The Baslow Census Coding

Compiled by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 2004 to accompany his transcriptions of Baslow Censuses of 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, and 1901

The information displayed for each census is constructed from an Excel spreadsheet, with the following columns.
For the sake of keeping webpages to a manageable width, not all of these will be shown online.

Col A XXfor temporary use
Col B CENCensus Year. 1841 to 1901
Col C NUMConsecutive number in the Census return
Col D SCHSchedule or House Number in Census return
Col E SURNAMESurname
Col F FORENAMEForename
Col G RELRelationship to head   CODED
Col H STATMarital Status   CODED
Col I AGEAge
Col J SEXSex - M or F
Col K YofBYear of Birth (Calculated : Census year - Age - 1)
Col L UNIQUE“Census + NUM” of first entry (A=1841, B=1851, &c.)
Intended for use to cross-reference people from Census to Census
Col M OCCUPATIONOccupation as is census return. Occasionally abbreviated
Col N GPROccupational Group   CODED
Col O 2nd OSecondary Occupation   CODED
Col P  BIRTHPLACEPlace of Birth - see note
Col Q BPDistance of birth place from Baslow   CODED
Col R HOUSE NAMEHouse name if any
Col S HNType of house   CODED
Col T STREETStreet Name, “Baslow” or “O” or no entry if no information
Col U STRStreet abbreviated   CODED
Col V INHIndication of House 1, or sub houses attached, 2 or 3 etc
Note: In the display this is appended to the address: eg.'ROBIN HOOD/2'


  1. In 1841, Marital Status and Relationship to Head are guessed where obvious.

  2. Not all Columns appear in every analysis. If “CODED” see separate tables.

    1. Specifically, for economy of web space and ease of download SURNAME and FORENAME, and STREET and HOUSE NAME columns have been combined into one column for display online by household.

    2. So far the STR coding is used only in Surname Indexes, but in future, it might be interesting to produce a few graphs from the other codings.

  3. There are likely to be inaccuracies in Year of Birth (YofB).
    1. The census is taken in late March or early April. Someone aged 0 on 7th April 1881 was probably born in 1880, but might have been born in early 1881. It is coded as 1880.

    2. Ages in 1841 are often up to 5 years out. Unreliable Some people don't give their proper age, and an error of 1 for even 2 years is common.

  4. PLEASE NOTE. There is usually no way of deducing when events happened between censuses.
    Please bear this in mind when reading any comment.

1a Farmers, Millers incl Farm Superintendent and Manager
also Sub farmers - Farmers sons, Farm bailiff, Journeyman
2a Agricultural Workers Skilled eg Cow keeper, Shepherd
2b no specific skills Farm Labourers, Farm Servants, Cow boy
3a Retail and Traders,
4a Craftsmen, Skilled Labourers
5a Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Quarry & Sawmill owners
7a Professional
7b Teachers etc
incl Auctioneers, Vets, Musician, Inland Revenue, Governess
8a Clerical, Services, Army. & Including eg Midwife, Cab Driver, Bellman, Toll collector
9 Servants
  a Upper Servants incl Companion, Cook, Ladies Maid, Nurse
  b General Servants
  c Lower Servants, incl Laundress etc
A0 Annuitants, Of Independent Means, Proprietors
A1 Innkeepers, Hoteliers, Beer House, Lodging House Keeper
A2 Labourers excl agricultural
C Children 14 and under and Scholars of any age
H Housewife, the senior woman in a house (may often be 2nd occupation)
No No Occupation implied (but may have a substantial role in a house, farm etc)
P Paupers
R Retired All categories of people. Incl Disabled
V Visitor, Occupation irrelevant, Children not coded as C in 2nd Occ

A Baslow or Bubnell E Sheffield (area present city)
B Derbyshire under 5 miles F Adjoining County
C Derbyshire under 10 miles G England or Wales
D Derbyshire but over 10 miles H Elsewhere

Head Head
Wife Wife
Serv Servant
Nurse Nurse or governess
Appr Apprentice + Journeyman
Daur Son or Daughter
Neic Nephew or Niece
Gson Grandson
Gdaur Grand daur
GG Great grandson or daur
  +S step
  +L in law
  +A adopted
HeadL Lodger - Head
Lodg Lodger
Board Boarder
Visit Visitor
F Farm
H Hotel or Inn
L Hall or Lodge
M Mill
N Named House
P Post Office
V Vicarage
O Unspecified (reproduced online as '-')
M Married
U Unmarried
W Widowed
O Unspecified (reproduced online as '-')
M Eastmoor
R Robin Hood (inc Moorside farm Eastmoor))
U Cupola & Terrace
F Far End (inc Heathy Lea & Park Gate)
H Nether End (inc Cock Hill, Plantation Cott)
E Eaton Hill
G Green Head
N Banks Lane (Gorse Bank)
P Upper End
K Back Lane
C Church Lane
D Bridge End
W New Buildings
V Bridge Foot
B Bubnell
O Unspecified (reproduced online as '-')


The first column in the spreadsheet has been used to arrange families together.

A single Capital Letter is the first identified member of a family, often a Head; usually in order of
appearance. All other coding is lower case
A wife is her husbands code + a. eg Husband Bc, his wife will be Bca
Children have the father's code + b, c or d etc. e.g. Father Bc, children Bcb, Bcd etc
y indicates some sort of relationship,
Q indicates brother or sister
z (or x) means relationship not known

NB: The above 'FAMILIES' codes are not available in the online version of the database. By definition they will always be “under construction”.

The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in February 2004.

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