Houses in the 1848 Tithe Award and their 1848 Occupants

Compiled by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright November 2004
See also Schedule for 1920 Sale of Property


I (David) have used the Tithe Award Schedule and its Map to identify all the houses in 1848 and their occupants (all tenants). Using the Census Returns of 1851, and occasionally of 1841, I have found out more about them and their occupations. I have then used a modern map to find the present houses and matched them with the 1848 occupants. There may be one or two errors with people with similar names. Many houses will have been renovated or completely rebuilt since 1848.

The column headed ‘Rutland No (1920)’ refers to the allocation on the above-mentioned Schedule for 1920 Sale of Property, if the property was sold then, otherwise its Owner. 'DofR', 'DofD' = Duke of Rutland, Devonshire.


  1. Bubnell Lane
  2. Calver Road
  3. Church Street
  4. Church Lane
  5. School Lane
  6. Daisy Bank
  7. Over Lane
  8. Over End
  9. Bar Road
  1. Gorse Bank Lane
  2. Eaton Hill
  3. Cock Hill
  4. Nether End
  5. Far End
  6. Sheffield Road
  7. Robin Hood
  8. Eastmoor
  9. Bubnell

Tithe NoModern House NameCommentOccupant (Census)Occupation (Census)Rutland
No (1920)
  Bubnell Lane
510Bridge Cottage Redfearne, AbrahamGrocer +Small FarmerDofR
478Bridgefoot Cottage Birley, MaryPauper. Supported by sonDofR
478Bridgefoot Cottage Eyre, JosephFarm LabourerDofR
478Bridgefoot Cottage Marples, WilliamSexton +Cordwain LabDofR
478Bridgefoot Cottage Randle, IsraelTanner JnyDofR
481New Buildings Fearne, MaryNurseDofR
481New Buildings Gilbert, JohnMarble Worker JnyDofR
481New Buildings Hawley, FrancisBlacksmith JnyDofR
481New Buildings Hibberd, WilliamLabourer High RoadsDofR
481New Buildings Shaw, BartholomewMiller MasterDofR
481New Buildings Shillito, WilliamStone Mason MrDofR
  Calver Road
77The Rutland Arms Ashton, BenjaminInnkeeper & Farmer495
75Japonica Cott Cooper, CharlesCarpenter Master529.3
75Japonica Cott Cooper, PeterCarpenter Master529.4
75The Old Forge Marples, JamesBlacksmith Master529.2
75Jasmine Cott Merrell, GeorgePlumber & Glazier Jny528
78Mill House Hodgkinson, JosephMiller & Farmer493
78Mill Cottage, Old BakehouseA Mill building in 1848Hodgkinson, JosephMiller & Farmer493.1
78Old Mill, Old StableA Mill building in 1848Hodgkinson, JosephMiller & FarmerDofR
102White Lodge Cawton, CharlesTanner Master494
102White Lodge Cottage? An employeeCawton, CharlesTanner Master494.1
102Elmfields, Archways, Tanyard CottTannery building in 1848Cawton, CharlesTanner Master494.2
  Church Street
2Vicarage Synge, Edward RevCurateOff.
6House in Church YardSince demolishedHibberd, GeorgeCarpenter MasterDofR
6House in Church YardSince demolishedNibbys, James SysonSchool Mr + PatenteeDofR
6House in Church YardSince demolishedRobinson, JosephRoad Surveyors LabDofR
76Toll Bar Cottage Roberts, JosiahToll Coll & ShoemakerOff.
74Labels Marples, MatthewSaddler Harness Maker530
74Barn CroftFarm building in 1848Marples, MatthewSaddler Harness Maker530.1
74Avante Garde Stroyan, IsabellaDraper & Postmistress529.1
73Church Cottage & Post Office Brushfield, JosephSmith531
73Church Farm White, JosephGrocer Master532
68Church Street No 1 to 6 - pte
68School Lane No 1 to 4 - pte
68In one of houses above Bristol, JosephJoiner Jnypte
68In one of houses above Not identified pte
68In one of houses above Furniss, WilliamLabourer & Sawyerpte
68In one of houses above Hetherington, HenryHouse Painter Chatswpte
68In one of houses above Not identified pte
68In one of houses above Leech, EstherSupported by Sonspte
