Baslow (Derbyshire) Inns and Public Houses

A description of the Inns in Baslow over the years 1841 to 1901.

Compiled by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright May 2004

Baslow has been well supplied with Inns over the years. The Rutland Arms and the Peacock (later the Cavendish) were well established Inns and Posting Houses from well before the 1840s. The Robin Hood Inn and the Green Man (later the Rutland Arms) also predate the 1840s. All the above were owned by the Duke of Rutland.

The following were on land NOT owned by either of the Dukes. The Barrel Inn already existed in 1830, probably on the site of the Devonshire Arms, which could have replaced it in the 1850s. There were two Beer houses. The Travellers Rest (later the Royal Hotel) dated back to the 1830s or before, and the Alma which appeared in the 1850s. The most recent Inn is the Prince of Wales, which was founded in the 1860s.


  1. Wheatsheaf Hotel
  2. The Peacock (Cavendish Hotel)
  3. Robin Hood Inn
  4. The Green Man (Rutland Arms)
  5. The Barrel Inn (Devonshire Arms)
  6. The Travellers Rest (the Royal Hotel)
  1. The Prince of Wales
  2. The Alma
  3. The Joiners Arms
  4. The Hydropathic Hotel
  5. Refreshment Room
  6. Lodging House Keepers

 Wheatsheaf Hotel
SituationSK 25977224At Nether End, north of the main road and adjoining the Barbrook.  It has kept the same name throughout.  Referred to as an Inn Tavern, Posting House and then Hotel
Tithe AwardINGLEBY Ninian10 acres.  He had 7 fields north of the Wheatsheaf, and a house near Park Lodge
Glover 1829BARKER JohnInnkeeper and Victualler 
Bagshaw 1846INGLEBY Ninian  
1841 - 1861INGLEBY Ninian (b.1798)Innkeeper
Noted as Farmer in 1861
Then his son
1871INGLEBY Richard (b.1837)Innkeeper 
1881EADES Joseph (b.1832)Innkeeper 
1891 - 1901ROWLAND Robert (1837)Publican, Baker & Confectioner 

 The Peacock (Cavendish Hotel)
SituationSK 25707215Cock Hill (or Peacock Hill) west of Goose Green
 It was originally the Peacock Inn (Hotel from 1871) until it was renovated, extended and renames the Cavendish Hotel in about 1976.  In the Nineteen Century it was referred to as a Posting House, and a Family & Commercial Posting Hotel
Tithe AwardBaslow104 acres.  30 fields -. mainly south and west of the Peacock Inn, but also off Gorse Bank Lane and south of Heathy Lea
 Bubnell46 acres
 At this time, the BROOMHEAD family were the largest farmers in Baslow with a high proportion of their land fertile and productive
Glover 1829BROOMHEAD NicholasMaltster & Victualler 
Pigot 1835BROOMHEAD NicholasInnkeeper 
1841BROOMHEAD Joseph (b.1800 d.1848)InnkeeperThen his widow
1851 - 1861BROOMHEAD Mary (b.1800)Innkeeper & AnnuitantThen her son
1871BROOMHEAD Nicholas B (b.1830)with his sisters, who are all Innkeepers & Farmers
1881STUCKEY Maria (b.1826)Hotel Keeper 
 Licensed to keep horses (Kelly 1881)
 Her son Charles (b.1860) has the occupation of Farmer
1891 - 1901EADES Joseph (b.1832)Hotel Keeper & Farmer 
NoteHe was previously at the Wheatsheaf Hotel

 Robin Hood Inn
SituationSK 27997215At its present position at Robin Hood
Tithe AwardSAVAGE Thomas45 acres.  19 fields, some north of the Inn, but most across the Heathy Lea Brook
Bagshaw 1846SAVAGE ThomasInn keeper 
1841 - 1861SAVAGE Thomas (b.1788)Innkeeper and FarmerThen his nephew
1871OLLIVANT Charles (b.1837)Innkeeper 
1881Publican and Hay & Straw Dealer 
1891Farmer & InnkeeperThen his son
1901OLLIVANT Joseph W (b.1863)Innkeeper and Farmer 

