People of Baslow, 1829-1895

Compiled by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright May 2004

This list contains entries from the following Directories: 1829 Glover's, 1835 Pigot's, 1846 Bagshaw's, 1852 Freebody's, 1852 White's, 1857 White's, 1860 Harrison's, 1862 (Unnamed), 1881 Kelly's, 1891 Kelly's, 1895 Bulmer's; a 1875 Jury List, and an 1876 list of Electors.

The list is arranged in alphabetical order of Surname and Forename, and ascending order of year.

AbsonMary Straw bonnet Maker1852 Freebody
AddeyCharles Boot & shoe maker1862 Directory
AshtonBenjaminGreen ManVictualler1829 Glover
AshtonBenjaminGreen ManInn1835 Pigot
AshtonBenjaminGreen ManInn & Tavern1846 Bagshaw
AshtonBenjaminGreen ManTavern & Public House1852 Freebody
AshtonBenjaminGreen ManInn & Tavern1852 White
AshtonBenjamin Farmer1852 White
AshtonBenjaminGreen ManInn & Tavern1857 White
AshtonHannahGreen ManHotel1862 Directory
AshtonMissGreen ManInn1860 Harrison
BaconAlexander Gamekeeper1895 Bulmer
BamptonJames Boot & shoe maker1846 Bagshaw
BamptonJames Boot & shoemaker1852 White
BamptonJames Boot & shoemaker1857 White
BamptonJames Bootmaker1860 Harrison
BarberJ.W.Hydropathic HotelHotel - Secretary1881 Kelly
BarkerA. A. Rev Curate1829 Glover
BarkerAnthony Auriol Rev M.A.1852 White
BarkerHannah Farmer1829 Glover
BarkerJohnWheatsheafInn Victualler1829 Glover
BarkerRev. Anthony Auriol Resident1835 Pigot
BarkerRobertBubnell Farmer gent1829 Glover
BartonJoseph Lodge keeper1862 Directory
BembridgeJames Resident1891 Kelly
BennettJBubnellJoiner & Wheelwright1852 White
BerryJoseph Boot & shoemaker1852 White
BoalerJohn Blacksmith1862 Directory
BodenSamuel Boot & shoemaker1852 White
BowdenSamuel Boot & shoe maker1846 Bagshaw
BowdenSamuel Boot & shoemaker1857 White
BowdenSamuel Bootmaker1860 Harrison
BowdenSamuel Boot & shoe maker1862 Directory
BowringElizabethBarrelVictualler1829 Glover
BransonFerguson Resident1891 Kelly
BrightmooreJohn Bootmaker1860 Harrison
BrightmooreJohn Blacksmith1860 Harrison
BrightmoreHenry Resident1891 Kelly
BrightmoreJohn Farmer1829 Glover
BrightmoreJohn Boot & shoe maker1846 Bagshaw
BrightmoreJohn Gunsmith1852 Freebody
BrightmoreJohn Boot & shoemaker1852 White
BrightmoreJohn Smith and gun maker1852 White
BrightmoreJohn Whitesmith1857 White
BrightmoreJohn Boot & shoemaker1857 White
BrightmoreJohn Boot & shoe maker1862 Directory
BrightmoreJohn Whitesmith1862 Directory
BrightmoreJohn Whitesmith1881 Kelly
BrightmoreJohn & Jonathon Boot and shoe maker1835 Pigot
BrightmoreJonathon Shoemaker1829 Glover
Brookes  Schoolmaster1829 Glover
BrookesCharlotte Grocer & Gen Dealer1852 Freebody
BrookesGeorge Grocers and dealers in sundries1835 Pigot
BroomheadJosephPeacockInn & Tavern1846 Bagshaw
BroomheadMaryPeacockInn & posting house1852 Freebody
BroomheadMaryPeacockInn & Tavern1852 White
BroomheadMaryPeacockInn & Posting Hotel1857 White
BroomheadMary Farmer1857 White
BroomheadMaryPeacock InnInn & Posting Hotel1860 Harrison
BroomheadMaryPeacock InnInn Farmer1862 Directory
BroomheadMrs MaryPeacock Inn & Family Commercial & Posting Hotel1862 Directory
BroomheadNicholasPeacock InnMaltster & Victualler1829 Glover
BroomheadNicholasPeacockInn1835 Pigot
BroomheadNicholas B Farmer (Freehold)1875 Jury List
BrownIsaac Stone mason1846 Bagshaw
BrownIsaac Stone Mason1857 White
BrownIsaac Stonemason1860 Harrison
BrownIsaac Stone Mason1862 Directory
BrowningEleanor Barrel1835 Pigot
BrtansonFerguson Resident1881 Kelly
BrushfieldRichard Farrier & Shopkeeper1829 Glover
BrushfieldRichard Blacksmith1835 Pigot
BurdekinBenjaminThe BeechesResident1881 Kelly
BuxtonJames Grocer etc1852 White
BuxtonSamuel Grocer & draper1846 Bagshaw
BuxtonSamuel Shopkeeper1857 White
BuxtonSamuel Shopkeeper1860 Harrison
BuxtonSamuel Shopkeeper1862 Directory
CainAnna (Miss)BubnellSchool Ladies' seminary1891 Kelly
CainAnna MissBubnellLadies Seminary1881 Kelly
CainesMisses School Ladies1895 Bulmer
CawtonCharles Fellmonger & tanner1852 White
CawtonCharles Tanner1857 White
CawtonCharles Farmer1860 Harrison
CawtonCharles Tanner1862 Directory