68In one of houses above Nell, AnneCordwainer Mistresspte
68In one of houses above Ponsonby, JamesTailor Masterpte
68In one of houses above Not identified pte
  Church Lane
4Prince of Wales (Hotel)Private house in 1848Bufton, SamuelGrocer & Ostlerpte
5Prince of Wales (Buildings)Private house in 1848Gregory, Joseph senCarpenter Jnypte
8Corner Cottage Coates, AlfredChemist & Druggist535
7The BeechesrebuiltBroomhead, MaryInnkeeper +Annuitant534
  School Lane
67Baslow House Gardom, MargaretAnnuitantpte
66Magnolia Cottage - pte
66Tolethorpe Cottage - pte
66In one of houses above Alsop, GeorgeLabourerpte
66In one of houses above Hulley, MaryMidwifepte
66In one of houses above Not identified pte
65Quince Cott Cocker, JohnTailor Master526
64House, at site of Abney HouseHouse demolishedMarples, ElizabethEmployed for Familypte
63House, near site of AmhurstHouse demolishedMarples, JohnMillwright Masterpte
62Methodist Chapel MethodistSunday SchoolOff.
10Overend Cottage Geeson, RichardAle & Porter Dealer525
11Ruins behind Overend Cottage Not identified 553.2
11Ruins behind Overend Cottage Stone, CharlesLeadminer Labourer553.2
11Ruins behind Overend Cottage Wiley, OswaldBookseller553.2
53Sycamore Cottage Abson, MaryStraw Bonnet Makerpte
53Sycamore Cottage Staley, GeorgeWheelwright Jnypte
53Sycamore Cottage Young, RalphLabourer, Army Pensionerpte
52The Old Chapel Methodist Chapel Off.
13Beechcroft Cottage Marsden, WilliamCarter, Small Farmer553.1
16Victoria Cottage - 474
16Victoria Cottage (lower part) - 474.1
16Paeony Cottage - 473.1
16Nailstone Cott - 505
16House. Site of WedgewoodHouse demolished- DofR
16in one of houses above Barton, JosephLabourerDofR
16in one of houses above Boden, ThomasShoemaker MasterDofR
16in one of houses above Cocker, MaryLaundressDofR
16in one of houses above Ellis, RobertStone CutterDofR
16in one of houses above   DofR
16in one of houses above   DofR
16in one of houses above Wheeldon, JohnLabourerDofR
  Daisy Bank
54House behind Sycamore CottHouse demolishedMarsden, JohnAg Labourerpte
59Moonstones Gardener, GeorgeGamekeepers Labourerpte
59Moonstones White, JosephLeadminer Labourerpte
55The Alma Cundy, WilliamCooperpte
55Raleigh House Cundy, WilliamCooperpte
56Hanover Buildings Cooper, JohnCarpenterpte
56Hanover Buildings Somersett, WilliamWheelwright Jnypte
56Hanover Buildings Wallace, WilliamCordwainer Masterpte
57Greystone Cott - 523
57Overlane Cott - 523
57in one of houses above Cocker, ElizabethGrocerDofR
57in one of houses above Cundy, WilliamCooperDofR
51Rose Cottage Morton, CharlesMasonpte
  Over Lane
47Sycamore Cottage Barton, JosephRetired Labourer520
49Rosemary Cottage - 475
49Hall Cottage - 475.1
49Jasmine Cott - 521
491 & 2 Over Lane - 522.1
49in one of houses above Frost, MatthewRoad SurveyorDofR
49in one of houses above Not identified DofR
484 Over Lane Bettony, EdmundAg Labourer524
484 Over Lane Bufton, JohnAg Labourer524
58No house on mapBehind Over Lane CottMarples, ElizabethEmployed for FamilyDofR
  Over End
46Cherry Tree Farm Holmes, CharlesFarmer 10 acres476
45Village shop (Cottage at back) Firth, GeorgeCarpenter Jny519
44Rosehill Frost, JoannaFarmer 100 acres473
42Buildings near to Rose Hill Farm2 Farm buildings. Demol.Frost, JoannaFarmer 100 acres473.1
39Overend Manor Penniston, SarahFarmer 98 acres518
19Briar Cottage Taylor, WilliamFarmer & Jobber Mr508
20Briar Cottage (part of)Small building
adjoining Briar Cott
Not identified 508
17Orchard Cottage Hibberd, JamesPainter Glazier Jny507
38House near site of AviemoreHouse demolishedHulley, EllenPauperDofR
37Haddon Cottage Brownell, Elizabeth-517
40Woodholme Penniston, SarahFarmer 98 acres516
  Bar Road
