Baslow Tithe Award 1848

Compiled by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright May 2004

Introduction and Notes

The following table comprises a transcription of the Tithe Award document for Baslow in 1848. Note: Acreage is specified in ‘a’ = Acres, ‘r’ = Roods, and ‘p’ = Perches, and Rents in ‘£’ = pounds, ‘s’ = ‘shillings’, and ‘d’ = (old) pence. The Cultivation column specifies the current Crop. A list of where each of the numbered Tithe allocations is located is provided below. The values provided at the end of the list of plots (‘sum’s) represent the total amount of land allocated to that owner/occupier.

OwnerOccupierTithe NoLandCultivationAcreageRent1Rent2
Barker Rev A ABarker, A A Rev1Churchyard 1a. 2r. 20p.  
Barker Rev A ABarker, Anthony A2House & Garden 26p.  
Rutland Duke ofBarker, Anthony A Rev3Stackyard 34p.  
Cox JohnBuxton, Samuel4House & Garden 4p.  
Gregory JosephGregory, Joseph & John5House, Building & Yard 24p.  
Rutland Duke ofNibbs, James S6House & Garden 22p.  
Rutland Duke ofHibbert, George6House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofRobinson, Joseph6House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary7Homestead 24p.  
Rutland Duke ofCoates, Alfred8House, Shop & Garden 22p.  
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary9CroftPasture1a. 0r. 30p.4s-11d7d
Rutland Duke ofGeeson, Richard10House, Garden & CroftMeadow2a. 2r. 38p.11s-1d1s-3d
Rutland Duke ofWillie, Oswald11House & Garden 20p.  
Rutland Duke ofHawksworth, Jane11House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofStone, Charles11House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofMarsden, William12CroftMeadow12p.3s-3d4d
Rutland Duke ofMarsden, William13House, Yard & Garden 4p.  
Rutland Duke ofMarsden, William14Butt CloseMeadow1a. 0r. 10p.4s-2d5d
Rutland Duke ofMarsden, William15House, Garden & Stackyard 30p.  
Rutland Duke ofWheeldon, John15House, Garden & Stackyard   
Rutland Duke ofBarton, Joseph16House & Garden 39p.  
Rutland Duke ofBoden, Thomas16House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofCocker, Mary16House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofEllis, Robert16House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofOutram, Sarah16House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofTaylor, William16House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofWheeldon, John16House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofHibbert, James17Croft 28p.1s-9d2d
Rutland Duke ofIn hand (D of R)18Site of Old Houses 8p.  
Rutland Duke ofTaylor, William19House & Garden 19p.  
Rutland Duke ofHibbert, Jane20Croft 30p.10d1d
Rutland Duke ofBoden, Samuel21House & Garden 38p.  
Rutland Duke ofBoden, Thomas21House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofBrightmore, John22House & Garden 16p.  
Rutland Duke ofHudson, William22House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofMarsden, Edmund22House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (jun)23Meadow CroftMeadow1a. 3r. 11p.7s-2d10d
Rutland Duke ofSheldon, George24House & Garden 23p.  
Rutland Duke ofHeathcote, George25House & Garden 36p.  
Rutland Duke ofBrightmore, John (Lab)26Garden 33p.  
Rutland Duke ofBrightmore, John (Lab)27Bank TopMeadow34p.1s-1d1d
Rutland Duke ofBrightmore, Michael28House & Garden 15p.  
Rutland Duke ofIn hand (D of R)29Bar Plantation 1a. 1r. 25p.  
Rutland Duke ofShaw, George30House & Garden 23p.  
Rutland Duke ofShaw, George31CroftMeadow1a. 0r. 0p.3s-7d5d
Rutland Duke ofBrightmore, John32Garden & CroftPasture26p.1s-11d2d
Rutland Duke ofSingleton, Mary33Garden 0p.  
Rutland Duke ofSingleton, Mary34House & Garden 12p.  
Rutland Duke ofRiley, Joseph35House & Garden 33p.  
Rutland Duke ofBrown, John35House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofHayward, John35House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofRandall, Thomas35House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofTaylor, John36House & Garden 8p.  
Rutland Duke ofBrownhill, Elizabeth37House, Garden & Croft 7p.1s-1d2d
Rutland Duke ofHulley, Ellen38House & Garden 23p.  
Rutland Duke ofPenistone, Sarah39Homestead 37p.  
Rutland Duke ofPenistone, Sarah40CroftMeadow3a. 1r. 0p.11s-6d1s-3d
Rutland Duke ofBarton, Joseph41CroftMeadow35p.10d1d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)42Homestead 33p.  
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)43Stackyard 17p.  
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)44Stackyard 7p.  
Rutland Duke ofFrith, George45House & Garden 9p.  
Rutland Duke ofHolmes, John46Homestead 25p.  
Rutland Duke ofBarton, Joseph47CroftMeadow15p.1s-11d3d
Rutland Duke ofBetney, Edmund48House & Garden 11p.  
Rutland Duke ofBuxton, John48House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (jun)49House & Garden 17p.  
Rutland Duke ofRiley, John49House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (jun)50Garden 18p.  
Newton FrancesMorton, Charles51House & Garden 8p.  
Methodist SocietyIn hand (Methodist)52Chapel & Yard 8p.  
Watson & sonsAbsom, Mary53House 2p.  
Watson & sonsStaley, George53House   
Watson & sonsYoung, George53House   
Tissington JamesMarsden, John54House 1p.  
Cundy WilliamCundy, William55House 2p.  
Hemsley WilliamCoope, John56House 7p.  
Hemsley WilliamSomerset, William56House   
Hemsley WilliamWallis, William56House   
Rutland Duke ofCundy, William57House & Garden 19p.  
Rutland Duke ofCocker, Elizabeth57House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofMarples, Elizabeth miss58House 1p.  
Lees JohnWhite, Joseph59House & Garden 25p.  
Lees JohnGardener, George59House & Garden   
Lees JohnWhite, Joseph60CroftMeadow1a. 3r. 12p.7s-2d10d
Lees JohnWhite, Joseph61CroftMeadow1a. 0r. 35p.5s-6d7d
Methodist SocietyIn hand (Methodist)62School 2p.  
Marples JohnMarples, John63House & Garden 17p.  
Marples ElizabethMarples, Elizabeth64House & Garden 20p.  
Rutland Duke ofCocker, John65House & Yard etc 12p.  
Marples HannahHulley, Mary66House & Garden 3p.  
Marples HannahAlsop, George66House & Garden   
Marples HannahNeedham, Samuel66House & Garden   
Broomhead AnnGardom, Margaret67House, Garden & Yard etc 13p.  
Broomhead NicholasBristol, Joseph68House & Garden 20p.  
Broomhead NicholasCowley, William68House & Garden   
Broomhead NicholasFurniss, William68House & Garden   
Broomhead NicholasHetherington, William68House & Garden   
Broomhead NicholasHoyle, Thomas68House & Garden   
Broomhead NicholasLeech, Thomas68House & Garden   
Broomhead NicholasNell, George68House & Garden   
Broomhead NicholasPonsonby, James68House & Garden   
Broomhead NicholasWhite, Charles68House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofWhite, Joseph69Royal Croft & roadPasture1a. 1r. 2p.4s-11d7d
Rutland Duke ofMarsden, Edmund70Royal CroftMeadow2a. 3r. 26p.10s-8d1s-2d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, Joseph71Royal CroftMeadow1a. 1r. 11p.5s-6d7d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, Joseph72Homestead & Royal Croft 1a. 0r. 28p.4s-11d7d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, Joseph73Homestead & Garden 31p.  
Rutland Duke ofBrushfield, Joseph73Homestead & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofMarples, Matthew74House & Garden 37p.  
Rutland Duke ofStroyan, John74House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofCooper, Charles75House, Garden & Yard 39p.  
Rutland Duke ofCooper, Peter75House, Yark & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofMarples, James75House, Garden & Yard   
Rutland Duke ofMerrel, George75House, Garden & Yard   
Turnpike Trust Chest & H L HThurgoland, William76Toll House & Garden 5p.  
Rutland Duke ofAshton, Benjamin77Homestead 38p.  
