Schedule of the Sale of Property in Baslow in 1920

Compiled by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright November 2004
See also Houses with their 1848 occupants


The information is based on the Schedule for the 1920 Sale of Property in Baslow owned by the Duke of Rutland, which included detailed maps. This has been supplemented by modern maps and my (David's) knowledge of the Village to produce this summary. Please note however that many houses and fields in the village were NOT owned by the Duke, so do NOT appear in this list.

Lot numbers are as they appear in the schedule. They run form 545 to 563 because other villages were involved in the sale; however please note the subdivisions are NOT part of the original Schedule, and are added for the convenience of this presentation only, so that each building has a separate entry.

Descriptions of plots are copied from the Schedule. Inverted commas means a direct quote.


  1. Calver Road
  2. Church Street
  3. Church Lane
  4. School Lane
  5. Daisy Bank
  6. Over Lane
  7. Over End
  8. Bar Road
  1. Gorse Bank Lane
  2. Eaton Hill
  3. Peacock Hill
  4. Nether End
  5. Sheffield Road
  6. Robin Hood
  7. Eastmoor

LotCurrent Name of 1920 houseOccupier or TenantDescription of LotBuilt after 1920 in GroundsSituation, notes
  Calver Road
495The Rutland ArmsChesterfield Brewery Co“Fully Licensed Inn, Farm Buildings. ‘The Rutland Arms’” House & Buildings. Also Grass Land
529.1The Old ForgeMarples, MrsBusiness Prem: Blacksmith's Shop & 1st Cottage Calver Road 1st house on left
529.2Japonica CottGill, A JBusiness Prem: 2nd of 3 cottages beyond Old Forge: half of Japonica Cott
529.3(Japonica Cott)Sabey, GeorgeBusiness Prem: 3rd of 3 cottages beyond Old Forge: other half of Japonica cott
528Jasmine CottageTomlinson, William jun“Butcher's Shop, House, Buildings & Grass Field”RiverdaleCalver Road, left, before Hulleys Garage. Riverdale built in Garden
558Derwent View Numbers 1 to 12Eyre, A W J“2 Freehold Ground Rents” Row of 12 Cottages
527 Eyre, A W J“Small Enclosure of Grass Land”Derwent House Hulleys GarageBehind Derwent View.
493The Mill HouseGill, A & J“Flour Mill with Water Power” Flour Mill (oven 150 loaves), House & Farm Premises, and Land
493.1Mill Cottage, Old Bakehouse, The Old Mill, The Old StablesGill, A & JMill buildings (part of Flour Mill) Converted from the Mill and the Farm buildings
493.2 Gill, A & JThe Land (part of The Mill House)Riverside Court & Houses on Calver RoadBuilt on the Land beyond the Mill
494White LodgeStaley, J Arthur & Frances“Residence, Paddock & Buildings ‘White Lodge’” House & Buildings, + Cottage (disused)
494.1White Lodge CottageStaley, J Arthur & FrancesOne of Buildings (part of White Lodge) unclear which building this was
494.2Elmfield, The Archways, Tanyard CottStaley, J Arthur & FrancesBuildings and grounds (part of White Lodge) Built in grounds, or converted from buildings. Disused Cott may now be Tanyard Cott
497Baslow HallStockdale, M B Mrs“A Fee Farm Rent”  
  Calver Road & Riverside
487 Chesterfield Brewery Co“Building Land”Houses on Riverside & Calver RoadCalver Road (left) . Riverside is the small lane off Calver Road (left)