18Old Houses. Site of The GreenGone before 1848Duke of Rutland 554
21Hydro Cottage Boden, SamuelCordwainer Master557.1
21Hydro Cottage Boden, ThomasShoemaker Master557.1
22Fern Cott-- 510
22Underwood Cott-- 511
22in one of houses above Hudson, WilliamLabourer GeneralDofR
22in one of houses abovemay be wrong MarsdenMarsden, EdmundFarmer - Park GateDofR
30Rose Cottage Shaw, GeorgeMiller Master509
32Ladywell HouseMain houseBrightmore, JohnCordwainer469
33Ladywell Shippon? Barn in 1848 & 1920Brightmore, JohnCordwainer469.1
26Ladywell Cottage, Moor Cott, South Bank, Yeld MountOnly small house in 1848
at site of Yeld Mount
Brightmore, MarySupported by son556
25Rockwood Heathcote, GeorgeLabourer General512
24Yeldside Cottage Sheldon, GeorgeStone Mason Jny513
28Bar Cottage Brightmore, MichaelCordwainer Mr sick473.2
  Gorse Bank Lane
34Moorlands and WoodlandsRebuiltSingleton, MaryPauper555
35Greystones Cottage Brown, JohnGardener Jny515
35Greystones Cottage Howard, JohnAg Labourer515
35Greystones Cottage Randle, JaneSupported by son515
35Greystones Cottage Riley, JosephTanner Jny517
36Gorse Bank Cottage Taylor, JohnAg Labourer514
146Gorse Bank Farm Froggatt, AlexanderFarmer 43 acres472
  Eaton Hill
15Whetstone Cottage Marsden, WilliamGardener Labourer504
15Whetstone Cottage Wheeldon, JohnLabourer504
254Tithe Barnrebuilt in 1920Hernshaw, AnneFarmer 43a552
245Melidon Cott, Belgrave Cott, Eatonfields Cott, Primrose Cott, Lone Beech3 buildings on 1848 map
? Barns or dwellings
Drabble, SarahMidwife557.1
247Hanover Cottage (nil in 1848)No building in 1848Hudson, WilliamLabourer General502
248Site of Woodlands - 3 cottagessince demolishedJepson, ThomasLabourer General557.2
248Site of Woodlands - 3 cottagessince demolishedMarsden, JohnLabourer General557.2
248Site of Woodlands - 3 cottagessince demolishedMarsden, JosephTailor Master557.2
237Eaton Cottage Heyworth, GeorgeMiller Jny & Farmer549
236Howard Cottage Heyworth, GeorgeMiller Jny & Farmer501
  Cock Hill
249Nether Cottage - 540
249Il Lupo - 541
249Hawthorne Denemuch rebuilding- 547
249House by Roadside in 1848since demolished- DofR
249in one of houses above Broomhead, MaryInnkeeper +AnnuitantDofR
249in one of houses above Marples, MaryFlourdealer & LodgersDofR
249in one of houses above Robertson, JohnArchitect JnyDofR
249in one of houses above Wragg, JohnAgricultural LabourerDofR
272Cavendish Hotel Broomhead, MaryInnkeeper +AnnuitantDofR
  Nether End
233The Croft Pashley, FredericBaker ex Stone Mason500.1
233Croft Cottage Pashley, FredericBaker ex Stone Mason500.2
232The Old Farmhouse Stafford, JohnFarmer 52 acres471
232Woodside Staley, StevenWheelwright Master499
232Ivy Housepart of “The Farm”Stafford, JohnFarmer 52 acres498
230Wheatsheaf Hotel Ingleby, NinianInnkeeper469
280Florist (ex) Sheldon, MaryPetty Shop. +Pauperpte
279Bar Brook House Gratton, Ann-pte
278Devonshire Arms (Car Park)was The Royal HotelJenkinson, RalphBeerhouse Keeperpte
277Devonshire Armsrebuilt 1851Brooks, CharlotteGrocerpte
277Devonshire Armsrebuilt 1851Gregory, JohnCarpenter Jnypte
277Devonshire Armsrebuilt 1851Jones, ElizabethDressmakerpte
277Devonshire Armsrebuilt 1851Noton, SamuelAg Labourerpte
277Devonshire Armsrebuilt 1851Stewart, JosephPetty Grocer +Labourpte
277Devonshire Armsrebuilt 1851White, JohnInnkeeperpte
276The Malt House Jeeves, JohnRetired Brush Manuf.pte
276Café on the Green, Corner Cott, Baslow Cott, Brook Cott, Brookside CottAll part of original Malt HouseJeeves, JohnRetired Brush Manuf.pte
275Bar Brook Cottage - DofR
275Row next to Bar Brook Cottage - DofR
275In one of houses above Clayton, JohnAg LabourerDofR
