Some Memorial Inscriptions - Baslow, Derbyshire
St Anne's Churchyard

Note: A full transcription of all Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow is available by courtesy of David Dalrymple-Smith. This page is maintained for the additional family history references.

The following MIs were collected from the Graveyard by Rosemary Lockie, 12th October 1985.
A1. In memory of Thomas OUTRAM of Goatcliff,
who died May 2nd 1838, aged 6(8) years
Also of Ann his wife
who departed this life May 25th 1848, aged 82 years

A2. To the memory of Jane the wife of Robert OUTRAM of Goatcliff,
who departed this life May 29th 1845, aged 34 years
Also of Grace the daughter of Robert and Grace OUTRAM,
who departed this life July 19th 1849, aged 4 months

The following MIs were collected from the Graveyard by Rosemary Lockie, 30th March 1987.
B1. Sacred to the Memory of Joseph WHITE of Tadgness, in the Parish of Hope
died 17th. day of February 1804, aged 67 Years
Also Mary is* Wife, died 12th. day of August 1813 Aged 77 Years
Also Richard WHITE their Son late Inn Keeper from Sheffield,
died May 13th. 1844 Aged 72 Years
(* spelling as-is)

B2. In Memory of Samuel WHITE of Calver who died ?October 16 1820
[I found the rest unreadable, but on 1 Mar 2001, Sheila Rimmington kindly supplied:
John? 18--?, daughter Mary? 1815 and Millicent wife? 1819]

B3. Here lieth the Remains of George WHITE,
who died August 22nd. 1825 Aged 62 Years
Also Charlotte his Wife who died October 13th. 1830 Aged 71 Years

B4. In Memory of Samuel WHITE of Nether Padley
who died Augt. 19th. ?1850 Aged ?50 Years     (1856)
Also Joseph, Son of the above named Samuel and Elizabeth WHITE,
who died August 16th. 1850 Aged 13 Years     (1859)
Also Elizabeth the beloved Wife of the above named Samuel WHITE,
died Augt. 7th. 1858 Aged 62 Years     (1868)

B5. In Memory of Sarah, Wife of George HODGKINSON,
who died July 18th. 1839 Aged 26 Years
Also the above named George HODGKINSON,
who died December 7th. 1856 Aged 59 Years

B6. In Memory of Elizabeth ALSOP, Daughter of the late Samuel ALSOP of Sheffield
and Margaret his Wife now widow of the late William GARDOM of this place
who fell asleep in Jesus July 26 1848 Aged 50 Years
"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints"
Also of Thomas Williams GARDOM, Son of the above named William and Margaret
GARDOM, who died Dec 26th. 1881 Aged 71 Years
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord"
Also of Mary GARDOM, Wife of the above named Thomas Williams GARDOM,
who died March 5th. 1898 Aged 84 Years

B7. Beneath lie the Remains of William GARDOM of Baslow,
who died XI (11) August MDCCCXXI (1821) Aged LIX (59) Years
"Reader! 'Prepare to meet thy God'"
Also of Margaret, his Wife who died XXX [30] April MDCCCLII, [1852] Aged LXXVII [77] Years

B8. Here lieth the Body of Saml. WHITE Senior of Knouchley,
who departed this life April 20th. 1761 Aged 69 Year
"From life's vain Cares He's now redress'd /
In hopes with Christ to find eternal Rest /
Mark well this life which did agree / In Friendship Faith and Charity"

B9. Here lieth the Body of Saml. WHITE of Stony Middleton,
who departed this life August the 19th. 1761 Aged 32 Years
"How lovd. how valued once avails Thee not
To whom related or by whom begot
A heap of dust alone remains of Thee
Tis all THOU art and all the proud shall be"
[Correction from 'Aged 72' supplied by Sheila Rimmington, 28 Feb 2001; verse 15 Jun 2001]

B10. Sacred to the Memory of Hannah BOWRING of Calver,
who died November 22nd. 1813 Aged 39 Years
Also Sarah BOWRING her Daughter who died December 10th. 1824 Aged 21 Years
Also John BOWRING her Son who died November 6th. 1832 Aged 24 Years
Also of John ASHTON, Son of Hugh & Mary ASHTON (infant etc.)
Also of Samuel BOWRING, husband of the above named Hannah BOWRING,
who died March 25th. 1845 Aged 68 Years
Also Mary, Wife of Hugh ASHTON, & Daughter of the above named
Samuel and Hannah BOWRING, who died June 11th. 1859 Aged 50 Years

B11. Here lieth the Bodys of Hannah, Ann, Thomas, Ellin and Rebecca,
Son and Daughters of Thomas and Margaret JOHNSON
Also Samuel their Son who departed this life Novem 28 1770 Aged 7 Years
[I found the rest unreadable, but on 10 Jan 2002, David Johnson kindly supplied:]
Also their [this bit illegible, but assumed 'mother Margaret'] JOHNSON
who departed this life October 6th 1771 Aged 35 years
Also their son Richard ...
[the rest of the inscription below ground)]