Rutland Duke ofHodgkinson, Joseph78Homestead 20p.  
Rutland Duke ofHodgkinson, Joseph79Mill endMeadow1a. 1r. 25p.6s-3d8d
Rutland Duke ofAshton, Benjamin80HolmeMeadow1a. 1r. 33p.6s-3d8d
Holmes JohnHolmes, John81HolmeMeadow34p.4s-2d5d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, Henry82HolmeOats1a. 3r. 8p.7s-2d10d
Rutland Duke ofMarples, James83HolmeMeadow1a. 0r. 27p.4s-8d6d
Rutland Duke ofGregory, Joseph84HolmeMeadow & Oats2a. 0r. 4p.8s-3d11d
Rutland Duke ofMarples, Matthew85Middle BedsMeadow1a. 1r. 16p.5s-4d7d
Rutland Duke ofMarples, Matthew86Middle BedsMeadow1a. 0r. 30p.4s-5d6d
Rutland Duke ofMarples, Matthew87Middle BedsMeadow1a. 2r. 9p.5s-8d7d
Rutland Duke ofAshton, Benjamin88Shaw Close & Hare BankMeadow1a. 1r. 20p.1s-4d2d
Rutland Duke ofIn hand (D of R)89Shaw Plantation 10p.  
Rutland Duke ofIn hand (D of R)90Bowler Hill Plantation 16p.  
Rutland Duke ofAshton, Benjamin91Shaw Top & Old roadPasture26p.1s-9d2d
Rutland Duke ofAshton, Benjamin92Nether CloseMeadow3a. 0r. 6p.8s-9d1s-0d
Rutland Duke ofAshton, Benjamin93Small ThornMeadow2a. 3r. 20p.8s-7d11d
Rutland Duke ofAshton, Benjamin94Stoney FurlongMeadow1a. 3r. 38p.5s-11d8d
Rutland Duke ofMarples, Matthew95New Stoney FurlongMeadow2a. 1r. 16p.7s-4d10d
Rutland Duke ofPenistone, Sarah96Upper Stoney FurlongWheat & Meadow1a. 2r. 30p.5s-5d7d
Rutland Duke ofPenistone, Sarah97Nether Stoney FurlongOats3a. 2r. 2p.10s-6d1s-2d
Rutland Duke ofPenistone, Sarah98Great Upper Stoney FurlongMeadow2a. 3r. 30p.9s-5d1s-0d
Holmes JohnHolmes, John99Far Stoney FurlongMeadow2a. 3r. 14p.9s-2d1s-0d
Rutland Duke ofGregory, Joseph100Stoney FurlongMeadow3a. 0r. 28p.10s-6d1s-2d
Rutland Duke ofCawton, Charles101Nether Stoney FurlongPasture2a. 3r. 26p.9s-11d1s-1d
Rutland Duke ofCawton, Charles102Homestead & Tanyard 29p.  
Rutland Duke ofStroyan, John103Mill CloseMeadow1a. 0r. 34p.4s-8d6d
Rutland Duke ofStroyan, John104Mill CloseMeadow13p.1s-4d2d
Rutland Duke ofCawton, Charles105Upper Cold wellsMeadow2a. 3r. 6p.8s-10d1s-0d
Rutland Duke ofCawton, Charles106Nether Cold wellsWheat3a. 0r. 0p.9s-11d1s-1d
Rutland Duke ofHolmes, John107Meadow FurlongOats & Meadow3a. 1r. 22p.10s-9d1s-2d
Rutland Duke ofHolmes, John108Hall MeadowWheat0p.1s-9d2d
Rutland Duke ofHolmes, John109PingleMeadow0p.1s-9d2d
Rutland Duke ofHolmes, John110Hall Meadow (Garden)Garden30p.8d1d
Rutland Duke ofBuxton, John111RavenswallMeadow1a. 0r. 6p.3s-10d5d
Rutland Duke ofHodgkinson, Joseph112Brickstone HillMeadow4a. 0r. 30p.14s-9d1s-8d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)113Near Calf CroftWheat1a. 3r. 17p.5s-3d7d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)114Far Calf CroftFallow3a. 3r. 18p.7s-7d10d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)115Near Clay FieldClover4a. 2r. 31p.12s-5d1s-5d
Rutland Duke ofHolmes, John116Brickstone HillMeadow5a. 0r. 33p.18s-3d2s-1d
Rutland Duke ofCondell, William117New PieceMeadow3a. 2r. 0p.8s-10d1s-0d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)118Far Clay FeieldWheat5a. 1r. 7p.14s-1d1s-7d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (jun)119New CloseMeadow1a. 3r. 34p.5s-1d7d
Rutland Duke ofCocker, John120Farthing WaysMeadow30p.2s-9d3d
Rutland Duke ofGrant, James121Small ThornMeadow1a. 3r. 16p.4s-8d6d
Rutland Duke ofCocker, John122Farthing WaysMeadow2a. r. 34p.5s-9d8d
Rutland Duke ofTaylor, William123Farthing WaysOats1a. 2r. 0p.4s-1d5d
Rutland Duke ofStroyan, John124Farthing WaysMeadow17p.2s-2d3d
Rutland Duke ofStroyan, John125Near Farthing WaysFallow1a. 1r. 20p.3s-7d5d
Rutland Duke ofStroyan, John126Far Farthing WaysMeadow2a. 1r. 25p.6s-1d8d
Rutland Duke ofHodgkinson, Joseph127New CloseWheat5a. 0r. 26p.12s-7d1s-5d
Rutland Duke ofHeathcote, George128Farthing WaysMeadow1a. 1r. 36p.4s-1d5d
Rutland Duke ofSheldon, George129Near New CloseMeadow3a. 0r. 20p.8s-0d10d
Rutland Duke ofHayward, John130Far New CloseMeadow1a. 3r. 30p.4s-1d5d
Rutland Duke ofMarples, Elizabeth (wid)131Nether New CloseMeadow2a. 3r. 10p.5s-9d8d
Rutland Duke ofMarples, John132Wilson SitchMeadow2a. 2r. 30p.5s-8d7d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander133Wilson SitchMeadow1a. 1r. 28p.2s-9d3d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander134Uppr Lodge PieceFallow3a. 0r. 7p.6s-7d9d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander135Four LandsOats1a. 3r. 28p.4s-1d5d
Rutland Duke ofHodgkinson, Joseph136Upper CloseFallow2a. 3r. 30p.8s-2d11d
Rutland Duke ofHodgkinson, Joseph137Shaw TopMeadow1a. 3r. 13p.5s-0d7d
Rutland Duke ofHodgkinson, Joseph138Shaw TopMeadow1a. 2r. 5p.4s-0d5d
Rutland Duke ofHodgkinson, Joseph139Upper Coastlow BankOats4a. 0r. 12p.10s-9d1s-2d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander140Ford CloseOats & Meadow2a. 1r. 16p.6s-6d8d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander141Ford CloseMeadow1a. 0r. 16p.2s-9d3d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander142Ford CloseOats3a. 0r. 6p.7s-9d10d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander143Nether Ford ClosePasture4a. 1r. 34p.11s-4d1s-3d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander144Clay FieldOats & Meadow3a. 2r. 16p.7s-2d10d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander145Home CloseFallow1a. 2r. 25p.4s-0d5d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander146House, Building etc 3p.  
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander147Upper Ford FieldMeadow2a. 2r. 4p.4s-11d7d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander148Chapmans CloseMeadow4a. 0r. 30p.8s-0d11d
Rutland Duke ofPassfield, James149CrimblesMeadow1a. 2r. 0p.2s-2d3d
Rutland Duke ofPassfield, James150CrimblesPasture1a. 0r. 0p.1s-4d2d
Rutland Duke ofPassfield, James151CrimblesPasture0p.10d1d
Rutland Duke ofElliott, John152Rough EdgeHeath46a. 2r. 10p.10s-3d1s-2d
Rutland Duke ofIn hand (D of R)153Top of Hodgkinsons Edge 8a. 1r. 30p.  
