Farms in Baslow and Bubnell

Compiled by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright February & May 2004 with amendments © March 2007

‘Victorian Baslow’

Introduction and Notes

This paper contains a description of farmers in Baslow, excluding Bubnell, between the years 1829 and 1901. It is based all persons described as Farmers in the Census Returns for those years, with information from the Baslow Tithe Award of 1848, from inscriptions on stones in Baslow Graveyard, Gazetteers and, rarely, personal communication.

Farms are presented geographically, Bridge End, Upper End, Nether End, Far End and Robin Hood and Eastmoor

Information in the Census sections corresponds to the actual entry in the schedules All persons are Tenants of either the Duke of Devonshire or the Duke of Rutland unless stated otherwise.

Farms in Bubnell are described in a separate section. Innkeepers, often major Farmers, are included for convenience, though they also appear in “Baslow Inns & Pubs”.

1. Bridge EndChurch Farm, The Green Man, Baslow Mill
2. Upper EndGorse Bank Farm, Rose Hill Farm, Penistone's Farm, Holmes Farm, Marsden's Farm, Taylor's Farm, Tithe Barn
3. Nether EndStafford's Farm, Peacock Inn, Wheatsheaf Inn
4. Far EndYeld Farm, Yeldwood Farm, Frith's Farm, Heathy Lea Mill, Park Gate Farm
5. Robin HoodRobin Hood Inn, Moorside Farm, Robin Hood Farm1, Robin Hood Farm2 & Robin Hood Farm3
6. EastmoorMoss Farm, Clod Hall Farm
7. OtherPersons with small farms, and Others whose farms cannot be identified

 Church Farm
SituationSK 25217239Bridge End:  Farm opposite the drive through the Churchyard to the Church and Vicarage
Tithe awardWHITE Joseph16 acres.  Two adjacent Homesteads and fields nearby
 A WHITE Joseph ? the same person, rented a house and 3 acres from John LEES. See WHITE Sarah, Charwoman and Small Farmer, below
2004Now a private residence, with farm buildings still present
1841 - 1851WHITE Joseph (b.1799)GrocerThen his son
1861 - 1891WHITE George (b.1825)Grocer & Farmer60 acres in 1881
Then his son
1901WHITE William (b.1857)Farmer 
Noterelationship to other WHITEs in the Village likely

 The Green Man (Rutland Arms) (entry copied from Baslow Inns & Pubs)
SituationSK 25127240Bridge End, next to (old) bridge on the road to Calver
 Initially called The Green Man or The Green Man Inn, it became The Rutland Arms in 1891 and Rutland Hotel in 1901
Tithe AwardASHTON Benjamin11 acres.  Homestead at site of Inn.  5 fields in the Stoney Furlong area and Gardens across the river
Glover 1829ASHTON BenjaminVictualler 
Pigot 1835ASHTON BenjaminInnkeeper 
1841 - 1851ASHTON Benjamin (b.1775)Innkeeper & Farmerthen his daughter
1861 - 1871ASHTON Hannah (b.1819)Innkeeper assisted by her sisters Elizabeth (b.1817) and Millicent (b.1821)
1881STEVENSON Simon (b.1832)Publican & Farmer 12 acres 
 Name changed to The Rutland Arms
1891STROYAN Alfred (b.1857)Hotel Proprietor 
NoteHe was son of STROYAN John (b.1816)  the Postmaster - shop across the road
1901TOMLINSON Richard (b.1861)
NoteHe was son of TOMLINSON William the Baslow butcher - shop across the road

 Baslow Mill (copy of entry in Baslow Millers and Maltsters)
SituationSK 25057248Mill between the Derwent and Calver Road beyond the Wheatsheaf
Tithe AwardHODGKINSON Joseph24 acres.  Homestead and 10 fields, most alongside Calver Road
2004Now a private house still called Baslow Mill
Pigot 1835HODGKINSON JohnCorn MillerNumerous further entries
1841HODGKINSON John (b.1785)Miller 
Miller and Farmer& 3 men
1861Master Miller & 1 manThen his son
NoteWhen he died after 1861. Edmund (b.1849) became the Miller while his widow Sarah and son John G. (b.1847) moved to Rose Hill - see Baslow Farms
Miller & Farmer 25 acres1 man 1 carter
1881Miller Baker & Farmer& 8 men
1891Miller Baker & Farmer
1901Corn Miller Farmer & Grocer