B12. Sacred to the Memory of Ann, Wife of William WILD of Corbar,
who died May 18th. 1832 Aged 28 Years
Also of Grace his second Wife who died June 21st. 1837 Aged 54 Years
Also the above William WILD who died June 20th. 1866 Aged 69 Years

B13. Inscriptions side by side on the same stone
Here lieth the Remains of/ Here lieth the Remains of
William MARSDEN of Calver,\Hannah the Wife of John BROOMHEAD
who died July - 1800 Aged 58 Years/Daughter of the aforesaid William
Also Hannah MARSDEN his Wife\and Hannah MARSDEN, who died
who departed this life/June 6th. 1823 Aged 35 Years
February 10th. 1821 Aged 75 Years\ 

B14. Here lieth the body of George WRAGG, Son of Alexander and Jane WRAGG,
who died July 19th. 1797 Aged 39 Years

B15. In Memory of Alexander, Son of Alexander and Jane WRAGG,
who died June 8th. 1767 Aged 5 Years
Jane, Wife of the aforesaid Alexander WRAGG,
died October 7th. 1777 Aged 46 Years
And Mary WRAGG his Wife died August 26th. 1804 Aged 58 Years
The aforesaid Alexander WRAGG died March 8th. 1805 Aged 72 Years

B16. In Memory of Joseph WRAGG who died July 30th. 1823 Aged 63 Years

B17. In Memory of William BROOMHEAD, Late of Calver,
who died February 26th. 1843 Aged 66 Years
Also Mary Daughter of the above named William BROOMHEAD,
who died January 16th 1854 Aged 44 Years
Also of Mary the beloved Wife of the above named William BROOMHEAD,
who died February 13th. 1855 Aged 77 Years
Also Elizabeth their Daughter who died July 9th. 1856 Aged 40 Years
Also Helen their Daughter and Wife of John Sykes KAY of York,
who died February 1st 1872 Aged 64 Years and was interred in York Cemetery.

B18. Thomas BROOMHEAD died October 22nd. 1834 Aged 41 Years    (1854)

B19. Sacred to the Memory of William BROOMHEAD of Calver,
who died ma/rch 31 th. 1815 Aged 40 Years
Also Mary his Daughter who died April ?14 1815 Aged ?3 Years

B20. Here Lyeth the Body of Hannah the Wife of Robert HALLAM of Stony-Middleton
who departed this life November ye 19th. 1757 Aged 20 Years

B21. Inscriptions side by side on the same stone
To the Memory of/ To the Memory of
Catherine, Wife of James FLETCHER\Mary Wife of William FLETCHER
who departed this life .../who departed this life March 6th. 1826
(rest covered in ivy)\Aged 63 Years ....

B22. Inside the Church
In Memory of Thomas GARDOM of Cliff House, Gent;
who died IX (9) January MDCCCXVII (1817) Aged LXVIII (68) Years
Also Mary his Wife who died XXVII (27) April MDCCCXXXII (1832) Aged LXXV (75) Years
"If we be dead with Christ we shall also live with Him"

This MI kindly contributed by Sheila Rimmington, 3rd March 2001.
C1. Sarah wife of Joseph WHITE of Baslow daughter of Elijah and Ann STAFFORD
died 18 July 1829 age 27
Sarah second wife daughter of John and Mary TAYLOR of Ashover
died 24 April 1852 age 56
Lydia third wife daughter of John WOODRUFF of Liverpool
died 23 April 1857 age 41
"Are you in health and spirit gay?
We too were so the other day
And thought ourselves of Life as safe
As you who read our Epitaph"

This MI kindly contributed by Sheila Rimmington, 15th June 2001.
D1. Here was interred the body of Samuel WHITE
who died 23 June 1788, aged 68 years

This MI kindly contributed by David Johnson, 7th January 2002. This is a flat stone, lying amongst grass, and is not far away from the MI
for the children of Thomas and Margaret JOHNSON, listed above.
E1. Here lieth the body of Alexander,
the son of William and Mary JOHNSON
who departed this life December y 7 1745 Aged 20 years
All you that Doth Behold this stone
Pray think how quickly I was gone
Therefore Repent no time Delay
I in my prime was snitcht Away'

The following MIs have been recorded by Stuart Hill, and were kindly contributed 3rd September 2003.
F1. Sacred to the memory of
Elizabeth wife of Jason FROGGATT,
of Robin Hood,
who died Aug 2? 1822 aged 46 years
Also the above named
who died November 5th 1852 aged 84 years

F2. In memory of Robert FROGGATT,
who died September 14th 1847 aged 42 years
a sinner saved by grace
Also Harriet his daughter,
who died December 17th aged 2 years.
Also Mary wife of the above,
who died Nov 2nd 1892 aged 89 years.

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