Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Surnames W

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

Click on the REFerence number on the left to see a listing of the Plot.

F21WADEMathew12 Apr 182920main1809
Q35WALKERFlorence08 Apr 197183wife1888
Q35WALKERGeorge Alfred11 Jun 194567main1878
F10WALLACEMaryann11 Jan 187568main1807
F10WALLACERobert Francis03 Jan 18473son1844
S03gWALLAGEL A (Les)16 Apr 196747n/a 
S03gWALLAGEPhyllis E23 Jul 196761n/a 
S07bWALLERCaroline28 Jul 198790n/a 
S07bWALLERHenry24 Nov 194122n/a 
S07bWALLERHenry18 Oct 197378n/a 
N02iWALMESLEYArthur15 Mar 196996n/a 
P17WALMSLEYFrederick01 Jan 18813son1878
P17WALMSLEYGrace11 Oct 190424daug1880
P17WALMSLEYJoseph30 Aug 190162main1839
P17WALMSLEYSarah Alice18 Sep 191067wife1843
B43WALSHCatherine26 Jan 198778main1909
B43WALSHRobert L01 Jan 199592 1903
N05fWALTONMarjorie19 Aug 1989 n/a1911
G01WARBURTONHarriet14 Aug 182987main1742
J20WARDEdward09 Dec 190759main1848
F35WARDEmmaline12 Feb 187918main1861
J20WARDMary03 Jun 189543wife1852
N04eWARDLEFrancis E1984 n/a1910
F17WARINGSarah17 Dec 184559main1786
S22cWARNEDerek A15 Mar 200074n/a 
M23WATERHOUSEAnn- -infdaug 
S05hWATERHOUSEJoseph04 Feb 197273n/a 
S05hWATERHOUSEMabel E12 Apr 197073n/a 
M23WATERHOUSEMary24 Jun 177121main1750
J52WATSONAnn24 Apr 189864wife1834
J52WATSONCharles13 Sep 189870main1828
S11gWATSONCharles21 Feb 1984 n/a1899
S02hWATSONClement22 Jan 1966 n/a 
S11gWATSONFlorence A20 Oct 1981 n/a1895
S02hWATSONIrene10 Dec 1985 n/a 
S05aWATSONIvy27 Jul 196973n/a 
J19WATSONMary22 Jan 185120main1831
J19WATSONSamuel- - -infbrother 
N04aWAUGHDenis H1987 n/a1926
N04aWAUGHJoan L1991 n/a1922
N05bWEBBNorah10 Mar 199282n/a 
T42WEBSTEROlive08 Jan 195072wife1878
T42WEBSTERThomas W H27 Apr 194367main1876
J39WHEELDONJames01 Jul 189245main1847
A05WHEENMarie Creswick- 195465main1889
R13WHITEAlice- Feb - wife 
K09WHITEAnn- -infson 
K09WHITEAnn15 Dec 189376wife1817
R22WHITEBetty08 Apr 187874wife1804
R17WHITECharlotte13 Oct 183071wife1759
G19WHITECharlotte19 Jan 187025neice1845
S12hWHITEEdith1983 n/a1914
K09WHITEElizabeth- -infson 
K01WHITEElizabeth19 Jan 181821main1797
R08WHITEElizabeth07 Aug 186962wife1807
R12WHITEElizabeth24 Jul 188678wife1808
R44WHITEElizabeth28 Jul 189159wife1832
J08WHITEFrances17 Feb 188477wife1807
K08WHITEFrancis- -infson 
N01cWHITEFrederick A01 Sep 198186n/a 
R17WHITEGeorge22 Aug 182562main1763
M03WHITEGeorge30 May 18301son1829
R15WHITEGeorge08 Mar 189467main1827
R15WHITEGeorge23 Apr 18943?1891
K08WHITEHannah28 Dec 186923daug1846
J09WHITEHannah17 Apr 189859wife1839
K08WHITEHenry06 Jul 187073main1797
K01WHITEJohn18 Apr 1818 brother 
R22WHITEJohn24 Nov 186362main1801
R44WHITEJohn15 Mar 190079main1821
S34WHITEJohn Henry20 Mar 192161main1860
R19WHITEJoseph17 Feb 180467main1737
R15WHITEJoseph09 Apr 185859?1799
R08WHITEJoseph17 Aug 185913son1846
J08WHITEJoseph10 Jan 188172main1809
R11WHITEJoshua29 Dec 184235main1807
R16WHITELydia23 Apr 185742other1815
S09bWHITEMabel A19 Jan 198991n/a 
N31WHITEMary02 Apr 180567main1738
R19WHITEMary12 Aug 181377wife1736
J08WHITEMary17 Aug 186620daug1846
R20WHITEMary10 Oct 188872wife1816
R14WHITEMary12 Aug 1949 wife 
N01cWHITEMaud E30 Jun 196572n/a 
R19WHITERichard13 May 184472son1772
R20WHITERichard22 Feb 188464main1820
K09WHITERobert- -infson 
K09WHITERobert02 Dec 187247main1825
R12WHITERobert25 Jun 188275main1807
N15WHITESamuel19 Aug 176132main1729
K14WHITESamuel23 Jun 178868main1720
R18WHITESamuel16 Oct 1820 main 
R08WHITESamuel19 Aug 185650main1806
N16WHITESamuel (Snr.)20 Apr 176169main1692