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)154Rough EdgeHeath40a. 3r. 0p.9s-2d1s-0d
Rutland Duke ofElliott, John155Clacks CroftPasture8a. 2r. 0p.6s-7d9d
Rutland Duke ofElliott, John156Clacks CroftPasture1a. 1r. 28p.1s-11d2d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander157Far Gorse BankPasture3a. 1r. 23p.6s-4d8d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander158Well Gorse BankWheat2a. 3r. 24p.6s-1d8d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander159Middle Gorse BankWheat2a. 2r. 26p.6s-7d9d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexander160Near Gorse BankOats3a. 0r. 15p.4s-8d6d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary161Far Gorsy BankOats6a. 2r. 3p.14s-4d1s-7d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary162Near Gorsy BakMeadow5a. 2r. 0p.13s-10d1s-6d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary163Upper Gorsy bankPasture10a. 0r. 10p.13s-3d1s-6d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)164Great BankMeadow3a. 1r. 25p.9s-5d1s-0d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)165Little BankMeadow2a. 0r. 4p.4s-8d6d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)166Green CloseWheat & Oats4a. 2r. 36p.10s-11d1s-3d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)167Lady Wall BankPasture5a. 1r. 9p.5s-9d8d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)168Ox Lane ClosePasture1a. 2r. 20p.1s-3d1d
Rutland Duke ofIn hand (D of R)169Gorse Bank Plantation 6a. 0r. 32p.  
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)170The EdgePasture23p.3d0d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)171Barn Close & LaneMeadow7a. 2r. 15p.11s-1d1s-3d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)172Edge CloseOats3a. 1r. 23p.5s-8d8d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)173Far Ox CloseWheat & Fallow4a. 3r. 0p.8s-5d11d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)174Near Ox CloseMeadow3a. 2r. 18p.6s-4d8d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)175High Wind HillOats3a. 2r. 20p.4s-8d6d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)176Bar IntakePasture2a. 0r. 8p.10d1d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah177Barn Wind HillMeadow & Oats4a. 0r. 15p.7s-9d10d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah178Middle Wind HillFallow2a. 3r. 32p.5s-9d8d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah179Wind HillOats & Meadow4a. 3r. 10p.5s-7d11d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah180Near Lodge WallMeadow2a. 3r. 6p.5s-9d8d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah181Bar CloseWheat1a. 0r. 12p.2s-4d3d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah182Bank topMeadow2a. 0r. 16p.4s-8d6d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah183Far Lay WallPasture4a. 2r. 5p.8s-0d10d
Rutland Duke ofHulley, Ellen184Bar IntakeMeadow20p.10d1d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah185Far IntakePasture1a. 2r. 6p.11d1d
Rutland Duke ofStaley, Stephen186Nether BreckMeadow2a. 1r. 24p.4s-1d5d
Rutland Duke ofStaley, Stephen187BreckWheat, Oats & Meadow2a. 2r. 23p.5s-9d8d
Rutland Duke ofBrightmore, John (Shoemaker)188BreckMeadow1a. 3r. 13p.3s-10d5d
Rutland Duke ofMarsden, William189BrecksOats & Fallow1a. 2r. 7p.3s-0d4d
Rutland Duke ofBrightmore, John (Lab)190BreckMeadow1a. 3r. 34p.3s-10d5d
Rutland Duke ofCooper, Peter191BreckMeadow2a. 1r. 10p.4s-11d7d
Rutland Duke ofBrightmore, Michael192BreckMeadow2a. 2r. 28p.5s-6d7d
Rutland Duke ofTaylor, William193BreckMeadow20p.1s-7d2d
Rutland Duke ofEllis, Robert194BreckMeadow1a. 3r. 20p.3s-7d5d
Rutland Duke ofPenistone, Sarah195BreckPasture2a. 3r. 37p.5s-3d7d
Rutland Duke ofPenistone, Sarah196BreckOats2a. 2r. 16p.4s-2d5d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William197Upper BreckMeadow2a. 0r. 24p.3s-0d4d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William198Upper CloseFallow1a. 3r. 4p.2s-6d3d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William199Barn CloseWheat3a. 2r. 0p.6s-3d8d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William200Yards & Buildings 12p.  
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William201Long CloseOats1a. 2r. 38p.2s-7d3d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William202Green & YeldWheat1a. 1r. 10p.2s-2d3d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William203Barn ClosePasture1a. 2r. 6p.1s-11d2d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William204Rough CloseHeath5a. 3r. 20p.2s-6d3d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William205Far YeldHeath4a. 0r. 0p.1s-4d2d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William206Far YeldOats & seeds6a. 3r. 26p.3s-10d5d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William207Far YeldMeadow4a. 2r. 10p.2s-10d4d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William208Far YeldPasture1a. 1r. 12p.11d1d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William209Far YeldMeadow4a. 3r. 18p.3s-4d4d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William210Far YeldMeadow3a. 0r. 36p.2s-6d3d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah211Nether Yeld & LanePasture4a. 0r. 8p.4s-0d5d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah212Nether Yeld & LaneOats3a. 0r. 13p.2s-1d3d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah213Nether Yeld & LaneOats2a. 1r. 30p.1s-8d2d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah214Nether Yeld & LaneHeath1a. 3r. 0p.11d1d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah215Nether Yeld & LaneHeath6a. 3r. 9p.3s-9d5d
Rutland Duke ofPenistone, Sarah216YeldPasture1a. 3r. 30p.2s-2d3d
Rutland Duke ofPenistone, Sarah217YeldPasture3a. 1r. 17p.2s-6d3d
Rutland Duke ofPenistone, Sarah218YeldPasture5a. 0r. 30p.4s-0d5d
Rutland Duke ofHawkesworth, Charles219YeldPasture2a. 1r. 15p.3s-3d4d
Rutland Duke ofIn hand (D of R)220Yeld Plantation 24a. 2r. 21p.  
Rutland Duke ofHerrington, William221YeldMeadow14p.6d0d
Rutland Duke ofHawkesworth, Charles222YeldMeadow1a. 1r. 13p.2s-9d3d
Rutland Duke ofHawkesworth, Charles223YeldMeadow1a. 2r. 35p.3s-5d4d
Rutland Duke ofIngleby, Ninian224YeldPasture2a. 0r. 24p.2s-2d3d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas225White Holme CloseMeadow2a. 2r. 32p.10s-0d1s-1d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas226Even CloseMeadow4a. 0r. 23p.15s-6d1s-9d
Rutland Duke ofIngleby, Ninian227Hearnshaw CloseMeadow1a. 0r. 30p.4s-5d6d
Rutland Duke ofIngleby, Ninian228Hearnshaw CloseMeadow1a. 0r. 30p.4s-7d6d
Rutland Duke ofIngleby, Ninian229Orchard 1a. 1r. 23p.3s-10d5d
Rutland Duke ofIngleby, Ninian230Wheatsheaf Inn 8p.  
Rutland Duke ofGrant, James231Homestead 15p.  
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John232Homestead 1a. 0r. 7p.  
Rutland Duke ofStaley, Stephen232Homestead   
Rutland Duke ofPashley, Frederic233HomesteadMeadow1a. 2r. 0p.3s-4d4d
Rutland Duke ofIn hand (D of R)234Goose Green Plantation 8p.  
Rutland Duke ofPashley, Frederic235CroftMeadow2a. 0r. 22p.8s-7d11d
Rutland Duke ofHayworth, George236Homestead 22p.  
Rutland Duke ofHayworth, George237Home CloseMeadow2a. 1r. 15p.5s-5d11d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John238Long TonguePasture3a. 1r. 17p.13s-0d1s-5d
Rutland Duke ofIngleby, Ninian239Wrag CroftMeadow2a. 0r. 10p.7s-9d10d
Rutland Duke ofIngleby, Ninian240Upper CroftMeadow1a. 3r. 32p.7s-2d10d
Rutland Duke ofHayworth, George241CroftMeadow1a. r. 20p.4s-0d5d
Rutland Duke ofHayworth, George242CroftMeadow1a. 1r. 0p.4s-3d6d
Rutland Duke ofSheldon, George243CroftMeadow1a. 1r. 15p.5s-3d7d
Rutland Duke ofWheeldon, John244Heath CroftMeadow1a. 2r. 18p.6s-4d8d
Rutland Duke ofDrabble, Samuel245Homestead 10p.  
