Two Tax Assessments, 1682 and 1772

Transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright April 2005

David has found copies of Two Tax Assessments relating to Baslow. They were transcribed from documents found in Baslow Church Safe in the 1930s.

No 1: dated 1772

Grundy Robt. Mr. Goz.B. Farm£108
Dittofor Miller's Farm1124
Penistone Robt.  148
Marple RobertGate row 70
Marsden Edm.  48
Moore Jhos. Mr.    
Rowland Humph.Freehd J Farm144
Holmes Robert  58
Marple George   8
Hodgkinson Antho.  34
Matley John  30
Bromhead Josh. 120
Hearnshaw Wm.  68
Hague John   8
Marple Robt.for Hagues Farm 28
Marsden John  24
Platts Thos   4
Noton WidowJack flat 24
Grundy Robt. Mr.Freehold 20
Gardom Mr. Thomas  108
White John  80
Marple Thomas  24
Blackwell Devd.   4
The Rev. Mr. Farrer   8
Calton James Mr.  40
Alsop late Widow  60
Savage John  10
Marsden Edm'dPark Gate 24
MarsdenJameses late farm 14
Allsop Thos.  18
Bowler Henry  30
Widow Raggs farm  24
Bettanyfor Kitchens freehold 40
Johnson Widow Wm.Freehold Farm 18
Stafford John  58
White Samson Mr.  140
Watson Saml. Mr.  104
Marsden Thos. Widow fold 38
Heaton Thos.  14
Marple RobertC Hill 64
Bowler Chris  140
Ditto  18
Gregory Jo'sFreehold and Farm 10
Brushfield Thos.   8
Marple Robt.Wifes farm 10
Penistone   8
Short Sam  18
Wool and lamb  34
Barker Robert Mr. 194
Gardom John Mr.  104
Oddy Rich'd Mr. 194
Messrs Bagshaw and Grundy  180
Hague Wm.  184
Kitchen William  164
Howard John  98
Hodgkinson Richard  14
King John  14
Marple John Mr.   8

This assessment seen and allowed by us this 11th day of Sept 1772 being two of his Majesties J.P.

W. Milnes      Wm. Bagshaw

No 2: dated 1682

Memorandum:- That on the Twenty Third day of May 1682 it was agreed by and between Joseph Nichols curate of Baslow and the Inhabitants within the same Chappelry that the said inhabitants shall generally unanimously and freely pay unto the curate so long as it pleaseth Almighty God he shall continue their Minister yearly the sume of five shillings for every oxgang of land within the Chappelry and four pence for every cottage house except such as live by alms upon ye 25th day of March and the 26th day of Sept. by equal portions and ye Chappel wardens shall from time to time and all times hereafter collect ye said money of ye owners occupiers and holders of all ye said lands and cottages and immediately pay ye same to ye Curate and it is also agreed that ye inhabitants shall pay to ye Curate all surplice fees as formerly and lately they had been paid, find bread and wine for ye sacrament at their own proper charge and keep in good repair ye antient house belonging to ye Curate and it is likewise agreed that ye Curate shall yearly pay unto ye Clarke One pound for his service. repair ye new kitchen cowhouse and barn at his own proper charge, have only two shillings allowed for his charges when he goes to ye visitation and ye Chappelwardens only twelve pence apiece. Lastly it is agreed that ye Clarke before he break up ye ground should receive six shillings and eightpence for every Lay Stall in the Chancell Three shillings and four pence with in ye body of the Chappel and Quire which he shall pay to ye Chappelwardens reserving fourpence thereof for laying ye stone again and shall wash a surplice four times a year and sweep ye Chappel four times. And if any of ye inhabitants do refuse or neglect to pay ye Moneys to ye Curate or Chappelwardens upon demand at ye days of Payment then ye Chappel wardens shall return their names to ye curate at or before ye next Visitation following.

In witness whereof we have hereunto put our hands
23rd May 1682

Robert BroomheadHumphrey ChapmanJohn Collier
Alex. DamHugh MarsdenRobt. Gregory
James EastwoodThomas HoleAlex Johnstone
George MarpleThomas GrundyJohn Noton
James RaggWm. MaltbyGodfrey Hague
George GrundyJohn KitchenHenry Bomford
Alex RaggRobt. OvierJohn Froggatt
John HallamJohn BolerAnthony Gregory
Humphrey GregoryJames Gregory Thomas Froggatt
Jacob MorslandJohn Coker 
Thomas FroggattRobt. Rowland 

The Inhabitants of Baslow agreed with Mr Nicholls to pay him 5/- an oxgang and 4d for every cottage

The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in April 2005.

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