Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Surnames T-U

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

Click on the REFerence number on the left to see a listing of the Plot.

F31TALBOTArthur08 Mar 186814son1854
F31TALBOTAugusta Louise10 Jul 1865 main 
Q01TASKERAnnie Maria15 Nov 192780wife1847
Q01TASKERJohn Henry Royl17 Jan 191465main1849
N27TATERSELGrace24 Feb 17732main1771
N27TATERSELWilliam09 Dec 179324brother1769
H28TAYLORAnn15 Nov 186528daug1837
Q63TAYLORAnnie01 Jul 195466main1888
S19TAYLORDora23 Dec 190566wife1839
N04gTAYLORDorothy B1991 n/a1905
H35TAYLORGeorge02 Mar 188444main1840
S23TAYLORGeorge30 Apr 191272main1840
N04gTAYLORGeorge Frank16 Mar 198479n/a 
S23TAYLORGeorge Henry29 Apr 18793son1876
H35TAYLORGeorge William10 Jun 186910mthsson1869
F03TAYLORHannah16 Mar 184473wife1769
S33TAYLORHarry07 Jul 191248main1864
S19TAYLORJoseph05 Mar 190967main1842
S22aTAYLORJoyce22 May 199875n/a 
S23TAYLORLois02 May 18791daug1878
F04TAYLORMary28 Mar 185844wife1814
S23TAYLORMary Ann15 Mar 192373wife1850
H35TAYLORMary Sophia30 Jun 187131wife1840
S22aTAYLORThomas R20 May 200077n/a 
S25TAYLORWalter10 Dec 192337main1886
M07TAYLORWilliam11 Mar 1726 main 
G55TAYLORWilliam18 Feb 182945main1784
F03TAYLORWilliam26 Feb 184487main1757
F04TAYLORWilliam03 Jan 187670main1806
J32TEWKESBURYJohn12 May 183743main1794
C33THE CROSSat church door- - - ? 
T48THIRKILLHarry08 Mar 194852main1896
T48THIRKILLPhebe Elizabe03 Apr 194855wife1893
J45THOMASElizabeth25 Jul 184173main1768
S20bTHOMASHenry AJun 2005 n/a1929
S20bTHOMASPatricia GJun 1993 n/a1929
N07THOMPSONElizabeth03 Feb 186157main1804
N07THOMPSONElizabeth Han08 Jun 186322daug1841
N07THOMPSONMary Ann09 Feb 186425daug1839
N07THOMPSONSusannah- - - daug 
N07THOMPSONWillam- - - son 
Q59THORPDavid06 Mar 195669main1887
Q59THORPDora03 Jul 197081wife1889
S02bTHORPEllen31 Aug 199194n/a 
S21bTHORPGeorge R01 Feb 199679n/a 
T29THORPGeorge William27 Jul 192159main1862
T29THORPJesse04 Jan 194050?1890
S02bTHORPJoseph05 Sep 196370n/a 
T29THORPMillicent17 Dec 194382wife1861
T41THORPEFrank10 Aug 191819son1899
T41THORPESarah Ann05 Oct 194986wife1863
T41THORPEWilliam20 Sep 193369main1864
S10eTILBROOK-HEATHBarbara M17 Jan 199670n/a 
S10eTILBROOK-HEATHEdward J02 Mar 198565n/a 
S10eTILBROOK-HEATHJohn F24 Feb 198029n/a 
S11cTINKERAllister T26 Oct 1980 n/a1970
N05hTINKERD K  n/a 
N05hTINKERN T  n/a 
S11cTINKERRobert T18 May 1998 n/a1937
G49TOMLINSONAlfred Pac11 Apr 192150son1871
P23TOMLINSONAnnie10 Oct 190538main1867
S18iTOMLINSONAudrey05 Feb 199358n/a 
G67TOMLINSONCatherine28 Jul 194171wife1870
G67TOMLINSONCharles- Sep 191621son1895
G12TOMLINSONCharles Geor26 Apr 194761son1886
B26TOMLINSONEleanor M R22 Sep 199590 1905
S03fTOMLINSONElizabeth14 Dec 198074n/a 
S02gTOMLINSONFlorence07 Aug 196673n/a 
G51TOMLINSONGeorge Willi01 Feb 19006mthsmain1900
F18TOMLINSONMary09 Aug 188682wife1804
G50TOMLINSONMary06 Jan 191946main1873
S03fTOMLINSONPercy05 Apr 196767n/a 
G67TOMLINSONRichard14 Feb 190745main1862
G49TOMLINSONRuth03 Sep 188446wife1838
G83TOMLINSONRuth25 Apr 195653main1903
G49TOMLINSONSarah15 Nov 18713daug1868
G12TOMLINSONSarah Elizab14 Jan 194891wife1857
G68TOMLINSONSarah Helen25 Apr 195583wife1872
F19TOMLINSONSarah Millin09 Nov 191181wife1830
F19TOMLINSONWilliam11 Dec 186636main1830
F18TOMLINSONWilliam18 Jun 188177main1804
G49TOMLINSONWilliam20 Apr 191577main1838
G68TOMLINSONWilliam16 Jun 194070main1870
S02gTOMLINSONWilliam F23 Nov 196580n/a 
S18iTOMLINSONWilliam S21 Apr 199167n/a 
G12TOMLINSONWilliam Smit23 Jan 194587main1858
S18hTOMSETTKen22 Mar 199165n/a 
J38TOWNDROWMary14 May 185931main1828
J40TOWNDROWMary08 Jun 186814daug1854
P16TREMEEREleanor (Nellie)16 Jan 191248main1864
B27TREVESEva Mary- 198981main1908
S02eTRICKETTAmy06 Dec 196785n/a 
S02eTRICKETTBeatrice19 Apr 196477n/a 
S02eTRICKETTHilda02 Nov 196979n/a 
S20hTRICKETTRobert02 May 1995 n/a1947
S10aTROTHAlbert E1940 n/a 
S10aTROTTGladys08 Oct 197881n/a 
G23TULLISFreda04 Sep 198176daug1905
D11TUNSILLElizabeth16 Aug 180127?1774
P03TURNERAnnie20 Jul 191247main1865
S10hTURNERArnold I15 Jul 198071n/a 
M34TURNERElizabeth22 Sep 176028main1732
S10hTURNERMiriam02 Aug 1997 n/a1911
T66TWIGGJames Harling06 Oct 195254main1898
T66TWIGGLillian D A11 Aug 199083wife1907  
S16hUDALLBessie19 Feb 198970n/a 
T61UDALLEleanor W24 Nov 194971wife1878
T61UDALLGeorge24 Apr 196487main1877
S16hUDALLL  n/a 
T54UNWINFrank21 Jul 194971main1878

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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