R16WHITESarah18 Jul 182927main1802
M03WHITESarah22 May 184040main1800
R16WHITESarah24 Apr 185256other1796
R15WHITESarah27 Oct 188147wife1834
S34WHITESarah Alice03 Aug 192265wife 
J09WHITEStephen08 Oct 191477main1837
K08WHITEThomas- -infson 
N31WHITEThomas24 Dec 180180husb1721
K08WHITEWilliam21 Aug 186939son1830
R13WHITEWilliam31 Mar 190859main1849
R14WHITEWilliam19 Apr 1962 main 
S09bWHITEWilliam04 Feb 197778n/a 
N03aWHITNEYElizabeth08 Aug 200287n/a 
N03aWHITNEYJohn W22 Nov 197767n/a 
T11WHITNEYVera Elizabeth13 May 193727main1910
H12WHYTEElizabeth16 Oct 180336other1767
H12WHYTERichard16 Mar 183324other1809
G16WICKHAMElizabeth Caro23 Nov 193664wife1872
G16WICKHAMHarry Townshen03 Aug 193165main1866
M02WILDAnn12 Nov -29husb 
N01WILDAnn18 May 185228wife1824
N01WILDGrace21 Jun 183754wife1783
J25WILDJohn18 Aug 189059main1831
M02WILDThomas07 Jul 179746main1751
N01WILDWilliam20 Jun 186669main1797
S19iWILLANJames H G31 Dec 199889n/a 
S19iWILLANNadene E16 Jun 199384n/a 
S15dWILLIAMSJosephine20 May 200084n/a 
S15dWILLIAMSWilliam H24 Jan 198775n/a 
A01WILLIAMSONMary28 Jul 199673?1923
A01WILLIAMSONQuentin J18 Aug 199679?1915
T53WILLISGeorge Edward27 May 196277main1885
T53WILLISMargaret Ethel19 Mar 196879wife1889
K06WILSONAnn- -infdaug 
G09WILSONAnne07 Feb 1914 main 
S05dWILSONChristopher E15 Nov 198078n/a 
B60WILSONEizabeth10 Apr 1892 son 
M58WILSONElizabeth10 Jan 186889main1779
A38WILSONEvelyn02 Feb 199783main 
S05dWILSONGladys M21 Aug 196967n/a 
B60WILSONIsabel18 Jul 1869 main 
T67WILSONJames- - main 
K06WILSONJames28 Dec 183656main1780
K06WILSONJohn12 Feb 184123son1818
B60WILSONMary12 Jul 1885 son 
Q45WILSONMinnie Ethel20 Jun 195071main1879
K05WILSONRobert02 Sep 182274main1748
T67WILSONSarah Ann22 Apr 195296wife1856
A38WILSONStanley03 Feb 19++83Husb 
Q45WILSONThomas03 Sep 195475?1879
F34WINDLEJosiah15 Apr 189276main1816
F34WINDLEMary27 Jan 186844wife1824
F34WINDLEMary27 Oct 192183wife1838
Q37WOOD? eroded- - - main 
Q37WOODEmily- - 1857 ? 
B55WOODHOUSEHarry Cocker04 Aug 195683main1873
B55WOODHOUSENorah28 Apr 195882wife1876
M48WOODRUFFJames22 Oct 184959father1790
M48WOODRUFFMary15 Jan 185055mother1795
M48WOODRUFFThomas- Oct 18151main1814
N17WORRALLHannah28 Jun 184365g-child1778
N17WORRALLJohn19 Jun 17603son1757
N17WORRALLJonathon21 May 176148main1713
N17WORRALLRobert11 Mar 182754g-child1773
C34WRAGG(wife)02 Mar 18--79wife-61
C36WRAGGAlexander08 Jun 17675son1762
C36WRAGGAlexander08 Mar 180572main1733
G72WRAGGAnn06 Jul 194064main1876
C35WRAGGGeorge19 Jul 179739main1758
C36WRAGGJane07 Oct 177746wife1731
C34WRAGGJoseph30 Jul 182363main1760
S22bWRAGGMariam1999 n/a1949
C36WRAGGMary26 Aug 180458wife1746
P13WRENCHAnne E08 Feb 192088wife1832
P15WRENCHAnne Eliza08 Feb 192088wife1832
P13WRENCHEdward M12 Mar 191278main1834
P15WRENCHEdward Mason.12 Mar 191278main1834
P14WRENCHEliza Letitia15 Aug 189025main1865
P13WRENCHLetitia15 Aug 1890 daug 
P13WRENCHMervyn06 May 1890 son 
P12WRENCHWilliam Mervyn06 May 189026main1864
Q31WRIGHTAlexandra Pauli11 Sep 194481?1863
Q31WRIGHTElizabeth Emma.30 Dec 192774main1853
Q31WRIGHTMargaret Matild26 May 193977?1862
S01bWYERAlbert07 Nov 196176n/a 
S01bWYERAlice09 Feb 198380n/a 
G66WYERCharles- -61son 
G66WYERCharles03 Feb 189140main1851
G66WYEREllen26 Jun 192569wife1856
B21WYLIEGwendoline M07 May 199593wife1902
B21WYLIEJames28 Feb 196065main1895
Q10WYLIEDAlice29 Mar 195848daug1910
P18WYNNEEdwin Holdsworth20 Nov 189322main1871

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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