275In one of houses above Hutchinson, RobertLabourer GeneralDofR
275In one of houses above Lidgate, RobertCarpenter JnyDofR
468Cottage. Site of Parkside HouseCott since demolished- DofD
468Other Cott over bridge on leftCott since demolished- DofD
468In one of houses above Bampton, JamesCordwainer MasterDofD
468In one of houses above Bestwick, JamesAg LabourerDofD
468In one of houses above Hulley, WilliamLabourer. Sup by sonDofD
468In one of houses above Ingleby, NinianInnkeeperDofD
466Park Lodge Condell, WilliamSurgeon Gen PractitionerDofD
469Park Cottage - DofD
469Thatched Cottages - DofD
469In one of houses above Bettony, JosephSawyer MasterDofD
469In one of houses above Browne, IsaacStone Mason MasterDofD
469In one of houses above Daniel, ElizabethProprietor of HousesDofD
469In one of houses above Hollingworth, SarahSupported by DaugDofD
469In one of houses above Watson, DavidSawyer LabourerDofD
470Park Lane Farm Holmes, JohnSurgeons Man + FarmerDofD
  Far End
286Yeld Cottage Hattersley, William senFarmer & Maltster464
287Yeldway Cottage Halksworth, CharlesStone Mason Jny456.1
287Yeldway Cottage Hawkins, ThomasAg Labourer456.1
287Yeldway Cottage Herrington, WilliamStone Mason Master456.1
286Yeldwood Farm Hattersley, William senFarmer & Maltster456
318Yeld Farm Gardom, Thomas WFarmer 346 acres459
463Heathy Lea Hallatt, ThomasGamekeeper ChatsworthDofD
  Sheffield Road
310Cupola Cott Beswick, JervisTurnpike LabourerDofR
310Cupola Cott Motterham ?, George ? DofR
311Toll Bar HouseSignificantly extendedBrowne, WilliamToll Collecter. InvalideDofR
  Robin Hood
350Moorside Farm Froggatt, BenjaminFarmer 76 acresDofR
371Robin Hood Farm (West) Froggatt, MaryFarmer 13 acres560
365was Toll Bar, in front of InnNow triangle of grassKay, SamuelToll CollectorOff.
364Robin Hood InnThe InnSavage, ThomasInnkeeper + Farmer559
367Site in Public Car ParkHomestead since demol.Savage, ThomasInnkeeper + Farmer559
369Robin Hood Farm (East) Herrington, HannahFarmer 12 acres562
369Robin Hood Farm (East) Kay, JohnTurnpike Lab +Farmer562
392Moor View.? Barn in 1848White, JosephGrocer MasterDofR
407Moorview Farm.? Barn in 1848White, JohnInnkeeperDofR
382House on road near NewbridgeSince demolishedKay, GeorgeStone Mason JnyDofR
398Newbridge Farm Fletcher, ElizabethFarmer 30a561
381Clod Hall Farm Grant, JamesGamekeeper + FarmerDofR
415Park Gate Farm Marsden, EdmundFarmer 050a + 3 sonsDofR
B016Bubnell Cliff Farm White, JohnFarmer 90 acresDofR
B075Bridgefoot Farm Tomlinson, WilliamButcher + Farmer 71acresDofR
B077Part of Bridgefoot FarmTo rear. ? Still existsGreen, HenryQuarrymanDofR
B079Bubnell Cottage Davidson, RobertMasonDofR
B081Bubnell HallMain HouseWilkinson, AnneTeacher English etcDofR
B081Bubnell Hall outbuildingsOriginally the FarmOddy, JebsonFarmerDofR
B098Site of Tregennanow demolishedBarker, SarahSupported by SonsDofR
B099Site of Tregennanow demolishedRobinson, JosephRoad Surveyors LabDofR
B100Site of Tregennanow demolishedTaylor, Sarahnot knownDofR
B101not identified Noton, ThomasAg LabourerDofR
B102Cross Farm Froggatt, WilliamFarmer 90 acresDofR
B103South of Bubnell FarmNow open fieldWhite, HenryFarmer 80 acresDofR
B104Site of Bubnell Farmnow demolishedBestwick, Thomasnot knownDofR
B105Site of Bubnell Farmnow demolishedNoton, Richardnot knownDofR
B106Site of Bubnell Farmnow demolishedMarples, ThomasFarmer 54 acresDofR
B107Bubnell House Barker, Elizabeth GIndependentDofR
B154Ruins at Bramleyacross road from farmHaskey, JohnHandloom Weaver MrDofR
B182Bramley Farm Kitchin, AnnahFarmer 96 acresDofR

The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in November 2004.

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