Rutland Duke ofDrabble, Samuel246CroftMeadow & Oats2a. 3r. 20p.10s-8d1s-3d
Rutland Duke ofHudson, William247Tithe Barn Lane CloseMeadow & Oats2a. 1r. 13p.8s-3d11d
Rutland Duke ofJepson, Thomas248House & Garden 14p.  
Rutland Duke ofMarsden, Joseph248House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofMarsden, John248House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofRobertson, John249House, Building & Garden 1a. 0r. 16p.  
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary249House, Building & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofMarples, Mary249House, Building & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofWragg, John249House, Building & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofMarples, William250Ashton FieldMeadow12p.3s-0d4d
Rutland Duke ofMarples, William251Ashton FieldMeadow1a. 3r. 12p.7s-7d10d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary252Ashton FieldMeadow12a. 0r. 6p.8s-0d11d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah253Ashton FieldWheat3a. 2r. 21p.12s-10d1s-5d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah254Homestead 5p.  
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah255Upper CroftMeadow36p.3s-2d4d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannah256Nether CroftMeadow1a. 0r. 34p.5s-1d7d
Rutland Duke ofGeeson, Richard257Lane CloseMeadow1a. 2r. 24p.6s-1d8d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary258Nether ClosePasture1a. 3r. 16p.7s-2d10d
Rutland Duke ofBarker, Anthony A Rev259HolmeMeadow4a. 1r. 35p.19s-8d2s-2d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary260HolmeOats4a. 3r. 29p.19s-8d2s-3d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary261HolmeMeadow2a. 2r. 24p.10s-6d1s-2d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary262Middle HolmeWheat2a. 1r. 1p.8s-10d1s-0d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary263Middle Derwent HolmeMeadow3a. 2r. 17p.14s-4d1s-7d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary264Middle Derwent HolmeLentils5a. 3r. 4p.£1-3s-0d2s-7d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary265Great Derwent HolmeWheat7a. 2r. 30p.£1-10s-9d3s-5d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary266Nether Derwent HolmeWheat6a. 2r. 16p.£1-4s-11d2s-10d
Rutland Duke ofIn hand (D of R)267Holmes Plantation 0p.  
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary268Eaton HolmeWheat4a. 3r. 36p.19s-11d2s-3d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary269Old Hays HolmeWheat3a. 0r. 10p.12s-2d1s-4d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary270Old HaysPasture4a. 3r. 27p.19s-8d2s-3d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary271Croft 37p.4s-10d6d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary272Peacock Inn Buildings etc 2a. 1r. 20p.  
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary273Back of the House 2a. 2r. 15p.14s-4d1s-7d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William274Green CloseFallow1a. 0r. 37p.5s-1d7d
Rutland Duke ofClayton, John275House 14p.  
Rutland Duke ofHutchinson, Robert275House   
Rutland Duke ofLidgate, Robert275House   
Hattersley WilliamJeeves, George276House & Malthouse 15p.  
White JohnWhite, John277Devonshire Arms Premises 13p.  
White JohnNoton, Samuel277Devonshire Arms Premises   
White JohnBrooks, Charlotte277Devonshire Arms Premises   
White JohnGregory, John277Devonshire Arms Premises   
White JohnJones, Elizabeth277Devonshire Arms Premises   
White JohnStewart, Joseph277Devonshire Arms Premises   
Jenkinson RalphJenkinson, Ralph278Beer House & Garden 13p.  
Johnson WilliamGratton, Ann279House & Garden 20p.  
Haywood GeorgeSheldon, Mary280House etc 6p.  
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas281Nether Ford CloseMeadow4a. 1r. 14p.13s-7d1s-5d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas282Savage CroftMeadow2a. 1r. 23p.6s-4d8d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas283Far FordWheat2a. 3r. 10p.6s-11d9d
Rutland Duke ofHerrington, William284Croft & part of YeldMeadow2a. 0r. 28p.8s-3d11d
Rutland Duke ofHawkesworth, Charles285YeldMeadow1a. 2r. 0p.5s-5d7d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William286HomesteadMeadow2a. 3r. 5p.10s-3d1s-2d
Rutland Duke ofHawkins, Thomas287House & Garden 4p.  
Rutland Duke ofHawkesworth, Charles287House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofHerrington, William287House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William288Upper CroftPasture1a. 0r. 14p.3s-10d5d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas289Upper CroftMeadow1a. 3r. 35p.4s-8d6d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William290Nether LeasorWheat4a. 3r. 2p.14s-3d1s-7d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William291Nether LeasorLentils8p.2s-4d3d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William292Leasor Common CloseOats3a. 1r. 10p.8s-0d11d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William293Leasor Common CloseFallow2a. 1r. 0p.5s-3d7d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William294Leasor Common CloseMeadow1a. 0r. 0p.1s-4d2d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William295Nether Common CloseWheat4a. 0r. 10p.10s-5d1s-2d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William296Far Common CloseClover2a. 3r. 9p.6s-11d9d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William297Far Common CloseSeeds2a. 2r. 12p.7s-9d10d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas298Bushy LeeWheat1a. 1r. 33p.2s-7d3d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas299Bushy LeeWheat2a. 2r. 32p.4s-6d6d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas300Little LeasorOats2a. 1r. 32p.5s-1d7d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas301Far LeasorWheat2a. 1r. 0p.4s-0d5d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas302Nether EdgeHeath5a. 0r. 21p.2s-10d4d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas303Nether EdgeHeath4a. 2r. 21p.2s-6d3d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William304Nether EdgePasture2a. 2r. 21p.1s-9d2d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William305Nether EdgePasture1a. 1r. 6p.3d0d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, William306EdgePasture2a. 1r. 10p.6d0d
Rutland Duke ofBowler, George307The EdgePasture6a. 0r. 8p.1s-1d1d
Rutland Duke ofIn hand (D of R)308Screed about old Cupola 5a. 1r. 31p.  
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas309The EdgeHeath40a. 0r. 22p.2s-2d3d
Rutland Duke ofBestwick, Gervaise310House & Garden 26p.  
Rutland Duke ofMotterham, George310House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofTotley Road Trustees311Garden 6p.  
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas312Edge ClosePasture2a. 1r. 3p.3s-2d4d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas313Upper EdgeHeath26a. 3r. 20p.8s-10d1s-0d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas314New PiecePasture4a. 0r. 21p.4s-6d6d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas315WheatlandsWheat3a. 0r. 25p.6s-4d8d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas316WheatlandsWheat2a. 2r. 10p.4s-8d6d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas317Barn FlattWheat2a. 2r. 23p.6s-9d9d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas318Homestead 26p.  
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas319Nether YardPasture13p.2s-6d3d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas320Nether YardPasture33p.3s-2d4d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas321Nether Long CloseWheat2a. 3r. 20p.7s-7d10d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas322LipeFallow3a. 3r. 18p.9s-5d1s-0d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas323Upper Long CloseWheat2a. 0r. 14p.5s-10d4d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas324Penistone FieldLentils5a. 2r. 18p.10s-5d1s-2d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas325Penistone FieldFallow2a. 0r. 4p.3s-10d5d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas326Nether DolesFallow4a. 1r. 0p.8s-5d11d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas327Upper DolesWheat2a. 3r. 34p.4s-6d6d
Rutland Duke ofIn hand (D of R)328Nether Coppice 3a. 0r. 9p.  
Rutland Duke ofIn hand (D of R)329Upper Coppice 1a. 1r. 2p.  