CawtonJoshua Tanner1835 Pigot
ClarkJohn Painter & Glazier1881 Kelly
ClarkJohn Local Board - Inspector of Nuisances1891 Kelly
ClarkJohn Painter & glazier1891 Kelly
ClarkJohn Inspector of Nuisances to Local B (2nd)1891 Kelly
ClarkeJohn Plumber & Glazier & Gasfitter1895 Bulmer
CoatesAlfred Grocer & Tea dealer1852 Freebody
CoatesAlfred Chemist and druggist1852 White
CoatesAlfred Chemist & Druggist1857 White
CoatesAlfred Chemist etc1860 Harrison
CoatesAlfred Shopkeeper & Druggist1862 Directory
CoatesArthur Resident1895 Bulmer
CoatesGeorge Druggist & Grocer1881 Kelly
CoatesMary Mrs Druggist & grocer1891 Kelly
CoatesMary Mrs Druggist & Grocer1895 Bulmer
CockerEliabeth Shopkeeper1857 White
CockerElizabeth Shopkeeper1846 Bagshaw
CockerElizabeth Grocer & Gen Dealer1852 Freebody
CockerElizabeth Shopkeeper1852 White
CockerElizabeth Shopkeeper1862 Directory
CockerJohn Tailor1829 Glover
CockerJohn Tailor1835 Pigot
CockerJohn Tailor1846 Bagshaw
CockerJohn Tailor1852 White
CockerWilliam Shoemaker1829 Glover
CondellWilliamPark LodgeSurgeon1852 White
CondellWilliamPark LodgeSurgeon1857 White
CondellWilliamPark LodgeSurgeon1860 Harrison
CondellWilliamPark LodgeSurgeon1862 Directory
CooperCharles Joiner & Wheelwright1852 White
CooperJohn Jointer etc1835 Pigot
CooperJohn Wheelwright1835 Pigot
CooperJohn Joiner & wheelwright1846 Bagshaw
CooperPeter Joiner & Wheelwright1852 White
CooperPeter Joiner & Wheelwright1857 White
CooperPeter Carpenter etc1860 Harrison
CooperPeter Joiner & wheelwright1862 Directory
CopeWilliam Rev Incumbent1860 Harrison
CopeWilliam Rogers Incumbent1857 White
CundyWilliam Cooper1852 White
DanielWilliam Shoemaker1829 Glover
DanielWilliam Boot & shoe maker1846 Bagshaw
DanielWilliam Boot & shoemaker1857 White
DanielWilliam Boot & Shoe Maker1860 Harrison
DanielsWilliam Boot and shoe maker1835 Pigot
DavidsonRobert Farmer1829 Glover
DavisonRobert Stone mason1846 Bagshaw
DavisonRobert Stone Mason1857 White
DavisonRobert Stone mason1860 Harrison
DavisonRobert Stone Mason1862 Directory
DerbyshireSamuel Boot & shoe maker1846 Bagshaw
DerbyshireSamuel Boot & shoemaker1852 White
DerbyshireSamuel Boot & shoemaker1857 White
DerbyshireSamuel Bootmaker1860 Harrison
EadesJoseph Innkeeper (Rates)1875 Jury List
EadesJosephWheatsheafHotel & licenced to let horses1881 Kelly
EadesJoseph Local Board - Surveyor1891 Kelly
EadesJosephPeacock HotelHotel & Surveyor to local board1891 Kelly
EadesJosephPeacock HotelVictualler1895 Bulmer
EadesJoseph Farmer & Surveyor for UDC1895 Bulmer
EarnshawJames Butcher1862 Directory
EarnshawWilliam Farmer1862 Directory
ElliottJohn Farmer1857 White
ElliottSarah Mrs Farmer1891 Kelly
ElliottSarah Mrs Farmer1895 Bulmer
ElliottWilliam Farmer1862 Directory
EllisAbraham Manager of Gas Works1891 Kelly
EllisAbraham Manager Light & Coke1895 Bulmer
EllisCharles Stonemason1852 White
EllisThomas Grocer1895 Bulmer
FarrowMissBubnell HallAcademy1862 Directory
FearnCharles Farmer1895 Bulmer
FearnGeorge Farmer (Rates)1875 Jury List
FearnGeorgePark GateFarmer1881 Kelly
FearnGeorgePark GateFarmer1891 Kelly
FletcherElizabethMoorsideFarmer1846 Bagshaw
FletcherElizabeth Farmer1852 White
FoulkesFrederick Newsagent1895 Bulmer
FowlerCharlesAlma HotelBeer Retailer1891 Kelly
FowlerCharlesAlma InnBeerhouse1895 Bulmer
FrithElizabeth MissHeathy LeaResident1895 Bulmer
FrithJohn Engineer to C'field Rur San Auth (1st)1891 Kelly
FrithJohn Engineer to Duke of Devonshire (2nd)1891 Kelly
FroggattAlexander Farmer1852 White
FroggattAlexanderGorse BankFarmer1857 White
FroggattAlexander Farmer1860 Harrison
FroggattAlexanderGorse BankFarmer1862 Directory
FroggattBenjaminMoorsideFarmer1846 Bagshaw
FroggattBenjamin Farmer1852 White
FroggattBenjaminRobin HoodFarmer1857 White
FroggattBenjamin Farmer1860 Harrison
FroggattBenjaminRobin HoodInn Farmer1862 Directory
FroggattCharlotteBubnellFarmer1862 Directory
FroggattH Urban District Councillor1895 Bulmer
FroggattHezekiah Farmer1881 Kelly
FroggattHezekiah Farmer1891 Kelly
FroggattHezekiah Farmer1895 Bulmer
FroggattJohn Farmer (Rates)1875 Jury List
FroggattJohnGorse BankFarmer1881 Kelly