 Gorse Bank Farm
SituationSK 25497349Farm at the end of Gorse Bank Lane, north of Baslow
2004It remains a working Farm
Tithe AwardFROGGATT Alexander42 acres.  Homestead with fields either side of Gorse Bank Lane. There is a yard and buildings at the top of the hillside at SK 26317343
1841FROGGATT Thomas (b.1780)FarmerThen his son
1851 - 1971FROGGATT Alexander (b.1801)Farmer 43 to 48 acresThen his son
1881 - 1901FROGGATT John (b.1843)Farmer.  60 acres in 1881

 Rose Hill Farm
SituationSK 25587258Farm at Upper End, up a lane North East of the Village shop
2004The original farm building no longer exists. Outhouses are being converted to residential use
Tithe AwardFROST Matthew100 acres.  Homestead.  Fields west of Gorse Bank Lane and extending northwards from upper Bar Road to a large 40 acre field (heath) below Baslow Edge
1841FROST Matthew
(b.1781 d.1849)
likely to be farmer but no entry in Census returnThen his widow
1851 - 1861FROST Joanne (b.1785)Farmer 100 acres + 2 men
NoteShe probably retired or died after 1861, leaving no family willing to take over the tenancy
1871HODGKINSON Sarah E (b.1819)Farmer.  100 acres + 2 men 1 boyThen her son
NoteHODGKINSON Sarah was the widow of Joseph, Miller at Baslow Mill. On his death, his second son took over the Mill, while his widow and eldest son went to Rose Hill
1881 - 1901HODGKINSON John G (b.1847)Farmer 110 acres (in 1881)

 Upper End - Penistone (Over End Manor)
SituationSK 25537260Farm Upper End up the lane north of the Village Shop
2004Was initially renamed Penistone Cottage and is now Over End Manor a private residence
Tithe AwardPENISTONE Sarah27 acres.  Homestead with one large field next to it.  A further 8 fields in Royal Croft and up the Bar
NoteShe also had 48 acres in Bubnell (1848 Tithe Award)
Glover 1829PENISTONE Ralph noted as FarmerHe died 1835
1841 - 1871PENISTONE Sarah (b.1794)Farmer 98 acres + 1 boyThen her son
1881PENISTONE Robert (b.1831)Farmer 50 acres + 2 labourers

 Upper End - Holmes (Cherry Tree Farm)
SituationSK 25527256Farm Upper End, immediately behind the Village Shop
2004Private Residence, now called Cherry Tree Farm
Tithe awardHOLMES John10 acres.  Homestead and 7 fields adjoining Over Lane
NoteHOLMES John (? the same person) owned and farmed 3 acres next to Calver Road. A different HOLMES John (b.1802) lived at Nether End
1841HOLMES John (b.1780)Agricultural labourerThen his son
1851 - 1891HOLMES Charles (b.1829)Farmer10 acres in 1851 and 14 acres in 1881
Then his son
1901HOLMES James (b.1870) 

 Upper End - Marsden (Beechcroft Cottage)
SituationSK 25537248House opposite the old chapel near to the Village shop
2004Now a private residence called Beechcroft Cottage
Tithe AwardMARSDEN William3 acres.  House and Stackyard with 3 fields adjoining house and extending to the top of Eaton Hill
NoteThere is a house, next to his land, on Eaton Hill belonging to another MARSDEN William who may or may not be related
1841MARSDEN William (b.1778)Farmer
1851Carter & Small Farmer 4 acresThen his son
1861MARSDEN James (b.1818)Farmer & Coal Haggler 
1871Farm LabourerThen his widow
1881MARSDEN Amelia (b.1831)Small Farmer5 acres

 Upper End - Taylor (Briar Cottage)
SituationSK 25667258House behind (north of) the Green at the bottom of Bar Road
2004Now the private house named Briar Cottage
Tithe awardTAYLOR William (b.1804)2 acres.  House and 2 fields in the village
NoteHis father TAYLOR William (b.1760) lived in one of cottages next to present Village Shop
1841TAYLOR William (b.1760)FarmerThen his son
1851TAYLOR William (b.1804)Farmer & Jobber Master
1861Labourer & Interest of Money 
1871Farmer & Annuitant 