 The Green Man (Rutland Arms)
SituationSK 25127240Bridge End, next to (old) bridge on the road to Calver
 Initially called The Green Man or The Green Man Inn, it became The Rutland Arms in 1891 and Rutland Hotel in 1901
Tithe AwardASHTON Benjamin11 acres.  Homestead at site of Inn.  5 fields in the Stoney Furlong area and Gardens across the river
Glover 1829ASHTON BenjaminVictualler 
Pigot 1835ASHTON BenjaminInnkeeper 
1841 - 1851ASHTON Benjamin (b.1775)Innkeeper & Farmerthen his daughter
1861 - 1871ASHTON Hannah (b.1819)Innkeeper assisted by her sisters Elizabeth (b.1817) and Millicent (b.1821)
1881STEVENSON Simon (b.1832)Publican & Farmer 12 acres 
 Name changed to The Rutland Arms
1891STROYAN Alfred (b.1857)Hotel Proprietor 
NoteHe was son of STROYAN John (b.1816) the Postmaster - shop across the road
1901TOMLINSON Richard (b.1861)
NoteHe was son of TOMLINSON William the Baslow butcher - shop across the road

 The Barrel Inn (Devonshire Arms)
SituationSK 25897216At Nether End on the east border of Goose Green
Enclosure Award 1820KITCHEN John owned the plot of land between Goose Green and the Barbrook, which today includes the Devonshire Arms and the Malt House.  In 1820 the Barrel Inn could well have been on this site in 1820, but while the Travellers Rest probably started there after 1820
Tithe AwardWHITE John owned the premises, described as the Devonshire Arms Premises, which were let to 5 tenants.  These were on the site of the present Devonshire Arms.  He also had 6 fields up the Chesterfield Road
 The Barrel Inn
Glover 1829BROWNING EleanorVictualler at the Barrel Inn 
1841WHITE Richard (b.1775)Innkeeper at Barrel Inn(relationship to other WHITEs unknown)
 The Devonshire Arms
1851 - 1861WHITE John (b.1801)Innkeeper at the Devonshire ArmsThen his widow
1871 - 1881WHITE Betty (b.1804)Innkeeper & Farmer 45 acresThen their daughter
1881HINDS Charlotte (b.1837)Innkeeper & Farmer 
1891THORNLEY Alfred (b.1846)Hotel Keeper 
1901GRIFFITHS James W (b.1842)Hotel Proprietor 

 The Travellers Rest (the Royal Hotel)
SituationSK 25937217At Nether End, next to the brook, in the Car Park of the present Devonshire Arms
 Travellers Rest
Enclosure Award 1820Its date of origin is not know.  If it existed in 1820, it would have been on the land then owned by William KITCHEN
Tithe AwardBeerhouseOwned and occupied by Ralph JENKINSON
Bagshaw 1846JENKINSON RalphBeerhouseand then White 1852
 SHAW Bartholomew noted to be Miller at Barbrook In Bagshaw 1846 & White 1857
1851JENKINSON Ralph (b.1784)Beerhouse Keeper
(Note: possibly not at the Travellers Rest)
NoteHe was recorded as Agricultural Labourer in 1841
1861SHAW Bartholomew (b.1803)Beer House Keeper at Travellers Rest
1871HALLATT Charles (b.1823)Innkeeper at Travellers Rest
NoteHe was previously Gamekeeper at Heathy Lea
 Royal Hotel
1881IBBOTSON Herbert (b.1835)Innkeeper 
1891PRIDE Charles (b.1846)Hotel Keeper Publican 
1901VICK Frank (b.1860)Licensed Victualler 

 The Prince of Wales
SituationSK 25287233In Church Lane next to the church yard.  First entry 1871
Tithe Award
There were two distinct houses on the site of the present Inn
i)owned by COX John and rented to Buxton Samuel (occupations not known)
ii)owned and lived in by GREGORY Joseph, a Joiner
Directory 1862HAWLEY JamesBeer House Keeper 
1851 & 1861HAWLEY James (b.1875)Cordwainerborn in Gr Longstone
1871 - 1891HAWLEY James (b.1875)Publican at The Prince of Wales 
1901RANSALL Henry (b.1848)Licensed Victualler 

