Fl18 May 189751brother1846
S15cPINDERColin1986 n/a1909
S38PINDEREdith Annie04 Dec 193152main1879
S06gPINDERGordon23 Aug 197237n/a 
N38PINDERMary20 Nov 188149wife1832
S17fPINDERMay16 Sep 198982n/a 
S26PINDERRobert25 Apr 192450main1874
S15cPINDERSylvia2004 n/a1915
N38PINDERThomas09 Aug 189167main1824
S38PINDERTom George13 Mar 194131son1910
T65PLOWRIGHTElizabeth- 193244main1888
N05gPLUMERFrederick C1988 n/a1924
N05gPLUMERRene L1995 n/a1926
B22POCHINBetty- - 198269wife1913
B22POCHINEdward R- 198780main1907
G79POLLARDWilliam03 Jan 186164main1797
S08POWNALLMartha Hannah13 Sep 190311mthsmain1903
S10iPRICEMarie L14 Sep 1980 n/a1887
T64PRIESTMANUrsula Mary11 Oct 1882 main 
G32PRINCEHarriet20 Feb 187325main1848
S22hPUGHCedric J04 May 2001 n/a1938
S12fPYBUSD  n/a 
J04PYBUSElizabeth20 Apr 186150?1811
J04PYBUSElizabeth05 Jan 18633?1860
J04PYBUSHannah22 Aug 185567wife1788
J04PYBUSJohn08 Apr 185778main1779
S12fPYBUSW F  n/a 
J04PYBUSWilliam30 May 185837?1821
S03iQUICKFALLElsie24 Nov 197075n/a 

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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