 Tithe Barn
SituationSK 25607243Farm at Upper End near top of Eaton Hill
Tithe AwardHEARNSHAW Hannah48 acres.  Homestead with 17 fields, 3 adjoining the Homestead and the rest up the hillside west of Bar Brook
2004It is still called Tithe Barn, but now a private residence
1841HEARNSHAW Thomas (b.1770)Farmerthen his Widow
1851HEARNSHAW Anne (b.1783)Farmer 43 acres + 1 manThen their son
1861 - 1881HEARNSHAW William (b.1806)Farmer 50 acres + 1 labThen his son
1891 - 1901HEARNSHAW Thomas (b.1843)Farmer 
NoteIn 20th century, the HEARNSHAW family farmed at Nether End, next door to the Wheatsheaf. It is likely that they moved there in the 1890's because of building on Eaton Hill, and Charles SCOTT's farm becoming vacant

 Farm - Stafford
SituationSK 25947226Farm at Nether End, next to Wheatsheaf Inn
Tithe awardSTAFFORD John51 acres.  Homestead with one field next to the Wheatsheaf, and 16 between Wheatlands Lane and the Bakewell Road
2004Now a private residence - The Old Farmhouse
1841 - 1851STAFFORD John (b.1790)Farmer 52 acres + 1 manThen his widow
1861 - 1871STAFFORD Margaret (b.1789)Farmer 52 acres +2 labThen their nephew
1881 - 1891SCOTT Charles (b.1819)Farmer60 acres in 1881
NoteHe died in April 1895 with no local family
1901see Tithe Barn, HEARNSHAW

 Cavendish Hotel (Peacock) (entry copied from Baslow Inns & Pubs)
SituationSK 25707215Cock Hill (or Peacock Hill) west of Goose Green
 It was originally the Peacock Inn (Hotel from 1871) until it was renovated, extended and renamed the Cavendish Hotel in about 1976. In the Nineteenth Century it was referred to as a Posting House, and a Family & Commercial Posting Hotel
Tithe AwardBaslow104 acres.  30 fields -. mainly south and west of the Peacock Inn, but also off Gorse Bank Lane and south of Heathy Lea
 Bubnell46 acres
 At this time, the BROOMHEAD family were the largest farmers in Baslow with a high proportion of their land fertile and productive
Glover 1829BROOMHEAD NicholasMaltster & Victualler 
Pigot 1835BROOMHEAD NicholasInnkeeper 
1841BROOMHEAD Joseph (b.1800 d.1848)InnkeeperThen his widow
1851 - 1861BROOMHEAD Mary (b.1800)Innkeeper & AnnuitantThen her son
1871BROOMHEAD Nicholas B. (b.1830)with his sisters, who are all Innkeepers & Farmers
1881STUCKEY Maria (b.1826)Hotel Keeper 
 Licensed to keep horses (Kelly 1881)
 Her son Charles (b.1860) has the occupation of Farmer
1891 - 1901EADES Joseph (b.1832)Hotel Keeper & Farmer 
NoteHe was previously at the Wheatsheaf Hotel

 Wheatsheaf Hotel (entry copied from Baslow Inns & Pubs)
SituationSK 25977224At Nether End, north of the main road and adjoining the Barbrook. It has kept the same name throughout. Referred to as an Inn Tavern, Posting House and then Hotel
Tithe AwardINGLEBY Ninian10 acres.  He had 7 fields north of the Wheatsheaf, and a house near Park Lodge
Glover 1829BARKER JohnInnkeeper and Victualler 
Bagshaw 1846INGLEBY Ninian  
1841 - 1861INGLEBY Ninian (b.1798)Innkeeper
Noted as Farmer in 1861
Then his son
1871INGLEBY Richard (b.1837)Innkeeper 
1881EADES Joseph (b.1832)Innkeeper 
1891 - 1901ROWLAND Robert (1837)Publican, Baker & Confectioner 