  Calver Road & Derwent Drive
488 Holmes, James“Building Land”Houses on Calver Road & Derwent DriveCalver Road (left).
489 Gill, A & J“Building Land”Houses on Calver Road & Derwent Drive 
490 Taylor, Walter“Building Land”Houses on Calver Road & Derwent Drive 
491 White, A Mrs“Building Land”Houses on Calver Road & Derwent Drive 
492 Taylor, William“2 Accommodation Grass Fields”Houses on Calver Road & Derwent DrivePart is still an open field, part Derwent Drive
  Calver Road & Gorse Ridge Drive
486 Staley, JA & F“Building Land”Houses on Gorse Ridge Dr & Calver Road  
485 Staley, JA & F“Building Land”Houses on Gorse Ridge Dr & Calver Road  
484 Holmes, James“Building Land”Houses on Gorse Ridge Dr & Calver Road between Over Land & Calver Road beyond White Lodge Lane
  Church Street
529 Williams Deacons BankBusiness Prem: House Shop & BankThe Café; Beehive CottBlock of Business Premises (300 ft frontage) The House and Shop were a Greengrocer, and The Bank William Deacon. The Café was converted from buildings, and Beehive Cott built in Garden
530LabelsCoates, A J WBusiness Premises: Double Shop (Grocer, Chemist, Draper, Post Office) with Show and Stock Rooms & Farm Buildings (60ft frontage)
530.1Barn CroftCoates, A J WFarm building, part of Labels Converted barn, behind the present Post Office
531Church Cottage & Post OfficeMarples, Thomas“House, Shop & Buildings” The house contained a large room formerly used as Grocers Shop. & with potential for rebuilding. Later became a Butchers shop and is now the Post Office.
532.2Church Farm GalleryWhite, A MrsOne of the Buildings (part of Church Farm) To left of entrance. Bakers shop for years then Dentist and now Art Gallery
532.1Darling BudsWhite, A MrsShop (part of Church Farm) Shop is two rooms incorporated into frontage of main house. In hand. Sold seperately from main farm later
532Church FarmWhite, A Mrs“A Small Holding” The House (incl shop), & Buildings (around yard)
  Church Lane
534The BeechesUnwin, Herbert“A Well-appointed Gentleman's Residence, Buildings & Garden”ThatchesBuilt in Garden. Occupied by B T Burdekin
535.1Willow CottageMarples, JCottage, (part of Corner Cottage)  
536 Hearnshaw, William“Valuable Residential Building Site”HighwaysField off Church Lane next to Ashton Fields.
546Ashton FieldsHogg, J J“A Fee Farm Rent” Was Hill Crest
545Ashenfell HouseWrench, E M“A Fee Farm Rent”Ashenfell SurgerySurgery built on Tennis court
  School Lane
535Corner CottageCoates, M & A“House, Cottage & 2 Gardens” House where School Lane & Church Lane meet
533 Stanton, F Mrs“Strip of Garden”Derwent HouseSchool Lane (left), opp drive to The Beeches
526Quince CottageLeach, Elizabeth Mrs“Quaint Thatched Cottage, Buildings & Garden” off School Lane (Left)
525Overend CottageFrith, John“3 Cottages & Gardens” School Lane, above School house. Each sub let. One contains a small shop. Now single house
553.2ruins Cottage 2, part of Beechcroft behind Overend Cottage. Building in ruins
553.1Beechcroft Cottage Cottage 1, part of Beechcroft  
553BeechcroftFrith, J“A Freehold Ground Rent” A Fine Residence & Grounds, with 2 cottages and gardens
505Nailstone CottageWindle, Mary MrsCottage & GardenJuniper CottageCorner House above Village Shop. Juniper Cottage built in garden across main road
473.1Paeony CottageRowarth, A1st Cottage (part of Rose Hill) Top of School Lane
474.1(Victoria Cottage)Brightmore, H3rd Cottage, part of Victoria Cott Adjoining the other 2 cottages. Now part of Victoria Cottage