FroggattJohnGorse BankFarmer1891 Kelly
FroggattJohnGorsey BankFarmer1895 Bulmer
FroggattJosephBubnellFarmer (Rates)1875 Jury List
FroggattJosephBubnellFarmer1881 Kelly
FroggattJosephBubnell houseResident1895 Bulmer
FroggattRobertRobin HoodFarmer1846 Bagshaw
FroggattThomasGorsebankFarmer1846 Bagshaw
FroggattWilliam Farmer1829 Glover
FroggattWilliamBubnellFarmer1846 Bagshaw
FroggattWilliamBubnellFarmer1852 White
FroggattWilliamBubnellFarmer1857 White
FroggattWilliam Farmer1860 Harrison
FrostJoanna Farmer1857 White
FrostJoanna Farmer1860 Harrison
FrostJoanna Farmer1862 Directory
FrostJoanna Mrs Farmer1852 White
FrostMatthew jun. Barmaster Deputy1846 Bagshaw
FrostMatthew sen Barmaster & road surveyor1846 Bagshaw
FrostRichard K Printer & gilder1857 White
FurnaceJane Schoolmistress & Organist1829 Glover
FurnissJane Academies and schools1835 Pigot
FurnissJane Academy1846 Bagshaw
FurnissMark Saddler1835 Pigot
GardomE Mrs Resident1852 White
GardomJohnBubnellFarmer & Gent1829 Glover
GardomMargaret Farmer1829 Glover
GardomMargaret Farmer1852 White
GardomMargaret MissBubnell HallResident1857 White
GardomMargaret MissBubnell HallResident1862 Directory
GardomMary MrsThe YeldFarmer1891 Kelly
GardomMrs Margaret Lady1846 Bagshaw
GardomThomas Farmer1895 Bulmer
GardomThomas W Farmer1852 White
GardomThomas WilliamThe YeldFarmer1857 White
GardomThomas WilliamThe YeldFarmer1860 Harrison
GardomThomas WilliamThe YeldFarmer1881 Kelly
GardomThos WmThe YeldFarmer1862 Directory
GardonThomasThe YeldFarmer1846 Bagshaw
GardourMargaret Miss Resident1860 Harrison
GeesonArthuur Beer retailer1881 Kelly
GeesonMrs Lodgings1862 Directory
GeesonRalph Beerhouse1862 Directory
GeesonRichard Beerhouse, Berry's Brewery1846 Bagshaw
GeesonRichard Retailer of Beer1852 Freebody
GeesonRichard Ale & Porter dealer1852 Freebody
GeesonRichard Beerhouse1852 White
GeesonRichard Ale & porter merchant1860 Harrison
GeesonRichard K Ale & Porter Merchant & Builder1857 White
GeesonRichard K Farmer1857 White
GilbertJohn Stonemason1852 White
GoodallR Surgeon1829 Glover
GoodladEdwin Saddler1891 Kelly
GoodladEdwin Saddler & Harness Maker1895 Bulmer
GoodwinJohn Chandler1829 Glover
GrantJames Gamekeeper & farmer1846 Bagshaw
GrantJames Game keeper1852 White
GrattonAnn Shopkeeper1846 Bagshaw
GreenHenryBubnellStone cutter1846 Bagshaw
GreenHenryBubnellStonemason1852 White
GreenMatthew Stone Mason1857 White
GreenMatthew Stonemason1860 Harrison
GreenMatthew Stone Mason1862 Directory
GreenMatthew Stone Mason1881 Kelly
GreenwayJ.B. Sec, Baslow Hydrop. Co. Ltd1891 Kelly
HallattCharles Innkeeper (Freehold)1875 Jury List
HalliwellEmma MissBubnell CottageApartments1895 Bulmer
HalliwellJohn Woolstapler1857 White
HalliwellJohn Woolstapler1860 Harrison
HalliwellJohnBubnellWoolstapler1862 Directory
HalliwellThomas LBubnellAssistant overseerer & Woolstapler1857 White
HalliwellThomas R Relieving Officer (Bakewell)1860 Harrison
HallottThomas Game keeper1852 White
HaltonJane Ann MissHydropathic Establish.Manageress1895 Bulmer
HartleyWilliam Grammar school1835 Pigot
HartleyWilliam Academy1846 Bagshaw
HattersleyGeorge Farmer & Maltster1829 Glover
HattersleyGeorgeThe YeldFarmer1857 White
HattersleyGeorge Farmer1860 Harrison
HattersleyGeorgeThe YeldFarmer1862 Directory
HattersleyGeorge Farmer (Rates)1875 Jury List
HattersleyGeorge Farmer1881 Kelly
HattersleyRobert Baker & Shopkeeper1829 Glover
HattersleyWilliam Farmer & Miller1829 Glover
HattersleyWilliam Maltster1835 Pigot
HattersleyWilliamFar EndFarmer & Maltster1846 Bagshaw
HattersleyWilliam Millstone Dealer1852 Freebody
HattersleyWilliam Maltster1852 Freebody
HattersleyWilliamBubnellFarmer1852 White
HattersleyWilliamBubnellFarmer & Millstone Merchant1857 White
HattersleyWilliam Millstone Merchant (1)1860 Harrison
HattersleyWilliam Corn miller (2)1860 Harrison
HattersleyWilliamBubnell Farmer & Millstone merchant1862 Directory
HattersleyWilliamBubnellFarmer (Freehold)1875 Jury List
HattersleyWilliamBubnellFarmer1881 Kelly
HattersleyWilliamBubnellFarmer1891 Kelly
HattersleyWilliam Farmer1895 Bulmer
