Extracts from Baslow Court Rolls & Charters (Kerry MSS)

Transcribed by John Froggatt from microfilm at Matlock Local Studies Library.


About 1900 the Rev. C. Kerry transcribed & translated the Baslow Court Rolls & Charters held by the Duke of Rutland in Belvoir Castle (the “Kerry Manuscripts”) He published extracts of the rolls in two papers in the Derbyshire Archaeological Journal Vols.22 & 23. The papers were based on his notes, which now belong to the Library and can be seen on microfilm. The DAJ papers cover rolls from 1320 to 1508, but the notes run to 1673. A printed index to Baslow and Kerry's many other interests is also available in the Library.

The following list provides an illustrative sample of extracts featuring Froggatt as a place, and surname. The Manuscripts themselves, which obviously contain many more names and places are available for searching on film at Local Studies Libraries in both Derby & at Matlock. [Ed: and Chesterfield as well?]

1321-27Robert de Froggoteholds land in Linleye
1321-27Adam del Schaweholds a house & 6 acres in Froggote
1355Ralf Tibbsonholds a house & 3 acres in Froggot
1392William Froggotejuror & surrenders a house & 1/2 a bovate
1416Nicholas Dawsonholds 1/2 of a house & bovate in Froggote
1491William Frogotwitness to land sales in Baslow & Frogott
1495Ric. Schawe sells house & land in Frogot
1517John de Frogotfined for making a weir in the river
1570John Botham Snr.fined for trespass on the common
1570All tenantsfined if highway Curbar to the fourth of Froggot not made
1570William Frogottjuror
1573Martyn Brusshefyldfined for trespass on the moor in Frogot
1598Tho. Wylde one of the field reeves
1598John Froggottfined not coming with his grist to the lord's mill.

Froggatt itself is obviously an outlying area of Baslow manor and is only rarely mentioned. There are however extensive lists of names in Kerry's notes with many references to places in Curbar, Bubnell & Baslow.

This information was contributed by John Froggatt in October 2006.

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