Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Surnames K-L

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

Click on the REFerence number on the left to see a listing of the Plot.

H45KAYAnn26 Apr 189566wife1829
H50KAYCharles14 May 18613brother1858
H45KAYCharles08 Jun 191585husb1830
H50KAYCharlotte04 Dec 18597main1852
H44KAYCharlotte07 Apr 186480wife1784
H44KAYEliza09 Feb 186444?1820
H54KAYGeorge14 Sep 188969main1820
H42KAYHelena03 Mar 18679mthsdaug1867
H44KAYJohn19 Feb 186585main1780
H54KAYJohn17 Dec 190659son1847
H46KAYJohn27 Aug 192158main1863
H50KAYJohn Samuel19 May 18645brother1859
H42KAYJoseph09 Sep 18594son1855
H42KAYJoseph22 Oct 189872main1826
H42KAYMary06 Feb 187348wife1825
H42KAYMary22 Sep 198627daug1959
H54KAYSarah24 May 189474wife1820
H44KAYWilliam18 Jun 186046son1814
T31KELCEYFlorence01 Jan 196578wife1887
T31KELCEYRobert22 Jun 194555main1890
R37KESTEVENCathrine17 Oct 189681main1815
N06hKETTELLIsobel J27 Mar 199468n/a 
N06hKETTELLNorman11 Jan 200076n/a 
G37KINGJohn09 Feb 176065son1695
B32KINGMichael J18 Sep 1998stillb 1998
G37KINGRobert16 May 176489main1675
P28KITCHINBetsy Frances.14 Sep 191361wife1852
E06KITCHINEdward18 Aug 173157main1674
M57KITCHINEdward.28 Dec 179879main1719
H18KITCHINEleanor28 Jan 194670wife1876
P27KITCHINElizabeth19 Feb 193480wife1854
H10KITCHINEllen18 Mar 186934main1835
N41KITCHINEmily13 Aug 191564?1851
N40KITCHINEmma01 Apr 189972wife1827
N41KITCHINFanny Jane.06 Nov 190456main1848
H17KITCHINHanna29 Sep 194680main1866
E03KITCHINHannah06 Jan 186776wife1791
H18KITCHINHarry29 Jul 194072main1868
N06bKITCHINJean E08 May 199954n/a 
E03KITCHINJohn04 Jun 184143main1798
H10KITCHINJohn22 Jul 188462?1822
P27KITCHINJohn17 Oct 190956main1853
Q38KITCHINJohn William10 Sep 194964main1885
N40KITCHINJoseph06 Feb 186237main1825
N39KITCHINJoseph11 Feb 188120main1861
H10KITCHINSamuel11 Dec 18678mths?1867
P28KITCHINWilliam13 Mar 194893main1855
B03KNIGHTONOlive22 Jun 199888 1910
S09gLAMBAgnes17 Apr 197889n/a 
S09gLAMBCharles F15 Mar 198994n/a 
B07LAYCOCKMary15 Apr 199781 1916
Q57LEEEvelyn- - - wife 
Q57LEEJohn William- - - main 
S07iLEEMary15 Jul 197551n/a 
Q56LEEStuart- - 198545main1940
J48LEECHEdward15 Aug 188958?1831
J50LEECHElizabeth19 Nov 192078wife1842
M64LEECHEsther08 Aug 187374wife1799
J50LEECHHenry18 Nov 187441main1833
J48LEECHJohn16 Sep 190274main1828
J55LEECHMary Alice14 Dec 193455wife1879
J50LEECHSarah18 Mar 188514daug1871
M64LEECHThom12 Dec 184957main1792
J55LEECHThomas Henry08 Apr 196189main1872
J48LEECHUnice19 Dec 188346?1837
S16cLIGOJohn C19 Mar 198875n/a 
S16cLIGOViolet08 Aug 199982n/a 
M47LINDOPAnne05 Apr 184728main1819
M47LINDOPEmily Mary11 Aug 18476mthsdaug1847
H32LINGGARDHannah19 Mar 17993main1796
R21LINTOTTEmily Henriett17 Oct 193976wife1863
R21LINTOTTSamuel04 Oct 194692main1854
S16eLISTERJean A18 Apr 1999 n/a1933
S18dLISTERJoan04 May 199069n/a 
A01LISTERJohn S- 195462main1892
S18dLISTERThomas R10 Feb 200279n/a 
J16LOCHARTRuth27 Aug 19122main1910
S21fLOFTHOUSEAlan29 May 198255n/a 
S21fLOFTHOUSEPhyllis M19 May 199869n/a 
S13cLOMASRobert M L  n/a 
B50LOVELANDAlec J199082 1908
B50LOVELANDKathleen E199379 1914
S02LOWEJames01 Jul 190771main1836
S02LOWEMary30 Apr 191276wife1836
B12LUNDIEGregory R- 199025main1965

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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