HawleyJames Beerhouse1862 Directory
HawleyJames Boot & shoe maker1862 Directory
HawleyJames Cordwainer (Freehold)1875 Jury List
HawleyJamesPrince of WalesInn1881 Kelly
HawleyJamesPrince of Wales
Public House & Farmer1891 Kelly
HawleyWilliam MarsdenPrince of Wales
Victualler1895 Bulmer
HayworthGeorge Plumber and glazier1862 Directory
HearnshawAnn Farmer1852 White
HearnshawAnn Farmer1857 White
HearnshawAnne Farmer1860 Harrison
HearnshawJames Butcher1846 Bagshaw
HearnshawJames Butcher1852 White
HearnshawJames Butcher1860 Harrison
HearnshawJames Burcher & Grocer1881 Kelly
HearnshawThomas Farmer1891 Kelly
HearnshawThomasTithe Barn laneFarmer1895 Bulmer
HearnshawThomasTithe Barn FarmFarmer1895 Bulmer
HearnshawWilliam Farmer1881 Kelly
HearnshawWilliam Butcher1891 Kelly
HearnshawWilliam Butcher1895 Bulmer
HeathcoteCharles Butcher1862 Directory
HeathcoteGeorge Butcher1857 White
HeathcoteGeorge Shopkeeper1857 White
HeremanSamuel Resident1881 Kelly
HeremanSamuel MrBaslow LodgeResident1862 Directory
HernshawJames Butcher1857 White
HernshawWilliam Farmer1829 Glover
HibberdGeorge Joiner & wheelwright1846 Bagshaw
HibberdGeorge Joiner & Wheelwright1852 White
HibberdGeorge Joiner & Wheelwright1857 White
HibberdGeorge Wheelwright1860 Harrison
HibberdGeorge Joiner & wheelwright1862 Directory
HibberdPeter Jointer (Rates)1875 Jury List
HibberdS Urban District Councillor1895 Bulmer
HibberdSamuel Wheelwright (Rates)1875 Jury List
HibberdSamuel Builder & Wheelwright1881 Kelly
HibberdSamuel Builder & wheelwright1891 Kelly
HibberdSamuel Joiner & Builder1895 Bulmer
HibbertGeorge Wheelwright1835 Pigot
HibbertMary Mistress Cof E School1891 Kelly
HibbertMrsNational SchoolSchool - Mistress1881 Kelly
HillFrederick WilliamDevonshire Arms HotelVictualler1895 Bulmer
HindsCharlotte S MrsDevonshire ArmsInn and Licenced to let horses1881 Kelly
HodgkinsonE Urban District Councillor Chairman1895 Bulmer
HodgkinsonEdmond Miller1881 Kelly
HodgkinsonEdmund Miller (Rates)1875 Jury List
HodgkinsonEdmund Miller (water mill)1891 Kelly
HodgkinsonEdmund J.P.Baslow MillCorn Miller, Baker etc1895 Bulmer
HodgkinsonGeorge Farmer1829 Glover
HodgkinsonJohn Farmer & Miller1829 Glover
HodgkinsonJohn Miller1835 Pigot
HodgkinsonJohn Farmer (Rates)1875 Jury List
HodgkinsonJohn Farmer1881 Kelly
HodgkinsonJohn Farmer1891 Kelly
HodgkinsonJohn Farmer1895 Bulmer
HodgkinsonJoseph Miller1852 Freebody
HodgkinsonJoseph Corn Miller1852 White
HodgkinsonJoseph Corn Millers1857 White
HodgkinsonJoseph Miller1860 Harrison
HodgkinsonJoseph Corn Miller1862 Directory
HodgkinsonJospehThe Mill BaslowMiller of Corn, & Dealer1846 Bagshaw
HodgkinsonWigley Farmer & Maltster1829 Glover
HodgkinsonWigley Maltster1835 Pigot
HollingworthJane Dressmaker1857 White
HollingworthJane Milliner1862 Directory
HolmesCharles Farmer1852 White
HolmesCharles Farmer1857 White
HolmesCharles Farmer1862 Directory
HolmesCharles Farmer (Rates)1875 Jury List
HolmesCharles Farmer1881 Kelly
HolmesCharles Farmer1891 Kelly
HolmesCharles Farmer1895 Bulmer
HolmesHenrySheffieldVoter - House & Land1876 Electors
HolmesJohn Farmer1860 Harrison
HolmesSarah Ann Miss Apartments1895 Bulmer
HousleyMiss Resident1891 Kelly
HowardThomas Horse & Carriage Prop1895 Bulmer
IbbotsonHerbertRoyal HotelInn1881 Kelly
InglebyNinianWheatsheafInn & Tavern1846 Bagshaw
InglebyNinianWheatshefInn & posting house1852 Freebody
InglebyNinianWheat SheafInn & Tavern1852 White
InglebyNinianWheatsheafInn & Posting House1857 White
InglebyNinian Farmer1857 White
InglebyNinianWheatsheafInn & Posting House1860 Harrison
InglebyNinianWheat Sheaf InnFarmer1862 Directory
InglebyNinianWheat Sheaf InnInn & Family Commercial & Posting Hotel1862 Directory
JacksonSarah Mrs Lodgings1895 Bulmer
JeevesJohn Gent.1846 Bagshaw
JeevesJohn sen Gent1852 White
JenkinsonJames Beerhouse1857 White
JenkinsonRalph Beerhouse1846 Bagshaw
JenkinsonRalph Beerhouse1852 White
JenkinsonRolf Retailer of Beer1852 Freebody
KayJohn Farmer1857 White
KayJohn Farmer1860 Harrison
KayJohn Farmer1862 Directory
KeyCharles Farmer1881 Kelly
KeyJno.Robin HoodInn Farmer1846 Bagshaw