 Yeldwood Farm
SituationSK 26317257Farm between the Sheffield Road and the Barbrook at Far End. Residence and small working Farm on same site
Tithe awardHATTERSLEY William75 acres.  Homestead.  All fields to the north of the Sheffield road and extending to the top of Bar Road
2004Still a small working farm
1841HATTERSLEY William (b.1780)Maltster 
1851Farmer & Maltster 
1861 - 1881HATTERSLEY George (b.1833)Farmer74 acres
NoteHATTERSLEY William (b.1780) married ODDY Ann (b.1805) brother of ODDY Jebson (b.1795) who farmed Bubnell Hall Farm
 He had two sons. After his death George took over Yeldwood Farm and William jun (b.1823) got Bubnell House Farm and later Bubnell Farm
 George married Ann WHITE (b.1842) daughter of Henry WHITE (b.1797) who farmed in Bubnell
 The Farm building was later occupied by HOLDING family

 Yeld Farm
SituationSK 26347255On the east side of the Sheffield road at Far End
Tithe AwardGARDOM Thomas208 acres.  Homestead and fields occupying all of the land between the Chesterfield and Sheffield Roads, and Gardoms Edge.  Over half is described at 'Heath'
2004Still a working farm
1841 - 1871GARDOM Thomas (b.1787)Farmer 346 acres & 6 Labourers 
1881Farmer 210 acres & 3 LabourersThen his son
1891 - 1901GARDOM Thomas (b.1851)Farmer 

 Heathy Lea - Frith
SituationSK 27917213House at north end of the Park near Heathy Lea Brook
Tithe AwardOccupied by HALLATT Thomas a Gamekeeper
NoteHALLATT Thomas remained in the house until after 1861. He died in 1864
2004Now Heathy Lea House
1891 and 1901FRITH Elizabeth (b.1850)Farmer born in YorkHelped by her sister Clara

 Heathy Lea Mill (copy of entry in Baslow Millers and Maltsters)
SituationSK 27207211Mill at Heathy Lea.  South of the road from Baslow to Robin Hood
NoteIt was built after 1848 and before 1857
2004House and Residential centre
Tithe AwardNo mention and not marked on the Map
White 1857MARPLES John (b.1794)Corn MillerHeathy Ley
Harrison 1860MARPLES JohnMiller 
Directory 1862MARPLES RobertCorn MillerHeathy Lee Mill
1851MARPLES Robert (b.1831)Millwright Apprentice 
1871Miller & Farmer 54 acres 
1881Farmer & Timber Dealer 
1891 - 1901Timber Dealer and Sawmill for Timber 
NoteMARPLES John was a Millwright in Baslow. It is likely that he built the Mill in the early 1850s and he is the recorded Miller in 1857 and 1860. By 1861 his son Robert has taken over

 Park Gate Farm
SituationSK 27127121Farm in an isolated position east of Hunting Tower
Tithe AwardMARSDEN Edmund49 acres.  Homestead and croft, fields extending from the farm northwards towards Robin Hood
NoteMARSDEN Edmund, possibly the same person, also had a house on Bar Road and a field in the Royal Croft area
2004Still a farm, now worked centrally from Chatsworth
1841MARSDEN Edmund (b.1790)Farmer 
1851Farmer 50 acres & 3 sons 
1861Farmer 64 acres & 1 LabThen his son in law
1871 - 1891FEARN George (b.1818)Farmer 73 acres (100 acres in 1881)Then his widow
1901FEARN Mary A (b.1826)  
NoteThe Farm may well have included more land in Chatsworth Parish

 Robin Hood Inn (entry copied from Baslow Inns & Pubs)
SituationSK 27997215At its present position at Robin Hood
Tithe AwardSAVAGE Thomas45 acres.  19 fields, some north of the Inn, but most across the Heathy Lea Brook
Bagshaw 1846SAVAGE ThomasInn keeper
1841 - 1861SAVAGE Thomas (b.1788)Innkeeper and FarmerThen his nephew
1871OLLIVANT Charles (b.1837)Innkeeper 
1881Publican and Hay & Straw Dealer 
1891Farmer & InnkeeperThen his son
1901OLLIVANT Joseph W. (b.1863)Innkeeper and Farmer 

 Moorside Farm
SituationSK 27587258The farm is in isolated position on the shelf above Gardoms Edge north west of Robin Hood
2004Still a small farm owned by the Smedleys of Yeld Farm, Baslow
History FROGGATT Samuel (1721-1814), originally from Calver, married in 1751. Baptism records confirm his presence at Moorside in 1754. His mother, Elizabeth nee WHITE was born in Baslow. The Whites were an affluent Baslow family: My (David's) hunch is that the White's were the original tenants of the farm and Samuel inherited it through his mother.

