Baslow, St Anne's Church - a List of Incumbents

This list was transcribed by Glenn Trezza and Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2001

Names are as recorded in the Parish Registers, with additional references taken from the booklet “A Short History of Baslow and Bubnell” (John Sheldon, 1975)

Names and DatesComments
Robt. Tymouth1565Tinmouth in History
Richard Allsop1568 
John Elswigge15811550 in History
Roger Rowley1582 
John Banks1602 
George Longden1606 
Richard Smith1610Smyth in History
John Boller1615 
John Dakin1620 
Robert Mower1630 
Robert Barlow1653 
Mr. Barlow and Mr. Hewitt in ye Civil WarsHistory lists only Hewitt
Mr. Prime18 mthsnamed Robert in History
Mr. Jackson1662 
Mr. Raynes1662named Robert in History
Mr. Robt. Matthewman1662"Mr." omitted in History
Mr. John Cantrell1662"Mr." omitted in History
William Fern1668Fearn in History
William Walker1677 
Joseph Ferne1678 
Joseph Nichols1681 
John Lomas1721 
Joseph Bradley1723 
John Maisterson1729 
John Swift1747buried Baslow 7 Nov 1766 (PR)
John Farrer1767 
John Barker1794 
A.____ Barker1824named Auriol in History and Pigot's 1835D
Roger ?Alge?1852not in History
Rev. John Barker1854Frederick Barker in History
Roger Cope1854 
Jeremiah Stockdale1859 
PR list ends here - History also lists the following:-
James Smith1908 
Alfred E. Drew1928 
Harold H. Dobinson1947 
Jack White1962 
E. Jonathan Walser1965 

Transcribed by Glenn Trezza in December 2001 from Parish Registers, with additional details from “A Short History of Baslow and Bubnell” (John Sheldon, 1975) by Rosemary Lockie.

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