KitchenEmma MrsBramleyFarmer1891 Kelly
KitchenJohnBrambley FarmFarmer1895 Bulmer
KitchenJosephBubnellFarmer1852 White
KitchenJoseph Farmer1860 Harrison
KitchenJosephBramleyFarmer1862 Directory
KitchenJoseph MrsBrambleyFarmer1881 Kelly
KitchenWilliam Farmer1829 Glover
KitchinJosephBrambleyFarmer1857 White
KitchinWilliamBramleyFarmer1846 Bagshaw
LeechEunice Miss Shopkeeper1881 Kelly
MakinEliz Resident1852 White
MakinElizabeth Mrs Resident1857 White
MakinElizabeth Mrs Resident1860 Harrison
MakinMary Mrs Resident1862 Directory
MakinMrs Elizabeth Lady1846 Bagshaw
MarpleJohn Blacksmith1835 Pigot
MarplesCalton Grocers and dealers in sundries1835 Pigot
MarplesGeorge Flour dealer1846 Bagshaw
MarplesJacob Saddler1829 Glover
MarplesJames Blacksmith1829 Glover
MarplesJames Blacksmith1846 Bagshaw
MarplesJames Blacksmith1852 White
MarplesJames Blacksmith1881 Kelly
MarplesJames Blacksmith1891 Kelly
MarplesJames Blacksmith1895 Bulmer
MarplesJohn Millwright1829 Glover
MarplesJohn Millwright1835 Pigot
MarplesJohn Millwright1846 Bagshaw
MarplesJohn Millwright1852 Freebody
MarplesJohn Millwright1852 White
MarplesJohn Joiner & Wheelwright1852 White
MarplesJohn Millwright & Agricult Instrument Maker1857 White
MarplesJohnHeathy LeyCorn Millers1857 White
MarplesJohn Wheelwright etc1860 Harrison
MarplesJohn Miller1860 Harrison
MarplesJohn Millwright & machine maker1862 Directory
MarplesJohn Voter - Freehold Hse & Gdn1876 Electors
MarplesJohn Millwright & Joiner1881 Kelly
MarplesJohn Saw mill1881 Kelly
MarplesJohn Millwright & joiner1891 Kelly
MarplesJohn jun. Shopkeeper1891 Kelly
MarplesMary Blacksmith1862 Directory
MarplesMatthew Saddler1835 Pigot
MarplesMatthew Saddler & harness maker1846 Bagshaw
MarplesMatthew Saddler1852 White
MarplesMatthew Saddler1857 White
MarplesMatthew Saddler1860 Harrison
MarplesMatthew Saddler1862 Directory
MarplesMiss Dress maker1846 Bagshaw
MarplesRobertHeathy Lee MillCorn Miller1862 Directory
MarplesRobert Miller (Rates)1875 Jury List
MarplesRobert Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
MarplesRobert Saw mill1891 Kelly
MarplesRobert Saw Mill Prop1895 Bulmer
MarplesRobert Farmer1895 Bulmer
MarplesSarah Victualler1829 Glover
MarplesThomas Farmer1829 Glover
MarplesThomasBubnellMillstone Dealer1835 Pigot
MarplesThomas Tailor1846 Bagshaw
MarplesThomas Millstone Dealer1852 Freebody
MarplesThomas Blacksmith1852 White
MarplesThomasBubnellFarmer1852 White
MarplesThomas Tailor1852 White
MarplesThomas Tailor1857 White
MarplesThomas Blacksmith1860 Harrison
MarplesThomas Tailor1860 Harrison
MarplesThomas Tailor1862 Directory
MarplesThomas Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
MarplesThomas Collector of Poor Rates1881 Kelly
MarplesThomas Tailor & Shopkeeper1881 Kelly
MarplesThomas Collector of Poor Rates1891 Kelly
MarplesThomas Tailor & shopkeeper & 1891 Kelly
MarplesThomas Collector of Poor Rates1891 Kelly
MarplesThomas Grocer & Assist Overseeer1895 Bulmer
MarplesThomas jun Blacksmith1857 White
MarplesThomas jun Blacksmith1860 Harrison
MarplesThomas L Blacksmith1857 White
MarplesWilliam Boot & shoe maker1846 Bagshaw
MarplesWilliam Butcher1857 White
MarplesWilliam Boot & Shoe Maker1860 Harrison
MarplesWilliam Boot and shoe maker & sexton1862 Directory
MarsdenEdmund Farmer1852 White
MarsdenEdward Farmer1857 White
MarsdenEdward Farmer1860 Harrison
MarsdenEdward Farmer1862 Directory
MarsdenJames Farmer1862 Directory
MarsdenJames Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
MarsdenJohn Boot & shoe maker1846 Bagshaw
MarsdenJoseph Baker & Flour Dealer1829 Glover
MarsdenJoseph Bakers & flour dealer1835 Pigot
MarsdenJoseph Taylor1835 Pigot
MarsdenJoseph Tailor1852 White
MarsdenJoseph Tailor1862 Directory
MarsdenRobert Miller1829 Glover
MarsdenRobert Miller1835 Pigot
MarsdenWilliam Farmer1846 Bagshaw
MarsdenWilliam Boot & shoemaker1852 White
MarsdenWilliam Farmer1852 White
MarsdenWilliam Farmer1857 White
MarsdenWilliam Shopkeeper1857 White
MarsdenWilliam Shopkeeper1860 Harrison
MarsdenWilliam Boot & shoe maker1862 Directory
MarsdenWilliam Shopkeeper1862 Directory
