Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Surnames F

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

Click on the REFerence number on the left to see a listing of the Plot.

F09FARRERCicely11 Jan 179974wife1725
F09FARRERJohn26 Mar 178013son1767
F09FARRERJohn31 Aug 179462main1732
F09FARRERMary24 Jun 180346daug1757
R42FAULKESEmily22 Jan 193387mother1846
R42FAULKESFrederick31 Aug 192075father1845
Q30FAVELLMargaret18 Sep 192891main1837
E23FEARNEdmund20 Feb 190955?1854
B19FEARNEElsie- - 199186wife1905
B19FEARNEErnest- - 197272main1900
G59FEARNLEYAnne15 Feb 186758daug1809
B52FEATHERBernard19 Oct 198041 1939
P11FIELDSENDAnne Diana M15 Aug 189330main1863
P13FIELDSENDDiana M15 Aug 1893 daug 
T46FLANAGANFrancis23 May 194570main1875
A27FLETCHERAbraham14 Oct 181757main1760
A26FLETCHERAbraham18 Nov 184846main1802
T10FLETCHERAnnie10 Jan 195474wife1880
A28FLETCHERCatherine27 Sep 182933main1796
A27FLETCHERElizabeth03 May 183750daug1787
A26FLETCHERElizabeth02 Dec 185320daug1833
A26FLETCHERElizabeth02 Dec 187577wife1798
S04cFLETCHERElsie08 Oct 196464n/a 
S07hFLETCHEREric03 Jul 197568n/a 
B41FLETCHERFlorence Anni- - 198593wife1892
S07hFLETCHERFlorence P30 Apr 199081n/a 
T40FLETCHERGeorge- -38? 
S21hFLETCHERGraham30 Apr 199878n/a 
A29FLETCHERHannah02 Jan 188571wife1814
S03hFLETCHERHerrick R26 May 196761n/a 
A29FLETCHERJohn05 Dec 187465main1809
A27FLETCHERJoseph22 Dec 183955son1784
R52FLETCHERJoseph04 Jan 194575main1870
S20dFLETCHERJoseph13 Sep 199386n/a 
Q19FLETCHERL.G.04 Apr 198085daug1895
A28FLETCHERMary06 Mar 182663?1763
A27FLETCHERMary12 Mar 183778husb1759
S03hFLETCHERMary14 Oct 198179n/a 
R52FLETCHERMary Hannah07 Aug 194162wife1879
S23dFLETCHERRonald25 Sep 200379n/a 
S23dFLETCHERSybil A21 Dec 200380n/a 
S04cFLETCHERTom14 Mar 196977n/a 
T10FLETCHERWilliam Herri24 Jan 194466main1878
B41FLETCHERWilliam Lesli- 197090main1880
G22FLEWITTHarriett23 Sep 185438wife1816
G22FLEWITTJoseph26 Apr 185747main1810
P06FLINTElizabeth07 Jul 192079mother1841
B23FOOTEJean13 Dec 198853main1935
P09FORBESIsabell Locke09 Aug 1935 main 
S11FORDHarriet30 Jan 191277wife1835
S11FORDThomas13 Feb 191273main1839
S04iFOSTERAda05 Sep 196756n/a 
S15FOSTERDorothy Hannah01 Apr 196079wife1881
S15FOSTERHenry11 Feb 196484main1880
G10FOSTERJane Anne Marga22 Mar 18831son1882
S04iFOSTERJohn01 Jul 198372n/a 
S15aFOSTERRosie31 May 199483wife1911
S06FOSTERWilliam Francis14 Jun 191261main1851
G10FOSTERWilliam Walter17 Sep 18801main1879
G28FOULDSMary03 Dec 189379main1814
R39FOWLERAnn10 May 189847wife1851
R39FOWLERCharles14 May 189955main1844
S10gFREEMANArthur08 Jul 198063n/a 
N07fFREEMANW F2000 n/a1911
F02FRITHAgnes19 Mar 188869wife1819
F02FRITHEdward24 Apr 188970main1819
F02FRITHGeorge10 Sep 191558son1857
Q09FRITHGilbert29 Mar 194763son1884
M63FRITHJohn23 Feb 192477main1847
Q09FRITHJohn23 Feb 192477main1847
Q09FRITHMaria06 Oct 195597wife1858
C12FROGGATBenjamin17 Jan 179412g-child1782