Samuel's third son Hezekiah (b.1763) succeeded to the tenancy in 1813. Hezekiah died without children and was succeeded by his nephew, Benjamin (b.1802)

Samuel's youngest son Jason (b.1770) became the tenant of Robin Hood Farm 1 (see below). Jason's eldest son Benjamin was the one who took over Moorside Farm.

Tithe AwardFROGGATT Benjamin75 acres.  Homestead and fields to the north, east and south of the Farm
1841 FROGGATT Benjamin (1803)no description in the Census 
1851 - 1861Farmer 76 acres (60 acres in 1861)Then his widow
1871 - 1881 FROGGATT Frances (b.1812)Farmer 76 acres (100 acres in 1881)Then their son
1891 - 1901 FROGGATT Hezekiah (b.1846)Farmer 
Note Hezekiah died in 1910. and was succeeded by his son Benjamin (1886 - 1971). He retired and left the farm in 1962

 Robin Hood Farm 1
SituationSK 27927213The Farm is the house below (west) of the Inn
2004 It is now a residence, but with recent farming activity
History FROGGATT Jason (1770 - 1852). He was the youngest son of Froggatt Samuel (b.1721) of Moorside Farm and was tenant of Robin Hood Farm 1 until his death, though he lived elsewhere and his son Robert worked the farm.
Tithe award FROGGATT Jason 13 acres.  Homestead, with 3 fields below Nelsons Monument and 2 more on Eastmoor.
1841FROGGATT Robert (1810 - 1847)FarmerThen his widow
1851FROGGATT Mary (1810 - 1892)Farmer 13 acres. (She remarried in 1855 and moved to Stonelow)succeeded by her son
FROGGATT William (b.1829)who died in 1858,succeeded by his widow
FROGGATT Hannah (b.1829) 
Note Hannah was the illegitimate daughter of her uncle Benjamin FROGGATT of Moorside. She had married her cousin William, and after his death took over the farm.
In 1859 she married her neighbour HERRINGTON George (b.1829) of Robin Hood Farm 3, who brought with him the 12 acres inherited from his mother Hannah (senior)
1861 - 1871HERRINGTON George (b.1821)Farmer 20 acresIn 1871 24 acres
1881QuarrymanThen his widow
1891HERRINGTON Hannah (b.1829)Farmer 12 acres(ie Hannah FROGGATT)
1901HERRINGTON George (b.1865)Pipe layerThen later his nephew
Note Sarah Ann, Hannah's daughter by her first husband William, married Peter PINDER but she died at the birth of her second son Tom (b.1873). Tom (PINDER), brought up by Hannah eventually took over the farm.

 Robin Hood Farm 2
SituationSK 28087209The house above (east) of the Inn
Tithe AwardKAY John16 acres.  He occupied the house above the Inn. He had a croft between the house and the Inn, and 4 fields on Eastmoor
1841KAY John (b.1779)Agricultural Labourer 
1851 - 1861Turnpike Labourer and FarmerThen his son
1871 - 1801KAY Charles (b.1830)Farmerin 1881 Farm 16 acres
1901Farmer & Road Labourer 

 Robin Hood Farm 3
SituationSK 28087209 The house above (east) of the Inn and shared with the KAY family at Robin Hood 2
Tithe Award HERRINGTON Hannah (senior)11 acres (all Intake)   She had 3 fields behind the Inn and also the steep rough ground containing the quarry east of the Inn
1841HERRINGTON Hannah (1773 - 1858) 
1851do, widowFarmer 12 acres, 2 sons, James & George
Note The farm then merged with Robin Hood 1

 Moss Farm
SituationSK 28967226Building on Eastmoor north west of the bridge over Blackleach Brook
Tithe AwardFLETCHER Elizabeth “Widow of Abraham”30 acres.  The house is marked on the Tithe Award map but is not included in the schedule. Most of the fields are around the house and all are on Eastmoor
2004Now a private residence called Newbridge Farm
1841FLETCHER Abraham (b.1800)FarmerThen his widow
1851FLETCHER Elizabeth (b.1796)Farmer 30 acres 1 LabThen their son in law
1861 - 1891PINDER Thomas (b.1824)Farmer 31 acres (less in 1871 &1881)
NoteI have no record of any relationship between PINDER Thomas (b.1824) and PINDER Tom (b.1871) of Robin Hood Farm, though this is likely