MarseyDanielBubnellFarmer1852 White
MasonJohn Edward District Medical Officer Bakewell Union1881 Kelly
MatleySarah Academy1846 Bagshaw
MatthewmanJohn Rhodes Master Cof E School1891 Kelly
MatthewmanJohn Rhodes Schoolmaster1895 Bulmer
MatthewmanRobertNational SchoolSchool - Master1881 Kelly
MeotF. L. & J. (Misses)WoodlandsFurnished apartments1891 Kelly
MooreEdw Academy Free1862 Directory
MooreEdwardFree SchoolSchool - Master1881 Kelly
MooreEdwardStanton FordSchool - Academy1881 Kelly
MortimerMrs Resident1891 Kelly
MowbrayWilliam Academy Ward1846 Bagshaw
MrplesWillaim Boot & shoemaker1857 White
National School  Academy & School1852 Freebody
NellGeorge Boot & shoe maker1846 Bagshaw
NellJoseph Boot & shoemaker1852 White
NinianInglebyWheat SheafInn1835 Pigot
OddyCalebBubnellMillstone Dealer1835 Pigot
OddyJepsonBubnell HallFarmer1846 Bagshaw
OddyRebeccaBubnell HallFarmer1829 Glover
OlliphantCharlesRobinb HoodInn - and Farmer1881 Kelly
OlliphantCharlesRobin Hood P HPublic House & Farmer1891 Kelly
OllivantC Urban District Councillor1895 Bulmer
OllivantCharles Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
OllivantCharlesRobin Hood InnVictualler & Hay & Straw Dealer1895 Bulmer
OllivantCharles Farmer1895 Bulmer
OutramAnn Academy & School1852 Freebody
OutramSarah & Ann Dress maker1846 Bagshaw
PashleyCatherine Lodgings1862 Directory
PashleyCatherine Mrs Resident1857 White
PashleyCatherine Mrs Resident1860 Harrison
PashleyFrederick Baker1846 Bagshaw
PashleyFrederick Baker, etc1852 White
PawsonHenry Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
PawsonHenryThe CroftResident1881 Kelly
PenistoneRalph Farmer1829 Glover
PenistoneRobert Farmer1881 Kelly
PenistoneSarah Farmer1846 Bagshaw
PenistoneSarah Farmer1852 White
PerrisHenry W Academy National1862 Directory
PickwoodMarianne MrsBubnell HallAcademy1857 White
PinderThomas Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
PinderThomasEastmoorFarmer1881 Kelly
PinderThomasEastmoorFarmer1891 Kelly
PlattsJosiah Stone Mason1862 Directory
PonsonbyJames Tailor1852 White
PonsonbyJames Tailor1857 White
PonsonbyJames Tailor1860 Harrison
PonsonbyJames Tailor1862 Directory
PonsonbyJames Tailor & Shopkeeper1881 Kelly
PonsonbyJames Resident1891 Kelly
PowellFrederick FRGSThe BeechesBoarding School for Boys1895 Bulmer
PrideC Urban District Councillor1895 Bulmer
PrideCharlesRoyal HotelHotel1891 Kelly
PrideCharlesRoyal HotelVictualler1895 Bulmer
RandallIsrael Rate Collector for UDC1895 Bulmer
RandleIsrael Collector - Local Board1881 Kelly
RandleIsrael Local Board - Collector1891 Kelly
RandleIsrael Collector to Local Board1891 Kelly
RedfearnAbraham Joiner1846 Bagshaw
RedfearnAbraham Shopkeeper1846 Bagshaw
RedfearnAbraham Grocer & Gen Dealer1852 Freebody
RedfearnAbraham Shopkeeper1852 White
RedfearnAbraham Shopkeeper1857 White
RedfearnAbraham Shopkeeper1862 Directory
RedfearnAbraham Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
RedfearnMary Mrs Shopkeeper1881 Kelly
RedfearneAbraham Shopkeeper1860 Harrison
RileyJoseph Shopkeeper1852 White
RileyJoseph Shopkeeper1857 White
RileyJoseph Shopkeeper1862 Directory
RileyJoseph Manager Gas Works1881 Kelly
RobertsonJohn Architect1846 Bagshaw
RobertsonJohn Architect1852 White
RowlandMichael Tanner1829 Glover
RowlandRobert Grocer Baker & Confectioner1881 Kelly
RowlandRobertWheatsheaf hotelHotel & Grocer Baker & Confectioner1891 Kelly
RowlandRobertWheatsheaf HotelVictualler and Baker & Grocer1895 Bulmer
SandersonJohnMoorlandsResident1891 Kelly
SavageThomasRobin HoodInn & Tavern1846 Bagshaw
SavageThomasRobin HoodTavern & Public House1852 Freebody
SavageThomasRobin HoodInn & Tavern1852 White
SavageThomasRobin HoodFarmer1857 White
SavageThomasRobin HoodInn1860 Harrison
SavageThomasRobin HoodInn1862 Directory
SavageThomasRobin HoodInn Farmer1862 Directory
SavageThomas LRobin HoodInn & Tavern1857 White
ScottCharles Farmer (Rates)1875 Jury List
ScottCharles Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
ScottCharles Surveryor - Local Board1881 Kelly
ScottCharles Surveyor local board of heatlh1881 Kelly