 The Alma
SituationSK 25467250The present house north of the upper end of School Lane, is behind the old chapel.  No doubt named after the Crimean Battle of Alma in 1854
Tithe AwardCUNDY William, described as a Cooper in the 1841 Census, owned the building at the site of the present Alma building, and was also a tenant of the house next door to the east
 GEESON Richard had a single large field between School Lane and Church Lane
1848GEESON RichardBeerhouse for Berrys Beer 
1852Retailer of Beer 
1852Ale and Porter Dealer 
1860Ale & Porter Dealer Merchant 
NoteGazetteers make no mention of "The Alma"
1851GEESON Richard (b.1796)Ale and Porter Dealer.
(Note: residence not known)
 The Alma mentioned for first time in 1861
1861 - 1871GEESON Ralph (b.1828)Beer house Keeper at The AlmaThen his brother
1881GEESON Arthur (b.1852)Innkeeperat the Alma Beerhouse
1891FOWLER Charles (b.1841)PublicanThen his widow
1901FOWLER Ellen (b.1841)Licensed Victualler 

 The Joiners Arms
SituationSK 25707236Said to have been on the site of the present Bridgefoot farm.  I have no documentary evidence, though there is an old Pub sign now on the wall of a house in Calver Road, which is reputed to come from this establishment.  It is made of (?forged) iron.  The design includes, a saw, an axe, the letters "MDA" and the date 1696.

 The Hydropathic Hotel
Now demolishedSK 257725Off Eaton Hill and Bar Road
1891HALTON Jane (b.1839)Manageress
1901TAYLOR Edwin B (b.1855)Hotel Manager

 Refreshment Room
SituationSK 25917222at Ivy House, Nether End
1891STRUTT Elizabeth (b.1830)Refreshment room Keeper
1901STRUTT Elizabeth (b.1865)Refreshment room Proprietor
 Later her daughter later took over.

 Lodging House Keepers  (with ages from the Census)
YearSurname, Chr NameRelatMarAgeDofBOccupationStreet
1881ASHTON, HannahHeadU661814Lodging House KeeperNether End
1881BRADBURY, FrancesHeadU521828Lodging House KeeperNether End
1861DANIEL, ElizabethHeadWid451815Takes in BoardersNether End
1871DANIEL, ElizabethHeadWid551815Lodging House Keeper 
1861GEESON, ElizabethHeadWid411819Farmer 005a Land+Lodgers occ*Bridge End
1871GEESON, ElizabethHeadWid501820Farmer & Lod H Keep * 
1881HALLIWELL, ElizabethHeadWid791801Farmer & Lod H Keep *Bubnell
1891HALLIWELL, GraceHeadU661824Farmer & LodgingsBubnell
1871HAWORTH, KeziahHeadM231847Lodging House Keeper 
1861HERRINGTON, AnneHeadWid651795Lodgers : LandFar End
1871HIBBERD, Mary AnnHeadWid441826Lodging House Keeper 
1901HIBBERD, MaryHeadU701830Takes in LodgersBaslow
1891HIBBERT, Mary ADaur+LWid631827Lodging House KeeperBridge End
1881HOLMES, EmmaHeadWid771803Lodging House KeeperUpper End
1891HOLMES, Sarah AHeadU601830LodgersBack Lane
1871HUTCHINSON, AnneHeadWid621808Lodging House Keeper 
1881HUTCHINSON, AnnHeadWid711809Lodging House KeeperNether End
1881KESTEVEN, CatherineHeadU631817Lodging House keeperBridge End
1881LEECH, ElizabethHeadWid391841Lodging House KeeperBridge End
1861PASHLEY, CatherineHeadWid621798Lodging House KeeperNether End
1871PASHLEY, CatherineHeadWid771793Lodging House Keeper 
1881PRIME, EstherHeadWid661814Lodging House KeeperBanks Lane
1871SHAW, HannahHeadWid621808Lodging House Keeper 
1881SHAW, HannahHeadWid711809Lodging House KeeperGreen Head
1871STRUTT, ElizabethWifeM401830Lodging House Manager 
1881STRUTT, JohnHeadM561824Lodging House KeeperNether End
1891TINTELLIER, ElizabethWifeM691821Lodging House KeeperBridge End

The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in May 2004.

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