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas330TurnaboutMeadow2a. 2r. 18p.3s-2d4d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas331Upperwood closePasture7a. 2r. 26p.11s-1d1s-3d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas332Nether Wood CloseMeadow4a. 1r. 32p.8s-10d1s-0d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas333Heathy LeeHeath34a. 1r. 30p.16s-1d1s-10d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas334New PiecePasture2a. 1r. 0p.2s-2d3d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomas335IntakeHeath11a. 2r. 35p.1s-4d2d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, Henry336MegwallsHeath30a. 1r. 26p.12s-5d1s-5d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin337Cat StoneHeath7a. 0r. 29p.3s-7d4d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin338Cat StoneOats1a. 0r. 35p.8d1d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin339Cat StoneMeadow13p.1d0d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin340Sheep Pen CloseMeadow2a. 2r. 18p.3s-7d4d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin341Three Men closePasture3a. 0r. 25p.2s-6d3d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin342Little Men ClosePasture1a. 2r. 36p.1s-8d2d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin343Upper Great closeFallow3a. 1r. 7p.5s-3d7d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin344Far Great CloseWheat3a. 1r. 27p.5s-0d7d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Jason345IntakePasture2a. 0r. 0p.1s-8d2d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Jason346IntakeOats & Meadow2a. 2r. 2p.3s-0d4d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Jason347IntakeOats & Meadow1a. 3r. 20p.1s-11d2d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin348Near Great CloseOats3a. 1r. 20p.4s-5d6d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin349Wheat CloseMeadow2a. 2r. 7p.3s-4d4d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin350Homestead 5p.  
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin351Barn ClosePasture1a. 2r. 23p.2s-2d3d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin352New CloseMeadow3a. 2r. 7p.4s-8d6d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin353Hallow CloseMeadow3a. 0r. 23p.4s-10d6d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin354Hallow CloseOats2a. 1r. 1p.3s-5d4d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin355Green CloseFallow4a. 1r. 18p.6s-7d9d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin356Rough PastureHeath9a. 2r. 6p.7s-10d11d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin357Rough PastureHeath15a. 3r. 14p.11s-9d1s-4d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin358Ox PastureOats4a. 3r. 0p.6s-4d8d
Rutland Duke ofSavage, Thomas359Upper CloseWheat & Oats2a. 2r. 8p.3s-0d4d
Rutland Duke ofHerrington, Hannah360IntakeMeadow1a. 0r. 23p.1s-1d1d
Rutland Duke ofHerrington, Hannah361IntakeHeath2p.1d0d
Rutland Duke ofHerrington, Hannah362IntakeHeath2a. 2r. 29p.1s-1d1d
Rutland Duke ofSavage, Thomas363Far HoleMeadow & Fallow1a. 2r. 26p.1s-11d2d
Rutland Duke ofSavage, Thomas364Bank SideMeadow8p.1s-6d2d
Turnpike Trust Chest & H L HeadThurgoland, William365Toll House & Garden 2p.  
Rutland Duke ofSavage, Thomas366Long CloseOats1a. 1r. 14p.1s-11d2d
Rutland Duke ofSavage, Thomas367Homestead 1a. 1r. 32p.  
Rutland Duke ofKay, John368Croft 30p.11d1d
Rutland Duke ofKay, John369House & Garden 30p.  
Rutland Duke ofHerrington, Hannah369House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin370Nether PieceMeadowa. 2r. 8p.1s-1d1d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Jason371Homestead & Croft 0p.10d1d
Rutland Duke ofSavage, Thomas372Upper HoleMeadow1a. 1r. 0p.3s-0d4d
Rutland Duke ofSavage, Thomas373Upper RoughMeadow1a. 0r. 14p.1s-6d2d
Rutland Duke ofIn hand (D of R)374Hooton & Birchin EdgeHeath623a. 0r. 14p.£16-13s-0d15s-1d
Rutland Duke ofIn hand (D of R)375Common adj Holmesfield 80a. 1r. 32p.11s-1d1s-3d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, John376Far Clod Hall PiecePasture11a. 0r. 35p.13s-10d1s-6d
Rutland Duke ofGrant, James377Near Clod HallMeadow4a. 1r. 11p.6s-4d8d
Rutland Duke ofGrant, James378Near Clod HallOats2a. 2r. 33p.3s-8d5d
Rutland Duke ofGrant, James379Near CommonMeadow2a. 3r. 35p.4s-2d5d
Rutland Duke ofGrant, James380Near CommonOats2a. 3r. 8p.3s-10d5d
Rutland Duke ofGrant, James381Homestead 1a. 2r. 36p.1s-11d2d
Rutland Duke ofKay, George382House & Garden adj & 399 18p.  
Rutland Duke ofWhite, John383Upper Stone Low BrookPasture11a. 3r. 24p.16s-7d1s-10d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, John384Nether Stone Low BrookPasture4a. 3r. 28p.4s-2d5d
Rutland Duke ofFletcher, Widow of Abraham385IntakeMeadow3a. 0r. 34p.4s-0d5d
Rutland Duke ofFletcher, Widow of Abraham386IntakeMeadow1a. 3r. 18p.2s-4d3d
Rutland Duke ofFletcher, Widow of Abraham387Upper Road IntakeMeadow & Oats4a. 0r. 35p.4s-1d5d
Rutland Duke ofFletcher, Widow of Abraham388Upper Road IntakeMeadow & Oats3a. 1r. 30p.4s-3d6d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, Joseph389Lees Croft IntakeMeadow2a. 0r. 7p.2s-5d3d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, Joseph390Great IntakeMeadow5a. 2r. 34p.7s-10d11d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, Joseph391New IntakeOats2a. 3r. 27p.2s-9d3d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, Joseph392Road IntakeMeadow2a. 0r. 28p.2s-11d4d
Rutland Duke ofFletcher, Widow of Abraham393Barn IntakeMeadow3a. 0r. 10p.4s-5d6d
Rutland Duke ofFletcher, Widow of Abraham394Lees Croft IntakeMeadow3a. 3r. 11p.4s-8d6d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Jason395Lees Croft IntakeOats & Meadow3a. 3r. 25p.5s-4d7d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Jason396Lees Croft IntakeHeath2a. 2r. 20p.2s-9d3d
Rutland Duke ofHerrington, Hannah397Lees Croft IntakeHeath7a. 2r. 7p.3s-4d4d
Rutland Duke ofFletcher, Widow of Abraham398House PieceMeadow3a. 0r. 9p.3s-10d5d
Rutland Duke ofFletcher, Widow of Abraham399Nether House PieceMeadow4a. 0r. 14p.5s-0d6d
Rutland Duke ofKay, John400Intake 1a. 1r. 15p.1s-9d2d
Rutland Duke ofKay, John401Far Intake 5a. 2r. 10p.8s-4d11d
Rutland Duke ofKay, John402Intake 4a. 2r. 15p.6s-4d8d
Rutland Duke ofKay, John403Intake 3a. 2r. 16p.3s-5d4d
Rutland Duke ofFletcher, Widow of Abraham404South IntakeOats1a. 1r. 21p.2s-2d3d
Rutland Duke ofFletcher, Widow of Abraham405South IntakeMeadow2a. 0r. 16p.3s-5d4d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, John406Far Barn IntakeMeadow3a. 3r. 2p.7s-9d10d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, John407Barn IntakeMeadow2a. 3r. 14p.5s-9d8d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, John408Barn IntakeMeadow3a. 3r. 6p.3s-8d5d
Devonshire Duke ofIn hand (D of D)409Gibbet Moor 624a. 1r. 36p.£5-10s-10d12s-7d
Devonshire Duke ofMarsden, Edmund410Goose PieceOats27p.6d0d
Devonshire Duke ofPaxton, Joseph411Cow ClosePasture6a. 2r. 6p.10s-3d1s-2d
Devonshire Duke ofPaxton, Joseph412Great Cow PasturePasture7a. 1r. 32p.11s-7d1s-4d
Devonshire Duke ofMarsden, Edmund413Dill AcresMeadow6a. 3r. 0p.7s-6d10d
Devonshire Duke ofMarsden, Edmund414Dill AcresMeadow4a. 1r. 28p.3s-7d4d
Devonshire Duke ofMarsden, Edmund415HomesteadMeadow2a. 0r. 4p.4s-0d5d
Devonshire Duke ofMarsden, Edmund416Croft 30p.5d0d
Devonshire Duke ofMarsden, Edmund417New CloseMeadow4a. 0r. 21p.6s-4d8d
Devonshire Duke ofMarsden, Edmund418Foolow CroftPasture1a. 2r. 16p.2s-1d3d
Devonshire Duke ofMarsden, Edmund419IntakePasture2a. 1r. 0p.2s-6d3d
Devonshire Duke ofMarsden, Edmund420IntakePasture2a. 0r. 0p.2s-2d3d
Devonshire Duke ofMarsden, Edmund421IntakePasture8a. 3r. 0p.7s-1d9d
Devonshire Duke ofMarsden, Edmund422IntakeOats5a. 3r. 0p.4d5d
Devonshire Duke ofIn hand (D of D)423Gibbett Moor Plantation 8a. 0r. 15p.  
