Names from the Hearth Tax Assessments, 1664 & 1672

Baslow and Bubnell

This list of names has been transcribed by Lynn Burnet from the Hearth Tax lists for Baslow and Bubnell in The National Archives, and is reproduced with her kind permission.
[TNA/PRO References: E179/94/403 and E179/245/9
Crown Copyright material in The National Archives is reproduced by permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office]


 Hearth Tax 1664 (E179/94/403)  Hearth Tax 1672 (E179/245/9)
1Robert Rowland2 1John Bradbury2
2James Marple1 2Hugh Marsten1
3John Heaton1 3Sam White1
4Robert Hallam1 4John Stafford1
5Geo Ragge1 5Wid Wilson1
6Robt Marple1 6Tho Wilson1
7John Noton1 7Anne Kinder3
8John Matley2 8John White1
9Widd Boler2 9Tho Gurdam2
10Robt Gregory1 10Edw Hingman1
11Robt Haugh1 11Hum Chapman2
12Roger Dam1 12Raphe Cocke1
13Will Taylor1 13James ?Wardfor Boler1
14John Eastwood2 14John Smith1
15John Bradbury2 15Alex Johnson2
16Hugh Masland1 16John Ragge1
17Sam White1 17Lidia Eastwood1
18Robt Stafford1 18James Eastwood1
19Will Gardon1 19John Noton Smithy1
20Godfrey Kender2 20Edw Marsten2
21John White1 21Rob Rowland2
22Tho Gurdame2 22Tho Rowland1
23Christopher Marstin1 23John Matley2
24John Mason1 24Anne Boaler3
25Hum Chapman2 25Tho Marple1
26Edward Hyndman1 26James Marple2
27Roger Peneston1 27John Ragg Sen1
28John Smith1 28Tho Heaton2
29Th Johnson1 29?Rich Mellor1
30Edmund Marstin2 30?Tho Ragge1
31Robt Marstin1 31Robert Marple jnr1
32Thomas Cocker1 32Mr Will Grundy4
33Alex Dame1 33.... Marple sen1
34Richard Worthington1 34John Noton senior?
 35Robt Marsten1
 Not chargeable (all 1 hearth)  36Robt Gregory?
 Ralph Cock  37Roger Damme2
 Widd Alsopp  38Alex Damme1
 Tho Heaton  39Rob Haghe1
 Godfrey Follows  40Ant Bradwill1
 Edmund Cock  41Mr Wm Fearne3
 John Lees   
 Edmund Mellor   
 Sam Sheldon   
 Tho Platts   
 Edmund Matley   
 Geo Hibbert   
 Hugh Marstin   


 Hearth Tax 1664 (E179/94/403)  Hearth Tax 1672 (E179/245/9)
1Mr John Jackson12 1Geo White Senior3
2James Jackson1  and for his smithy hearth1
3Widd Lees1 2 - 7illegible, one with 5 hearths
4Rich Lees1 8Mr John Bromhead4
5Wid Kitchin2 9Godf Hayward1
6Tho Froggatt3 10John Collier1
7John Bromhead3 11Anne Stephenson1
8Godfrey Heyward1 12Tho Harrison1
9John Rushton1 13Geo Harrison1
10Geo Stevenson1 14James Rushton1
11Widd Harrison1 15Rob Dobbe2
12Wm Jackson1 16Geo Andrew1
13Geo Andrew1 17Wm Jackson1
14Robt Dob1  
15John Collyer1  
16Geo White2  
 Not chargeable (all 1 hearth)  
 Arthur King    
 ?James Hall    
 Rich Wild    

The above information was contributed by Lynn Burnet in November 2001.

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