 Clod Hall Farm
SituationSK 29577255Farm on Eastmoor near Leash Fen
Tithe AwardGRANT James16 acres.  Homestead with all his fields nearby. He also had another Homestead behind the Wheatsheaf Inn and a field in Baslow
2004Private residence of the same name
1841GRANT James (b.1795)Gamekeeper 
1851Gamekeeper & Farmer 
1861Joseph TOUNDROW (b.1819)Farmer 55 acres & 2 boys 
1871Farmer 40 acres & 1 man 
1881 - 1891Farmer 65 acresThen ? his widow
1901TOWNDROW Mary A. (b.1829)Employer 
NoteShe may have employed men to work the farm but his is not specified

 Others described in the Census returns as Farmers

STROYAN John (b.1784)
 Tithe AwardHe lived in the house opposite the Green Man Inn and the Bridge at SK 25167241. He also had 6 acres along the road to Calver
 NoteThe house remained in his family and became the village Post Office for very many years. It is now The Cottage Café and part of Avante Guard
OUTRAM George (b.1790)
 1841Farmer. His son William (b.1820) also described as Farmer
  No further information
 Ed:George d.1843 and was buried at Edensor. His wife Nancy (née HAMPSHIRE) d.1844.  It is not known what happened to William (his eldest son) but three of their other children died within months of one another in 1852. - RRL
HOLMES John (b.1801)
 1851Surgeons Man and Farmer
  He lived on a Duke of Devonshire property across Bar Brook, now Park Lane Farm House - SK 25877206. He had no land in Baslow. His occupation varied from Surgeon's Man (to Dr WRENCH), to Farmer to Bailiff
REDFEARNE Abraham (b.1805)
 1851Grocer and Small Farmer 3 acres
  He, then his widow were Grocer from 1851 to 1881
 Tithe AwardHe lived across the Derwent opposite the old bridge and had 2 fields nearby. It is now Bridge Cottage SK 25087234
HEYWORTH George (b.1775)
 1851Miller Journeyman and Farmer
 Tithe AwardHe had a Homestead on Eaton Hill with 4 acres between his house and Yeld Wood. Now Hanover Cottage SK 26737229
 1871HEYWORTH Mary Ann (b.1816)  Small Farmer. She must have carried on after her father died
GEESON Elizabeth (b.1819)
 1861Farmer 5 acres & Lodgers
 1871Farmer & Lodging House Keeper
 1881Farmer 6 acres
 NoteHer husband Richard ran the Alma Beerhouse until his death in 1860. Her son Ralph took over the Beerhouse, while she occupied herself as above
STALEY Sarah (b.1810)
 1861Carpenter and Farmer
 Tithe AwardStaley Stephen (b.1784) had a Homestead at Nether End north east of the Wheatsheaf Hotel, and 5 acres up Bar Road. The present House - Carnfield - SK 25887228 is on the site of the old homestead
  When her husband, a Wheelwright, died in 1858, she will have taken over the Farm
WHITE Sarah (b.1841)
 1871Spinster.  Small Farmer and Charwoman
  Daughter of WHITE Joseph (b.1808), a Lead-mining Labourer.  She later became a House Servant
 Tithe AwardA WHITE Joseph rented a house & garden and two fields at the east end of Church View Drive from John LEES (not from the Duke of Rutland)  The House is at SK 25467248 and is now called Moorstones
 NoteIt is not clear whether the White Joseph who had this property is the Lead-mining Labourer (above) in which case Sarah could have inherited it, or the White Joseph Farmer of Church Farm
TOMLINSON William (b.1838)
 1881Butcher and Farmer 28 acres
  He is NOT related to the TOMLINSON Family in Bubnell.  He came from Rowsley some time before 1871 to set up a successful Butchers Shop in Calver Road, now Jasmine Cottage SK 25127245
BRIGHTMORE Mary (b.1836)
 1901Farmer - employer.  Born Baslow.  Helped by her brother Albert (1843)
 NoteShe was a Government pupil teacher in 1851.  She left the village, but returned still a spinster to be described as a Retired Schoolmistress in 1891.  She then took up farming, seemingly somewhere near the Hydro Hotel

 Persons described as Farmers whose Farm cannot be identified

HAWKSWORTH Henry (b.1836)
 1901Farmer - own account.  Born Sheffield. He was a cow hand in 1891 before becoming a farmer. No further information
PURSGLOVE John W. (b.1872)
 1901Farmer - Employer.  Born Eyam. No further information
HOLMES John W. (b.1842)
 1901Farmer - own account.  Born Great Longstone. No further information

The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in May 2004, with amendments in March 2007.

