Muster Roll for Baslow and Bubnell, 1638

This list of names has been transcribed by Lynn Burnet from an original document in The National Archives, and is reproduced with her kind permission.
TNA/PRO Reference: SP16/405.
Crown Copyright material in The National Archives is reproduced by permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office.


Humfry ChapmanHenry Ragge
John HeawardRobert Taylor
John WhiteRichard ?Torratt
Thomas WhiteGodfraie Haige
Nathaniel WhiteRobert Haige
Samual WhiteRoger Damme
George WhiteRobert Brightmore
Henry EatonRichard Worthington
Robert EatonGodfrey Foolow
?Richard ParrottRobert Gregorie
Thomas MastonRoger Gregorie
Robert MastonRobert Rowland
Peter EatonHumfrey Rowland
? GardomeJohn Matley
John GardinerRobert Matley
Edmund HyndmanEdmund Matley
Thomas HyndmanJohn Rushen
Edmund MastonThurston Hale
Henry BarkeEdmund Marple
Robert WadamRichard Platts
Willm RowbothomThomas Corker
Henry HeawardWillm Waddington
Edward WettonJohn Matley
Willm SavageRaphe Alleyn
Thomas AlsoppeJohn Maston
Edward DoughtieGeorge Hyndman
John BolerAlexander Gosse
Edward HeawardEdmund Stafford
John ?FieldsendJohn Noton
George RaggeThomas Jackson
Edward NeedhamThomas Jackson
Robert CraneRobert Marple
John ?CartlacheGeorge Ragge
Robert RaggeGeorge Ragge
John RaggeJames ?Bealie/Baglie
Willm WilsonRobert Hallom
Robert StaffordJohn Riddiard
Robert BroughWillm Torratt
Thomas MastonJohn Eaton
Edmund WhiteJames Marple
John EastwoodJohn Clarke
Robert CockeGodfrey ?Wigars?Vicars
Raphe CockeJohn Clarke
Edmund CockeGeo Hiberd


Willm ClaytonRobert Heaward
Richard WyldeRichard Borkinge
Thomas HarrisonGodfrey Poynton
George StevensonRichard Liese
Richard StevensonJames Jason
Edmund StevensonRobert Andrew
Thomas CollierGeorge Ragge
Edward CollierGeorge Andrew
John BromeheadeThomas Johnson
Robert BromeheadeJohn Ragge
Anthonie Bromehead 

The above information was contributed by Lynn Burnet in November 2001.

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