Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Surnames I-J

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

Click on the REFerence number on the left to see a listing of the Plot.

S02dINGHAMM  n/a 
C25INGLEBYCharles Richar01 Jan 19691son1968
C25INGLEBYMary Ann25 Feb 186048wife1812
C25INGLEBYNinian25 Jun 186468main1796
J54INGRAMEsther03 Aug 192859main1869
D01INGRAMJohn26 Apr 17096main1703
D01INGRAMMary17 Aug 1707 wife 
P01JACKSONCharles Thomas16 Mar 193473main1861
P01JACKSONFanny12 Jun 195177wife1874
N04fJACKSONGeorge B07 Mar 198470n/a 
N04fJACKSONIvy13 Jun 200488n/a 
G61JACKSONLucy09 Dec 195383wife1870
F25JACKSONMary09 Apr 185032main1818
G61JACKSONMuriel L01 May 199792?1905
G61JACKSONThomas William29 May 191539main1876
N07gJAMESKenneth C W19 Jun 200077n/a 
T62JARRAMSBarbara- - daug 
T62JARRAMSEmma Winifred10 Apr 195363main1890
Q18JEFFERSONHarriet17 Feb 192826main1902
S23aJEFFREYSHerbert A2002 n/a1930
S10bJENKINSJohn S13 Nov 197872n/a 
S10bJENKINSMargaret S10 Nov 199891n/a 
N24JENKINSONRalph21 Aug 183076main1754
J38JEPSONMary03 Aug 188023wife1857
J37JEPSONThomas23 Mar 1890 main 
B42JOBESEdward29 Jan 195671main1885
B42JOBESMarianne06 Apr 197993wife1886
A45JOBSONGodfrey John03 Jun 18908dysmain1890
A45JOBSONHenry26 May 18901dybrother1890
N04JOHNSONAnn- - daug 
R07JOHNSONAnn Ellen01 Jun 194885main1863
T68JOHNSONCharles Alan30 Apr 195566main1889
N04JOHNSONEllin- - daug 
N04JOHNSONHannah- - daug 
S20iJOHNSONJohn T08 May 1995 n/a1915
N04JOHNSONMargaret06 Oct 177135main1736
N04JOHNSONRebecca- - daug 
N04JOHNSONSamuel28 Nov 17707son1763
N04JOHNSONThomas- - son 
T16JOHNSONThomas12 Jul 192567main1858
Q47JONESAnnie03 Mar 1946 main 
B66JONESDorothy20 Oct 199776 1923
G75JONESElizabeth18 Apr 182853mother1775
B10JONESJames E02 Mar 199361 1932
F08JONESJane- - 198998wife1891
F08JONESLouis A03 Oct 193350main1883
B66JONESLouis H16 Nov 199161 1930
M30JONESMary15 Aug 1715 main 
G75JONESRobert12 Jul 182622main1804
G75JONESSarah01 Dec 183122wife1809
B40JOYSHenrietta M08 Jan 196181wife1880
B40JOYSJames A31 Dec 197287main1885
S16gJUBBAnthony H08 Sep 1988 n/a1929
B06JUDDFrederick09 Jan 200188 1913
B06JUDDLenore28 May 199579 1916

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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