Bramley Farm
SituationSK24427351Bramley Farm, 600 metres beyond the north end of the village
Tithe Award 1848Kitchen William182 acres
FarmersThe Kitchin Family(sometimes spelt Kitchen)
1841Kitchin William (b.1765)FarmerThen his widowed daughter in law
1851Kitchin Anna (b.1796)Farmer 096a + 2 LabourersThen her son-
1861Kitchin Joseph (b.1824)Farmer 093a 1Labourer 2 boysThen his widow
1871-1891Kitchen Emma (b.1827-1899)Farmer 92 - 99 acresThen her son
1901Kitchin John (b.1853)Farmer 

Marples Farm in Bubnell
SituationSK24687291Farm, situated on the site of the present Bubnell Farm House
Tithe Award 1848Marples Thomas53 acres
1851Thomas Marples (b.1787)farmer 54acresThen his son
1861Samuel Marples (b.1821)farmer 52 acres 
NoteThe Marples fields went to various persons, esp. White John of Bubnell Cliff. The house would have been demolished about 1880

Whites Farm in Bubnell
SituationSK24737289on Bubnell Lane, just south of the present Bubnell Farm
Tithe Award 1848White Henry52 acres
1841-1861Henry White (b.1797)Farmer 84 acres in 1861then his widow
1871Maryanne (b.1809)Farmer 90 acresThen their son
 White Robert (b.1825)took over in 1872 but he died the next yearThen his widow
1873Ann White (b.1826)during the 1870s Ann White moved to Bubnell Hall Farm - see its entry
NoteThe Farm building was demolished, probably in the 1870s, and the land restored to agricultural use

Cross Farm
SituationSK24757280Cross Farm, beyond Bubnell Hall on Bubnell Lane
Tithe Award 1848Froggatt William90 acres
1841-1851Froggatt William (b.1795)Farmer 090aThen his widow
1861Froggatt Charlotte (b.1810)Farmer 100a + 5 labourersThen their son
1871-1881Froggatt Joseph (b.1843)96 acres, Farmer 095a+1man 1boy
Note 1885Froggatt Josephmoved to Bubnell House. He was described as a Labourer in the 1891 and 1901 censuses
 Most of his land went to Ann White (see Bubnell Hall Farm). She also acquired the Cross Farm, but probably did not live in it

Bubnell House
SituationSK24737295Last house on left in main village. Present name Bubnell House
Tithe Award 1848Barker Elizabethfarmed 140 acres
1829Barker RobertGent, Farmer(Glover 1829)
1851Barker Elizabeth G. (b.1793)IndependentIn the 1850's house and land taken over by
1861-1881Hattersley William (b.1824)In 1861 Millstone Merchant & Farmer. In 1871 Farmer 171acres with 4 men & 2 boys.

In 1885 Hattersley moved house to the new Bubnell Farm across the road, keeping his land

1885The house was then occupied by Froggatt Joseph (b.1843) who came from Cross Farm
NoteHe was the son of William Hattersley (b.1780) of Yeldwood Farm Baslow. A lifelong bachelor he was helped by his sisters

Bubnell Farm
SituationSK 24707291The farm is at the north end of Bubnell east of Bubnell House
 The Farm House built in 1885, is on the site of several older buildings. The farm buildings were erected in the Close of Bubnell House
Farm opened
Hattersley Williammoved across from Bubnell House
1891Hattersley William (b.1824)Farmer
1901Furness Samuel (b.1830) 