Devonshire Duke ofWilson, James424Lamb ParkPasture2a. 2r. 34p.2s-9d3d
Devonshire Duke ofWilson, James425Three Cornered PiecePasture1a. 3r. 16p.1s-7d2d
Devonshire Duke ofWilson, James426Great ClosePasture2a. 3r. 32p.2s-2d3d
Devonshire Duke ofWilson, James427Close above BarnOats2a. 2r. 32p.3s-7d4d
Devonshire Duke ofSavage, Thomas428Close & Stephin CroftMeadow3a. 2r. 26p.3s-7d4d
Devonshire Duke ofWilson, James429Pingle NookingPasture1a. 1r. 27p.1s-4d2d
Devonshire Duke ofWilson, James430Far Great ClosePasture1a. 2r. 16p.1s-3d1d
Devonshire Duke ofWilson, James431Far Great ClosePasture1a. 3r. 34p.1s-9d2d
Devonshire Duke ofSavage, Thomas432Robin Hood BarRough Pasture1a. 3r. 24p.5d0d
Devonshire Duke ofSavage, Thomas433Robin Hood BarRough Pasture1a. 0r. 25p.10d1d
Devonshire Duke ofSavage, Thomas434Robin Hood BarOats1a. 2r. 26p.3s-5d4d
Devonshire Duke ofFroggatt, Benjamin435Engine CloseMeadow1a. 1r. 1p.2s-9d3d
Devonshire Duke ofSavage, Thomas436Robin Hood BarMeadow1a. 2r. 24p.3s-5d4d
Devonshire Duke ofSavage, Thomas437Robin Hood BarMeadow2a. 0r. 7p.1s-4d2d
Devonshire Duke ofSavage, Thomas438WormstallRough Pasture2a. 3r. 10p.1s-11d2d
Devonshire Duke ofSavage, Thomas439WormstallRough Pasture4a. 3r. 18p.3s-2d4d
Devonshire Duke ofSavage, Thomas440WormstallPasture5a. 0r. 7p.7s-9d10d
Devonshire Duke ofSavage, Thomas441WormstallPasture4a. 3r. 8p.3s-7d4d
Devonshire Duke ofSavage, Thomas442WormstallOats & Meadow4a. 3r. 26p.8s-2d11d
Devonshire Duke ofSavage, Thomas443WormstallOats & Meadow0p.10d1d
Devonshire Duke ofBroomhead, Mary444AnglesOats1a. 2r. 12p.1s-11d2d
Devonshire Duke ofBroomhead, Mary445Edge ClosePasture5a. 3r. 6p.7s-7d10d
Devonshire Duke ofBroomhead, Mary446Far Moor CloseOats4a. 1r. 0p.5s-3d7d
Devonshire Duke ofBroomhead, Mary447Near Moor ClosePasture5a. 1r. 0p.6s-4d8d
Devonshire Duke ofBroomhead, Mary448AnglesOats1a. 0r. 3p.1s-4d2d
Devonshire Duke ofBroomhead, Mary449AnglesOats1a. 1r. 5p.1s-6d2d
Devonshire Duke ofMarsden, Edmund450Upper AnglesPasture7a. 2r. 30p.7s-7d10d
Devonshire Duke ofMarsden, Edmund451AnglesMeadow1a. 3r. 36p.2s-11d4d
Devonshire Duke ofMarsden, Edmund452AnglesMeadow1a. 1r. 16p.2s-2d3d
Devonshire Duke ofIn hand (D of D)453Middle AnglesPasture13a. 3r. 17p.£1-6s-9d3s-7d
Devonshire Duke ofNorkett, George454Nether AnglesMeadow4a. 2r. 5p.8s-8d1s-0d
Devonshire Duke ofHerriman, John455The Lodge adj 466 4p.  
Devonshire Duke ofIn hand (D of D)456Outer ParkPasture181a. 1r. 9p.£20-10s-1d£2-6s-5d
Devonshire Duke ofIn hand (D of D)457Plantation 7a. 3r. 29p.  
Devonshire Duke ofIn hand (D of D)458Plantation 8a. 0r. 20p.  
Devonshire Duke ofIn hand (D of D)459Plantation 1a. 1r. 13p.  
Devonshire Duke ofIn hand (D of D)460Plantation 2a. 3r. 0p.  
Devonshire Duke ofIn hand (D of D)461Plantation 20p.  
Devonshire Duke ofIn hand (D of D)462Plantation 6a. 2r. 17p.  
Devonshire Duke ofHallatt, Thomas463House & Garden etc 32p.  
Devonshire Duke ofIn hand (D of D)464Plantation 7a. 0r. 5p.  
Devonshire Duke ofIn hand (D of D)465Plantation 2a. 2r. 18p.  
Devonshire Duke ofBampton, James465House & Garden 1a. 0r. 0p.  
Devonshire Duke ofBestwick, James465House & Garden   
Devonshire Duke ofHulley, William465House & Garden   
Devonshire Duke ofIngleby, Ninian465House & Garden   
Devonshire Duke ofCondell, William466House & Pleasure Ground 6p.  
Kitchen WilliamKitchen, William467Malt Office Yard & Garden 8p.  
Devonshire Duke ofBetney, Joseph469House & Garden 24p.  
Devonshire Duke ofBrown, Isacc469House & Garden   
Devonshire Duke ofDaniel, Elizabeth469House & Garden   
Devonshire Duke ofHollingsworth, Benjamin469House & Garden   
Devonshire Duke ofWatson, David469House & Garden   
Devonshire Duke ofHolmes, John470House & Garden 7p.  
Devonshire Duke ofCondell, William471Hob YardMeadow1a. 2r. 5p.8s-3d11d
Devonshire Duke ofIn hand (D of D)472Plantation 8a. 3r. 25p.  
Devonshire Duke ofCondell, William473Hole BankMeadow1a. 0r. 18p.4s-11d7d
Devonshire Duke ofIn hand (D of D)474Plantation 3a. 0r. 33p.  
Devonshire Duke ofPaxton, Joseph475Derwent HolmeMeadow3a. 1r. 29p.13s-10d1s-6d
Devonshire Duke ofPaxton, Joseph476Derwent HolmeMeadow2a. 3r. 31p.12s-2d1s-4d
Devonshire Duke ofPaxton, Joseph477Derwent HolmeMeadow6a. 0r. 2p.£1-4s-11d2s-9d
Rutland Duke ofBirley, Mary478House & Garden 19p.  
Rutland Duke ofEyre, Joseph478House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofMarples, William478House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofRandall, Israel478House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofCocker, John479PingleMeadow6p.1s-11d2d
Rutland Duke ofEyre, Joseph480Gardens 7p.  
Rutland Duke ofHibbert, George480Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofMarples, James480Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofMarples, John480Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofFearn, Mary481House & Garden 23p.  
