Baslow (Derbyshire) Millers and Maltsters

Compiled by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright May 2004


The paper contains a summary of all persons in the Baslow Census and various Gazetteers, who have the occupation of Miller or Maltster. Extra information comes from the Tithe Award of 1848 and Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow Graveyard.

Note: There are no Millers or Maltsters in Bubnell.

Note: The fact that a person had an occupation does not necessarily mean that he was actively pursuing it at the time.


1. Millers in BaslowBaslow Mill, Heathy Lea Mill, Barbrook Mill, Other Millers
 Baslow Mill
SituationSK 25057248The Mill between the Derwent and Calver Road beyond the Wheatsheaf
Tithe AwardHODGKINSON Joseph24 acres.  Homestead and 10 fields, most alongside Calver Road
2004Now a private house still called Baslow Mill
Pigot 1835HODGKINSON JohnCorn MillerNumerous later entries
1841HODGKINSON John (b.1785)Miller 
Miller and Farmer& 3 men
1861Master Miller & 1 manThen his son
NoteWhen he died after 1861. Edmund (b.1849) became the Miller while his widow Sarah and son John G (b.1847) moved to Rose Hill - see Baslow Farms
Miller & Farmer 25 acres1 man 1 carter
1881Miller Baker & Farmer& 8 men
1891Miller Baker & Farmer
1901Corn Miller Farmer & Grocer

 Heathy Lea Mill
SituationSK 27207211Mill at Heathy Lea.  South of the road from Baslow to Robin Hood
NoteIt was built after 1848 and before 1857
2004House and Residential centre
Tithe AwardNo mention and not marked on the Map
White 1857MARPLES John (b.1794)Corn MillerHeathy Ley
Harrison 1860MARPLES JohnMiller 
Directory 1862MARPLES RobertCorn MillerHeathy Lee Mill
1851MARPLES John (b.1794)Master MillwrightResidence not at the Mill
NoteMARPLES John was father of MARPLES Robert
1861MARPLES Robert
1871Miller & Farmer 54 acres 
1881Farmer & Timber Dealer 
1891 - 1901Timber Dealer and Sawmill for Timber 
SummaryMARPLES John was a Millwright in Baslow.  It is likely that he built the Mill in the early 1850s and he is the recorded Miller in 1857 and 1860.  By 1861 his son Robert has taken over.

 Barbrook Mill
SituationSK 27537388Near the junction of the Sheffield Road and the Curbar to Chesterfield Turnpike.
2004Mill entirely demolished.  The millpond remains
Tithe AwardThe Mill appears on the map, but there is no entry in the Schedule.  Both Bartholomew and George SHAW had houses in Baslow
Bagshaw 1846SHAW GeorgeMiller of CornBarbrook
White 1857SHAW BartholomewCorn MillerBarbrook
1841 - 1851SHAW Bartholomew (b.1803) and SHAW George (b.1800) are both recorded as Millers
1861SHAW BartholomewBeer house Keeper 
NoteBoth SHAWs must have worked this corn mill but it is unclear when it closed down

 Other Millers
Glover 1829HATTERSLEY WilliamFarmer & Miller 
Harrison 1860HATTERSLEY William (b.1824)Corn Miller 
NoteThe HATTERSLEY William of 1829 was probably not the same person as the HATTERSLEY William, Maltster, noted below. HATTERSLEY William (b.1824) farmed in Bubnell.  It is likely Milling was a sideline.
1841KITCHIN John (b.1800)Miller and Farmerson of KITCHEN William (b.1765)
1841KITCHIN William (b.1820)Millergrandson of KITCHEN William (b.1765)
1861- 1881RILEY Jabez (b.1828)1861 Miller Journeyman then Miller in 1871 and Corn Miller in 1881

KITCHEN William (b.1765), who was also a farmer in Bubnell - See Bubnell Farms
KITCHIN William according to the 1826 Baslow Enclosure Award Map, had and owned his Malt Office in the present Park at SK 261720, south of the present Golden Gates.  After the Dukes exchanged lands in 1823, he (was) moved to new - freehold - premises across the Barbrook from the present Devonshire Arms.  In the Tithe Award Schedule 1848  these are recorded as a Malt Office, Yard and Garden,
The same KITCHEN William, in the 1826 Enclosure Award, also owned a parcel of land between Goose Green, and the Barbrook and the old bridge.  By 1848, the area had been subdivided and the house in the corner between the road and the brook (SK 25907214), had been sold to HATTERSLEY William.  The Tithe Award describes it as House and Malt House.  It was sub let it to JEEVES George, a retired business man.
HATTERSLEY William may well have made use of the Malt House at Nether End for some of the time between 1826 and 1848
HATTERSLEY George and his son
HATTERSLEY William (b.1776), were both farmers at Far End, Baslow - See Baslow Farms
Glover 1829HATTERSLEY George Farmer & Maltster
Pigot 1835HATTERSLEY William Maltster
Bagshaw 1846HATTERSLEY William Farmer & Maltster
Freebody 1852HATTERSLEY William Maltster
1841HATTERSLEY William(Baslow: Sch #138)Maltster
1851HATTERSLEY William(Baslow: Sch #135)Farmer & Maltster

 Other Maltsters
Glover 1829BROOMHEAD NicholasPeacock InnMaltster & Victualler
Glover 1829HODGKINSON WigleyBaslow MillFarmer & Maltster
Pigot 1835HODGKINSON WigleyBaslow MillMaltster

The above information was compiled by David Dalrymple-Smith in May 2004.

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