ScottCharles Farmer & Call Office Shef Telephone Co1891 Kelly
SedgwichJohn National schoolmaster1852 White
ShawBartholemewBarbrookCorn Millers1857 White
ShawBartholomew Miller1852 Freebody
ShawBartholomew Corn Miller1852 White
ShawBartholomew Miller1860 Harrison
ShawBartholomewTravellers' RestBeerhouse1862 Directory
ShawGeorgeBarbrookMiller of Corn1846 Bagshaw
ShillitoWilliam Stone mason1846 Bagshaw
ShillitoWilliam Stonemason1852 White
ShillitoWilliam Stone Mason1857 White
ShillitoWilliam Stonemason1860 Harrison
StaffordJohn Farmer1846 Bagshaw
StaffordJohn Farmer1852 White
StaffordMargaret Farmer1857 White
StaffordMargaret Farmer1860 Harrison
StaffordMargaret Farmer1862 Directory
StaffordMargaret Mrs Farmer1881 Kelly
StaleyJohn Joiner & Wheelwright1857 White
StaleyJohn Wheelwright1860 Harrison
StaleySarah Farmer1862 Directory
StaleyStephen Joiner & Wheelwright1852 White
StaleyStephen Joiner & wheelwright1862 Directory
StaleyStephen Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
StaleyStephen Carpenter & Wheelwright1881 Kelly
StaleyStephen Carpenter & wheelwright &1891 Kelly
StaleyStephen Collector of Water Rates1891 Kelly
StaleyStephen Joiner & Wheelwright1895 Bulmer
StayleyStephen Joiner & wheelwright1846 Bagshaw
StevensonSimon Innkeeper (Rates)1875 Jury List
StevensonSimon Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
StevensonSimonGreen ManInn1881 Kelly
StewartJoseph Shopkeeper1852 White
StewartJoseph Shopkeeper1857 White
StewartSarah Shopkeeper1862 Directory
StockdaleJeremiah M.A. Rev.VicarageVicar & Rural Dean of Eyam1891 Kelly
StockdaleJeremiah Rev Incumbent1862 Directory
StockdaleJeremiah Rev Voter - Freehold Hse & Gdn1876 Electors
StockdaleJeremiah RevVicarageResident1881 Kelly
StockdaleJeremiah RevThe VicarageVicar & Rural Dean of Eyam1895 Bulmer
StraffordElijah Farmer1829 Glover
StroyanAlfred GoodwinRutland ArmsFamily & Commer. Hotel & Posting House1891 Kelly
StroyanEsther Mrs Postmistress1895 Bulmer
StroyanIsabella Grocer & draper1846 Bagshaw
StroyanJohn Draper1829 Glover
StroyanJohn Linen & woollen draper1835 Pigot
StroyanJohn Post Office1852 White
StroyanJohn Grocer etc1852 White
StroyanJohn Grocer & Draper1857 White
StroyanJohn Grocer & Draper1860 Harrison
StroyanJohn Shopkeeper & Draper1862 Directory
StroyanJohn Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
StroyanJohn Post Money Order & Telegraph Office1881 Kelly
StroyanJohn Draper Tea dir & Post Office1881 Kelly
StroyanJohn Insurance Agent Imperial Fire1881 Kelly
StroyanJohn Post Office etc etc1891 Kelly
StroyanJohn Post Office Draper & Tea Dealer1891 Kelly
StroyanJohn & James Grocer & draper1846 Bagshaw
StroyanMrs J Postmistress1846 Bagshaw
StruttElizabeth Mrs Refreshment House1891 Kelly
StruttElizabeth Mrs Refreshment Rooms1895 Bulmer
StruttHenry Mr Resident1862 Directory
StruttJohn Gardener1857 White
StruttJohn Gardener1860 Harrison
StruttJohn Lodgings1862 Directory
StruttJohn Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
StuckeyMaria MrsPeacock Inn and Licenced to let horses1881 Kelly
SyngeEdward M.A. Rev Curate1852 White
TaskerJohn Resident1891 Kelly
TaylorEllen Mrs Saddler & harness Maker1891 Kelly
TaylorEllen Mrs Confectioner1895 Bulmer
TaylorGeorge Saddler (Rates)1875 Jury List
TaylorGeorge Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
TaylorGeorge Saddler & Harnell Maker1881 Kelly
TaylorJoseph Boot & shoe maker1891 Kelly
TaylorJoseph Boot & Shoe Maker1895 Bulmer
TaylorMrs Call Office - National Telephone Co1895 Bulmer
TaylorWilliam Curriers and leather cutter1835 Pigot
TaylorWilliam Farmer1852 White
ThornleyAlfred JonesDevonshire ArmsFamily & Commer. Hotel & Posting House1891 Kelly
TiveyEdward Retailer of Beer1835 Pigot
TomlinsonA J Urban District Councillor1895 Bulmer
TomlinsonA J MrsBubnell HallApartments superior1895 Bulmer
TomlinsonArthur JohnBubnell hallResident1895 Bulmer
TomlinsonArthur JohnBubnell hallFarmer & prize shorthorns1895 Bulmer
TomlinsonRichardRutland Arms HotelVictualler1895 Bulmer
TomlinsonWilliam Butcher1835 Pigot
TomlinsonWilliamBubnellButcher1846 Bagshaw