Rutland Duke ofGilbert, John481House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofHawley, Francis481House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofHibbert, William481House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofShaw, Bartholomew481House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofShilito, William481House & Garden   
Rutland Duke ofHibbert, George482Factory CloseMeadow2a. 0r. 38p.9s-6d1s-1d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary483Pools SideMeadow1a. 2r. 0p.6s-1d5d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary484Derwent SideMeadow3a. 2r. 3p.13s-10d1s-6d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John485Near PoolFallow5a. 0r. 6p.16s-2d1s-10d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John486Near PoolWheat6a. 3r. 13p.£1-3s-5d2s-8d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John487CrimblesMeadow2a. 0r. 0p.6s-11d9d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John488Rye MouseOats4a. 3r. 25p.16s-4d1s-10d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John489Rye MouseMeadow2a. 1r. 12p.7s-9d10d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John490Broad RoodesMeadow3a. 0r. 20p.10s-1d1s-2d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John491Rye-mouse BankMeadow1a. 3r. 11p.5s-4d7d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John492Rye-mouse BankOats1a. 1r. 37p.4s-5d6d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John493Rye-mouse BankPasture2a. 0r. 35p.6s-7d9d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John494Rye-mouse BankMeadow22p.2s-7d3d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John495Upper BottomMeadow2a. 2r. 0p.7s-9d10d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John496BottomsPasture2a. 3r. 17p.8s-10d1s-0d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John497Mesne BottomsFallow4a. 1r. 36p.13s-10d1s-6d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John498BottomsMeadow2a. 1r. 8p.7s-1d9d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John499BottomsWheat2a. 2r. 31p.9s-0d1s-0d
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John500The HookMeadow2a. 2r. 21p.9s-3d1s-0d
Rutland Duke ofBrushfield, Joseph501New CloseMeadow & Oats3a. 1r. 16p.12s-2d1s-4d
Rutland Duke ofBrushfield, Joseph502New CloseMeadow & Oats2a. 0r. 24p.8s-7d11d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary503Half AcresOats1a. 3r. 30p.7s-2d10d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Mary504Land EndsOats38p.3s-7d4d
Rutland Duke ofGreen, Henry505Bridge FurlongMeadow1a. 2r. 0p.5s-6d7d
Rutland Duke ofHibbert, William506Bridge End CloseMeadow1a. 2r. 0p.5s-1d7d
Rutland Duke ofRedfern, Abraham507Bridge End CloseMeadow1a. 2r. 0p.5s-1d7d
Rutland Duke ofRedfern, Abraham508Bridge End CloseMeadow1a. 2r. 17p.5s-11d8d
Rutland Duke ofAshton, Benjamin509Bridge End Gardens 2a. 1r. 0p.  
Rutland Duke ofBirley, Mary509Bridge End Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofBrushfield, Joseph509Bridge End Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofCooper C, Charles509Bridge End Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofFrith, George509Bridge End Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofGilbert, John509Bridge End Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofJackson, John509Bridge End Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofMarples, William509Bridge End Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofMarples, George509Bridge End Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofMerrill, George509Bridge End Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofNibbs, James S509Bridge End Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofOutrom, Sarah509Bridge End Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofRobinson, Joseph509Bridge End Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofShaw, Bartholomew509Bridge End Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofShilito, William509Bridge End Gardens   
Rutland Duke ofRedfern, Abraham510House & Garden 39p.  
Rutland Duke ofMerrill, George511DowellMeadow1a. 1r. 25p.4s-10d6d
Rutland Duke ofTomlinson, William512DowerMeadow3a. 1r. 24p.11s-4d1s-3d
Rutland Duke ofHodgkinson, Joseph513DowerOats2a. 3r. 16p.9s-8d1s-1d
Barker Rev Anthony AuriolBarker, Anthony A Revsum  2a. 0r. 6p.  
Broomhead Nicholas Devizes ofBristol, Joseph & otherssum  20p.  
Broomhead AnnGardom, Margaretsum  13p.  
Chesterfield & Hlh TurnpikeThurgoland, Williamsum  7p.  
Cox JohnBuxton, Samuelsum  4p.  
Cundy WilliamCundy, Williamsum  a. 42p.  
Devonshire Duke ofD of Dsum  876a. 3r. 17p.£27-7s-8d£3-2s-1d
Devonshire Duke ofBampton, James & otherssum  1a. 0r. 0p.  
Devonshire Duke ofBettney, Joseph & otherssum  24p.  
Devonshire Duke ofBroomhead, Marysum  19a. 0r. 26p.£1-4s-1d2s-8d
Devonshire Duke ofCondelll, Wiliamsum  3a. 1r. 29p.13s-3d1s-6d
Devonshire Duke ofFroggatt, Benjaminsum  1a. 1r. 1p.2s-9d3d
Devonshire Duke ofCallott, Thomas Jsum  32p.  
Devonshire Duke ofHerriman, Johnsum  4p.  
Devonshire Duke ofHolmes, Johnsum  7p.  
Devonshire Duke ofMarsden, Edmundsum  49a. 1r. 8p.£2-13s-1d5s-11d
Devonshire Duke ofNorkett, Georgesum  4a. 2r. 5p.£0-8s-8d1s-0d
Devonshire Duke ofPaxton, Josephsum  26a. 1r. 30p.£3-12s-11d8s-2d
Devonshire Duke ofSavage, Thomas Jsum  35a. 0r. 1p.£1-18s-8d4s-3d
Devonshire Duke ofWilson, Jamessum  15a. 0r. 31p.14s-8d1s-8d
Gregory JosephGregory, Joseph & Johnsum  24p.  
Hattersley WilliamJeeves, Georgesum  15p.  
Hayward GeogeSheldon, Marysum  6p.  
Hemsley WilliamCoope, John & otherssum  7p.  
Holmes JohnHolmes, Johnsum  3a. 3r. 8p.£0-13s-4d£0-1s-6d
Jenkinson RalphJenkinson, Ralphsum  13p.  
Johnson WilliamGeeson, Annsum  20p.  
Kitchen WilliamKitchen, Williamsum  8p.  
Lees JohnWhite, Josephsum  3a. 0r. 7p.12s-9d1s-5d
Lees JohnWhite, Joseph & G Gardnersum  25p.  
Marples HannahHulley, Mary & otherssum  3p.  
Marples ElizabethMarples, Elizabethsum  20p.  
Marples JohnMarples, Johnsum  17p.  
Methodist SocietyIn hand (Methodist)sum  10p.  
Newton FrancesMorton, Charlessum  8p.  
Rutland Duke ofIn hand (D of R)sum  755a. 2r. 38p.£7-4s-7d16s-5d
Rutland Duke ofAshton, Benjaminsum  11a. 3r. 21p.£1-12s-8d3s-8d
Rutland Duke ofAshton, Benjamin & otherssum  2a. 0r. 0p.  
Rutland Duke ofBarker, Anthony Auriol Revsum  4a. 2r. 29p.19s-8d2s-2d
Rutland Duke ofBarton, Josephsum  10p.2s-9d3d
Rutland Duke ofBarton, Joseph & otherssum  39p.  
Rutland Duke ofBestwick, Gervaise & G Mottershawsum  26p.  
Rutland Duke ofBetney, Edmund & otherssum  28p.  
Rutland Duke ofBirley, Marysum  19p.  
Rutland Duke ofBoden, Samuel and Thomassum  38p.  
Rutland Duke ofBowler, Georgesum  6a. 8p.1s-1d1d
Rutland Duke ofBrightmore, John & otherssum  16p.  
Rutland Duke ofBrightmore, John (Labourer)sum  2a. 2r. 21p.4s-11d6d
Rutland Duke ofBrightmore, John (Shoemaker)sum  2a. 0r. 39p.5s-10d8d
Rutland Duke ofBrightmore, Michaelsum  2a. 3r. 3p.5s-6d7d
Rutland Duke ofBroomhead, Marysum  88a. 1r. 26p.£14-15s-10d£1-13s-6d
Rutland Duke ofBrownhill, Elizabethsum  7p.1s-4d2d
Rutland Duke ofBrushfield, Josephsum  5a. 2r. 0p.£1-0s-2d2s-3d
Rutland Duke ofBuxton, Johnsum  1a. 0r. 6p.3s-10d5d
Rutland Duke ofCawton, Charlessum  9a. 2r. 21p.£1-8s-9d3s-3d
Rutland Duke ofClayton, John & otherssum  14p.  
Rutland Duke ofCoates, Alfredsum  22p.  
Rutland Duke ofCocker, Johnsum  3a. 2r. 2p.10s-6d1s-8d
Rutland Duke ofCondell, Williamsum  3a. 2r. p.8s-10d1d
Rutland Duke ofCooper, Charlessum  39p.  
Rutland Duke ofCooper, Petersum  2a. 1r. 10p.4s-11d7d
Rutland Duke ofCundy, William & Eliz Cockersum  19p.  
Rutland Duke ofDrabble, Samuelsum  2a. 3r. 30p.10s-8d1s-3d
Rutland Duke ofElliott, Johnsum  56a. 1r. 38p.18s-10d2s-1d
Rutland Duke ofEllis, Robertsum  1a. 3r. 20p.3s-7d5d
Rutland Duke ofEyre, Joseph & otherssum  7p.  