474Victoria CottageHulley, Mrs“3 Cottages, Buildings Gardens & Land”Allbrighton Westbourne3 cott were at top of School Lane (Left). Allbrighton & Westboure built in the Garden which was off Gorse Bank Lane (left). Land - upper Bar Rd (right)
  Over Lane
475.1Hall CottageSheldon, GeorgeThe Buildings (part of Rosemary Cottage) One of the buildings converted to Hall Cottage
520Sycamore CottageGlass, John“Cottage & Garden” to Left of the shop
475Rosemary CottageSheldon, George“A Cottage Holding” Cottage & Buildings between Over Lane and Village Shop, and Land
521Jasmine CottageFrith, G“House & Garden” Over End - at start of Over Lane
522.1No 1 Over LaneHawksworth, William“2 Cottages & Grassland” (Cott 1) Two Cottages, Gardens & Enclosure of Grass Land. No 1 Over Lane
522.2Shaw CottageBarraclough, F“2 Cottages & Grassland” (Cott 2)RosslynNo 2 Over Lane. Rosslyn No 3 Over Lane, built in garden
524No 4 Over LaneHulley, Aaron“Cottage & Garden”Edge View HouseNo 4 Over Lane. No 5 Edge View House was built in the garden of No 4
522.3 Barraclough, F“2 Cottages & Grassland” (The Grassland)Sunny Bank Edgeston HouseEnclosure of Grass land, now No 6 & 7 Over Lane
475.2 Sheldon, GeorgeThe Land (part of Rosemary Cott)5 Houses on Over LaneFields off Over Lane (right), opposite Royal Croft Drive
483 De Ferranti, S F“2 Enclosures of Garden Land”Houses on White Edge DrStreet of new houses
482 Tomlinson, William jun“Building Land”Fieldside, Newby House, Rocher Endbetween Calver Road and Over Land just beyond Baslow Hall
481 Leach, Elizabeth Mrs“2 Enclosures of Grass Land”High Meadows Gorse Ridge EndOver Lane (Left)
480 Gill, A & J“Enclosures of Arable & Grass Land”Overlane HouseOver Lane (right). Last house
  Daisy Bank
523.1Overlane CottageHibbert, J“Two Cottages & Gardens” (Cott 1) occupier may have been in other cottage
523.2Greystones CottageNoton, G“Two Cottages & Gardens” (Cott 2)  
  Over End
519Village ShopWilde, Oswald“Cottage & Garden” The old Cottage is behind and to left of the more recent shop
476Cherry Tree FarmHolmes, James“Cottage Holding” Cottage & Buildings + fields across Over Land
473Rose HillRowarth, A“Rose Hill Farm and 2 Cottages”Rosehill Farm Cott, Eastgate, Gorse Hill, AshopstoneHouse, 2 Cottages & Buildings, and Land. New houses built on farmland away from farm
518Overend ManorRedfern, George“Pennistone Cottage” House & Buildings. (Dated 1751)
473.3 Rowarth, AOne of farm buildings (part of Rose Hill)Rosehill GrangeA converted farm building
507Orchard CottageFletcher, W H“Cottage, Joiner's Shop, Garden & Orchard” off Bar Rd, behind The Green. The joiners shop, now part of Orchard House, was let to Mr T Hulley for £1-5s
508Briar CottageTaylor, Winifred Mrs“Cottage & Garden”  
517Haddon CottageSheldon, George“House, Buildings & Orchard” on side road to left. Aviemore built in 1928 in orchard to west of house
  Gorse Bank Lane
555.2MoorlandsPawson, Henry“A Freehold Ground Rent” (House 2)  
555.1WoodlandsPawson, Henry“A Freehold Ground Rent” (House 1) 2 Houses and Gardens. Gorse Bank Lane
516WoodholmeTownsend, Francis“Cottage & Garden”  
515Greystones CottageHoward, Fred“Cottage & Garden”  
514Gorse Bank CottageTaylor, M A Mrs“Cottage Buildings & Garden” end of Gorse Bank Lane (left). House back from road. Walter Taylor rented (£4) the Stable and Cowhouse next to the road
472Gorsebank FarmFroggatt, AWM & HB“Gorsebank Farm” House Buildings and Land
  Bar Road
506.1SothernwoodClark, A J Miss“Two Handsome Cottages & Gardens” (1st cottage)  
506.2BrentwoodClark, J S“Two Handsome Cottages & Gardens” (2nd cottage)  
554The Green (4 houses)Sheldon, G & D“A Fee Farm Rent” 4 Villas & Gardens. Bar Road (left) before Gorse Bank Lane