TomlinsonWilliamBubnellFarmer1852 White
TomlinsonWilliamBubnellButcher & Grazier1857 White
TomlinsonWilliam Butcher & grazier1860 Harrison
TomlinsonWilliam Butcher1862 Directory
TomlinsonWilliam Butcher (Rates)1875 Jury List
TomlinsonWilliamBubnellVoter - Hse & Lnd (occupier)1876 Electors
TomlinsonWilliamBubnellFarmer1881 Kelly
TomlinsonWilliam Butcher1891 Kelly
TomlinsonWilliam jun Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
TomlinsonWilliam jun Butcher1881 Kelly
TomlinsonWilliam SmithBubnellFarmer & Butcher1891 Kelly
TomlinsonWmBubnellButcher1852 White
TomlinsonWm Farmer1862 Directory
ToomerSamuel Resident1891 Kelly
TowndrowJosephClod HallFarmer1891 Kelly
TowndrowJoseph jun Farmer (Rates)1875 Jury List
TowndrowJospeh Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
UnwinHerbert Resident1891 Kelly
WainwrightJohn Resident1881 Kelly
WainwrightJohnThe CroftResident1891 Kelly
WainwrightJohn MrRadcliffe HouseResident1895 Bulmer
WallaceWilliam Boot & shoe maker1846 Bagshaw
WallaceWilliam Boot & shoemaker1857 White
WallaceWilliam Bootmaker1860 Harrison
WallaceWilliam Boot & shoe maker1862 Directory
WallisWilliam Boot & shoemaker1852 White
WatkinsonMrs Robert Schoolmistress National1860 Harrison
WatkinsonRobert Schoolmaster National 1860 Harrison
WatkinsonRobert T & Mrs Academy - National School1857 White
WeirEllen Mrs News agent1895 Bulmer
WhiteCharlotte Shopkeeper1829 Glover
WhiteGeorge Shopkeeper & Draper1862 Directory
WhiteGeorge Farmer1862 Directory
WhiteGeorge Grocer (Rates)1875 Jury List
WhiteGeorge Voter - House & Land1876 Electors
WhiteGeorge Farmer & Shopkeeper1881 Kelly
WhiteGeorge Farmer & Shopkeeper1891 Kelly
WhiteHenry Farmer1829 Glover
WhiteHenryBubnellFarmer1846 Bagshaw
WhiteHenryBubnellFarmer1852 White
WhiteHenryBubnellFarmer1862 Directory
WhiteHenry senBubnellFarmer1857 White
WhiteHenry senBubnellFarmer1860 Harrison
WhiteJohn Butcher1835 Pigot
WhiteJohnDevonshire ArmsInn & Tavern1846 Bagshaw
WhiteJohnDevonshire ArmsTavern & Public House1852 Freebody
WhiteJohn Butcher1852 White
WhiteJohnBubnellFarmer1852 White
WhiteJohnDevonshire ArmsInn & Tavern1852 White
WhiteJohnDevonshire ArmsInn & Tavern1857 White
WhiteJohnDevonshire ArmsInn1860 Harrison
WhiteJohnDevonshire ArmsFamily Commercial & Posting Hotel1862 Directory
WhiteJohnDevonshire ArmsFarmer1862 Directory
WhiteJohnBubnellFarmer (Rates)1875 Jury List
WhiteJohnBubnellVoter - Hse & Lnd (occupier)1876 Electors
WhiteJohnBubnell CliffFarmer1881 Kelly
WhiteJohnBubnell CliffFarmer1891 Kelly
WhiteJoseph Grocers and dealers in sundries1835 Pigot
WhiteJoseph Grocer & draper & chandler1846 Bagshaw
WhiteJoseph Grocer & Tea dealer1852 Freebody
WhiteJoseph Tallow Chandler1852 Freebody
WhiteJoseph Grocer & Chandler1852 White
WhiteJoseph Farmer1857 White
WhiteJoseph Grocer & Draper & Challow Chandler1857 White
WhiteJoseph Grocer draper tallow chandler1860 Harrison
WhiteMrs. RobertBubnell HallResident1891 Kelly
WhiteRobert MrsBubnell HallResident1881 Kelly
WhiteRobert MrsBubnell Hall 1891 Kelly
WightJane Mrs Shopkeeper1881 Kelly
WilkinsonMyBubnell HallAcademy Boarding & day1846 Bagshaw
WilsonAnn Mrs Grocer & Fancy dealer1895 Bulmer
WilsonHenry Farmer1860 Harrison
WilsonHenry Farmer1862 Directory
WilsonHenryStanton FordFarmer1881 Kelly
WilsonThomas Shopkeeper1881 Kelly
WilsonThomas Shopkeeper1891 Kelly
WindleMary Mrs Shopkeeper1895 Bulmer
WinterbothamHenry Saddler1852 White
WislonHenry sen Farmer1857 White
WormallHenryHydropathic HotelHotel - Managing Director1881 Kelly
WrenchEdmund MasonPark LodgeVoter - Hse & Lnd (occupier)1876 Electors
WrenchEdward Resident1881 Kelly
WrenchEdward Mason Surgeon1881 Kelly
WrenchEdward Mason Medical Off & Public Vaccinator Bakewell Union1891 Kelly
WrenchEdward Mason Surgeon F.R.C.S. Eng &1891 Kelly
WrenchEdward Mason District Med Off & Public Vacc1891 Kelly
WrenchEdward Mason F.R.C.S. England Medical offcer Hydro 1895 Bulmer
WrightsonRobertBubnellGent1852 White

The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in May 2004.

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