Rutland Duke ofFern, Mary & otherssum  23p.  
Rutland Duke ofFletcher, Abraham (widow of)sum  30a. 0r. 38p.£1-18s-6d£0-4s-4d
Rutland Duke ofFrith, Georgesum  9p.  
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Benjaminsum  75a. 1r. 5p.£3-18s-8d9s-0d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Jasonsum  13a. 1r. 27p.15s-7d1s-9d
Rutland Duke ofFroggatt, Alexandersum  42a. 0r. 21p.£4-10s-0d10s-2d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (jun)sum  3a. 3r. 23p.12s-4d1s-5d
Rutland Duke ofFrost, Matthew (sen)sum  100a. 1r. 11p.£5-18s-2d13s-5d
Rutland Duke ofGardom, Thomassum  208a. 0r. 1p.£10-13s-7d£1-3s-9d
Rutland Duke ofGeeson, Richardsum  4a. 1r. 22p.17s-2d1s-11d
Rutland Duke ofGreen, Henrysum  1a. 2r. 0p.5s-6d7d
Rutland Duke ofGrant, Jamessum  16a. 2r. 34p.£1-4s-9d2s-10d
Rutland Duke ofGregory, Josephsum  5a. 0r. 32p.18s-10d2s-1d
Rutland Duke ofHerrington, Hannahsum  11a. 2r. 21p.5s-8d7d
Rutland Duke ofHerrington, Williamsum  2a. 2r. 2p.8s-10d11d
Rutland Duke ofHattersley, Williamsum  75a. 3r. 0p.£5-14s-3d13s-0d
Rutland Duke ofHawksworth, Charlessum  6a. 3r. 23p.14s-11d1s-8d
Rutland Duke ofHawkins, Thomas & otherssum  4p.  
Rutland Duke ofHaywood, Johnsum  1a. 3r. 30p.4s-1d5d
Rutland Duke ofHayworth, Georgesum  4a. 3r. 17p.16s-9d1s-11d
Rutland Duke ofHeathcote, Georgesum  1a. 2r. 32p.4s-1d5d
Rutland Duke ofHearnshaw, Hannahsum  48a. 0r. 18p.£3-17s-8d8s-10d
Rutland Duke ofHibbert, Georgesum  2a. 0r. 38p.9s-6d1s-1d
Rutland Duke ofHibbert, Janesum  30p.10d1d
Rutland Duke ofHibbert, Williamsum  1a. 2r. 0p.5s-1d7d
Rutland Duke ofHibbert, Jamessum  28p.1s-9d2d
Rutland Duke ofHodgkinson, Josephsum  24a. 1r. 17p.£3-11s-4d8s-1d
Rutland Duke ofHolmes, Johnsum  10a. 0r. 30p.£1-13s-4d3s-10d
Rutland Duke ofHudson, Williamsum  2a. 1r. 13p.8s-3d11d
Rutland Duke ofHulley, Ellensum  3p.10d1d
Rutland Duke ofIngleby, Niniansum  10a. 0r. 37p.£1-10s-0d3s-5d
Rutland Duke ofJepson, Thomas & otherssum  14p.  
Rutland Duke ofKay, Georgesum  18p.  
Rutland Duke ofKay, Johnsum  16a. 0r. 6p.£1-0s-11d£0-2s-4d
Rutland Duke ofKay, John & H Herringtonsum  30p.  
Rutland Duke ofMarples, Matthew & J Stroyansum  37p.  
Rutland Duke ofMarples, Matthewsum  6a. 1r. 31p.£1-2s-10d£0-2s-7d
Rutland Duke ofMarples, Jamessum  1a. 0r. 27p.4s-8d5d
Rutland Duke ofMarples, Elizabeth (spinster)sum  1p.  
Rutland Duke ofMarples, Johnsum  2a. 2r. 30p.5s-8d7d
Rutland Duke ofMarples, Elizabeth (widow)sum  2a. 3r. 10p.5s-9d8d
Rutland Duke ofMarples, Williamsum  2a. 2r. 24p.10s-8d1s-2d
Rutland Duke ofMarsden, Edmundsum  2a. 3r. 26p.10s-3d1s-2d
Rutland Duke ofMarsden, Williamsum  3a. 3r. 33p.10s-6d1s-2d
Rutland Duke ofMarsden, William & J Wheeldonsum  30p.  
Rutland Duke ofMarrill, Georgesum  1a. 1r. 25p.4s-10d6d
Rutland Duke ofNibbs, James S & otherssum  22p.  
Rutland Duke ofPashley, Fredericksum  3a. 2r. 22p.11s-11d1s-4d
Rutland Duke ofPassfield ?, Jamessum  3a. 1r. p.4s-5d£0-0s-6d
Rutland Duke ofPenistone, Sarahsum  27a. 3r. 23p.£2-15s-0d6s-3d
Rutland Duke ofRedfern, Abrahamsum  3a. 1r. 16p.£0-11s-1d1s-3d
Rutland Duke ofRiley, Joseph & otherssum  33p.  
Rutland Duke ofRobertson, John & otherssum  1a. 0r. 16p.  
Rutland Duke ofSavage, Thomassum  10a. 0r. 22p.13s-0d1s-6d
Rutland Duke ofShaw, Georgesum  1a. 0r. 23p.3s-7d5d
Rutland Duke ofSheldon, Georgesum  4a. 2r. 18p.13s-3d1s-6d
Rutland Duke ofSingleton, Marysum  12p.  
Rutland Duke ofStafford, John & S Staleysum  1a. 0r. 7p.  
Rutland Duke ofStafford, Johnsum  51a. 1r. 31p.£8-8s-9d£0-19s-2d
Rutland Duke ofStaley, Stephensum  5a. 0r. 7p.9s-11d1s-1d
Rutland Duke ofStroyan, Johnsum  6a. 0r. 29p.18d2s-1d
Rutland Duke ofTaylor, Johnsum  8p.  
Rutland Duke ofTaylor, Williamsum  2a. 1r. 39p.5s-9d8d
Rutland Duke ofTomlinson, Williamsum  3a. 1r. 24p.11s-4d1s-3d
Rutland Duke ofTotley Rd Trusteessum  6p.  
Rutland Duke ofWheeldon, Johnsum  1a. 2r. 18p.6s-4d8d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, Henrysum  32a. 0r. 24p.19s-8d2s-3d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, Johnsum  38a. 1r. 29p.£2-11s-11d5s-11d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, Josephsum  16a. 2r. 17p.£1-11s-7d3s-7d
Rutland Duke ofWhite, Joseph & J Brushfieldsum  30p.  
Rutland Duke ofWillie, Oswald & otherssum  20p.  
Tissington JamesMarsden, Johnsum  1p.  
Watson & SonsAbsom, Marysum  2p.  
White JohnWhite, John & otherssum  13p.  
xxPublic Roads & Wastesum  32a. 0r. 0p.  
Rutland Duke ofBroomfield, Joseph Homestead & Garden    

The Location of the various allocations of land

Tithe NoLocation
1 to 29South of and near Church Street, School Lane and Bar Road
30 to 44North of and near Bar Road down to Village Shop - Upper End
45 to 75North of and near to School Lane and Church Street
76 to 90Between Calver Road and Derwent
91 to 110Between Calver Road and Over Lane
111 to 148Between Over Land and Gorse Bank Lane
149 to 153Rough Upper areas ?
154 t o185Between Gorse Bank Land and Bar Road
186 to 204East of Bar Road to edge
205 to 223North West of Bar Brook to Edge
224 to 248North of Goose Green and Eaton Hill
249 to 258Between Church Lane and Eaton Hill
259 to 275Between Derwent and Bar Brook north to Turnpike road
276 to 280Between Goose Green and Bar Brook
281 to 335Between Bar Brook and Chesterfield Road up to edge
336 to 358Moor Farm area
359 to 373Robin Hood North of Heathy Lea Brook
374 to 375Birchen Edge to Holmesfield
376 to 408Eastmoor
409Gibbet Moor
410 to 454South of Robin Hood and East of Park
455 to 464North End of Park to Chesterfield Road

The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in May 2004.

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