509Rose CottageHawkesworth, J F“An Attractive Cottage Residence”Selbourne House, Little Willow, Hawkfield, Bar HouseBar Road (Left) . The house had extensive grounds - the remains of an old croft
557.1Hydro CottageHydropathic Co Ltd, BaslowThe Baslow Hydro. Site & Gardens (part 1)Houses on Bar Road and Hydro CloseTwo Freehold Ground Rents with Freehold Land. The Baslow Hydro, now demolished, had a number of houses in its grounds with extensive gardens
510Fern CottageHibbert, Thomas“Cottage & Garden” Bar Road (Right)
511Underwood CottageHulley, S E & M“Cottage & Garden” Bar Road (Right)
469Ladywell HouseBrightmore, A L Miss“Residential House, Buildings and Land”Ladywell Shipponalso fields off upper Bar Road (right)
473.2Bar CottageSheldon, F2nd Cottage (part of Rose Hill) On Bar Road, last on right
556.1Ladywell CottageFrith, J“A Freehold Ground Rent” (House 1) Bar Road (right) near top. A Terrace of 4 houses
556.2Moor CottageFrith, J“A Freehold Ground Rent” (House 2) Bar Road (right) near top. A Terrace of 4 houses
556.3South BankFrith, J“A Freehold Ground Rent” (House 3) Bar Road (right) near top. A Terrace of 4 houses
556.4Yeld MountFrith, J“A Freehold Ground Rent” (House 4) Bar Road (right) near top. A Terrace of 4 houses
512RockwoodPalmer, Alfred“Picturesque Cottage Buildings & Garden” off lane at top of Bar Road (right)
513Yeldside CottageSheldon, William A“Cottage, Buildings & Gardens”Greenhead Cottageoff lane at top of Bar Road (right). Greenhead Cott built in garden
  Eaton Hill
504Whetstone CottageKemp, W H“Cottage & Garden”Hove LeighHove Leigh Built in Garden
552Tithe BarnSumpter, Cecil L“A Fee Farm Rent” under construction
557.2Lone Beech, Melidon Cott, Belgrave Cott, Primrose CottHydropathic Co Ltd, BaslowThe Baslow Hydro. Site & Gardens (part 2)Houses on Eaton Drive & Eaton HillHouses at top of Eaton Hill
557.4 Hydropathic Co Ltd, BaslowThe Baslow Hydro. The Freehold LandHouses on Eaton DriveThe South east part of the Hydro site was Freehold Land
502Hanover CottageSheldon, T F“Hanover Cottage” A Cottage. Eaton Hill
557.3 Hydropathic Co Ltd, BaslowThe Baslow Hydro. Garden fronting Eaton HillThe Spinny, WoodlandsHouses below Eaton Drive
551The GablesDent, W H“A Fee Farm Rent”High Croft, Orchard ViewOutbuildings & Gardens.High Croft and Orchard View built in garden
550.2AshenbankEyre, A W J“A Fee Farm Rent” (Residence 2)The RidgeThe Ridge built in garden of Ashenbank
550.1AshenfellEyre, A W J“A Fee Farm Rent” 2 (Residence 1) 2 Residences & Gardens. Eaton Hill
543 Jobson, E M Mrs“Plot of Garden Land”Eaton CloseEaton Close is a house name
549Eaton CottageFrith, John“A Freehold Ground Rent” Eaton Hill
501Howard CottageHoward, John“A Cottage Holding”Holme CloseCottage & Buildings. Holme close built in adjoining field
548.1Merrie LeasGoodlad, Edwin“A Fee Farm Rent” (Cottage 1) 2 Cottages & Gardens, Eaton Hill
548.2Merle BankGoodlad, Edwin“A Fee Farm Rent” (Cottage 2)  
539 Bacon, Charles“Residential Building Site”The White HouseField off Church Lane, now The White House
540Nether CottageBacon, Charles“Cottage-Residence, Buildings & Garden”BrynawellNether End, between Eaton Hill and Cock Hill Brynawell built in garden of Nether Cottage
541Il LupoFaulkes, Fred“Cottage & Garden” Foot of Eaton Hill. Now Italian Restaurant
542 Sheldon, David“Valuable Building Land”Houses in Eaton PlaceEstate of Houses
  Peacock Hill
547.2Tor ViewEades, Joseph“A Fee Farm Rent” (Residence 2) was Dunraven
547.1Hawthorne DeneEades, Joseph“A Fee Farm Rent” (Residence 1) 2 Residencies, & Buildings. 0pp Cavendish Hotel.
