Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Surnames E

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

Click on the REFerence number on the left to see a listing of the Plot.

P22EADESAmy28 Jun 190675wife1831
H28EADESAnn03 Sep 185953wife1806
N22EADESAnne12 Dec 186983wife1786
G82EADESCatherine29 Jan 195386wife1867
H28EADESEliza27 Mar 185913daug1846
H28EADESElizabeth04 May 186019daug1841
N22EADESJohn- Aug 186079main1781
H28EADESJohn27 Dec 187877main1801
G82EADESJohn Ernest29 Apr 192353main1870
P22EADESJoseph09 Dec 192491main1833
Q44EADESWinifred Annie12 Apr 196053main1907
T24EADONEric Willis18 Jul 192323son1900
T24EADONFrances Mary28 Jan 194877wife1871
T34EADONMargot02 May 193422main1912
T24EADONWillis21 Jan 194884main1864
N06EATONPeggy27 Jun 182138main1783
Q53EDGEHerbert20 Nov 195383main1870
Q53EDGEMary Elizabeth29 Aug 195676wife1880
N03dEDWARDSPauline E21 Aug 197626n/a 
S07cELAMHarry12 Feb 197453n/a 
S07cELAMVera18 Jan 197956n/a 
D47ELLERSThomas- - main 
D38ELLIOTTAnn23 Mar 1721 wife 
D32ELLIOTTAnn06 Mar 178948wife1741
D32ELLIOTTAnn16 Aug 185679daug1777
D32ELLIOTTAnn22 May 185954g-child1805
G34ELLIOTTAnnie15 Jan 18733wksdaug1873
A37ELLIOTTCatherine Coddan28 Oct 192061son1859
D34ELLIOTTCharles03 Jan 178076main1704
D32ELLIOTTCharles25 Apr 179518son1777
D36ELLIOTTCharles12 Apr 179655main1741
D32ELLIOTTCharles16 Aug 18066g-child1800
D37ELLIOTTCharles28 Jun 188073main1807
D41ELLIOTTElizabeth (table)- - main 
D48ELLIOTTElizabeth Gru04 Mar 181929main1790
D34ELLIOTTEllen20 Jul 178279wife1703
A35ELLIOTTEva Florence26 Jan 190532main1873
D43ELLIOTTGeorge- - main 
D42ELLIOTTGeorge11 Oct 1720 main 
D35ELLIOTTGeorge01 Jun 178661main1725
D46ELLIOTTGeorge07 Mar 18169mthsson1816
G34ELLIOTTJames13 Oct 190969main1840
G34ELLIOTTJane08 Oct 191669wife1847
G34ELLIOTTJane27 Sep 195282daug1870
D42ELLIOTTJohn03 Jun 1728 brother 
D46ELLIOTTJohn14 Oct 185776main1781
A36ELLIOTTJohn Charles05 Oct 192063main1857
D42ELLIOTTJoseph16 Apr 1727 brother 
D32ELLIOTTJosiah09 Jun 179558main1737
D32ELLIOTTMary16 Nov 17795daug1774
D36ELLIOTTMary17 Jun 182075wife1745
G34ELLIOTTMary16 Aug 187711wksdaug1877
D45ELLIOTTSarah- 1912 main 
D46ELLIOTTSarah16 Nov 191279daug1833
A37ELLIOTTSarah Elizabeth03 Feb 192063main1857
D38ELLIOTTThomas19 Mar 170835main1673
N03bELLIOTTThomas L30 Nov 197760n/a 
A37ELLIOTTThomas William27 Jun 192462brother1862
D39ELLIOTTWilliam30 Dec 1725 main 
D34ELLIOTTWilliam28 Mar 180671son1735
D32ELLIOTTWilliam11 Apr 183762son1775
D25ELLIOTTWilliam08 Sep 187029main1841
D46ELLIOTTWilliam Grundy03 May 186345son1818
D44ELLIOTTly28 Feb 181330main1783
G42ELLISAlice- - main 
B69ELLISAnn24 Oct 18207daug1813
G46ELLISCharles21 Jun 185428main1826
G39ELLISGeorge27 Jan 184656main1790
G45ELLISGeorge14 Sep 184946main1803
G05ELLISJohn13 Mar 184034main1806
G43ELLISJoseph10 Mar 183344main1789
B69ELLISMary18 Jul 184575main1770
G45ELLISSarah19 Jun 184718daug1829
G41ELLISThomas09 Dec 184571main1774
G40ELLISThomas18 Feb 186448main1816
Q48ENSORHerbert15 Jan 194268main1874
Q48ENSORLucy Amadio16 Jul 1957 wife 
F06ETCHES 07 Nov 182392main1731
F06ETCHESRebecca29 Jan 180871wife1737
B38EVANSJessica01 May 19944dys 1994
S22dEVANSMary04 Oct 200090n/a 
S22dEVANSSinclair M13 Jul 210193n/a 
N02gEVITTSG  n/a 
T50EYRECharles16 Jan 194975main1874
M66EYREJoshua23 May 1867 father 
R10EYREJoshua James24 Mar 189963main1836
T50EYRELily01 Dec 195684wife1872
M66EYRESamuel Alsop31 Dec 185630main1826
R10EYRESusanna16 Mar 192589wife1836

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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