Bubnell Hall Farm (& Bubnell Hall)
SituationSK24857255immediately adjacent to Bubnell Hall
Tithe Award 1848Oddy Jebson137 acres based at Bubnell Hall Farm
1829Oddy RebeccaFarmerBubnell Hall (Glover 1829)
1841Oddy Jebson (b 1795)Farmerliving in Baslow but farming in Bubnell
 His sister Oddy Ann may have farmed on death of her brother in about 1850. She married William Hattersley whose son later moved into Bubnell House
 There is a gap in records. Gardom John was farming most of Oddy's fields until 1880. No further information about this Gardom available. In 1880 most of his fields were transferred to White John (Bubnell Cliff), but some went to White Ann - see below
1881White Ann (1826-1894)Farmer 112 acresNow recorded as living in Bubnell Hall Farm
1885She was in partnership with a Hodkinson William (? Hodgkinson). In the same year she acquired much of the land, including Cross Farm, from Froggatt Joseph when he moved to Bubnell House
1891White Ann and her son in law Tomlinson Arthur J. (b.1863) both recorded as Farmers. Ann died 1894. The bulk of her fields went to Tomlinson William of Bridgefoot Farm. Tomlinson Arthur J. moved residence next door into Bubnell Hall in 1898, and continued farming (on a reduced scale)
1901Tomlinson Arthur JFarmer at Bubnell Hall
NoteBubnell Hall itself had been a school, under Miss Wilkinson & the Misses Caines, for decades until 1898

Bridge Foot Farm
SituationSK25067237Opposite (the old) Bubnell Bridge. It is said that the building had once been an Inn called The Joiners Arms
Tithe Award 1848Farm had 26 acres, including a House and probably a piggery on site of present Bubnell Farm House
FarmersThe Tomlinson Familyall Butchers & Farmers, from 1851 to 1901
1851-1881Tomlinson William (b.1804)Described as Butcher, and Butcher and Farmer. In 1881 the farm was 78 acres. As he outlived his son he was succeeded by his grandson
1891 & 1901Tomlinson William S. (b.1858)Butcher and Farmer
 Note on Tomlinsons
a William S. (b.1858) and Arthur J. (b.1864) were either brothers or cousins. William S. had maintained the family farm and butcher business. Arthur J. had moved away, then returned and married the daughter of Ann White. See Bubnell Hall Farm
bAnother, unrelated, Tomlinson William (b.1837) moved into Baslow before 1871, and set up in Bridge End as a Butcher (and small farmer). His shop was opposite the Mill on the present Calver Road

Bubnell Cliff Farm
SituationSK24267178Farm south of Wheatlands Lane
Tithe Award 1848Matley Sarah88 acres
1841Matley Sarah (b.1765)helped by son David (b.1810)David could not be traced in 1851. Farm then passed to her son in law
1851-1881White John (b.1820)Farmer in succeeding years of 90, 100, 104 and 180 acres
1891White John (b.1820)FarmerHe retired in 1892 then
1892Rhodes Johnfarmed until 1897, Bagshaw J.B. was briefly tenant in 1897when farm taken over by
1901Chapman John (b.1874)Farmerfrom Eyam
NoteWhite Johnwas eldest son of White Henryof Bubnell Hall Farm

Bubnell Cottage
SituationSK24937254The cottage is in Bubnell Lane south of Bubnell Hall, opposite the weir
Tithe Award 1848Davison Robert7 acres
1841Davidson Thomas (b.1800)FarmerHe probably died before 1848, then (?) his brother
1851-1861Davison Robert (b.1798)Butcherbut noted in 1841 & 1861 Censuses as a Stone Mason
1871Halliwell John (b.1799)described in Census as a WoolbuyerThen his widow
1881Halliwell Elizabeth (b.1801)“Farmer & Lodging House Keeper”Then her eldest daug
1891Halliwell Grace (b.1824)Farmer and Lodgersthen her two younger sisters
1901Halliwell Emma (b.1841) and Anna (b.1845)described as Farmers 


When reading this, please keep a clear distinction between, Bubnell Hall a school until 1889; Bubnell Hall Farm, immediately adjacent to Bubnell Hall; Bubnell House, a farm at the top end of Bubnell; and Bubnell Farm, newly built in 1885 in the grounds of Bubnell House

The information is from Baslow and Bubnell Census 1841 to 1901. The 1848 Tithe Awards for Bubnell and Baslow, Various Directories and Gazetteers, Gravestones in Baslow Churchyard and details of tenants in Bubnell obtained privately from Chatsworth

Figures in Bold refer to the relevant Census return

My thanks to Ann Tempest for her help and guidance.David Dalrymple-Smith, February 2004

The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in February 2004.

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