540.1 Bacon, CharlesBuilding (part of Nether Cottage)Stonehavenconverted from the Buildings
  Nether End
500.1The CroftSheldon, David“Two Houses & Buildings” - The Double Fronted House 2 Residential Houses, Gardens & Buildings. Top of the lane opposite entrance to Devonshire Hotel entrance. House on far left
500.2Croft CottageChesterman, Mr“Two Houses & Buildings” - The House House on left. (sub tenant to Mr Sheldon)
500.3 Sheldon, David“Two Houses & Buildings” - The BuildingsCarnfield MineholmeRight at top of lane. New houses built on site of the old buildings
499WoodsideStaley, Elizabeth Mrs“‘Woodside Cottage’ and Garden” House & Buildings. Also Blacksmith's Shop. Behind Ivy House. Shop now garage at right angles to house
471The Old FarmhouseHearnshaw, William“A Farm known as ‘The Farm’”Forge HouseHouse Buildings & Land. Across main Road from Devonshire Arms. Land upper Bar Road (right). Forge House built on Farmland
498Ivy HouseStrutt, Eliz Mrs“An Attractive House, Gardens & Buildings. ‘Ivy House’” House & Buildings.
496Wheatsheaf HotelChesterfield Brewery Co“Fully Licensed Hotel, Buildings, Yards. ‘The Wheat Sheaf Hotel’” Hotel Buildings including Bowling Green, and Grass Land
  Sheffield Road
464Yeld CottageEades, J E“Cottage, Buildings & Garden” Adjoining Yeldway Cottage
456.1Yeldway CottageHolding, GeorgeThe Cottage, part of Yeldwood Farm Adjacent to Yeldwood Farm. Left side of Road
456Yeld Wood FarmGardom, Elizabeth Miss“Yeld Wood Farm, Woodlands & Cottage” House, Building, Cottage and Land, incl Raddowhole Plantation (in hand)
459Yeld FarmHearnshaw, W H“Yeld Farm” House & Buildings & Land, incl Woodlands 4 acres (in hand)
  Robin Hood
560Robin Hood FarmHerrington, George“A Small Holding” Cottage & Buildings below Robin Hood Inn, & Land beyond the Inn
559Robin Hood InnOllivant, J W“The ‘Robin Hood’ Inn” Buildings (incl old Hosestead on site of present public car park), & Grass Lands (now Golf Course)
562Robin Hood FarmKay, Charles“A Small Holding” House & Buildings just beyond Robin Hood Inn, & land on Eastmoor
563 Frith, John W“4 Enclosures of Grassland”Moorview FarmBuildings (Barn, Bullock Sheds) & Land. Also Woodland in hand. Site on Eastmoor off old road to Chesterfield (left)
561Newbridge FarmGreen, Fred“Newbridge Farm” Eastmoor. House Buildings and Land

The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in November 2004.

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