C12FROGGATElizabeth05 May 180268wife1734
C12FROGGATElizabeth21 Sep 181763daug1754
C11FROGGATElizabeth29 Aug 182246wife1776
C12FROGGATEzekiah29 Nov 183875son1763
C11FROGGATJason05 Nov 185284main1768
C12FROGGATMary17 Jan 179723g-child1774
C12FROGGATSamuel (Sen)18 Sep 181493main1721
C12FROGGATThomas27 Apr 183574son1761
G11FROGGATTAlexander14 Mar 187270main1802
P26FROGGATTAlexander Wil06 Nov 192955son1874
S01aFROGGATTArnold J1979 n/a1910
C32FROGGATTBenjamin25 Nov 186260main1802
Q15FROGGATTBenjamin23 Nov 197185main1886
B58FROGGATTCharlotte17 May 186653?1813
B57FROGGATTElizabeth06 Feb 183243wife1789
C32FROGGATTFrances17 Oct 187562wife1813
G24FROGGATTGeorge09 Mar 183236main1796
C26FROGGATTHarriet17 Dec 18392daug1837
B58FROGGATTJohn12 Nov 1853 son 
P26FROGGATTJohn01 Mar 191271main1841
S01aFROGGATTLily V2001 n/a1916
G11FROGGATTMary21 Dec 187263wife1809
C26FROGGATTMary02 Nov 189289wife1803
P26FROGGATTMary28 Mar 192676wife1850
Q15FROGGATTMay22 Mar 195765wife1892
C26FROGGATTRobert14 Dec 184742main1805
G76FROGGATTThomas08 Apr 184765main1782
B58FROGGATTWilliam11 Feb 186168main1793
T32FROSSARDFrancis Henr05 Nov 192461main1863
G03FROST?17 Mar - ? 
A34FROSTAnn21 Jul 175624main1742
A33FROSTBartholemew25 Apr 1738 main 
A25FROSTBartholemew03 Jan 182556main1769
A34FROSTBartholemew22 Apr 182562g-child1763
A34FROSTElizabeth12 Feb 180062wife1738
N32FROSTElizabeth22 Oct 181713daug1804
G04FROSTElizabeth19 Apr 184776wife1771
A31FROSTElizabeth15 Mar 184848main1800
A32FROSTFrederick01 Jan 18444mthsmain1844
G02FROSTHarriet04 Aug 184656main1790
G18FROSTJane14 Jan 185667wife1789
A33FROSTJohn- Jul -31son 
A34FROSTJohn11 Sep 182061g-child1759
N32FROSTJohn26 Aug 182220son1802
G03FROSTMary18 May 183658wife1778
K17FROSTMary07 Jun 185759wife1798
G02FROSTMary28 May 186378?1785
N32FROSTMatthew04 Sep 1831 main 
G04FROSTMatthew28 May 183580main1755
G03FROSTMatthew08 Dec 184968main1781
A31FROSTRichard20 Apr 184861husb1787
G18FROSTSamuel08 Jan 186474main1790
G04FROSTThomas15 Jan 180510son1795
A25FROSTThomas02 Oct 183019son1811
A34FROSTWilliam- - g-child 
N32FROSTWilliam25 Jan 18023son1799
A34FROSTWilliam04 Dec 180982husb1727
K17FROSTWilliam08 Sep 184141main1800
G04FROST(?) - - -54? 
S09fFROUDEEmily31 Mar 1978 n/a1891
N04iFRYERMarjorie J28 Nov 198147n/a 
S21aFULLERPatricia E1995 n/a1923
A13FURNACEMartin20 Feb 17536main1747
H16FURNESSElizabeth28 May 18129daug1803
H16FURNESSElizabeth03 Jul 184870wife1778
H16FURNESSMary Ann14 Nov 18152daug1813
H16FURNESSRuth- - -infdaug 
H16FURNESSSarah03 Sep 181211daug1801
H16FURNESSThomas- - -infson 
A12FURNISSElizabeth26 Aug 1872 daug 
S20fFURNISSGeorge R25 Dec 199588n/a 
H16FURNISSMark26 Jan 184288main1754
A12FURNISSMark14 Nov 186967son1802
S20fFURNISSNorah S14 Oct 199480n/a 
A12FURNISSSarah10 Apr 183672wife1764
A12FURNISSWilliam27 May 183472main1762

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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